Prada Eyeglasses - The Ultimate Stylish Eyewear by martmbs


									Prada Eyeglasses - The Ultimate Stylish Eyewear
I‟ve never been able to say no to a pair of Prada eyeglasses! The thing is, with Prada
eyewear, the question is never “Why should you wear them?” but, “Why shouldn‟t you
wear them?” I say this because - Prada not only has an impressive collection of designer
eyeglasses, but their styles also reflect contemporary fashion at its very best.

With Prada eyeglasses, it‟s easy to go glam and girlie. I,
for one, am a fan of the Prada PR 18IV. These rectangular-
shaped Prada eyeglasses have a metallic plaque detail that
adds a teensy bit of bling to your look! As for its frame
colors, there‟s a color for every mood! I personally love
the red pair. But if you prefer to be refined and sophisticated, then perhaps the Prada PR
07LV will suit your avant-garde style. These designer eyeglasses have silver stud
detailing on the temples. I guess, here again, my love for a li‟l „sparkle‟ is obvious!

This Italian fashion label is also known for its striking
designs for men. Aviator, shield, oversized, oval, and
square, the choice is endless. The Prada PR 03MV is a pair
of Prada eyeglasses for men, which exudes raw
sophistication. Modified oval lenses set in a half-rimmed
frame, snazzy frame detailing, grooved edges - guys out
there, these designer eyeglasses are too good to overlook!

On my last count, I own eight pairs of Prada eyeglasses; all acquired from Best Buy
Eyeglasses, an awesome online store with designer eyeglass frames at reduced prices.
Even the Devil wears Prada! It‟s a shame if you don‟t own at least a pair!

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