; soal tik 7 bilingual
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soal tik 7 bilingual

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soal TIK kelas 7 bilingual

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Jl. Gunung Wijil, Kaliancar, Selogiri, Telp. 0273.321888 Wonogiri - 57652

Field of study Class Semester Year of Teaching

: Information Communication Technology (ICT) : VII G (Bilingual Class) : II : 2008/2009

Choose the answers a, b, c or d that you properly! 1. Group means of the following input device is classified.... a. mouse, keyboard and monitor b. keyboard, scanner and printer c. monitor, speakers and flash d. scanner, keyboard and mouse 2. DOS, WINDOWS and LINUX is an example..... a. word processing program b. program database c. operating system d. processing program number 3. Each of us save the document in Microsoft Word, the program automatically adds the file extension ... a. wrd b. doc c. xls d. ppt 4. Here is the equipment does not include input on the computer is.... a. Mouse b. Speaker c. Scanner d. Keyboard 5. Here is the hardware.... a. Webcam c. Linux b. Windows Media Player d. Yahoo Messenger 6. Data storage media that are in the CPU, which can be accessed at random and will not be lost even if electricity is lost .... a. Floppy disk b. RAM c. ROM d. Hard disk 7. Changing one or more computer components to improve performance is called.... a. Remove b. installs c. download d. upgrade 8. Symbol / symbols of a command / program are called.... a. Icon b. desktop c. menu d. taskbar 9. Here is the file generated by the program Ms. Office. The following file generated by Excel is.... a. latih.doc b. latih.ppt c. latih.xls d. latih.mdb 10. Icon to open a document that has been saved is.... a. c.

b. d. 11. To close out of Microsoft as well as word on the menu bar to use.... a. File, Quit c. File, Exit b. File, and Close d. File, Shutdown 12. Here are the advantages of the Windows operating system, except ... . a. application that has been available c. user friendly b. easy to learn d. cheap price 13. Computer device that functions to change the digital signal into image is ... . a. LAN Card b. VGA Card c. Sound Card d. Wi-Fi Card 14. Following devices that have a slot for attaching a device is ... . a. Bluetooth b. motherboard c. Sound Card d. Wi-Fi Card 15. Here that is not including the type of software is .... a. Operating System c. Programming Languages b. Program Applications d. Media Storage

16. Entering the computer software program is called ... . a. install b. uninstall c. repair d. remove 17. To facilitate us in making the presentation, which is the software we used? a. Microsoft Word c. Microsoft Power Point b. Microsoft Excel d. Microsoft FrontPage 18. Photos to put in the Photo Gallery must be scanned first so that the format.... a. cdr b. doc c. xls d. jpeg 19. If you want to listen to music or watch movies and songs favorites in the computer, then you need multimedia software. One of the multimedia software is.... a. Adobe Photoshop c. Windows Media Player b. Corel Draw d. dBase 20. Application program processing a number of windows based operating system is........ a. Microsoft Word c. Microsoft Office Access 2003 b. Publisher 2003 in the office d. Microsoft excel 21. Below is a surplus that we can get in using Microsoft Excel, except... a. to prepare the data c. making graphs b. graphic design d. making the diagram 22. Steps to change the limit of the right or left on the Microsoft word program is ....... a. Menu format, page setup, paper size b. Menu format, paragraph c. File menu, page setup, margins d. File menu, page setup, orientation 23. In the print dialog box, specify the number of copies of printing on paper is .... a. Printer's b. Properties c. Number of copies d. Printer's 24. Before printing on paper, we can see a document on the monitor screen through the facilities .... a. print preview b. copy as c. save as d. print 25. Word provides facilities that ease the form of a graph are called the view..... a. insert b. chart c. picture d. menu 26. Name of software to manage a database that is issued by Microsoft called.... a. Ms Publisher 2003 c. Ms Access b. Ms Front page d. Outlook express 27. Following software is used as the image processing is .... a. Windows XP c. Microsoft outlook b. Personalization d. Adobe Photoshop 28. Function to calculate the average using .... a. Sum b. Average c. Count d. Max 29. Command to cancel an error is .... a. delete b. undo c. cut d. edit 30. Part of the keyboard used to type like a typewriter ... . a. key functions c. special button b. key alpha numeric d. the cursor button 31. Button is used to run a command menu that is selected is.... a. Enter b. Backspace c. ESC d. Delete 32. Button is used to remove the letters on the left of the cursor is.... a. Enter b. Backspace c. ESC d. Delete 33. Button is used to delete the letter on the right side of / behind the cursor is.... a. Enter b. Backspace c. ESC d. Delete 34. To run through the Icon on the desktop done with mouse… . The way it is.... a. Click b. Double Clicks c. Right-click d. Drag and Drop 35. Click the START button can be changed using the keyboard, with.... a. Press Window key c. Press Ctrl + Tab b. Press Alt + F4 d. Press Shift + Tab 36. Stavolt used to.... a. stabilize voltage electric c. raising the voltage electricity b. lower-voltage electricity d. reduce electricity usage 37. If your computer is not turned off according to procedure, the computer hardware can be damaged, especially.... a. diskette b. monitor c. hard disk d. modem

38. Computer components in the form of human resources (HR) is called.... a. brain ware b. software c. hardware d. computer room 39. Steps to turn off the computer that correct is.... a. click Start - select Shutdown c. press Power button directly on the CPU b. select Shutdown - press the Power d. press the Power a few seconds 40. The purpose of the term "drag" the mouse is in use.... a. move the mouse on the direct instructions of the desired b. pressing the right mouse button twice c. pressing the left mouse button one time d. Pressing mouse button and move the mouse in the desired position without the removed 41. To select (block) all the text in the document, can be done by pressing the button .... on keyboard. a. Ctrl + P b. Ctrl + O c. Ctrl + A d. Ctrl + S 42. Following that is not the type of printer is .... a. dot matrik b. inkjet c. laserjet d. epson 43. To make the distance twice the space, given the type of line spacing ... a. single b. 1,5 lines c. double d. at least 44. To create a document model of newspapers, used the column, this command is located on the menu .... a. Table b. Format c. Edit d. Tools 45. Left margin and right margin is a command to .... a. set the paper size b. set the header and footer c. set limits and boundaries on the bottom of the page d. set limit and left limit of the right page 46. Button on the keyboard combination Ctrl + J is used to .... a. flattening the text left-right c. flattening the text b. flattening the text left d. flattening text right 47. Command to save the document with the name of the new file, use the command .... a. save as b. save c. open d. close 48. Word processing software that is very popular and is widely used is.... a. Microsoft Access c. Microsoft Excel b. Microsoft Power Point d. Microsoft Word 49. Which includes the extension of the image file? a. 3gp b. mp3 c. doc d. jpg 50. Which is not a data storage media on the computer? a. Printer b. Flashdisk c. Harddisk d. Diskette

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