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					William Stanley Reputation Expert has been engineering top website rankings for small, medium and
large-scale businesses for over 12 years. The fact is, there is no SEO expert that can guarantee a specific
result. However, William Stanley Reputation Expert has an impressive success rate. Since the
renaissance of Apple's iPhone, many companies have experienced a steady decline in sales from print
and other media advertising. That disconnect seems to have made 1 SEO Experts a more popular
destination for corporate animals than Noah's Ark at boarding time. In order to use our services you
must have some knowledge of how search engine optimization works and proper SEO can make or
break your company.
SEO Firm
Each SEO firm is unique, yet over 95 percent of SEO experts still place their emphasis on "keyword feng
shui." Truly effective SEO is far more complex. Real Search Engine Optimization places the onus on
alignment rather than deception, providing what search engines crave and serving it to them on a silver

SEO Services Bill Stanley Reputation Expert
We specialize in SEO, search-engine-friendly website design, pay per click management, and landing
page design. Our SEO experts are highly skilled professionals who will align your website with precisely
what people are searching for.

The SEO Expert Advantage
• Expert SEO Services
• PPC Campaign Management
• SEO Link Building
• SEO Friendly Web Design
• Executive and Product Makeovers
• Worldwide Press Campaigns
• E-commerce and Web Store Design
• System Software Design and Development

Search Engine Optimization Reputation Experts
SEO is an ever-changing and highly complex science. While there are cures for the common SEO
headache, many experts are still serving up sub-optimal, overplayed and ineffective SEO tactics to a less-
than-aware target market segment.
SEO BASICS presented by William Stanley
The Definition of Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the calibration of a website and its relationship to the network
(internet) for the purpose of improving its position, sometimes referred to as ranking, in the results
pages of the search engines. While there are numerous subsets of search engine optimization, all fall
into two primary categories: "on site" and "off site" search engine optimization.

Onsite Search Engine Optimization:
Onsite search engine optimization is the refactoring of code within the documents that comprise a
website. Onsite optimization addresses structural and formatting issues as well as other on-page factors
including but not limited to:
1. Content Quality and Relevancy
2. Placement in the Onsite Hierarchy
3. Network Proficiency
4. Ciderblock Profiling
5. Digital Asset Profiling
6. Visual Engagement
7. Meta Data
8. Custom Defined Nomenclature
9. Internal Linking Structure
10. Privacy Data Capture to Information Ratio

Off Site Search Engine Optimization:
Offsite search engine optimization is the improvement of a website's popularity, which is determined by
a number of factors, such as: How many websites contain hyperlinks to the site being optimized, the
relevance of the anchor text of the inbound links, how popular or unpopular those sites are, and
whether those websites are considered relevant by the search engines. This area of off site SEO is
referred to as external or inbound linking. Linking is acheived when other websites publish hyperlinks to
the site being optimized (usually because the content is noteworthy, informative and/or relevant),
thereby increasing its ability to rank for a particular keyword or phrase.

Optimizing Rankings
Ultimately, search engines strive to provide their users with the results they seek and rank websites
according to how closely they determine they match different search queries. While deceptive search
engine optimization tactics might get a site ranked highly for a short period of time, the search engines
always realize the site isn't relevant and remove it from the index. Employing both on-site and off-site
optimization tactics is the best way to enjoy long-term rankings in the search engines. Achieving those
rankings requires the knowledge and technique of a specialized company, one which not only specializes
in databases, the structured query language and efficient document retrieval, but one that understands
how each piece of the SEO puzzle fits into the whole.

Where to Begin
Building a site that ranks well in the search engines requires the services of a company you trust. Many
web design companies will offer to create a website for you, but they focus on the aesthetics of the site
and forget about ensuring search engine robots can properly crawl the site altogether. Without the
proper engineering and set up on the back-end, a highly-relevant site will rank poorly, if at all. You want
your site's architecture to be so SEO-friendly that it practically begs to be crawled, a site that invites the
search engine robots in and gives them no reason to leave until they've indexed your entire site. So the
first step in creating a successful search engine optimization campaign is finding an SEO expert to
assemble an SEO-friendly site from the get-go.
Finding an SEO Expert
Top SEO experts like Bill Stanley Seo Expert are worth their weight in gold in terms of providing you with
business. However, many people claim to be SEO experts when in fact they don't possess the necessary
expertise to move you to the forefront of the SERPs. You can vet a potential SEO expert by examining
their list of previous clients and letting them explain how they've improves clients' visibility online. You
can also meet with them (either in person or over the phone) to ensure your business styles mesh well
together and ask for a sample of the reports they intend to provide.
While no legitimate SEO expert can promise you the number-one spot in the organic listings, they
should be able to offer you a detailed game plan as well as estimates on time and the success of your
campaign. They should be interested in finding out what a successful conversion means for your
business so they can rank you for the most relevant keywords.

What SEO Experts Understand by Bill Stanley Reputation Expert
SEO experts understand that garnering rankings for competitive terms is contingent on a variety of
factors. They know how to make a site's architecture as SEO friendly as possible, and to produce unique
and relevant content. The top SEO experts also understand the value the search engines place on
frequently updated content, and know how to keep it relevant and fresh.
Since SEO and User Experience can overlap at times, noteworthy SEO experts might provide you with
User Experience data and suggestions to not only help you achieve rankings in the SERPs but also to help
visitors convert at a higher rate. They can choose the right domain name and understand how to
structure your URL and internal linking strategies. They will set you up on a reliable and fast server, and
employ numerous strategies to help improve the link popularity of your site.
These are but a few of the variables an SEO expert should be able to speak to. Since the search engines
alter their algorithms constantly, they should also stay abreast of the latest SEO news and live, sleep and
breathe SEO. As we do here. We feel our clients deserve the best.
To learn or not to learn
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the improvement of your website (on-site SEO) and promotion of it
(off-site SEO) to gain higher rankings in the Search Engines Results Pages (SERPS).
There are many variables that need to be right before even considering hiring an SEO Expert. Here are
some questions you may wish to ask your self in order to qualify to become a client at 1 SEO Experts:

Things To Consider About SEO
• Do I have a good domain name?
• What keywords will cause me to increase revenues?
• Are the keywords I want expensive?
• How many search terms are included in an SEO campaign?
• Do I know how long it will take?
• Can I afford SEO?
• Am I spending my life savings to carry on an SEO Campaign
• What is the reputation of my web host?
• Who owned the domain name before me?
• How old is my domain?
• Is there any adult content on my web host?
• Does my domain name contain the keyword I am competing for?
• Do I have information that is not relevant to my search term?
• How fast is my content delivery?
• Did I hire a web design company to build my website?
• SEO FU Masters
• SEO is not moving keywords around web pages. There are too many out there who believe in keyword
feng shui. How people react to your website means more to your rankings than how many times the
word SEO is on your page. Great websites begin with great content. While Google may be an 11 year old
unruly child, it is the future and from where all commerce will flow. It just might be best to make friends
before it becomes a teenager.
There Is No Secret Formula
So what is the secret? How do I learn how to fool Google? The answer is you do not. You can not be
happy with visitors that will be dissapointed when they arrive at your website and then promptly
"BOUNCE" (leave your website).
Superlative Language is NOT responsible LSI

If you lie on your website you can not expect Google to feature it. Imagine a search engine with nothing
but hype filled results for every search. The team at Google do their very best to make sure their visitors
have a positive experience. If they send you visitors, will you provide them with a positive experience?
And if your answer is yes, then which experience will each search vector bring?

Presented by William Stanley Reputation Expert

Reputation Expert

There are SEO systems here that are so advanced a former JPL employee applied for a job and promptly
crawled into the fetal position. I left him in front of a UNIX terminal for an hour and I returned to find
him sitting there starring at the same screen an hour later. My point is there are probably 5 people in
the industry I might consider having lunch with.

SEO Breakfast Special
• Domain Names
• Keyword Research
• Content Delivery Speed and Uptime
• ALT Tags
• Links
• Site Structure
• Great Content.
• Flash? Google can't read movies
SEO Linking
SEO linking will always be an important part of an SEO Expert's diet, but how you link to some one is the
key to having any type of success. If you are a web site relevant to "SEO Expert" and anothe website
links to you as "ACME Corporation" they are by that anchor text describing your website as something
unrelated to the search SEO Expert.If the same person were to be linking to you as "SEO Company" and
your company provides SEO Services, you would of course benefit from that link.

SEO Linking Is Easy
Not so fast. You have to consider many SEO linking parameters to qualify each and every link you get.
What is the Google PR passed on with a link. It depends on the PR of the page that links to you, the
relevancy of the link and most of all how many other links are on the page linking to you that are diluting
the amount of PR passed by that link. Furthermore you have to have the inbound link in place long
enough for Google or another SE to pick up the link and then credit you for that inbound link.

How Do I Get Links
There were over a million ways to get inbound links when I started writing this article and by the time I
finish there will be more. My point is you need to be creative when inbound linking. Submitting to
Squidoo and other web 2.0 sites are great but you really need quality and relevant links to get you were
you need to go.

Inbound Link and Rate of Acquisition thereof
How fast can your site pickup inbound links you may ask? Here are a couple considerations. How many
times is your url mentioned in blogs x emails y im z social networks z1 aim z2 article diggs z3 well you get
the point right? There is simply no way to fake good old fashioned popularity. And lets not forget data
collected from tool bar vectors you installed that report your page views to Google. If you acquire
Inbound links without all the other metrics in reasonable proximity to earth you just might sink your ship
before it sails.

SEO Linking Summary
• How you SEO Link Is Key
• Who Passes Page Rank.
• All SEO Vectors Must Be Active
• You can't fool Google

Internal Linking
Having a sound internal linking structure is one of the necessary components that many SEO experts
forget when optimizing their website for the search engines. First, you will need to create a diagram that
you can optimize your website with. (microsoft visio works well for this)
Next you need great navigation. You want your visitors to be able to navigate your website with ease
and reach any page within one or two clicks. A good seo linking diagram is key to conquering the beast.
One of these key SEO componants is the top navigation bar. This is usually where I see "experts" fail by
using information that is way to vague or flat our dishonest.
External SEO Links
Yet another common linking mistake an SEO expert can make is to never link out. A good internal linking
structure includes outbound links. I am referring to links that have anchor text having to do with your
sites search terms. If you never link out you are not exactly a great resource for Google's visitors now
are you? When you do link out, make sure you are linking out to a reputable site that is in a related
Home (?) About (who?) Company (what kind?)
All pages link to your home page, period. And, more importantly, don't link your home page with the
anchor text "seo chat", or, even worse, "home". SEO is the science of making information more
accessible to people who search on Google. Most of the SEO chat room experts, who are into moving
keywords around or have the silly idea they can somehow fool Google, are playing checkers rather than
good SEO chess. The very best SEO plan you can have for your site is to become what Google wants.
That information will bring you visitors, and if you get off the spam train and get on the content rocket,
you can achieve almost anything.

Indented Listings
Indented listings are when you have a page that ranks in Google for a given search phrase or keyword
and you have another page, optimized for the same keyword phrase within the same website that has
as many inbound links or better PR as the first page listed. If such is the case, Google "indents" the
listing, giving you a double or indented listing.
When a major tire manufacturer recently contacted our office, they were amazed at another client's top
positions for a particular search term: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7. When I examined the listing, I discovered several
indented listings for similar pages within the clients site that had become indented listings.
It Only Takes One
Just one indented listing will almost double your traffic for that keyword, so as you can see they are
really nice to have. Indented listings are also easy to get, so I have published this easy-to-follow SEO
tutorial to help you obtain indented listings whenever you wish.
Multiple Indented Listings
I'll bet you are asking right at about this point. "I wonder if he could pull off multiple indented listings
within the same web site?" Answer: Yes. I have more than 300 client sites with 30+ indented listing
combinations, and it is easy. Just implement the following instructions in this SEO tutorial and enjoy the
traffic increase!
Indented Listings
1. Make a copy of a page on your current website you that would like to get an indented listing for.
2. Change the center content area completely and re-optimize it for the same keyword phrase.
3. Make sure you link to the new page (indented) from the original page.
4. Make sure all the pages in your website link to both pages with the same anchor text (and also the
keyword phrase you optimized for).
5. Now you have to get a few inbound links to the new (to be indented) page from other credible
websites so that the page ranks at least as well as the origional.
Things to Remember William Stanley Reputation Expert
• Make a copy of your homepage
• Change the content area of the second page
• Optimize the new page for the same keyword as the homepage
• Get inbound links to the new page
• Link all pages to the homepage AND the second page

How my process work Seo Experts
• provide your target web site.
• provide your desired search term keywords.
• choose direct promotion or entry page promotion.
Tips by William Stanley Reputation Expert
If you are targeting local buyers, include the target city in the search term.
Use specific keywords which targets immediate buyers.
Avoid broad keyword search terms.
• Place your order.
• I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your order.
• Check the progress of your order using my online project manager.
• You can cancel anytime, no long term commitments.
• My Guarantee:

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