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General Fitness Room Guidelines (PDF)


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                        General Fitness Room Guidelines
Use of All Fitness Room Equipment
All patrons use Recreation Services Fitness Rooms at their own risk. It is each
individual's responsibility to use all equipment safely. Failure to do so will result in
removal from the facility.

Proper Attire
It is required that all patrons wear suitable workout attire. Open toed shoes are not
permitted. Any patrons deemed not wearing suitable attire will be asked to leave the
fitness room until proper attire is worn.

Cardio Machines (Ellipticals, Treadmills, Steppers, and Step mill only)
Due to the high demand for many of our cardio machines the following reservation
guidelines apply:

      1. Patrons are eligible to reserve a cardio machine for a 30 minute time period
once each day.

      2. 30 minute time periods are split up into three consecutive 10 minute
increments for our patrons' convenience. For example: It is possible to reserve a
treadmill from 1:10pm-1:40pm if it is available.

      3. Patrons lose their reservation if they do not start their workout within 5
minutes of their time.

        4. Cardio equipment may be used if they are not reserved but patrons must
yield to those who have reservations.

       5. All reservations will be taken by Recreation Services staff.

       6. All patrons must end their workout at exactly the time their reservation ends.
Cool off periods are not permitted (this may be done on exercise bikes which do not
require reservations).

       7. You may not use the machines longer then your reservation time even if the
patron ahead of you was late ending their workout. If the person in front of you is on
the machine at your scheduled start time kindly ask them to end their workout. If they
refuse please contact a Recreation Services employee.

Cleaning of Equipment
It is the responsibility of each patron to assist in cleaning any equipment they have
used. Please use spray bottles and towels provided by Recreation Serves staff to clean
off all equipment that has come into contact with your body. This includes any
stretching mats or free weight benches.

Fitness Room Music
Recreation Services Fitness Rooms are equipped with XM Radio stations for the
enjoyment of our patrons. Please understand that music is difficult to program to
everyone's liking. We have established a schedule as to which stations are to be played
at certain times throughout the day. Please feel free to complete a Recreation Services
comment card or contact us directly if you would like to make suggestions regarding
radio programming.

Personal Training
Private personal training in Ball State University Recreation Facilities is strictly
prohibited. Failing to comply with this policy will result in the loss of recreation facility

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