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									                                    Homework Hotline
                                November 29 – December 3
                                             Updated 11/30/10

Mrs. Bettenhausen

Mrs. Bogacz

Mrs. Dailey
Monday—workbook p.41-42
Tuesday—text p.148-49 #9-24
Wednesday—workbook p.43-44
Thursday—study guide
Friday—chapter 3 test

Transition (Unless otherwise noted, all work is done in class.)

Mrs. Davis
Family & Consumer Sciences:
Monday: How to measure; plan for Tuesday's measuring lab
Tuesday: Measuring lab: worksheet for points completed in class
Wednesday: Using the lab; chex mix demo: study recipe for Thursday
Thursday: Chex mix lab
Friday: the Food Guide Pyramid: www.mypyramid.gov; dvd/outline completed in class

Students not finished with sewing projects or stitching papers must do so by Wednesday!

Health (6th and 7th hours):
Monday: share fitness projects in pairs; read Chapter 16, Lesson 1, pp. 404-408 on the skeletal system
Tuesday: discuss skeletal system: worksheet due Wednesday ~ choose one!
Wednesday: read Chapter 16, Lesson 2, pp. 409-412 on the muscular system in class; worksheet due Thursday
Thursday: read Chapter 16, Lesson 3, pp. 413-417 on the circulatory system in class; in class activity
Friday: read Chapter 16, Lesson 4, pp. 418-42 on the respiratory system in class; no homework

Physical Education (Mrs. Davis, Mr. Nyalka, Mr. Stonitsch):
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: pickleball games
Thursday: track competition #3: study guides issued; time given for 1/2 class period to work on study guides
(due Friday)
Friday: pickleball study guide due; skill testing begins

Creative Crafters will meet Thursday this week for a holiday activity.

Mrs. Delgado
SP: Lesson 13 due Thurs.
Centers in class
Tech Terms 5 Due 12/3
SP: Lesson 13 due Thurs.
MAP testing Reading and Centers today
Tech Terms 5 Due 12/3

SP: Lesson 13 due Thurs.
GR: Review Verb packet due Friday
RD: Vocab Collage and Vocab Sheet
Tech Terms 5 – Due 12/3

Sp: Lesson 13 due
Quiz Friday
GR: Verb Review packet due today
RD: Reread scene 1-3 in Xmas Carol- Sheet ―Exposition in Drama‖
Tech Terms 5 Due 12/3

SP: Lesson 13 quiz today
GR: Verb Review Packet due today
RD: Reread Scene 4- Sheet ―Comprehension‖
Tech Terms #5 Due

Mrs. Hoelscher
Spelling lesson 14 workbook pages, words 4x each plus definition

Mrs. Johnson
Monday, November 29
        Reading – Lit text 104-109
        English –text 508-512 exercises 28-30
          Spelling – Lesson 14 workbook due Friday; quiz Friday
        Math – text page 207

Tuesday, November 30
       Reading – Brian’s Winter
       English – Library - Lexia
       Spelling – Lesson 14 workbook dueFriday; Quiz Friday
       Math – text p. 208 #8-19

Wednesday, December 1
      Reading –text 148-153
      English – troublesome verbs worksheet packet due Friday
      Spelling – workbook Lesson 14
      Math – workbook 5.1

Thursday, December 2
       Reading – MAP testing
        English – MAP testing
        Spelling – workbook is due tomorrow; Study- Lesson 14 Quiz tomorrow
        Math – text pp. 211-212

Friday, December 3
        Reading – Brian’s Winter
        English – journal; troublesome verbs worksheet packet is due
        Spelling – Lesson 14 workbook due; Quiz
        Math – text page 213 #2-15

Mr. Lamping
Monday: Go over Bluebook pages 6,7,8, and 9 in class.
       Homework: Read pages 11 and 12 and do the true-false questions on page 11 and the short answer
       questions on page 12.

Tuesday: Do Bill of Rights Activity in class. Highlight pages 11 & 12 and go over the answers to the questions on
pages 11 & 12. Discuss the 7 Articles of the Constitution, amendments and three branches of government.
       Homework: Read pages 13, 14, and 15 in the Bluebook. Do the questions on page 14.

Wednesday: Highlight pages 13, 14, and 15. Go over the answers to the questions on page 14. Discuss the
Legislative Branch.
         Homework: Read pages 16, 17, 18, and 19 in the Bluebook. Do the questions on page 16 and 19 but not
         the projects on page 19.

Thursday: Quiz on Legislative Branch pages 16-18. Highlight pages 16-18. Go over the questions on pages 16
and 19. Discuss lawmaking process.
       Homework: Read pages 20, 21, and 23. Do the questions on page 23.

Friday: Do Mock Congress activity in class. Highlight pages 21 and 23. Go over questions on page 23.
        Homework: No homework.

Mr. Lange
7th Grade Science
Mon. 11/29/10 Test REVIEW

Tues. 11/30/10 Chapter 4+5 TEST

Wed. 12/1/10 Genetic Disorder Project

Thurs. 12/2/10 Genetic Disorder Project

Fri. 12/3/10 Genetic Disorder Project

8th Grade Science
Mon. 11/29/10 Test Review

Tues. 11/30/10 Chapter 10 TEST

Wed. 12/1/10 Begin Chapter 11
Read Section 1 pg. 300-303
Complete section 1 outline
Section 1 handout

Thurs. 12/2/10 Discuss Section 1
Begin Diagram of Earth’s Interior

Fri. 12/3/10 Finish Diagram of Earth’s Interior
Read Sec. 2 pg. 304-311
Finish sec. 2 outline

Mrs. Lindstrom
                                   Week of November 29- December 3, 2010

Monday:          Review Chapter 4.3 and 4.4 together in class. Complete Mid-chapter Quiz, page 192 in class.
                 Assignment: No Homework.

Tuesday:         Introduce Chapter 4.6, “Negative and Zero Exponents.” Work on pages 201-203 together in
                 Assignment: No homework

Wednesday: Review Chapter 4.6, begin WB 4.6 in class, due on Friday
                 Assignment: No homework tonight!

Thursday:        Discuss Chapter 4.7, “Scientific Notation.”
                 Assignment: Begin Chapter Review, page 210-213, due at
                 the end of class on Friday.

Friday:          Complete Chapter 4 Review. Test on Chapter 4 will be Tuesday, December 7.
                 Assignment: Have a great weekend!

                                      Math Class work and Assignments:
                                               Course 2, 7th Grade
                                  Week of November 29 – December 3, 2010

Monday:          Work on Chapter 6 vocab in spirals. Discuss Chapter 6.1, “Comparing and Ordering
                 Assignment: WB 6.1, due Wednesday, 12/1.

Tuesday:         Introduce Chapter 6.2, “Adding Integers.”
                 Assignment: Page 261, #16-54 evens.

Wednesday: Check WB and turn in for a grade. Check homework and collect.
                 Begin Chapter 6.3, “Subtracting Integers.” Use whiteboards in class to practice.
                 Assignment: No homework tonight.

Thursday: Review integer addition and subtraction.
                 Assignment: Work on Practice WS in class and finish as homework.
Friday:         Check WS and collect. Begin work together on WB 6.2 and 6.3, due on Wednesday, 12/8,
                before integer addition and subtraction test.
                No homework this weekend.

Mrs. Matuszewski
8th Grade Algebra
Monday: Page 277/26-37, Page 283/32-49, Page 289/45-47 & 51-55
Tuesday: Graph Class Data & Write Equation of Line
Wednesday: Page 296-297/10-22
             Study for 5.1-5.3 Quiz
Thursday: Quiz Today on 5.1-5.3
          Page 303/3-8
Friday: None

7th Grade Math
Monday: Comparing/Ordering Integers Worksheet (2-sided)
Tuesday: None
Wednesday: Integer Addition WS (first 9 rows)
Thursday: Workbook 6.2 (Group1: 3-14all, Group2: 3-23odd, 24)
Friday: None

7th Grade ModTech
Monday: None
Tuesday: None
Wednesday: None
Thursday: None
Friday: None

Mrs. Michalak

Mr. Nyalka
Health - Start writing vocab words for Ch. 16 Lesson 1

Mrs. Quinn
8th PreAlgebra
Monday - p. 190, #16 - 34 evens, #56 - 63 evens
Tuesday - wkbk p. 49, #1-12, #19-20
Wednesday - Quiz on 4.1 - 4.4
Thursday - p. 197, #16 - 39
Friday - wkbk 4.5 (in class)

7th PreAlgebra
Monday - p. 190, #16 - 34 evens, #56 - 63 evens
Tuesday - wkbk p. 49, #1-12, #19-20
Wednesday - Quiz on 4.1 - 4.4
Thursday - p. 197, #16 - 39
Friday - wkbk 4.5 (in class)

8th Math
Monday - p. 176, #8 - 27
Tuesday - wkbk 4.2
Wednesday - p. 182, #13 - 20, 29-32
Thursday - wkbk 4.3
Friday - No HW

Mrs. Regis
Monday-    Grammar/Spelling Day5 Unit 5 Just Words
              Real Life Writing pg 30
              Literary elements packet complete questions
              Independent Reading1. Parent signature
                                      2. Complete page 1 of assignment
                                       3. Select weekly book assignmnet
Tuesday-   Grammar/Spelling Day6 Unit 5 Just Words
              Real Life Writing pg.31
              Literary elements packet -discussion
              Independent reading- Log in minutes
Wednesday-Grammar/Spelling Day7 Unit 5 Just Words
              Prentiss Hall Page 316 Exercise #1
               Review literary elements/Concentration activity
               Genre Activity Worksheet
               Independent Reading- Log completion/Parent signature
Thursday- Grammar/Spelling Day8 Unit 5 Just Words
              Prentiss Hall Page 316
               Mixed elements worksheet
               Independent Reading- Log completion/Parent signature
               Progress update on weekly book assignment
Friday-    Grammar/Spelling8 Unit 5 Just Words
               Grammar quiz- Verbs
               Mixed elements discussion
               Independent Reading- Log completion/Parent signature
               Book Activity due

Mrs. Sewing
Bellwork: None today
Spelling Lesson 14: abrupt, complex, implicate, inexplicable, structural, applicable, disrupt, independently,
pendulum, suspended, bankrupt, duplicate, instruction, pendant, suspense, complication, impending, interrupt,
destruction, perplexing
Today in Class: Worked on spelling lesson 14. Exchanged library books.
Coming up: Spelling definitions are due tomorrow, book work is due Wed., 3x each is due Thurs., and the test
will be Friday. MAP testing Wednesday.

Bellwork: Make corrections in the following:
Yoshiko Uchida was born in California. To parents who came from Japan. Uchida learned about her Japanese
culture but she always knew she was an american

Spelling Lesson 14 Words and Definitions:
interrupt – halt speaker
bankrupt – unable to pay debts
duplicate – copy something
complication – difficulty, difficult state
complex – difficult to understand
pendant – jeweled ornament or piece of jewelry
instruction – skills taught
disrupt – destroy the order of
suspense – a feeling of tense excitement
impending – upcoming, about to happen
inexplicable, abrupt, applicable, pendulum, structural, perplexing, independently, suspended, implicate, destruction

Today in Class: Collected spelling definitions/gave test definitions. Made corrections on punctuation tests.
Writing mini-lesson. Checked bell work entries for midterm. Reading/Writing Workshop.

Coming up: Spelling book work is due tomorrow, 3x each is due Thurs., and the test will be Friday. MAP testing

Mr. Stonitsch

Mrs. Tonelli

Mr. Urbanski
7th- Passport Project Due 12/14/2010

8th- In Class: Review Test/ Hand out Constitution Books/ Cross out unneeded
     Homework: Read p. 3-5/ Answer questions on p. 3-5

7th- Passport Project Due 12/14/2010

8th- In Class: Constitution Book p. 6-9
     Homework: Read p. 11-12/ Answer questions on p. 11-12

7th- Passport Project Due 12/14/2010

8th- In Class: Bill of Rights Activity
     Homework: Read p. 13-15/ Answer questions on p. 13-15

7th- Study 26 states & capitals for quiz

8th- In Class: Discussion Legislative Branch
     Homework: Read p. 16-19/ Answer questions on p. 16-19 DO NOT DO
                   PROJECTS ON p. 19

7th- Passport Project Due 12/14/2010

8th- In Class: Highlight p. 16-19/ Current Events Game
     Homework: None

Mrs. VanDuyne
SS: Canada Postcard, Notebook Evaluation Wednesday 12/1
7th Grade Spanish: 2-2 quiz on Friday 12/3
8th Grade Spanish: Capitulo 5 test tomorrow

SS: Canada's History and Culture Project due Friday 12/3 at the beginning of class! Counts as a test grade!
7th Grade Spanish: mi cuarto due Thursday 12/2
8th Grade Spanish: Capitulo 6 vocab, p173 due Thursday 12/2
Ms. Yonker

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