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									CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting Level 5
Registration Number:                         01Q010016001205
NLRD:                                        24418

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is a global body that
operates across 155 countries, supports 80 000 students and 62 000 members.
CIMA’s role is to qualify students, support members and employers and protect
the public interest.

The function of the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting is to teach basic
financial skills and knowledge.              This will allow successful learners to provide
valuable support services in the accounting profession.

Entrance Requirements
The minimum entrance requirements for the CIMA Certificate in Business
Accounting Learnership are as follows:
     Entry into the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting learnership is
      flexible. CIMA however assumes that mathematics and English at NQF 4
      (matric) are in place.

Like all learnerships, the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting has a
theoretical component and a practical component.

Theoretical                                              Practical
C01        Fundamentals              of      Financial Preparing     and   maintaining   accounting
Accounting                                               records
C02      Fundamentals           of        Management Statutory and regulatory reporting

a7b65fb2-963b-47d8-a2f6-5305954bc822.doc – August 2003                                     1
C03 Business Economics                                   IT Desktop skills
C04 Business Law (SA / UK)                               Systems and procedure development
C05 Business Mathematics
A minimum of six months practical experience is required.

Practical experience can be obtained while students are completing the
theoretical element of the learnership or after completion. This learnership
typically runs for 12 months.

Registration and Assessment
The CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting is examined via Computer Based
Assessment (CBA). The exception is South African Business Law, whcich is a
paper based examination. Registration closes 31 January and 31 July, prior to
the respective examination session. Students must be registered with CIMA in
order to write the examinations.

Examination centres are available nationally.

Assessment of the practical experience will be done via the logbook.                 The
logbook will be assessed by a registered CIMA assessor to ensure that all the
practical experience requirements have been met.

Learnership registration information
In order to register, the following is needed:
     Companies must become CIMA Training Partners
     Learners must be registered with CIMA
     A learnership agreement must be signed (the agreement of the SETA with
      which the organisation is registered)
     Proof that levy payments are up to date
     Proof that the workplace skills plan has been approved

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     All documentation must be sent to CIMA for verification. CIAM will contact
      the relevant SETAs in order to register the learnerships.

Further information

Contact:                  Natércia Faustino
                          Education & Training Manager
                          Tel:     +27 11 268 2555
                          Fax:     +27 11 268 2556
                          Email: natercia.faustino@cimaglobal.com

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a7b65fb2-963b-47d8-a2f6-5305954bc822.doc – August 2003

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