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									                                             Market Research

                        You can find reports and statistics in the library, in print or via data-
                        bases, on the markets for a wide range of goods and services, not only
                        in the UK but worldwide. You can use all of these resources free of
                        charge. You do not have to be a member of the City of London Librar-

                        Business Insights. This international database provides in-depth market
                        research reports on five core areas of activity:
                        • consumer goods (food, drink, health, marketing, retail)
                        • energy (e-energy, gas, oil, power, green energy, water)
                        • finance (banking, insurance, investment, technology)
City Business Library

                        • healthcare (biotech, cardiovascular, CNS & pain, oncology)
                        • technology (CRM, e-commerce, e-finance, e-health, telecoms)

                        Business Trade Statistics. This database comprises detailed import and
                        export statistics derived from official national or international agencies.
                        Monthly statistics are available for EU member states and 14 other
                        countries and annual data for many other countries.

                        COBRA is a database specifically aimed at small businesses in the UK
                        and so includes information on products and services not covered by
                        other databases, e.g. Wedding Services and Childcare. A typical UK
                        Market Synopsis report includes a market summary, a look at recent
                        developments, the factors affecting demand, some current trends, gov-
                        ernment initiatives and/or regulations, and key sources of information.
                        Library members can access COBRA remotely through the City of Lon-
                        don website.

                        Euromonitor Global Market Information Database. This can be used to
                        find market reports on consumer and industrial sectors on a global, re-
                        gional and country basis. Typical report includes market size, market
                        sectors, market shares, consumer profiles, company profiles, distribu-
                        tion, market forecasts and sector forecasts. It also provides economic,
                        demographic and marketing statistics on countries and their consumer

                        Marketline Business Information Centre. This wide-ranging database
                        includes profiles of Industries, companies and countries, together with
                        related news items. Reports on ‘global’ markets and on the markets
                        within individual countries. The industry profiles include market value,
                        market segmentation, the competitive landscape, leading companies,
                        and market forecasts.

For certain sectors we also have printed reports:

Textile Outlook International (Textiles Intelligence). Detailed information
on the textile and clothing trade, production trends, profiles of major
countries and the leading companies within them. Shelved at B 67705 (5
year file).

Travel & Tourism Analyst (Mintel). Reports on market segments, trans-
port, accommodation, travel distribution, etc. on a global, regional or
country basis. Shelved at B 6479405 (3 year file).

Country Reports (Mintel). Reports includes sections on attractions, tour-
ism & the economy, arrivals, market characteristics, accommodation,
transport, the organisation of tourism, and outlook. Shelved at B
6479405 (3 year file).

Articles from newspapers and business periodicals.

Although we take many of these in the library they do not usually have
anyindexes. We compile our own index of items which have appeared in
some of these publications that contain statistics and other information
useful for market research. Please ask the staff at our Enquiry Desk for a
list of recent articles relevant to the particular product or service and
country in which you are interested.

We also provide newspaper and magazine databases which may contain
relevant articles. BusinessUK and OneSource databases can be used
only in the Library but NewsUK can be accessed remotely by library

                                                                                Information sheet no. 4

  Please note that any copying, downloading or printing from the databases or
  photocopying from printed material must be within Copyright law.

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