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					1. Microsoft excel is a program intended for processing ... a. figures b. picture c. word d. data and image 2. Here are the terms that exist in the Microsoft excel, except ... a. worksheet b. cell c. workbook d. hanging indent 3. The calculation can be done on a Microsoft excel 2000, is ... a. on 3 February 1900 until 15 september 9999 b. on 3 February 1000 until 15 september 9999 c. on 3 February 1901 until 15 september 9999 d. on 3 February 1900 until 15 september 9000 4. Toolbar which functions to display the address cell is active and its contents ... a. Title bar b. formatting bar c. status bar d. formula bar 5. Here are the steps to activate the program at Microsoft Microsoft excel is ... a. Start  program  Microsoft office  Microsoft excel b. Start  program  Microsoft excel c. Start  Run  Microsoft excel d. Start  setting  Microsoft excel 6. The following commands are all there on the edit menu, but ... a. a. copy b. cut c. paste d. cell 7. Display settings worksheet that shows only a page that has been filled with the data is done ... a. File  view c. view  page break preview b. View  nor mal d. Format  page break preview 8. The names are sequentially icon is ... a. Copy, paste, new, undo, open b. Copy, paste, undo, new, open c. Copy, paste, Redo, new, open d. Copy, paste, Redo, preview, open 9. In addition to the object format can also be copied with the command's icon ... a. b. c. d. 10. Writing a fractional number of data that is correct ... a. ¾ c. 0 3/4 b. 5/8 d. ½ 0 11. Writing data date and time below that is not true ... a. 15/9/1990 c. 9/15/1990 5:20:00 AM b. 9/15/2008 d. 0:00:00 12. How to block a whole line is to press the button ... a. Ctrl + Spaces c. Ctrl + Shift + Spaces b. Shift + Spaces d. Alt + Ctrl + Spaces 13. Date and time included in the group data .... a. series b. number c. formula d. text 14. If we select the entire worksheet that is, and then typing the data and data ... a. Will appear on sheet 1 c. Will appear on sheet 2 b. Will appear on the active sheet d. Will appear on all sheets of the selected 15. F2 key on the keyboard to use for ... a. activate the cell c. change the mode to be cell type b. correct cell d. remove the entire cell 16. Click on the file select open or can also click the icon on the toolbar is a standard step by step ... a. opening the workbook c. copying files b. turn off excel program d. the excel program 17. To provide a basic color or shading in the worksheet created called ... a. protection b. border c. font d. pattern 18. = (A6 + B6 + C6 + D6 + E6), when written with SUM command is ... a. = SUM (A6.. B6) c. = SUM (A6, B6, C6, D6, E6) b. = SUM (A6: B6) d. = SUM (6 (A, B, C, D, E)) 19. Here's how out of the Microsoft Excel is ... a. File  Close c. File  save as b. File  exit d. File  give a name File  close 20. To insert a line above the full line is selected, insert in the dialog box we select ...

a. shift cells right b. entire row c. shift cells down d. entire column 21. Collection of some of the worksheet is ... a. Range b. Formula bar c. Cells d. Workbook 22. Sub-menu in the menu insert (office 2007) that functions to make Clip Art is .. a. Clip Art b. Word Art c. Object d. Chart 23. To zoom in and out in the document display screen via a sub menu use print preview ... a. next b. margin c. zoom d. setup 24. To determine the quality of the prints you want, we can do this by selecting the ... a. Print quality b. portrait c. paper size d. landscape 25. Range as the title of the column will be repeated on each printed page is called ... a. print area c. column to repeat at left b. print title d. row to repeat at top 26. Determine the amount of the desired page by clicking on the button called options to fit ... a. Fit to b. scalin c. adjust to d. page setup 27. Activate the graph chart-click-click-select option titles - click OK - click outside the box graph is ... a. a. change the type of graph c. create graphs b. make a graph title d. move the graph 28. Used to make the title of axis is called ... a. tab gridlines b. tab titles c. tab axes d. tab data range 29. Used to insert a line ... a. cells b. column c. row d. entire row 30. Orientation that is used to select the portrait is ... a. vertical b. horizontal c. column d. cells 31. Function to print the entire spreadsheet that is used in the book is called ... a. all b. page c. selection d. entire workbook 32. Function to print a spreadsheet to a printer that is ... a. print c. page break preview b. print preview d. zoom 33. To end the print preview (office 2007) can be done with the command ... a. next b. exit c. close d. quit 34. A line is printed at the bottom of the page is ... a. margins b. header c. page d. footer 35. Writing cell address Here is the correct ... a. AD1000 b. XY1000 c. ABA2000 d. HD356 36. To create the graph, the table that need to be blocked for is ... a. all data c. entire table c. the title of the table all right 37. Note the picture below! If we press the Ctrl key + the position of the cursor will move to the cell ... a. B4 b. D7 c.C4 d. B2324 38. To separate parts of clipart images that have been inserted into the document is to do ... a. Ungroup b. group c. regroup d. group all 39. Worksheet so that the selected tersalin on the dialog box Mover or copy, the selection is to be activated ... a. create a copy b. move or copy c. move d. copy 40. To print the entire spreadsheet that is currently active ... a. number of copies b. file c. print d. active sheet 41. How to activate the menu to set the page orientation? a. select File, then click Page Setup c. select File, then click Open b. select File, then click New d. select File, then click Save 42. Where the menu includes related editting? a. A. Copy, Cut, Paste c. New, Cut, Paste b. C. New, Open, Paste d. New, Open, Print 43. Here is a program that is used to calculate a number other than Microsoft Ecxel a. Microsoft Powerpoint c. Microsoft Paint b. OpenOffice.Org Writer d. OpenOffice.Org Calc 44. The first procedure is to insert a file that came from Microsoft Word into Microsoft Excel is .... a. click the Insert menu, click the sub menu Object b. click the Insert menu, click the sub menu Picture

c. click the Insert menu, click the sub menu filed. d. click Insert Insert menu, click Symbol sub menu 45.

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