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Every one of us must have, one or the other time, thought of starting up our own business.
Catering business for long has been considered to be a highly profitable business with huge
scope of growth and expansion. If you are in love with the culinary art and have an inner
strength to drive yourself without minding the hassle to cook for large groups then a
catering business can be the right career path for you. Catering Business Start up can be
taken up as a full time or a part time business opportunity. In both the cases the reputation
of the services provided by you will further help in the expansion of your business.

Things needed for a Catering Business Start up are-

    1. Start with writing a business plan.
    2. Arrange for the funding of the Catering business start up. You can start your
        catering business in two ways i.e. you either open up your own catering business or
        you may purchase an already existing business.
    3. In both cases be ready with proper paperwork and license for your Catering
    4. Plan a strategy to market your small business.
    5. Make a list of items that are needed to be bought like utensils, vegetables, spices
        etc. You may have to add some furniture’s or equipments to your kitchen.
    6. Start hiring workers and sit with them to plan your daily action plan. But before that
        run a check on the cost of hiring temporary workers and also compare it with the
        cost of keeping workers on pay roll. Choose according to your need and financial
    7. Distribute the works of the kitchen among all the workers and make them
        responsible for them.
    8. To keep the initial cost of Catering Business Start up low you have also the option to
        rent things like table chairs and utensils etc rather than buying them. You can
        replace them with your own things once your business starts to run.
    9. Start with arranging small parties like birthday treats or a nights candle night dinner
        for a couple and build your reputation before taking on to new and bigger projects.
    10. Finally your budget should not run out of your hand. Keep a check on the money
        flowing out and coming in.

    With the world moving forward so fast, people are getting busier and as such they are
    always on the look out for quick and convenient solutions for their day to day tasks.
    Planning for a party for their loved ones weather it be the birth day of their kids or the
    anniversary party, arranging becomes a headache for these busy people. So here
    catering can prove to be a convenient solution for them. If you can try to provide good
    service quality and build a reputation for your own then Catering Business Start Up will
    open up new business horizons for you. One more important point to remember is that
    you also have to strive hard and keep yourself abreast of the competition in the market.
    Meticulous planning, market research and finally your stamina to provide the best
    catering services will help you to build a standard in the market and get more catering
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