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					                                                                                 SUMMARY OF CONTRACT CONCLUDED DURING THE MONTH OF MAY, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ANNEXURE - I
Sl. No.   Tender No./Limited           Item/Nature of work               Nos. and Names of parties qualified after       Nos. and Names of parties not     Contract No. & date      Name of Value of Contract
          Quotation_____________                                         technical evaluation                            qualified after technical         contractor
          Date of Publication of NIT                                                                                     evaluation
   1                    2                             3                                      4                                             5                                6                                     7
   1        DC/ Tug / 2007 (Tender)    Hire of a Tug for pilotage work Two (1) M/S Great Offshore Ltd., Mumbai           -                                  Agreement dated 25/05/07         Rs.1,04,580/- per day
                   15/01/2007                                          (2) M/S Sea Sparkle Harbour Services Ltd.,                                          M/S Sea Sparkle Harbour           (Contract not completed)
                        --                                             Hyderabad                                                                           Services Ltd., Hyderabad
   2        DC/OWS/2008 (Tender)       Manning, Operation and          (1) M/S Premier Enterprises, Pune                 -                                 Agreement dated 14/04/08          a) Monthly rate of Rs.98,100/- for initial
                   07/03/2008          Maintenance of Oil Water        (2) M/S Ocean Sparkle Ltd., Hyderabad                                               M/S Ocean Sparkle Ltd.,           contract period of 3 years               b)
                        --             Separator                                                                                                           Hyderabad                         Monthly rate of Rs.1,12,860/- for extended
                                                                                                                                                                                             contract period of 2 years at the option of
                                                                                                                                                                                             the Board.
                                                                                                                                                                                             (Contract not completed)
   3           DC/ Launch/ 2002        Hire of a launch for patrolling   11 nos. (1) M/S Ocean Sparkle Ltd.,            1 no. (1) Mormugao Launch          (1) Agreement dated 11/12/2003    Rs.9550/- per day
                   (Tender)            duty by CISF                      Hyderabad (2) Sea Sparkle Harbour Services Owners Association, Vasco              ( 2) Supplementary Agreement      (Contract not completed)
                      --                                                 Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, (3) Prince Marine                                           dated 11/9/2007 M/s Vijai
                                                                         Transport Services, Mumbai (4) Sadhav                                             Marine Services, Vasco
                                                                         Shipping Co. Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai (5) Dharti
                                                                         Dredging & Construction Ltd., Hyderabad (6)
                                                                         Orion Agencies Ltd., Mumbai,( 7) Yojaka
                                                                         Marine Pvt. Ltd., Mangalre (8) Chowgule Bros.
                                                                         Pvt. Ltd., Mormugao (9) Vijai Marine Services,
                                                                         Vasco (10) Eastern Navigation Pvt. Ltd.,
                                                                         Kolkata (11) Parekh Marine Agencies Pvt.
                                                                         Ltd., Mumbai

   4           Limited Quotations      Annual Maintenance Contract (1) M/S Marine Electrical Agencies, Vasco             (1) M/S Marine Electrical         Work Order No: DC/N-5 /           Rs.15,000/- per month for 1st year (with
                       --              (AMC) for Navigational      (2) M/S Smitha Engineering Works, Vasco               Agencies, Vasco                   2007/3852 of 31/01/2007___ M/S    other applicable taxes, if any, will be extra)
                                       Lighting Equipment          (3) M/S Rohidas R. Rane, Consultant, Marine           (2) M/S Smitha Engineering        Rohidas R. Rane, Consultant,      with 10% escalation on quoted price for
                                                                   Electrical & Electronic Repairs, Vasco                Works, Vasco                      Marine Electrical & Electronic    every year for the next two years.
                                                                                                                                                           Repairs, Vasco                    (Contract not completed)

   5         DC/DREDGING/2008          Maintenance Dredging at           (1) M/S Jaisu Shipping Co. Pvt. Ltd.; Gujarat   (1) M/S Boskalis International    Agreement made on                  25.41 crores
                  (Tender)             Mormugao Harbour 2008-            (2) M/S Dredging Corporation of India           bv., Netherlands                  23/08/2008_______________         (Dredging completed on 25/10/08)
                 09/05/2008            2009                              Limited, Visakhapatnam.                                                           M/S Dredging Corporation of
                     --                                                                                                                                    India Limited, Visakhapatnam.

   6           Limited Quotations      Upgradation, Operation and        5 Nos.                                          NIL                                   Agreement dated 28/08/2007        Rs.1,73,03,440/-
                       --              Maintainance of Vessel Traffic    (1) Elcome Marine Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai    NB:                                   Elcome Marine Services Pvt. Ltd., Annual maintenance contract (AMC)
                                       Management System at              (2) Sofrelog, France                             (1) JRC/BHEL not responded           Navi Mumbai                       (contract not completed)
                                       Mormugao Port                     (3) JRC/BHEL                                     (2) STN/ATLAS and
                                                                         (4) STN/ATLAS                                    (3) TATA ELC /DASA - stated
                                                                         (5) TATA ELC/DASA                               their inability to participate due to
                                                                                                                         pre-occupation with other

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