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United States Swim School Association Newsletter

Dear Fellow Swim School Owners,
My theme this issue is EDUCATION. As we go through our busy days we are constantly training teachers, students and parents on how to teach better, swim better or even parent better. I would like to encourage each of you to sit back for a moment and make sure you are doing what is necessary for you to improve as a swim school owner, manager, teacher and finally as a person. What have you done to help yourself be prepared to face the challenges of 2007 with renewed vigor and ideas? Your association is offering two excellent opportunities in the months to come. The Annual swim School Conference is San Diego will be a great opportunity to hear some great speakers and spend time sharing and learning with many of your fellow association members. Please make sure you get your reservations in quickly. The agenda of content and social activities promises to be very worthwhile. Additionally, as swim school folks, we all need time at the beach, so come to San Diego. In January, The Champion’s Club, will be hosting along with our friends from Swim Australia the Second International meeting in Maui. I had the pleasure of attending the initial conference in Fiji along with approximately 18 fellow US Swim School members. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn as well as exchange ideas with other swim school owners from Australia and New Zealand. I am personally very excited by the keynote speaker, Chris Lowney. He brings a extremely varied background to our meeting and I am sure he will challenge us in many ways. So, I encourage you to give yourself an “educational” checkup and come join us in San Diego and Maui. Best Wishes,
Bob Hubbard Braxton Bilbrey, Joe Zemaitis, Johnny Johnson, and Bob Hubbard,

4th Annual Ocean Swim Raises Over $30,000
Johnny Johnson, along with the Swim for Life Foundation and Safer 3 pulled off another successful fund raising event on Saturday September 18th.

Two hundred spectators came out to support the 60 swimmers of all ages who participated in the annual ocean swim to raise awareness of water safety measures. In addition to Orange county-based efforts Safer 3 is also endorsed nationally by the the United States Swim School Association, McDonald’s, through the use of tray-liners in Florida and Georgia; and Traffic Builders USA, which teamed up with Toyota to present the campaign this summer in over 1,500 dealerships. The Foundation raised over $30,000 to date and more than one third of this is from our members in the United States Swim School Association. Johnny Johnson states, “ It was an incredible event. The conditions were perfect, the participation amazing and we received great media coverage for the foundation and Safer 3.” He adds “the support from the U S Swim School Association members has been overwhelming. The donations keep coming in every day and I want to thank the board of directors and especially Bob Hubbard for the continued support for the Swim for Life Foundation.” Johnny would like to thank some of the Southern CA schools who participated, Misty Peters from American Kids Sports Center in Bakersfield brought three friends (a 3 hour drive leaving at 5:00am), Jeff and Monica (9 months pregnant) Noonan from the Noonan Family Swim School, drove up from San Diego to cheer everyone on, and Lynn Ledford from Cal Elite Sports Center attended as well. The biggest thanks goes to Bob Hubbard for flying in from Phoenix and arranging for Braxton Bilbrey to join us. Braxton is the youngest person to complete the swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco. Johnny gives his heartfelt appreciation to all of our members who so generously donated to the cause. He states, “remember that...Drowning IS preveventable...Follow the Safer 3.” For further information about the Safer 3 program, or to make a tax-deductible donation, you can call the Swim for Life Foundation at 714-227-6000.

Upcoming Events
January 22-26, 2007 2007 International/Champions Club Conference, Maui Hawaii. March 9-11, 2007 Spring Workshop, San Antonio Texas

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To Lead is to Serve - Mentor
by Karen Kittelson The United States Swim School Association’s mentoring program was created to help our members reach their full business potential. New Association members will have someone they can talk to when they have questions relating to ways to utilize the association better, business management or a new phase for their company. This relationship may include sharing ideas on marketing strategies, employee relations, financials, business plans, professional contacts, help with daily challenges, and any other information that may assist them with growing their company effectively. The relationship between a mentor and a new member will increase satisfaction and create a sense of belonging in the Association. Participants in the program need to make sure not to confuse their mentor with the Association or vice versa. The mentor is not the embodiment of the Association – he/she is not responsible for every thing the organization does. A mentor is an advisor, teacher, contact, friend, guide, trainer, and support system. Individuals in our mentoring group act as “coaches” to each other assisting with various subject matters. Mentors should be open-minded, nonjudgmental, and offer assistance when needed. Sharing success stories with fellow swim school owners/operators will motivate and encourage each of us to be more successful. Serving our fellow Association members will not only benefit them, but it will assist in strengthening the entire organization. Becoming a mentor will broaden your role and responsibility in the Association, while increasing trust among other members. Mentoring gives our more experienced members a chance to “give something back”. Newer business owners/operators in the Association will have mentors available to answer questions they may have about the United States Swim School Association., for example: Safer 3, conferences, plus our powerful network of members, in addition the new member will have a “coach” to offer assistance when needed. Being a mentee gives our newer business associates the opportunity to learn from some of their peers. It also provides them with a support system from a confidential, non-judgmental sounding board. To expand our networking and knowledge database, we have created a support system for all of USSSA members. The MISSION of the Swim School Mentor Group is to provide an organized framework that empowers and encourages experienced Swim School Owners to give their time, effort, ideas and advocacy with how to manage/operate a swim school. Our PURPOSE is to help new and old members of the Association meet and utilize the Association better, in addition or in place of, the one-on-one mentoring. This includes networking at conferences, getting to know and learning new marketing techniques, and exchanging ideas on managing staff. Our OBJECTIVE is for the Association to better serve its members and build relationships between old and new members, which in turn will make a stronger Association. Remember the golden rules for all participants involved in our mentoring programs: offer ideas, listen hard, speak from the heart, do what you think is right, and don’t get personally attached to the outcome.

Bob Hubbard of Hubbard Family Swim School asks:



Would you list safety guidelines for the safe storage of pool chemicals on site?” If you store or use hazardous chemicals, you are vulnerable to accidents which can lead to injury, death, downtime, elevated maintenance costs, bad PR and loss of customer confidence. Pool chemical accidents and releases of hazardous materials into the environment are preventable. Develop a hazardous material inventory and list quantities of chemicals, where and how the chemicals are stored. Identify potential hazards. Assess the likelihood and evaluate potential consequences of accidents. Determine what can go wrong by using “What if...?” hazard analysis method. For example “What if I accidentally poured muriatic acid into the sodium hypochlorite barrel”? or “What if the pool service tech left the door to the chemical storage room open, a child gained access and swallowed a chemical”? or “What if a lifeguard forgot to wear his safety goggles and splashed muriatic acid into his eyes”? Establish a preventative maintenance program. Do this by developing standard operating procedures. Gather MSDS sheets and provide MSDS stations. Properly label all hazardous materials. Implement employee training and re training programs. Develop an emergency response plan and practice emergency procedures. Document and investigate any chemical accidents that do occur. To prevent pool chemical accidents from occurring, know what you’re handling. Read the warning labels and MSDS sheets provided by the manufacturer. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for handling, storing, transporting, and applying pool chemicals. Limit access to only those persons trained to properly and safely handle the chemicals. Keep pool chemicals away from children. Wear appropriate eye, skin, and respiratory personal protective gear when handling chemicals. And, know what to do if an emergency does occur. Keep chemicals in their properly labeled, original containers. Don’t smoke when you’re around pool chemicals. Store chemicals in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Chemicals should be stored in designated chemical rooms – not in the pump room, pool office or on the pool deck. Separate incompatible chemicals. Keep pool chemical away from flammable products (paints, solvents, soaps, detergents, fertilizers, pesticides, oils, fuels, acids, paper products...). Store chemicals on pallets or shelves, not on the floor. Keep the chemical storage area clean. Inspect chemical containers regularly and use chemicals on a first in, first out basis. Alison Osinski, Ph.D. Aquatic Consulting Services (619) 224-3100 (619) 224-3165 (Fax) (e-mail) (Web Site)

Alison Osinski, Ph.D. Aquatic Consulting Services 1220 Rosecrans St. #915, San Diego, CA 92106 (PH) (619) 602-4435 (FAX) (619) 222-9941 / www.AlisonOsinski Do you have a question for Dr. Alison? Submit your inquiry to:


United States Swim School Association Core Purpose
To provide resources to assist our members in achieving their goals in the learn to swim business.


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United States Swim School Association Core Values
Provide opportunities for learning and sharing for our members Help maintain high ethical and professional standards in our industry Provide business development education for our members.







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Risk Management Services, Inc
P.O. Box 32712, Phoenix, AZ 85064-2712

1-800-777-4930 or 602-840-3234 Fax: 602-274-9138 •
We are pleased to be able offer you Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) coverage through Philadelphia Insurance Companies at preferred rates. EPLI provides a swim school ownership protection against claims for wrongful termination, sexual harassment, employee claims of mental anguish or emotional distress, plus defense cost (only) for breach of contract claims. A direct link to a Philadelphia Insurance Companies application for this coverage has been set up on the US Swim School Association website. If you wish to obtain a quote, please complete the application and submit by either fax, mail, or e-mail ( Contact Debbie Williams with any questions at 602-840-3234 x13 or toll-free at 1- 800-777-4930.


We would like to welcome all of the swim schools that have joined or re-joined the Association within the last quarter.
AquaTen Swim School – Felipe Delgado – Tustin, CA Barb Graeve Swim School – Barbara Graeve – Omaha, NE Bakersfield School of Swimming – Keith Moore – Bakersfield, CA Bergamini Swim School – Lynne Bergamini – New Rochelle, NY Big Splash Swim & Safety – Erin Mendivil – Los Gatos, CA Buckeye Swim School – David Holcomb – Worthington, OH Chicago Swim School – Randi Carlson – Arlington, IL Club One – Cindi Coats – Brentwood, CA FUNdaMENTAL FITness – Maria Bella – Reading, PA Huber Swim School – Donald Huber – Fort Thomas, KY Jim Gorman Swim School – Jim Gorman – Portola Valley, CA Karen’s Aquatics – Karen Eaton – Sierra Vista, AZ Lessons with Lisa Swim School – Lisa Morey Taylor – Surprise, AZ MarTar Swimming – Martin Girch – Ellicott City, MD Porpoise Club – Carol Peterson – Parkville, MO Schafer Sport Center – Jonathan Schafer – Pennington, NJ Sunny Days Swim School – Shunda Wilkin – Apopka, FL SwimLabs – Giff Cutler – Castle Rock, CO Swim Safe Swim School – Jim Flahive – Orange, CA Wasatch Swim School – John Nolan – Sandy, UT Watersprites Swim School – Haley Clark – Chico, CA Water Wonders Aquatic Program – Rebecca Raymond – Easthampton, MA Wichita Swim Club – Katherine Hall – Wichita, KS International Swim Schools: Al Jazeera Swimming School – Ahmed Al Falasi – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate Pro Aqua Services, Ltd. – Brett Naylor – Christchurch, New Zealand SWIMMIX AB – Ulrika Faerch – Malmoe, Sweden We are looking forward to having all of you as members of the Association. If you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail the office. 480-837-5525


US Swim School Association Headquarters Mailing address: P.O. Box 17208 Fountain Hills, AZ 85269 Physical address: 17362 E. Calaveras Ave. Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 Telephone: 480-837-5525 Fax: 480-836-8277

E-mail: Website: Executive Director Sue Mackie

Association Officers President Bob Hubbard 602-971-4044 x5 Vice President Jim Hazen 631-580-7231 Treasurer Janet Zeal 904-730-2778 Association Board of Directors Tyler Brewer 815-282-3488 Jan Emler 817-275-7946 Karen Kittelson 608-831-1709 Miren Oca 305-476-5255

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