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Pasar Terapung


Pasar Terapung (float market) is one of traditional market in Indonesia.

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									PASAR TERAPUNG (FLOAT MARKET) By Maftuha As its name “Pasar Terapung” means “pasar = market” and “terapung = on the water” so Pasar Terapung is a market on the water or float market. This history begun from the float kingdoms of the South Kalimantan, and also associated with the history of the city of Banjarmasin, known as “kota seribu sungai” (city of thousand rivers), in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. That market area located on the first float spread between North Kuin and Kuin Cerucuk, the history marked of the kingdom edge Kuin and Barito River on the city of Banjarmasin by Huda Sultan in the year 1526 as the first ruler to embrace Islam. This float market begun when there was interaction between traders and retailers on the river in the city of Banjarmasin. The traders usually use a small boat called “Jukung”. Firstly, the system used was barter trade (commodity exchange). By the time, the transaction system is changed by using money. There are so many products sold in that market, like vegetables, fruits, fish, wadai (traditional cake), household equipments, daily needs and many more. Because the process of interaction between the seller and the buyer is done on the river, that’s why this market is known as float market. You should go there in the very morning to see all nice activities on the water because the float market started at 05.00 WITA and will be finished around 09.00 WITA. When I was there, it was nice trying jukung. I also bought a wadai for breakfast, I took the wadai from my jukung to the seller’s jukung by a tool like a fishing rod with a sharp edge, was nice by unique way and hmmm… delicious. Through this stamp, the government wanted to preserve one of Indonesian traditional event and promote it as a national and international tourism. Because Indonesian culture is also one of the world culture that must be maintained.

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