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									Long Term Solution To Address Low Teacher Salaries

                         As an educator myself I would definitely affirm that me and my colleagues have
                         low teacher salaries. If we would consider our salary given the number of years
                         worked in an educational institution and compared to the ones working in
                         multinational companies and the like, the disparity is indeed great. Despite this
                         really poor pay and compensation, still we are here standing firm on a
profession we definitely look up to.

If you are an educator complaining about your salary, and yet you still want to be a teacher, there are
rooms for remedies. Yes, every problem always has a solution or two. The main concern we have here is
how to manage low teacher salaries. Let me pinpoint long term solutions that can provide you with a
sense of financial stability in the future.

Solution # 1: Prioritize things. It is immensely important to identify your necessary things and finances.
To begin with, make a list of the items that you would probably spend on say a week or a month. You
might also need to indicate the accounts payable and their due dates. To name a few, you might have
your credit cards, utilities, rental and lending. Write also the areas where you spend your wages,
including food and recreation. Then, in accordance to it, write numbers beside the item in ascending
order. You can specify the number one as the highest priority or the ones that need to be paid soon and
so on.

Solution 2: Budget wisely. Now is the time to establish the budget in line with the priorities you set
earlier. To the extent if possible, it is also suggested to write how much you spend on each of your
expenses. It would be better to devote your earnings to some key priorities such as accounts and loans
payable. Of course, nobody would like to have add-on interests thus spend a large portion for it. Paying
your previous debts can definitely increase your financial capacity once it’s done and you can gain a
lifting sense of monetary freedom.

Solution # 3: Discipline. This is the most important value that all teachers must instill and practice. Since
we know that we have low wages, it is necessary to control our finances. Once you've finished sorting
your pay in accordance to your priorities, whatever amount that remains must be saved. Do not spend
on unnecessary things. If you happen to be a compulsive buyer, stay away from malls. Keep your credit
cards away from you because you might be tempted to use them and end up with another debt on your
side. Sacrifice now and you will reap the rewards after. And don’t forget to control and discipline

There is actually no need for teachers to leave teaching and find another job to compensate their
expenses. Regardless of your profession if you do not know how to manage your salary, you'll really end
up with a non sufficing rate. The best way to overcome the low teacher salaries is to practice the long-
term solutions above. However, if you know that holding back from a shopping spree and saving money
is so not you, then consider doing something for additional income. I am sure it can save you from debt!

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