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									                  Though perceived by many as a mild and less
                  harmful drug, marijuana is still a potent agent
                  for addiction. A lot of people have been
                  dependent on marijuana yet they are somehow
                  still unaware of it. There are ways of treating
                  marijuana addiction, and a lot of it depends on
                  the person himself.

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There are a lot reasons why you should stop this unhealthy habit.
Understanding these reasons will help convince you in treating
marijuana addiction permanently. Our body creates new cells
everyday to replace the old ones, when you smoke marijuana you
upset this process and make yourself susceptible to diseases.
When this happens, you will also feel lazy because your body has
been weakened by the depletion of new and healthy cells.

The heart can also be affected by marijuana abuse. It can
increase blood pressure and irregular heart beats. It can also
cause respiratory problems and diseases. By smoking marijuana
frequently, the risk of developing lung cancer is doubled as
compared to smoking cigarettes. Impotence is also most likely to
happen to men who are smoking marijuana. Women who smoke
marijuana while pregnant risks having birth problems.

The psychological effects of marijuana abuse are just as alarming
as the physical harm it brings. Smoking marijuana alters brain
functions making distorted perceptions of reality. It can also lead
to short term memory loss. The ability of the brain to respond
also slows down. These are also the reasons of you becoming
unproductive, being unmotivated mentally lowers your energy
level and your ability to do useful things.

There is certainly nothing good you can get out of smoking
marijuana. Make the reasons you have read above be enough to
help you in your treating marijuana addiction plan. It is time to
do the right things; it is time to rid yourself of this harmful and
useless addiction.

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