customer success story We had to create a more flexible interface to get at that data and that is when we discovered Windward Reports – Mike Cormier Director of Engineering Q1 Labs by xgb15077


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									customer success story

"We had to create a more flexible interface to get at that
data, and that is when we discovered Windward Reports."
– Mike Cormier, Director of Engineering

Q1 Labs Integrates
Windward Reports
Company Background
   Q1 Labs, Inc. ( is a
global provider of security information
and event management products
whose mission is to deliver complete
network and security knowledge to its
   Q1 Labs' customer base of more than
500 worldwide companies and organi-
zations encompasses a wide range of
vertical industries, including govern-
ment agencies, academic and financial
institutions, energy firms, service
providers and health care providers. Its
flagship product, QRadar, integrates a
variety of functions into a total security
intelligence solution.

The Challenge
  QRadar gathers and stores a tremen-
dous amount of raw data and then
applies analytics to this information.
When Q1 added increased functionali-
ty to QRadar, the enhancements result-
ed in an increase in the scope of the
data Q1 was gathering. Q1 wanted
to improve the process for how they
presented this collected information
to their customers.
  Q1 Labs had been relying upon a
free reporting tool, but the software
did not provide the company with the
comprehensive features Q1 Labs was
looking for as it expanded its offering.
customer success story

                                                              “Our decision to buy versus
                                                              build allowed us to focus valuable
                                                              engineering resources on core
                                                              product development, and savings
                                                              resulting from this decision more
                                                              than offset Windward costs.”
                                                              –Bob Finke, VP- Finance

  "We had to create a more flexible         And the report output can be in a range      “The OEM relationship with
interface to get at that data," says Mike   of formats, including PDF, Word, Excel,    Windward Reports was a positive fac-
Cormier, director of engineering, "and      PowerPoint, HTML, and more.                tor in the successful launch of QRadar
that is when we discovered Windward           And, of course, price is an important    5.0," says Bob Finke, Vice President of
Reports."                                   consideration.                             Finance. "Our decision to buy versus
                                              "We had to be in a position that         build allowed us to focus valuable
The Solution                                was cost-effective to our customers,"      engineering resources on core product
   Q1 Labs began investigating several      Cormier says. "Some of the other prod-     development, and savings resulting
reporting tool options. The company         ucts were just too expensive to bundle     from this decision more than offset
evaluated software on a number of           with our offering."                        Windward costs. The result is a world-
fronts, such as report design, database       Plus, Q1 Labs is forming partner-        class network security management
connectivity, application integration,      ships with multiple companies to           product with cutting edge reporting
scalability, and price. With these          sell its software under these company      capabilities.”
requirements in mind, Q1 Labs chose         names. Because of the way Windward
Windward Reports.                           Reports allows templates to be             About
   Windward Reports' primary benefit        designed, QRadar can easily be brand-      Windward Studios:
is that it is both quick and simple to      ed for customer reports.                     Windward Studios has been in busi-
design report templates. Windward's           Because Q1 Labs was pleased with         ness since 1995. Based in Boulder,
design tool, AutoTag, is an add-in for      the advantages Windward Reports            Colorado, Windward Reports was
Microsoft Office, so there's little to no   provides, it now uses Windward soft-       formed in 2003 to develop innovative
learning curve. The user simply opens       ware to provide all reporting needs        software products for both enterprise
Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and starts       within QRadar.                             and individual customers. Windward
creating the template. The report                                                      Reports is the only comprehensive
designer can use any of the features        The Results                                report generator to use Microsoft
Office has to offer, such as tables,           Implementing Windward Reports           Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as a lay-
formulas, headers, footers, columns,        has saved Q1 Labs a significant            out tool, thus significantly reducing
images, colors, charts, and tables          amount of developer time. It took          the learning curve while saving time
of contents.                                one Q1 Labs employee less than three       and money for both technical and
   Cormier found that Windward              months to implement Windward               non-technical users alike.
Reports allows the user to create a         Reports' capabilities into its products.
wide variety of reports simply by           And the return has been worth it;          Windward Reports
choosing what data to include and           Cormier estimates that Windward            2945 Center Green Court South
when to run the report. Q1 Labs cus-        Reports has allowed Q1 Labs to cut         Suite H
tomers can schedule reports to run          down on the amount of time it took         Boulder, Colorado 80301
on their own timetables, whether it         developers to create reporting capabili-   303-499-2544
be hourly, daily, weekly or otherwise.      ties by a factor of four.        

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