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									                                                                                                June/July 2009 Edition

Donna Rhodes
Vice President-
Terry Simon
Terri Meadows
Janis Presley
 818-893-1462                                                    TRAIL OR RAIL?
Board Members-                   Both! There’s no reason to choose between riding out on a trail and perfecting your rail work in an
Beth Haney           arena. Plus, the added advantage of taking your show horse out of the arena is to prevent potential rail burnout.
Janis Presley        Bob Avila, a respected trainer and exhibitor, stated, ―I constantly see people take their broke horses to the arena
Laura Paxson
Karen Hebert         and do the same thing every single day: Walk, jog, lope, turn around, then walk, jog, lope in the other
Lorraine Biederman   direction. That’s like trying to teach a bus driver how to drive every time he gets to work. It’s going to make
Diane Short          him mad.‖ (Horse & Rider, April 2008.) In the same article about beating rail horse burnout, Avila said,
Stacie Wight         ―Take your rail horse for a trail ride. A change of scenery will do you both a world of good.‖ Riding out on
Horse Show           the trails allows you to develop a stronger two-way communication with your horse and to gauge just how
Terry Simon          responsive she is to your cues. You can work on collection, leg yields, speed, etc., on the trail as you would in
805-522-3346         an arena but with different scenery to keep it more interesting. Insist on the same level of obedience and good
Terri Meadows        manners as you would in an arena and you will successfully be cross-training your horse.
805-582-1149                     If you haven’t taken your show horse out on the trails, it’s best not to do it in a group of unfamiliar
Points-              horses because this can make him anxious and unfocused. Instead, pair yourself with an experienced trail rider
Diane Short          before venturing out on your own. The best possible combination is with a horse your horse already knows.
661-269-1231         Another well known trainer, Al Dunning said in ―From Rails to Trails,‖ (Horse & Rider, May 2009),
                     ―[B]ecause horses learn by observing the behavior and reactions of other horses, the seasoned horse’s presence
Delegate             will . . . teach and help breed confidence in the one that’s less experienced.‖ Also, having a trusted trail
                     companion will do wonders for your own peace of mind. I think of trail riding as I do of swimming; it’s best to
Area 8 Directors     have someone along. As your horse becomes more comfortable out on the trail, adding in more horses and
[vacant]             riders gradually can make for a fun outing for everyone.
Membership-                      One cautionary word, be mindful of the Heat Index which is an index that combines relative humidity
Chris Mayer          with air temperature to estimate how hot your horse actually feels. (National Weather Service,
 805-581-3150        www.weather./gov/om/heat/index.shmtl.) If the air is saturated with moisture, sweat doesn’t evaporate quickly
Newsletter-          enough to cool off your horse. Your horse can lose a lot of fluid through excessive sweating and still not get
                     cooling relief, leading to dangerous complications such as dehydration and heatstroke. It’s best to limit
Terri Meadows
                     exercise in hot and humid conditions. Your horse’s fitness level also factors into how much exercise he can
805-582-1149         withstand safely—it’s best to work up to a level gradually. (For more information on how to keep your horse
Trap Program-        healthy and hydrated, see ―The Scoop on Sweat,‖ Practical Horseman, July 2009.)
Lorraine Biederman               I try to mix it up for my horse. I ride the local trails a few times a week, avoiding the arena altogether.
805-796-1411         On days I ride in an arena, it’s all about work. But then, we hit the trails for a nice relaxing walk home. I think
Mary Richards        this has helped my horse and I develop a stronger sense of trust and companionship. It sure hasn’t hurt!
                     Terri Meadows,
                     Corral 118 Editor
                                                     all the day sheets she donated for us to raise
                                                     money for the club. Also, we never mention Jim
      2009 CALENDAR OF EVENTS                        "The rope Man" he is always there and so giving.
                                                     I look forward to seeing you all again in August.
July 23-26      ETI Convention!                      Remember that August 9TH is the all Western
Aug. 9          SVAC Western show                    show and August 30TH is the all English show.
Aug. 30         SVAC English show
                 th                                  Premiums should be up soon for those dates on
Sep. 20         4 Annual Harvest Hop
Oct. 4          SVAC Western show                    our website eti118.org. Till then, have a safe
Nov. 1          ETI Hi pt & SVAC English show        warm July.
                                                     Terry Simon

                                                     Show your support by shopping Theresa’s
                                                     Country Feed & Pet, 1836 Erringer Road, Simi
                                                     Valley. Thank you Theresa for your generous

   Pine Animal Bedding in Pellet Form.

    Proud Sponsor of ETI Corral 118                    JUDY FUDGE QUARTER HORSES

   To purchase this product, contact                                LESSONS – TRAINING
            Chris Mayer at
                                                     661-942-7665                 JUDY FUDGE
      805-581-3150 or email her at

Currently taking orders and will deliver
 at the next Corral 118 Horse Show.

 The Woody Pet Corral 118 Fundraiser
          is coming soon.
                                                                                Do you know who this
                                                     is racing around that barrel? It’s our own Grace
                                                     Forrest, who manages the gate and tries to get you
                                                     into your classes on time. She’s not just another
                                                     pretty face—she’s a highly accomplished rider
                                                     and gymkhana competitor. Be sure to tell her
                                                     hello as you enter your class. Without Grace’s
                                                     help, we’d be lost and you might just miss your
             HORSE SHOW REPORT                       go!
          Well another GREAT show. Thank you         Terri Meadows, Horse Show Co-Chair
again to all the volunteers for helping, we could
not do it without you. Ditto too what I said about   **********************
all the Horse Show committee, you’re the best. I
would also like to thank Theresa's Feed store for
                                                         Corral 118 thanks Jessica
         June 7th Western SVAC Horse                       Estrada and Brianna
                                                             Bodmer for their
High Point           Champion           Reserve
                                                          generous sponsorship!
Halter               Leanna Rhodes      Cassie Simon
10 & Under W/T       Rene Apodaca       Kimmy Ferrante
11-18 W/T Western    Katherine Petrik   Lauren Hiesl

19 & Over W/T        Lorraine           Debra Mader
Western              Biederman

13 & Under Western   Gretta             Brianna Bodmer
14-18 Western        Leanna Rhodes      Blair Hiesl

19 & Over ATR        None               None

39-49 ATR Western    Donna Rhodes       None

50 & Over ATR        Sharon Ryerson     None

Open Western         Leanna Rhodes      Donna Rhodes

Remember, to qualify for “Day-End”
champion and reserve champion, you must                  Help us raise funds by shopping at
show in at least 3 of the listed classes on the          CountrySupply.com. By entering the COUNTRY-
back of the premium. Most of the “none”                  CARE Code ―118‖ during checkout, Country Supply
categories could have been filled by just one            will donate 5% of your total purchases (excluding
more class!                                              dewormers and shipping) to E.T.I. Corral 118.

                                                                  WONDERFUL APRIL
             Karen Hebert and “Hi-Fi” won their
first blue ribbon in Novice Trail! Congrats!             VOLUNTEERS!
                                                         Barbara Black      Brittany Apodaca
                                                         Grace Forrest      Bill Apodaca
           CORRAL 118 WEBSITE                            Elizabeth Haney    Ronda Apodaca
             WWW.eti118.org                              Chris Mayer        Barry Porter
                                                         Dan Mayer          Diane Short
Be sure to check out our website for up to date          Terri Meadows      Terry Simon
          information on our events.                     Terry Martin       Stacie Wight
                                                         Jenna Langford     Penny Wilson
                                                         Rene Apodaca       Joesam Paglia
                                                                            YOUR NAME HERE!

                                                            PUT YOUR CAR KEYS BESIDE YOUR
                                                     BED AT NIGHT
                                                         Put your car keys beside your bed at night. If
                                                     you hear a noise outside your home or someone
               BARRY PORTER!!!                       trying to get in your house, just press the panic
                                                     button for your car. The alarm will be set off, and
                                                     the horn will continue to sound until either you
                                                     turn it off or the car battery dies.
                                                         This tip came from a neighborhood watch
                                                     coordinator. Next time you come home for the
                                                     night and you start to put your keys away, think of
                                                     this: It's a security alarm system that you
                         The Reiner’s Spin           probably already have and requires no installation.
              By Kathie Ferrante                     Test it. It will go off from most everywhere inside
See installment in the July/August Newsletter!       your house and will keep honking until your
Kathie Ferrante                                      battery runs down or until you reset it with the
                                                     button on the key fob chain. It works if you park
                                                     in your driveway or garage If your car alarm goes
                                                     off when someone is trying to break into your
                                                     house, odds are the burglar/rapist won't stick
                                                     around. After a few seconds all the neighbors will
                                                     be looking out their windows to see who is out
                                                     there and sure enough, the criminal won't want
            TO THE HIESL FAMILY                      that. And remember to carry your keys while
                                                     walking to your car in a parking lot. The alarm
FOR YOUR GENEROUS SPONSORSHIP!                       can work the same way there. This is something
                                                     that should really be shared with everyone.
                                                     Maybe it could save a life or prevent a crime.
                                                     --Submitted by Lorraine Biederman

                From our Members:
                                                                                     Q.: Do you know the
[We received this nice note via e-mail]              difference between Bird Flu and Swine Flu? A.: One
                                                     requires a ―tweetment‖ and the other an ―oinkment.‖-
I wanted to thank you for another wonderful ETI      --Submitted by Pierre Loubet
118 show! We all thought it was wonderful. The
judges were top notch. Your trail judge was able
to give each rider (when not busy) a trail clinic.
And Chris was so generous with his comments.
Both judges were very professional and that
makes for a great show. Thank you!!!
     Kathie Ferrante & the Ferrante Ranch Barn :)
Illegal Trail Use                                         for mounted equestrians to even get to the location
                                                          where these signs are.
    Lynn Brown, the ETI National Trails                            [The trail includes a number of mountain-
Coordinator, has encountered a trail misuse issue         bike features, such as a] big jump, and . . . a single
in the Angeles National Forest that poses                 use, one direction speed run, . . . steep downhills
dangerous conditions for equestrians. She                 with no water bars, . . . hillside cutting and humps
describes the conditions and concerns from first-         and Ramps for big "air," . . . and speed luges.
hand knowledge, including a near-collision with           [All] ready for erosion. [Plus there are] two exits
an oblivious mountain-biker.                              only 25 yards apart, going on to the fire road . . .
    Such issues are important to the safety of all        so two MBer’s could be flying out at once! Gee,
riders as they may set precedence for other parks         two chances for collisions!‖
and trail systems, for good or ill. She has               --Lynn Brown
included a pre-form letter that you can sign and          Equestrian Trails, Inc.
mail to the Park Rangers requesting that the issue        National Trails Coordinator
be researched and resolved, according to Trail Use        [See form letter in this newsletter]
laws already in place.
    The more letters the Rangers receive, the
better the outcome will be for both equestrians
and hikers who want to use the trails safely and          ETI is having a big raffle this year as a fund raiser
appropriately.                                            for ETI. Only 299 tickets will be sold at $100 each
Thanks so much.                                           for a prize of $10,000. So your odds are pretty
Beth Haney                                                good. You may buy tickets as an individual or a
                                                          group of people and share it. The winning ticket
Excerpts from Lynn’s original e-mail of 5/21/09           will be drawn at Convention the end of July.
are below, edited for the lack of accompanying            Please contact Debbie at the ETI office (818) 362-
photos.                                                   6819 eti@ETInational.com for tickets or Dottie
---------------------------------------                   and Keith Hilliard (626) 335-7112.
          ―This is a new trail constructed as a one-      ---Submitted by Kimberly Dwight, E.T.I. National
use and one-way track, built for speed. It is
located in the NE corner of the San Fernando                WELCOME NEW CORRAL 118 MEMBERS!
                                                            Alejandra Von Nacher, Rhonda Oliver, Hayley
Valley in the Angeles Nat'l Forest, northeast of
                                                            Reed and Maleya Miles. And welcome back,
Lake View Terrace. The access point is through a           Elaine Weinstein. We're glad to have you back.
gated community (Riverwood) with a code access
that has been given to Mountain Bikers. They
drive in from other areas to use this site.
          [M]any portions of this trail [are] only 30-
40 yards distant from the existing Rattlesnake
Trail and horses and hikers have technicals to
negotiate, while the bikers fly-by!
          [T]hey have put signs up to make it                           Corral 118 Membership Dues:
appear as legit.                                          Junior $40            Senior $45
          [N]ot an official sign but it sure looks like   Family (Limited to    Add $10 to each
one!                                                      2 people) $60         individual family
          Portions of this trail are on National                                member 17 years
Forest and portions are probably on private                                     old and under.
property. The owner of the land should be made            Associate             $15 each, $10 each
aware of the nuisance liability hazard it creates to                            additional family
themselves and others. The portions on Nat’l                                    member
Forest are great liability exposure to the park.          Please call Chris Mayer-805-581-3150
          Both of [the] signs are in the middle of        E-mail: A25Hoss@AOL.com
this treacherous trail. Ironically, it is impossible
                                                       LEASE FOR SHOW:
                                                       If you are an intermediate or a beginner rider,
                                                       interested in anything from the 39 & over to the
            Congratulations to Jackie Smith            Lead Line classes, contact me to see if I have a
on her High School Graduation!                         horse to suit your needs.
                                                       TC Starpower Tommy AKA ―Dexter‖ has won
                                                       Championships in 2007, 2006 and 2004.
                                                       Premium Star AKA ―Star‖ was won
                                                       Championships in 2007 & 2006.
                                                       Lessons available with the lease.
                                                       Chris Mayer @ 805-581-3150
                                                       FOR SALE:
                                                       16.5" Crump Prix de Saute close contact saddle.
                                                       Good condition. Comes with girth $350.
                                                       Brenda Chew (805) 581-6399
                                                       FOR SALE:
                                                       Avon Calling in Simi Valley! I am your Simi
 Vista del Mar Performance Horses                      Valley Avon representative. Please contact me
       Boarding & Training Facility                    for a catalog at 805-657-2416 or visit my Web
            in Moorpark, CA                            site, youravon.com/terrysimon for exciting new
                                                       Avon products.
  Stacie Bunkowske, Owner / Trainer                    FOR SALE:
                                                       Tired of your hay falling apart? Visit
* Specializing in Hunter Under Saddle *                Tidybale.com to see my innovative feed room
    * Western All-Around Horses *                      product. Terry Simon, 805-657-2416.
 * Direct Access to Happy Camp Park *                  FOR SALE:
    * Large Pastures & Turn-Outs *                     Brand New Henri De Rivel close contact pro
                                                       English saddle sz 17 1/2 reg. tree, oakbark,
         Phone: 805-523-0523                           $600.00
      email: staciesophie@aol.com                      - -Used County Competitor Dressage
                                                       Saddle,spring tree,made in England,sz.16 1/2,
                                                       used leather girth sz.23, new white weatherbeeta
                                                       dressage pad, Saddle is older but in good
                                                       Call Carlynne McCabe at 818-352-4617
CLASSIFIED ADS:                                        FOR SALE:
                                                       Large Brown Farm Fresh Eggs at $4 per dozen.
FOR SALE:                                              Call Terry Simon at 805-657-2416 to place your
Beautiful Western show clothes, some new, some         order for pick up at our Corral 118 horse shows.
gently used, slick out chaps {by Anita Brock},         FOR SALE:
showmanship, horsemanship, etc. shirts and             DevonAire breeches:- $40 New, 30 Tan with
outfits. Start your show season out with the bling     leather patches; 34 gray with leather patches, 34
bling!                                                 gray suede; Hobby Horse Tan Chaps, Large,
Call Terry Simon at 805-657-2416                       $300; New hoods, Large, $50
FOR SALE:                                              Alisa – 805-491-3298 or horselegs84@yahoo.com
For Sale: 15 month old appaloosa few spot filly.       FOR SALE:
This filly will always produce color even when         Woody Pet: $6.26 + Tax/bag. Small Fine Tine
bred to solids or quarter horses or TB's. about 15.0   Fork: $24.95 + Tax; Large Fine Tine Fork: $27.9
now and will be tall. Doc says I need to cut back      + Tax. Rat Zappers - Classic (4, Lithium AA
so my injured shoulder can heal. $1500. firm.          batteries): $39.95 + Tax or Ultra (4, D Batteries):
(805) 526-1012
$51.95 + Tax. Call Chris Mayer 805-581-3150 or       Large Pony Welsh cross chestnut with flaxen mail
email A25Hoss@aol.com. Sorry, no deliveries.         and tail flashy and good mover. Gelding 10 years
FOR SALE:                                            old. $7,500 or best offer must go!
New Horse Book! Horse Stories and Lessons            Shown as jumper at Gold Coast and pebble Beach
Learned book consists of 100 unpredictable horse     in the ribbons at both, Clean and FAST jumper,
stories each with a lesson learned. Chapters         great step, good form over jumps. Great ETI or
include: Close Calls, Trailer Tails, Around the      Pony club pony shown both english and western
Barnyard, Horses do Fall Down, to name a few. I      wins everything, must have confident rider
have a web site where the book can be purchased:     Elois Brett-Kress
http://www.horsestoriesbook.com                      805 701-6740 or 805 577-0360
I'm offering a 10% discount to all ETI members.      FOR SALE:
As you check out there will be a box that says       1/2" Wintec Dressage 500 with CAIR system.
"coupon code". ETI members can enter                 All fittings included: High-quality irons with
etimember (all 1 word) and they will receive a       white rubber foot rests; Wintec girth; Regular or
discount on the book. It will make a nice gift for   Wide gullet (your choice); Saddle cover
any horse lover!                                     I've ridden this saddle less than a dozen times. It's
BOARDING                                             been stored indoors. Tags still attached (you send
Horse Boarding Simi Valley. 12 x 12 barn with        in Warranty Card) $400 (OBO)
12 x 18 let out. Trails and 2 arenas and round pin   Can send photo via email.
near by. Call Debbie for more information. 805-      Contact: Kathy Herbert (805) 584-0106
526-1878.                                            LESSONS/BOARDING:
HOUSE FOR RENT:                                      Riding Lessons and Horse Boarding
Bright, spacious 3-bedroom, 2-bath ranch-style       Equitation Inspiration Training, Moorpark
home on quiet cul-de-sac in Shadow Hills,            Facility features: jumping arena, dressage arena,
minutes from Burbank, North Hollywood,               trail course, round pen, hot walker, wash racks,
Glendale. Horse stall and arena. Other pets          box stalls, pipe corrals, grass turnout, large
welcome. Nearly 2000 square feet of living           turnouts, picnic areas Full-Service Boarding
space. Refinished hardwood floors in living room     includes: premium feed and shavings, turnouts,
and dining area. Separate 450+ square foot den       feed your supplements, blanketing, tack and trailer
could be work room, storage room, game room.         storage Lessons and Training: Hunter/Jumpers,
Screened-in patio with furniture and outdoor         Western Pleasure, Dressage, Trail Quality Horses
fireplace, perfect for entertaining. Kitchen opens   for Sale and for Lease Gift Certificates Available!
to dining area and looks out to patio and            Call Aimee: 805-624-2400 or see
greenery. Ample off-street parking with room for     www.equitationinspiration.com
RV, boat, etc. Tall,lush, mature landscaping.
Laundry room with plenty of storage.                 Members: To place a free classified ad or purchase
Dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, range, washer &     ad space, please contact Terri Meadows at
dryer included. Gardener included. $3200 per         shortstirrups@sbcglobal.net or 805-582-1149
month—available July 1st. Call (213) 321-3005.
FOR SALE:                                            ****************************************
Collegiate All purpose english saddle. Havana
color. 15 1/2 seat. Great Condition. $ 400.00
Devon aire Breeches $35.00 New 30 Tan with
Leather patches,34 Gray w/Leather patches, 34
Gray suede. Hobby horse Chaps Tan Large $300
New Small Blue hood $35.00. Western used             Woody Pet Pelleted Animal Bedding has been a
bridles $10.00 each western bits new/used $5.00      generous sponsor to our corral for the past several
each Splint boots $ 5.00 each                        years, donating several pallets of product for our
Alisa 805 491 3298 or horselegs84@yahoo.com          fundraisers, raffles, and prizes. Now you can
PONY FOR SALE:                                       purchase this fabulous product locally from Chris
                                                     Mayer, Simi Valley. It is $6.25 plus tax per bag.
Call Chris Mayer 805-581-3150
[See sponsorship ad in this newsletter!]

                 Have a special horsekeeping
tip? Share it with us! Please place “C118” in
the subject line. Thanks, Terri Meadows,
Newsletter Ed. E-mail me at

[See the ―Barn Bargains‖ in this newsletter]

Happy 4th of July!!!

                                 Enjoy a safe,
sane holiday!
                       2009 SPONSORSHIP FORM
Dear Equestrian Supporter:
        E.T.I. Corral 118 is a not-for-profit equestrian organization dedicated to providing horse
shows and related events open to anyone who wants to participate. Your sponsorship allows us to
promote equestrian activities, good horsemanship, and trail etiquette through local horse shows,
play days, organized trail rides, etc. In consideration for your sponsorship, your ad will appear in
our newsletters as well as on our Web site. Sponsor must supply appropriate print-ready
advertisement to Corral 118 according to sponsor level. Choose from the following:

PREMIER SPONSORSHIP: $200 or more, includes FULL PAGE ad
FULL SPONSORSHIP: $135 or more, includes 1/2 page ad
HALF SPONSORSHIP: $70 or more, includes 1/4 page ad
GROUP SPONSORSHIP: $35 or more, includes Business-card size ad

                                                      Please make checks payable to:
                                                            E.T.I. Corral 118
Name: __________________________
Contact: ________________________                 Please mail this form and check to:
Address: _________________________                Chris Mayer, Sponsorship Chair
_________________________________                 E.T.I. Corral 118
                                                  387 Lamp Post Circle,
Phone No.: _______________________                Simi Valley, California 93065

Amount: $_______________________                  Questions? Please call Chris Mayer,
                                                  at 805-581-3150.
(Non-specific, Horse show, or Trail Riding        Your support is deeply appreciated by
Program)                                          all who participate and enjoy ETI
                                                  Corral 118 activities and events.
                                                     THANK YOU FOR YOUR
                                                  Visit our Web Site – www.eti118.org

EQUESTRIAN TRAILS, INC. (E.T.I.) is a California-Not-For-Profit organization that is dedicated
to equine legislation, good horsemanship, and the acquisition and preservation of trails.
                                          Barn Bargains
        Tough economic times? Here are a few money-saving ideas for around the barn.

                      "Teepee" Fly Ribbon Holder
    Fly ribbons can be tricky and inconvenient to use. Here is way that has been proven successful in my
barn. The nice thing about this idea is that it is portable and can be relocated easily. I keep a few in my barn
in the center aisle of my breezeway and when I have a horse out, I move one in their stall to trap more flies.
   Take an ordinary tomato cage [$.99] and flip it upside down so the wide end is on the ground. You may
have to adjust the wire to get the cage to stand straight.
   Then grab a fly ribbon [$.39] and remove the thumbtack and unwind the sticky tape. You will not need
the tack. It is best to unwind the tape when the product is warm so the glue will be softened.
   Guide the ribbon into the center of the inverted tomato cage. Taking the loop that is on top of the fly
ribbon, loop it though the three wires on top of the cage.
   Place your "Fly Teepee" in an area where flies are present. The ribbon should last about 3-4 days if kept
away from drying out prematurely by being exposed to dust, wind and/or sunlight.
---Submitted by Chris Mayer
Pellet Bottle Toy:
Take a large plastic bottle, the best ones are 96 oz juice bottles, discard the cap, and fill it with alfalfa or
other feed pellets. Place the filled bottle in the stall, shaking a few pellets out to get your horse’s interest.
Your horse will entertain itself by pushing the bottle around to get the pellets. The heavier plastic bottles can
be refilled several times. Once the bottles are unusable, toss in your recycling bin!
--Stolen Idea from Chris Mayer (submitted by Terri Meadows)
Flavored Bit Spray:
Forget about paying $10-$15 for a bottle of bit wipes. Instead, buy a small plastic bottle at the 99 cent store,
add a few drops of peppermint extract, and fill with water. Spray the mixture on the bit –your horse will love
it and take the bit eagerly---hopefully!
Does your horse cringe, shy, or bolt when you pull out its day sheet or blanket because of past experience
with scary zaps from the static? Mix 1 part fabric softener with 3 parts water in a medium sized spray bottle.
Spray the underside of the blanket or sheet to dramatically reduce static. This will last longer and is less
expensive than static guard products.
---Submitted by Terri Meadows
                        Chris Mayer
                   387 Lamp Post Circle
                   Simi Valley, CA 93065

 To order, call or e-mail CHRIS MAYER at 805-581-3150 or

                     Sorry, no deliveries.
But if you call or e-mail your order, I can deliver to any
Corral 118 (SVAC) Horse Show
Also available…. large and small fine tine forks, perfect for
pelleted and all types of stall bedding. Large Fork $27.95
plus tax and the small fork is $24.95 plus tax.

                        Rat Zappers!
Classic (4 Lithium AA batteries) $39.95 plus tax or Ultra
[pictured] (4 D batteries) 51.95 plus tax

            E.T.I. Corral 118 Member
            Sandra Fernandez says,

            Please help support the work
            of these dedicated people—
            horses are also available for

            Visit the Web site at
       P.O. Box 892
     Somis, CA 93066

   Phone: (805) 525-5553
      (805) 525-5588

    Fax: (805) 525-5699

Equine Veterinarian

  E.T.I. Corral 118
         Corral 118
  Thanks Our 2009 Sponsors
 Our horse shows cannot exist without their generosity.

                  Ferrante Ranch
             Charles Liskey, DVM
        Woody Pet – Animal Bedding
                  Terri Meadows
                     Patti Lucci
     GKV Capital Management Co., Inc.
     Chris Mayer – Basic Horsemanship
                  Dave Schwamb
Aimee Zabst – Equitation Inspiration Training
         Dynamite Specialty Products
    Kimberly Estrada & Brianna Bodmer
                Stacie Bunkowske
                Sandra Fernandez
                Hiesl Construction
          Judy Fudge Quarter Horses
   We need your help to continue these great shows.
        Please become a Corral 118 Sponsor.
    See entry form or inquire in horse show office.
                      PATTI LUCCI & “CANTAR +/” IN 1997

                       IN LOVING MEMORY OF CANTAR +/
 Patti Lucci donated a full sponsorship in honor of ―Cantar +/‖ who passed on March 22, 2006.
Cantar +/ had a brilliant career of 2 National Horse of the Year titles, 34 Class A Championships,
        and many other accomplishments. Cantar +/ is pictured above with Patti in 1997.

                                                          GOOD LUCK TO
                                                        EVERYONE IN 2009!

                                                        DAVE SCHWAMB &
                   Must already be a member of E.T.I. National’s TRAP

Name _____________________________________________ Corral # ___________

Address ______________________________________ City _____________________

State & Zip Code ___________ E-Mail ______________________________________

Home Phone ______________________Cell/Work # __________________________

Corral 118 SVAC TRP: $10               Membership-JAN 1 through DEC 31

Corral 118 SVAC TRP Renewal Fee: $5                      Amount Enclosed: _________

Please send your check payable to ETI Corral 118 along with this application form to:

               Mary Richards, 505 Aqueduct Court, Simi Valley, CA 93065

   Questions? Please E-Mail Lorraine Biederman at Lorrainebiedermann@yahoo.com
                                         or call
       Mary Richards at (805) 581-0038 or Lorraine Biederman at (805) 796-1411



                                               Minimum 50 trail riding hours

    Every hour you log in the saddle helps keep the trails open to
         everyone so get out there and ride our great trails!
Please review the attached form letter. The more sent to the Rangers, the better!

Michael J. McIntyre, District Ranger
US Dept of Agriculture
Forest Service Angeles National Forest
LA River Ranger District
1237 N Little Tujunga Canyon Road
San Fernando, CA 91342


Dear Ranger McIntyre:

It has been brought to our attention from many diverse stakeholders and users of the Angeles
National Forest of the illegal construction of a single-use Mountain Bike Trail with numerous
engineered switchbacks, humps, and over 45 obstacles (jump, deck ramps, seesaws, luge
turns, etc.) located within the National Forest near Riverwood.

This trail has been created over the last year with extensive grading and a large amount
lumber and includes official looking trail signs and information signs to give the appearance
of being officially approved. It is within 40 yards of the Rattlesnake Trail and the MB Trail
crosses over the Rattlesnake Trail without a clear view for either trail user. It is dangerously
blind for hikers and equestrians.

Beyond the speed and noise of the mountain bikes startling the hikers and equestrians on the
nearby trail, it will also cause mishaps, spook horses, and may cause serious accidents. The
engineering of the trail with its obstacles has grave liability issues for Angeles National
Forest and the local landowners.

This is a one-way track use designed for excessive speed for mountain bikes with many
constructed desired airborne features; it is not multiuse and is an unsafe trail. The
environmental damage of the cutting of foliage and plants, as well as no proper trail grading
with water bars, and the deep cutting into the sides of hills has caused vast damage.

We look forward to your review and recourse in this matter. Please keep us informed of the
status, changes and remedies performed by the National Forest Service on this issue.

With regard,

(Include your name and complete address)
                               Send us your show and other photos!

Andrea Caldwell riding Air Fforce One       Jamie Mosley & Showtime Allionce      Andrea Caldwell & Blazzen Bey

                                                                                           Thank you Jamie Mosley
                                                                                           for submitting these great
                                                                                            photos from our Corral
                                                                                             118 April 26th show!

Christine Black riding Desert Fforce    Andrea Caldwell riding Almozt Midnite

Chris Porter & Logan-                   Chris Porter joined TRAP & TRP!         Penny Wilson & friend out for a trail ride
Terri Meadows & Roanie              Pierre Loubet & Quinn on a trail ride   Pierre & Amigo on a trail ride after the

                                      Brenda Chew where are you?            Carol and Makenzie Morrison are
                                    Brenda is also a member of TRAP         members of TRAP & TRP-need
                                                  & TRP                                 photos!

Kristen Yang & Tiffany-Challenger

Send photos to Terri Meadows at shortstirrups@sbcglobal.net with “Corral 118” in the
subject line. Please identify the people and horses in the photos.

Did you “catch” a familiar thread running through this newsletter? It’s about preserving our
trails by logging our hours in the saddle. If you haven’t joined ETI National’s Trail Riders
Awards Program [TRAP], please consider it. As an ETI Corral 118 member, join our Trail
Riders Program [TRP] to help keep our trails open for all of our enjoyment. Every single 1/2
hour, full hour, brings us closer to keeping these equestrian trails available to us and future
equestrians. Let me [terri meadows] know you’re a trail rider, send in your photos, and let’s
keep our trails safe for equestrians!
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s safe for equestrians!
             Chris Mayer - Basic Horsemanship

             Private          Semi-Private           Group Lessons

                       Basic Horsemanship Clinics

                                 My Place or Yours

Need a little help in the show ring or want to learn about horses?

                          Come join our group.

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