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									                           GSA eBuy
                             Seller’s Tutorial
    This basic tutorial will take you step by step through the RFQ
process. The tutorial will also point out many of the exciting features
                         GSA eBuy has to offer.

Navigation: If the tutorial opens up in your web browser, simply click your mouse or your space
bar to advance to the next slide. Use the “Backspace” key to go back. If the tutorial opens in the
PowerPoint application, click on “F5” to view the tutorial. Use the spacebar or click your mouse
to advance to the next slide. To go back, click on the “Backspace” key.
                 Go to to access eBuy or visit the
                 Vendor Support Center (VSC) at and
                        look under Business Opportunities.

           Enter your contract
             number here.

Next, enter your VSC assigned
password. If you do not have a
   password, obtain one by
     contacting the VSC.

                                   Click “Login” to submit
                                      your information.
                           Upon successful login, your
                          home page will be displayed.

                  The message center provides quick access
                      to information about RFQ activity.

Access RFQs by clicking on the “RFQs” link at
the top of the page, or by clicking “View RFQ
  Opportunities” in the center of the page.
                        All RFQs from the Schedules and SINs in which you
                      have contract coverage will be displayed. You will not
                        be able to view RFQs under Schedules that are
                                 not covered by your contract.

               To remove RFQs from this listing, select the appropriate
Sometimes the list of RFQs can be large. Using the seach box may help in
                  RFQs and then click here. Removing RFQs will not
                      you type in quotes previously submitted.
locating RFQs. When remove any a keyword, eBuy searches all RFQs, RFQ
numbers, titles, descriptions, agency names, attachments, and line items
   (mfr. part number, manufacturer name and product/service name).

                                  To view an RFQ,
                               click on the RFQ ID.

 If a checkbox is present, this indicates
you have already responded to the RFQ.
          This page provides information on the buyer’s
            requirements and allows you to prepare a
          quote response. Information provided by the
           buyer is located in this box. Remember to
             carefully review the requirements before
                        submitting a quote.
              If you were not originally selected by the buyer to view an RFQ,
           you may want to select “Watch this RFQ” to indicate that you would
             like to receive email notices if an RFQ is modified, cancelled, or if
                    Questions & Answers (Q&As) are added by the buyer.

                                                  Buyer contact information is
                                                         located here.

Any documents attached by the buyer will be listed here. These documents may
         contain important information such as a statement of work.
  If you elect not to quote, click
this button to submit the reason
  a quote will not be provided.
When submitting a “No
Quote”, please provide a
reason for not quoting.
       If the buyer is interested in purchasing products, they
                will be listed in the “Line Items” area.

 If you decide to quote, first designate how long the quote
will be good for. The minimum time is seven (7) days after
 the RFQ has closed. When selecting this date, remember
        If the needs sufficient time statement all quotes.
   the buyer buyer has attached a to evaluateof work, you may
       need to respond with your own proposal. This document
                 You attached to the RFQ by clicking here.
               can be have the option of offering the buyer a
               “Prompt Payment” discount. The discount must
               be at least the amount offered in your contract.

   If the items requested require additional transportation
 charges, indicate this to the buyer by selecting “origin” from
        the FOB drop-down box. The additional Origin
    Transportation Cost should be indicated in box above.
To add attachments to your quote,
   click on the “Browse” button.
Attach as many documents as necessary. Each attachment
          must be less than 5 megabytes in size.
                                All attached documents will be listed
                               here. To remove a file, click on the “X”.

After all files have been attached, click on “Back”
to return to the “Prepare Quote Response” page.
                        Note: This amount should not include line items or
                                     transportation costs.

                           Check the “Attached Documents” area to verify
                             the files have been successfully uploaded.
              Enter any additional information in this
                   Quote pricing contained in attached documents or
                    in the comments area should be indicated here.

Click on the “Continue” button after all quote
        information has been entered.
Review all information before submitting
                the quote.

  Upon review, if any information needs to
  be changed, click on the “Back” button.

           If you are not ready to submit the quote, click “Save
            to Draft”. The quote will not be submitted until the
                      “Submit Quote” button is clicked.

                        After all information has been verified as correct, click
                                      on the “Submit Quote” button.
To view the newly created quote,
   click the “My Quotes” link.
            The My Active Quotes page contains a listing of
                active quotes and their current status.

If a buyer posts Questions & Answers (Q&As) regarding
an RFQ, a Q&A document may be added to the RFQ.

           To review or modify your quote, click on the “Quote ID”.

       If the RFQ has closed and an award has been made online by the buyer, an
         “Award Info” link will appear. Clicking “Award Info” will only display the
            name of the seller who received the award and the award amount.
      Modifications can include the adding of
  attachments, modifying your prompt payment
   discount, updating your quote amount, etc…

    Click “Modify Quote” to update your quote.

Review or modify your quote any
  time prior to the RFQ Close

      A quote can be extended any time prior to the RFQ
      closing time. To extend the quote, click on “Extend
         Your Quote Date”. The quote date can only be
               extended. It can not be shortened.
Modify Quote Page

                          Click “Continue” to
                         submit your changes.
                    First, describe your changes
                     or purpose of modification.

                    Second, update your quote to
                        reflect your changes.
  If you support state & local disaster recovery
and/or cooperative purchasing programs, you will
    be able to view RFQs from state and local

 Here is an RFQ from a state and
local government. Notice the “S”
  suffix at the end of the RFQ ID
                            A message will appear notifying you that the
                               buyer is a state and local government.

Notice the State and Local Program
          identified here.
In addition, from the My Active Quotes page, you
  have access to a complete history of all your
    quotes by clicking on “My Quote History”.
Quotes will move into history after an award
has been made, the quote has expired, or if
      the quote has been cancelled.

             Any RFQ with a “No Quote” status will
             display the reason. Notice the “(view
           reason)” link below the “No Quote” status.
You can add new email addresses and
   assign them to specific SINs or      The profile area
       categories within a SIN.       displays your eBuy
            Sellers, you can designate how each person would like to receive RFQ
          notification. All contacts by default will receive emails on RFQ activity. If a
          person does not want to receive emails, but prefers to login and check the
                eBuy website, the option to “Turn off email notices” is available.

 If a SIN has multiple contacts listed, you
  have the ability to select which contact         For each SIN under a contract
 should display as the Point of Contact for       number, multiple contacts can be
                  a quote.                                    added.

If you have multiple contracts, eBuy allows you to
 access the system with a single login. Click here
          to consolidate your contracts.

             E-mail notices regarding RFQs posted
              are sent out every 4 hours. You can
                 also login to search for RFQs.

   The ability to assign “Access Rights” to individuals
    is available. Contacts can have “Full” access or
                 only “Read-Only” access.
Contracts can be consolidated under a
single login by entering the “Contract
        Number” & “Password”.

  Your initial contract is listed on top.

All associated contracts will be listed here.

      Anyone who has access to the “Contract
      Number” and “Password” will be able to
       associate a contract. A contract can be
          associated any number of times.

             An associated contract can be deleted by
                  clicking on the “Remove” box.
         GSA eBuy
          Seller’s Tutorial

   Thank you for using eBuy!!

Contact the Vendor Support Center with questions:
               Phone: (877) 495-4849

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