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Hpv Cures - Resolve Herpes Ltd Q: This detox works for people who have had herpes for 20 years or more. Does it also work on those who have had it less than 20 years? A: ResolveHerpes, if taken strictly as instructed, is designed to boost your body's immune system and allow the body itself to eliminate both new and old viruses. Be aware, though, that the longer the herpes virus has been in your system and the more suppressant medication you have taken, the longer the clearing period may be after the 50-day detox. There is also the possibility that you will need a Booster Detox to continue to help support your immune system during the healing process. Q: Can I drink alcohol and smoke while on the detox? A: You can drink alcohol and smoke, but remember that you are doing a detox and you should drink and smoke in moderation. Of course, it would be best if you did not drink alcohol or smoke at all during the detox. It would be a better idea to drink a gallon of water a day and perform some cardiovascular exercise (after consulting with your physician) to help your body sweat out all the toxins. Treatment For Hpv : Q: How long has the product been used for? A: It took nearly 20 years for a doctor to develop the mineral combination necessary to boost the body's immune system so that it could eliminate viruses from each cell in the body. The minerals have actually been used exclusively for 10 years in Australia and New Zealand. The company Resolve All, Ltd, was created to distribute the product around the world. So, it has only been recently that the minerals have been available to other markets around the world. Q: I understand we cannot have sexual contact but does that include kissing/oral sex? Could you also explain how having sex causes problems with the detox? A: By touching, kissing, or having sexual contact, you put yourself in a position of cross contamination. For the mineral detox to work effectively it is advised that you have no sexual contact, oral or

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