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					Building Loyalty by
Marketing Privacy and
Consumer Rights
The Obvious News:

       You are one of many
The Bad News:

   When it comes to Privacy
    and Fraud Issues,
    members are trusting their
    current banker less.
   Slides about less trust
What has changed?

            Your member has lost
             control of their
             personal information.
What happened:

   The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.
   “The Financial Privacy” Act
The GLB Act:

     Required “Opting Out” rather than
      “Opting In.”
The phony message:

 “Because  we value
  your privacy….”
The result:

   Nobody responded!
   Less than 10%
Instantly sold:

       • Name
       • Address
       • Balances
       • Who you write checks to
       • Anything but account
       •Existing information
The result:

   Everybody inundated with junk
At the same time:

 Businesses careless about security.
 Casual when security theft happens.

 Major retailer customers
 Company response:
     Oops!
     “And, anyway, no one has had their
      identity stolen yet!”
The P.R. Line

   “No one has had their security
    stolen yet!”
Why the P.R. Excuse is

 Identity Theft Doesn‟t Happen
 It doesn‟t happen one person at a
Identity Theft:
International Trade

   Online Crime Forums
   Criminals trade and sell your info
   “Match” legit info with stolen info.

      “The eBay of crime”
Hundreds of similar sites

 Shadowcrew.com
 Darkprofits.com
Hundreds in operation

 Ten shut down
 All selling data stolen from
  companies like major retailers and
  info brokers
The value of your members‟

   Actual credit card with pin :   $500.00
   Card number with pin:             $7-25
   “Data Bunch”
      Account number

      Billing address

      Social security

      Birthday                     $80-300
 Drivers License:           $150.00
 Birth Certificate (or copy) $150.00
 Social Security Card         100.00
 Paypal account log-on           7.00
How Long Until Your Stolen
Info actually used?

   Can be years.
Favorite organized crime

   Credit unions
“Easier to crack”

        Credit Unions
 And it doesn‟t take I.D.

   What happened at a high-security
    credit union:
Organized Crime and
Advanced Phishing:

      Phish screen pops-up on real
       Citibank screen
Many Variations!

    Over 26,000 different Phishes!
       Right now, your
       members receive:

 Ten Email Phishes Per Week
 Instant Messages
Intrusion in the Marketplace

 “Harvesting” while you shop.
 AOL & “Connectivity”
 No consequences for companies.
     Whatever the

 They are concerned.
 Their Pocketbooks and Credit
  Is Jeopardized.
 They are mad.
The Result?

 A Core Drop In Trust:
 “Nearly 80 percent of consumers willing
  to switch financial institutions for better
  security.” Unisys Corporation
Who Likes this?

         The banks!
   They‟re claiming the high ground!
The Funny Thing:

   Banks are part of the problem.
     Information-sharing problem.
     Banks place hurdles for customers.

     “Security Centers” serve as “outs” for
An opportunity for us?

   We can be a solution.
Remember this quote?

  “Nearly  80 percent of
  consumers willing to switch
  financial institutions for better
The Opportunity for Us:

   Let‟s own Privacy and Fraud Issues
The plan

    All on the web site.
Most important message:

    You are proactive in protecting
     members privacy.
What we become:

   We become the member source for
    all information on all privacy and
    fraud issues.
Big Message:

         You are different than your
Overall Objective:

 Members to see us as advocates.
 Members to see our uniqueness on
We are different

    We make „opting out‟ easy to do.
We are Different

   We don‟t sell our members‟
    information to outsiders.
We are different

   We work quickly with members who
    are injured.
Banks give the runaround

   Months to solve problems.
We are different

   We don‟t hide problems when they
Remember Colorado C.U.?

 Responded in hours.
 Issued press releases.
 Worked instantly with members.
We are different

   We don‟t hide behind “BMA” clauses.

   Consumers are getting angry

   The clauses are everywhere.
Smart Marketing

 Advertise “BMA Free”
 Tie to your integrity
 Tie to your privacy concerns
A quick and easy start:

   Make privacy information highly
    visible and available to your
A Turnkey Privacy and
Fraud Center

   We provide it for free.
Cheap marketing:

   Add a “Privacy and Fraud”
    homepage link now!
Cheap marketing:

 Offer our Privacy Handout.
 Its Free.
 You print.
Long-term marketing

   Incorporate Privacy and fraud
    awareness in all marketing.
Short-Term plan:

   The Board: Set the Agenda:
     Privacy and Fraud Strategy
     Strong Funding Support

     Sense of urgency
A fact to remember:

 “Nearly 80 percent of consumers
 willing to switch financial institutions
 for better security.”

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