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   1.    Introduction and Commonly Used Abbreviations
   2.    Basic H-1B Information for Department
   3.    H-1B Process Overview
   4.    Departmental Information
   5.    Violations and Penalties Pursuant to Federal Regulations
   6.    Department Checklist
   7.    H-1B Data Form
   8.    Department Information for Prevailing Wage Request Form
   9.    Actual Wage Documentation
   10.   Wage Calculation Determination
   11.   Declaration of the Department
   12.   Department Letter of Support
   13.   Department Letter Accepting Responsibility for Return Trip Abroad
   14.   Applicant/Beneficiary Checklist for H-1B Status
   15.   Receipt Notice Memorandum for H-1B
   16.   Approval Notice Memorandum for H-1B
   17.   Credential and Experience Evaluation Providers

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The Office of International Faculty & Scholars (OIFS) at The University of Arizona (UA) has prepared this
packet of information to assist hiring departments at UA with the process of requesting preparation an H-1B
petition for adjudication by U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) on behalf of Foreign Nationals
(FN) they wish to hire.

The process is lengthy and complex, involving various state and federal government agencies. In order to
ensure that everything goes smoothly, it is extremely important that you read the materials in this packet
very carefully, in its entirety, and that you follow the instructions. This will avoid delays in the preparation of
the petition for submission to USCIS.

Please be advised, however, that any estimated processing times referenced in this packet are subject to
change without notice due to changes in the regulations and/or backlogs within a particular government
agency. OIFS cannot control delays of this nature and therefore cannot guarantee an adjudication date.
Please see www.uscis.gov for the most current published processing times. OIFS cannot and will not
guarantee favorable adjudication of any petitions.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call 520-626-6289 to speak to a qualified
staff member who can assist you.

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     AILA     American Immigration Lawyers Association
     AP       Advanced Parole
     CSC      California Service Center
     CFR      Code of Federal Regulation
     COS      Change of Status
     DES      Department of Economic Security
     DHS      Department of Homeland Security
     DOL      Department of Labor
     DOS      Department of State
     EAD      Employment Authorization Document
     EB       Employment Based
     ETA      Employment & Training Administration
     EV       Exchange Visitor
     FN       Foreign National
     H-1B     Nonimmigrant Status for Speciality Workers
     H4       Dependent of H-1B
     INA      Immigration and Nationality Act
     IV       Immigrant Visa
     J-1      Nonimmigrant Status for Exchange Visitors
     J-2      Dependent of J-1
     LC       Labor Certification
     LCA      Labor Condition Application
     LPR      Lawful Permanent Resident
     NAFSA    Association of International Educators
     NIV      Nonimmigrant Visa
     NOID     Notice of Intent to Deny
     O-1      Nonimmigrant status for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability
     OIFS     Office of International Faculty & Scholars
     OPR      Outstanding Professor Researcher
     OR       Optional Recruitment (formerly Special Handling)
     PERM     Program Electronic Review Management system
     PR       Permanent Residency
     PWD      Prevailing Wage Determination
     PWR      Prevaling Wage Request
     PWRF     Prevailing Wage Request Form
     RFE      Request for Evidence
     SESA     State Employment Security Administration
     SEVIS    Student and Exchange Visitor Information System
     SH       Special Handling (now Optional Recruitment)
     SWA      State Workforce Agency
     UA       The University of Arizona
     USCIS    U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services

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Basic H-1B Classification Information
    H-1B status is used to employ professionals temporarily for a maximum period of six (6) years, filed in two (2) increments of
     no more than three (3) years.

    Each H-1B petition may be for a period of time up to three (3) years; not to exceed six (6) years cummulatively. However,
     an employer may not sponsor a FN for a period of time that exceeds guaranteed funding. If funding can only be guaranteed
     for one (1) year, then the hiring department may seek to extend the FN’s status each year based on available funding. A
     petition will not be filed unless the department guarantees funding for the period requested.

    The position must require a minimum of a bachelors degree and the FN must possess at least a bachelors degree or its
     equivalent in the field in which s/he is seeking employment. FNs with a bachelors equivalent in work experience will be
     required to provide a credentials evaluation, at their own expense, documenting work experience equivalent to a bachelors

    H-1B status is employer specific; therefore, the FN may only work for the UA who is sponsoring their status. However, the
     FN may have H-1B status for more than one (1) employer, which will allow concurrent employment.

    H-1B status recognizes dual intent. This means that the FN may apply for permanent residency (PR) while in H-1B status.
     For information regarding PR, please see the PR information packet on OIFS website or call 626-6289 to request an
     information packet.

    If in the United States, Form I-539 for dependent family members must be submitted with the H-1B petition. The FN must
     submit the completed form with their H-1B required documentation for submission to USCIS. If outside the United States,
     Form I-539 is not required. Form I-539 is the sole responsibility of the FN.

    Dependent family members in H-4 status are not eligible to work or volunteer, but may attend classes.

    The FN will receive a copy of his/her approved Labor Condition Application (LCA) upon approval of H-1B status, as required
     by law. The certified LCA shows the FN’s actual wage (what s/he is actually being paid) and the PW (what the SWA has
     determined to be the appropriate wage for the position). If the FN is not receiving the actual wage, equalling 100% or more
     of the PW listed on the LCA, s/he must contact OIFS immediately.

Forms and Fees
USCIS and DHS charge the following processing fees, which are subject to change, for H-1B petitions:
 H-1B Form Fee: $320. (MUST be paid by employer IF payment by FN results in salary dropping below the PW or the Actual
   Required Wage)
 H4 Form Fee for Dependents1 (if applicable$300 paid by FN).
 Fraud Prevention & Detection Fee: $500 (MUST be paid by employer for all new, change of status and transfer H-1B
   petitions filed. The fee is NOT required for extensions or amendments).
 Premium Processing Fee: $1,000 (optional).
 OIFS Service Fee: $800 (New), $600 (Transfers, Extensions and Amendments), $200 (Premium Processing). Fee paid by
   the employer with an Interdeparmental Billing Form.

               California Service Center, 24000 Avila Rd., Rm. 2302, Laguna Niguel, California 92677

   Dependents must complete Form I-539 to request H-4 dependent status classification. Form I-539 must only include information about immediate family
members (spouse and children) who are inside the United States at the time of filing. Form I-539 may be downloaded from USCIS at

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                                      H-1B PROCESS OVERVIEW
 The following forms and/or steps must be followed for initial H-1B petitions, extensions of H-1B status,
 and/or amendments to H-1B status. The processing times referenced below are governmental processing
 times and are not inclusive of OIFS processing times.


 The Prevailing Wage Request Form (PWRF) is submitted to the Arizona State Workforce Agency (SWA). The SWA
 assigns the position a specialized code and determines the PW. This process can take up to 30 days from the time
 OIFS submits the PWRF to the SWA; however, this is subject to change without notice. OIFS has no control over the
 processing times for PWRs and there is no expedited process to move this process faster. Worksheets, included in
 this packet and available online, are reviewed to determine the actual wage.

 If the PW is higher than the offered wage:

       ▫     OIFS may submit a revised PWRF one (1) time as accorded by law. Revised PWRs take the same amount
             of time to process, thirty (30) days.
       ▫     If the PW remains above the actual wage after the revised submission, the sponsoring department will
             have to decide between either raising the salary to meet the PW or hiring a U.S. worker for the position. By
             law, employers are required to pay 100% of the PW.


 After the PW and Actual Wage have been determined, the LCA is completed by OIFS and submitted to the
 Department of Labor (DOL). The DOL keeps these applications on file, and employers, including individual
 departments, are required by the government to meet the attestations (wage, dates, location, etc.) reported on the
 application. Employers may at anytime be audited by the DOL. Before submission of the LCA, a posted notice
 declaring the intention to hire a FN must be posted in two (2) conspicuous locations for public viewing for a minimum
 of ten (10) consecutive business days, within the location where the FN will be employed. The posting notice is
 included in this packet and may also be downloaded from OIFS website.


 Once all documentation, including fees, has been received from the FN and the department, OIFS will prepare the
 petition and CIS forms for submission to USCIS. Adjudication by USCIS usually takes 60-90 days, possibly longer if
 USCIS sends a Request for Evidence (RFE). If the department wishes to expedite the adjudication processing time,
 the department may elect to pay an additional fee of $1,000. USCIS will then guarantee a processing time of fifteen
 (15) calendar days. In certain cases, the FN is permitted to pay the additional fee. This must be cleared with OIFS
 to make sure that this business expense will not adversely affect the FN’s actual required wage.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To minimize any potential problems with the processing times outlined above, it is important that departments submit the
H-1B Request Packet materials to OIFS six (6) months in advance of the requested start date.

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The position offered must be a ―specialty occupation,‖ which is an occupation that requires ―theoretical and practical
application of a body of highly specialized knowledge to fully perform the occupation,‖ and either:

    ▫     A baccalaureate or higher degree (or its equivalent) in a specific academic discipline as the standard
          minimum requirement for entry into that particular position
    ▫     A full state license to perform the occupation granted after passage of normal professional tests and
          requirements; i.e., medical license.

   ▫   Possess the necessary state licensure to practice in the manner in which the position calls for (except
       training positions);
   ▫   Have passed one of the following: 1) the FLEX exam, 2) Steps 1, 2, & 3 of the U.S. Medical Licensing
       Examinations (USMLE), or 3) Parts I, II, & III of the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) certifying
   ▫   Have competency in written and oral English as evidenced by the passage of the ECFMG English
       proficiency test; or
   ▫   Is a graduate of a school of medicine accredited by the Liaison Commission on Medical Education (LCME).

H-1B status may be sponsored for up to three (3) years at a time, not to exceed a total of six (6) years. However, UA
may not sponsor for a period of time longer than the salary can be guaranteed. According to the Code of Federal
Regulations (CFR), the employer is obligated to pay ―…at least the Actual Wage level paid by the employer to all
other individuals with similar experience and qualifications for the specific employment in question or the Prevailing
Wage Level for the occupation in the area of employment, whichever is higher.” [20CFR §730].

OIFS will not submit a petition unless the department guarantees funding for the period requested.

The UA must certify on the LCA that the following conditions are met:

    ▫    The employment of the H-1B nonimmigrant will not adversely affect the working conditions of employees
         similarly employed in the area;

    ▫    On the date that the application to the DOL is signed and submitted, there is not a strike, lockout, or work
         stoppage in a course of a labor dispute in the occupation in which the H-1B nonimmigrant will be employed
         at the place of employment. If such a strike or lockout occurs after the application is submitted, UA will
         notify ETA within 3 days of the occurrence of such a strike or lockout and the application will not be used in
         support of a petition filed with CIS for an H-1B nonimmigrant to work in the same occupation at the place of
         employment until ETA determines the strike or lockout has ceased;

    ▫    A copy of the application has been, or will be, provided to each H-1B nonimmigrant employed pursuant to
         this application, and, as of this date, notice of this application has been provided to workers employed in
         the occupation in which the H-1B nonimmigrant will be employed; and
    ▫    A notice of filing has been posted and was/will remain posted for ten (10) working days in at least two (2)
         conspicuous locations where the H-1B nonimmigrant will be employed.

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                          VIOLATIONS & PENALTIES
                        UNDER FEDERAL REGULATIONS
    ▫   Civil money penalty up to $1,000/violation
    ▫   Notice of USCIS & ETA regarding debarment from H-1B program
    ▫   Any other actions the DOL deems appropriate
    ▫   Up to $10,000 fine and/or 5 years imprisonment [18 U.S.C. 1000]

   ▫   Back wages to H-1B employee
   ▫   Civil money penalty up to $1,000/violation
   ▫   Notice to USCIS & ETA regarding debarment from H-1B program
   ▫   Any other actions the DOL deems appropriate

   ▫   Civil money penalty up to $1,000/violation
   ▫   Notice to USCIS & ETA regarding debarment from H-1B program
   ▫   Any other actions the DOL deems appropriate

NOTE: Willful misrepresentation of a material fact on the LCA will lead to civil monetary penalties
      ranging from $5,000-$35,000 and possible debarment from the H-1B program for a minimum of
      two (2) – three (3) years.

Other violations such as filing an LCA during a strike/lockout, failure to provide required notice, failure to be
specific on the LCA, failure to make available for public examination the LCA and necessary
documentation, failure to retain documentation as required, and failure to otherwise comply with the LCA
regulations may result in:

    ▫    Civil Money Penalty up to $1,000/violation
    ▫    Any other actions the Department of Labor deems appropriate

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                                   DEPARTMENT CHECKLIST

Each of the following steps must be followed for initial petitions, extensions of status, transfers &/or amendments to H-1B status.
 Complete H-1B Data Form with the Beneficiary.
 Complete the Department Information for Prevailing Wage Request Form & return to OIFS by campus mail or fax 520-
 Complete and sign Actual Wage Documentation & Wage Calculation Determination and return originals to OIFS.
 Read and sign the Declaration of the Department and return original to OIFS.
 Post the Notice of LCA in two (2) conspicuous locations in the area of employment for ten (10) consecutive business days
   and submit both originals to OIFS. Template is available in this packet as well as on OIFS website.

 Prepare Department Letter of Support (template available) & send signed original, on department letterhead, to OIFS.
   The letter must include:
    Job Title  Salary  Whether or not fringe benefits are included  Whether the position is part-time or full-time
    Beginning and ending dates of appointment
    A detailed statement about the proposed duties and the minimum educational requirements
    An explanation regarding how the prospective employee qualifies for the position

 Prepare Department Letter of Return Trip (template available), and send signed original, on department letterhead, to

 Gather all documentation from the FN (FN Checklist in H-1B Info. Packet) & submit entire packet to OIFS along with
   appropriate fees.
    USCIS I-129 Fee $320 (department pays)
    DHS Anti-Fraud Fee $500 (department pays) (new employees, change of status and transfers)
    USCIS I-907 Premium Processing Fee $1000 (either may pay) (optional)
    Separate checks for all payments payable to ―DHS-USCIS‖. NO CASH. Address: California Service Center, 24000
       Avila Rd., Rm. 2302, Laguna Niguel, California 92677
    OIFS Service Fee paid by department: $800 (New), $600 (Transfers, Extensions and Amendments), $200 (Premium

 Notify OIFS if the FN resigns or is terminated, or if any material changes (see Information Packet) are anticipated.
SUBMIT ALL DOCUMENTATION & FORMS TO*: The Office of International Faculty & Scholars, 1128 East Mabel St, Tucson,
AZ 85721. OIFS will not accept an incomplete packet and will return incomplete documentation to the sponsoring department.


If you are hiring a FN to participate in a Medical Residency Program as a Clinical Assistant, you must submit your H-1B packet to
The Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office. OIFS will not accept an H-1B packet for Medical Residents unless submitted by
The GME Office. If an H-1B packet is received directly from an individual department, OIFS will return the packet to the
department, which may result in additional delay in the processing of the H-1B petition.

 The Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office, ATTN: Genny Clayton, Arizona Health Sciences Center, Room 4407, PO Box
                                               245085, Tucson, AZ 85724

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                                                  H-1B DATA FORM
1. Department Information
                                                                       Campus Address (No
            Department:                                                        PO Boxes):
   Department Contact:                                                     Telephone:
                    Fax:                                                         Email:
Employee’s Supervisor:                                             Supervisor’s Phone: ____________________________________
  Employee’s Job Title:
Specify exact dates of employment (maximum 3 years per petition): From __________ to _____________

2. Scholar Information

         Family Name:                                                 First & Middle Name:
  US Address including
             zip code:                                                            Date of Birth:   MM/DD/YYYY
           Citizenship:                                                             U.S. SSN #
        Country of birth:                                                    A# from EAD Card

3. Immigration Information
A. Is this individual currently in the U.S.?
         1. Action:
                               Extend H-1B Status which expires ________________
                               Change Status from Current Status __________which expires _________________
                               Transfer H-1B Status which expires _________________________
                               Amend H-1B Status

        2. Last date of entry:______________                3. I-94 # _____________________________________

    No - If no, include complete home address and consulate to be notified

          Foreign Home Address____________________________________________________________________________________
          Consulate (Specify consulate, city, & country)__________________________________________________________
          Department FedEx Acct. # _________________________
                                                                                                 Yes     No ***Passport must be valid for 6
B. Does each person in this petition have a valid passport?                                   months beyond requested H end date.
C. Has an immigrant petition been filed for any person in this petition?                         Yes     No - If yes, explain below.
D. Are applications (I-539) for dependents being filed with this petition?                       Yes     No

Travel plans scheduled before/during the pending H-1B petition:

Additional Information:

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                          DEPARTMENT INFORMATION
                        FOR PREVAILING WAGE REQUEST
OIFS will submit a Prevailing Wage Request to the State Workforce Agency. The information below,
provided by the department to OIFS, assists us in providing the most current and accurate information to
the State Workforce Agency. This is not the actual prevailing wage request form and is used only by OIFS.

Name of Employee: ________________________________________Email: _______________________________
Department Contact: _________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________
Fax: ___________________________________                                Email: ______________________________
Department/School Name and Address: _____________________________________________________________
Supervisor Name/Title (if different than contact person): ________________________________________________

The following information must match information listed on the LCA Notice Posting
Employee’s Job Title: _____________________________________ Employee’s Salary: ____________/hour or year
Job Location(s): _______________________________________________________________________________
H-1B status requested for (mm/dd/yyyy) FROM____________________TO______________________
FULL-TIME:  PART-TIME:  Number of Hours per week: _____________
Primary Duties /Tasks: This will be taken from the advertisement and the description on the Notice of Labor Condition
Application, which was/will be posted for ten (10) consecutive business days.

Will the employee be under direct supervision?         YES  NO 
Number of employees the foreign national will supervise (excluding student workers): _________________________

State the MINIMUM education required for the job:      Ph.D. M.D.  M.S.  B.A./B.S. 
Field of study required: __________________________________________________
Are any licenses required to perform the duties of the position?        YES  NO 
If ―YES‖, please list the required license(s):___________________________________________________________
State the MINIMUM number of months/years experience required for the job: _______________________________

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                             FOR H-1B STATUS
   Date: ______________________________________

   The posting of this notice in two (2) conspicuous locations in your department is a requirement of the filing of a Labor Condition
   Application (ETA 9035) for H-1B nonimmigrant status.

   Official UA Position Title: __________________________________________________________________________________

   Intended Dates of Employment: _____________________ to ____________________
                                     mm/dd/yyyy               mm/dd/yyyy

   Classification of Service:        Appointed Personnel              Classified Staff

   Duties: ________________________________________________________________________________________________


   Minimum Qualifications (Education & Training): ________________________________________________________________


   Salary: $_______________/year                          Full-time             Part-time @________ FTE

   Department & all Job Location Address(es):          _________________________________________



   Employment Conditions: All University benefits and conditions for the position’s condition of service apply.

   Complaints alleging misrepresentation of material facts in the Labor Condition Application and/or failure to comply with the terms
   of the Labor Condition Application may be filed with any office of the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of

                                                    Department Head/Director

Locations of Posting (Must be posted in 2 locations)          Dates of Posting (Minimum of 10 consecutive business day, i.e.: 2 weeks)

______________________________________________                From ________ to _________

______________________________________________                From ________ to __________

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                           ACTUAL WAGE DOCUMENTATION
                    CONFIDENTIAL—For Department of Labor Inspection File ONLY

Name of Employee: _____________________________________________________________________

Official UA Position Title: _________________________________________________________________

Total number of individuals having similar experience and qualifications (such as education, job
responsibility and function, specialized knowledge etc.) for the specific employment in question: _________

In the spaces below, list all employees in the department who hold the above listed title AND:

     1) Have the same type of duties and responsibilities as the beneficiary of this petition AND
     2) Have qualifications, education, and experience similar to the beneficiary of this position

     If no employees in the department hold the same title listed above, you do not need to fill out this form.
                                      USE ADDITIONAL PAGES, IF NEEDED

            EMPLOYEE                              START DATE                         CURRENT SALARY













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Name of Employee: _____________________________________________________________________

The following information must be kept in a public inspection file. Please describe the system used by your
department to determine the salary for the H-1B applicant and the system used to determine the salaries of
other so-titled individuals:

                                                   H-1B APPLICANT                        OTHER SO-TITLED
Were University Guidelines followed in       YES  NO                              YES  NO 
determining? If yes, state appropriate
pay grade and the minimum and                Pay Grade: ___________                 Pay Grade: ___________
maximum salaries for that grade.
(NOTE: This question is for staff            Min Salary:___________                 Min Salary:___________
positions only, not faculty.)
                                             Max Salary: __________                 Max Salary: __________

Were UA Guidelines followed in               YES  NO  N/A                        YES  NO  N/A 
determining wage?

Please list previous experience that
was taken into consideration when
determining salary.

Please list qualifications such as level,
subject area, skills, ability, specialized
knowledge, etc. that were taken into
consideration when determining salary.

Please list any supervisory and/or
independent work factors for the
position that were taken into
consideration when determining salary.

Is this position considered a faculty or     Staff  Faculty                       Staff  Faculty 
staff position? If staff position, was the
human resource office involved in the        Human Resources Faculty Affairs      Human Resources Faculty Affairs 
hiring process?

                                                     Signatures Required

Name/Signature of Individual Providing Information               Title            Phone Number           Email

Name/Signature of Department Director/Hiring Authority           Title            Phone Number           Email

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                             DECLARATION OF DEPARMENT
Name of H-1B Applicant: _________________________________________________________________

The department will comply with the following regulations during the H-1B application process and during
the employment of the above-named FN as required by the CFR.

NOTE: Every box must be checked in order to indicate that the employer will comply with each

         Return airfare to home country will be paid to the Alien (employee) if s/he is dismissed prior to the
          end date of appointment.

         H-1B non-immigrants will be paid the actual wage level of those individuals with similar experience
          and qualifications for the specific employment in question or the PW as determined by the SWA,
          whichever is higher.

         Employment of the H-1B nonimmigrant will not adversely affect the working conditions of workers
          similarly employed in the area of intended employment.

         On the date that this application is signed and submitted, there in no strike, lockout, or work
          stoppage in the course of a labor dispute in the occupation in which the H-1B non-immigrants will
          be employed at the place of employment.

         By posting a notice of this filing in two (2) conspicuous places for ten (10) consecutive business
          days, notice of this application was provided to workers employed in an occupation similar to the
          proposed employment of the H-1B nonimmigrant worker.

         The department will be responsible for notifying OIFS of any substantial changes in the H-1B
          employment (terms of employment, place of employment, transfer to another university
          department, significant changes in duties, salary increases over 25% or more, termination,
          resignation, etc.). It is the responsibility of the department to inform OIFS immediately.
          Federal regulations require that USCIS be notified before any changes in employment take

                                     SIGNATURE OF DEPARTMENT HIRING AUTHORITY

“Pursuant to 28 USC §1746, I declare under penalty of perjury that the information provided on this form is true and correct.”

            Name & Title of Hiring Authority

            Signature                                                Date

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                                    Printed on Department Letterhead


U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services
California Service Center
24000 Avila Rd., Rm. 2302
Laguna Niguel, California 92677

RE: I-129 petition on behalf of NAME, (Ph.D., M.D., B.A), DOB mm/dd/yyyy.

Dear Adjudicating Officer:

This letter is submitted in support of the petition of The University of Arizona, to classify Dr. NAME a citizen
of COUNTRY OF CITIZENSHIP as an H-1B nonimmigrant of distinguished merit and ability, to serve as a
UNIVERSITY TITLE for our university on a temporary basis.

The Petitioner

Founded in 1885, The University of Arizona is now the nation’s 17 th-ranked research institution, with an
enrollment of 35,000, faculty and staff of 14,000 and a 347-acre campus. The University of Arizona is a
land grant institution, one of a number of federally funded universities created to support colleges of
agriculture and conduct research for the public good. In that tradition, The University of Arizona links its
educational, research, and public service programs to needs at the local, state, national, and international

The University of Arizona has come to be known as having ivy-league opportunities at a public university
price tag: a state institution which offers nationally ranked research, top ranked professors, over 100
majors, and a full range of support services.

The University of Arizona balances a strong research component with an emphasis on teaching—faculty
rolls include Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners. Its academic reputation is a drawing card for top students.
In 1995, UA ranked 10th in the nation among public universities in attracting National Merit Scholars to its
freshman class. To the wealth of academic choices, add a progressive campus atmosphere, conference
winning basketball and football teams, and myriad recreation opportunities.

The Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona is one the largest
research and extension departments in the College of Agriculture and is the primary unit on campus
offering undergraduate teaching programs in the applied and basic plant sciences. It is also unique
because of the diversity of faculty specialties not normally found in a single academic unit (for the latest
News and Semester Updates see the Plant Sciences Newsletter). Faculty activities encompass a broad
spectrum including agronomy, horticulture, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, and cellular and molecular

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The overall goal of the Department of Plant Sciences is to help sustain the economic production of plants
as used by humans for food, fiber, and improving the quality of life in landscapes and natural environments.
Our faculty discovers new knowledge and develops technologies that are of importance to agriculture and
the life sciences; and that are taught to students, growers, other researchers, and the general public.

The Position

The Research Associate is to conduct scientific research in maize. The minimum requirement for this
position is a Ph.D. and research experience in the study of maize. We investigate the control of gene
expression in different cell types and at different stages by studying the regulated expression of the genes
required for the biosynthesis of the purple anthocyanin pigments in maize. In higher plants, this system
provides one of only a few examples of known regulatory proteins, which coordinately regulate a number of
target genes that are cloned and characterized.

The Beneficiary

Dr. NAME is qualified to fill this position of UNIVERSITY TITLE. From 1992 – 1997, Dr. NAME carried out
her Ph.D. research in the Department of Molecular Genetics, at the Free University in Amsterdam. She
has contributed to 12 publications and has applied for a patent. Since 1997, when Dr. NAME obtained her
Ph.D., she has been working at The University of Arizona as a Research Associate in the department of
Plant Sciences in J1 status.

Terms of Employment

Based on Dr. NAME’s professional credentials, the Department of DEPARTMENT NAME wishes to employ
her for a temporary period of NUMBER OF YEARS as a UNIVERSITY TITLE. We understand the
temporary nature of the H-1B status we seek for Dr. NAME and assuming our H-1B petition is approved,
we fully intend to comply with all of the regulations regarding employment of individuals in H-1B status. Dr.
NAME will be compensated at the rate of $SALARY per year.

If Dr. NAME is dismissed during the validity of her H-1B status, we will be responsible for the reasonable
cost of his return trip home.

Thank you for your courtesy and attention to the processing of this petition.



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                                   Printed on Department Letterhead


U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services
California Service Center
24000 Avila Rd., Rm. 2302
Laguna Niguel, California 92677

Dear Adjudicating Officer:

The Department of ____________ hereby accepts responsibility for ______________ return transportation
abroad should s/he be dismissed prior to the expiration of her/his petitions validity.

We understand that _______________ continuous employment is contingent upon annual renewal,
satisfactory performance, the availability of funding, and the ability to receive work authorization and
maintain legal status according to the requirements of the visa category while they are in the United States.



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                                                                                                      THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA
 H-1B Data Form:                                H-1B Data Form:
  Completed by Dept. & Applicant                  Completed by Dept. & Applicant                 H-1B Data Form:
 Mandatory Statement Form                       Mandatory Statement Form                        Completed by Dept. & Applicant
 2-3 Support Letters                                                                            Mandatory Statement Form
                                                ONE COPY OF:                                     Updated Curriculum Vitae
ONE COPY OF:                                     Diplomas and English translations              Most recent I-94 card (front and back)
 Diplomas* and English Translations             Transcripts and English translations           Last 2 pay stubs from current employer
 Transcripts and English Translations           Medical License (if applicable)
 Medical License (if applicable)                Any Licenses required for position                 EXTENSIONS/TRANSFERS
 Any Licenses required for position             Passport ID & visa stamp page                  WORKING ELSEWHERE IN THE U.S. &
 I-94 Card (front and back)                     Curriculum Vitae                                    SEEKING TO START AT
 Passport ID & Visa stamp page                  Any former immigration documents that            THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA
 Curriculum Vitae                              you obtained from previous stays in the U.S.
                                                                                                 H-1B Data Form:
*If your degree was awarded by an               *If your degree was awarded by an                 Completed by Department
educational institution outside of the United   educational institution outside of the United    Mandatory Statement Form
States, you MUST submit a professional          States, you MUST submit a professional
credential evaluation stating the U.S.          credential evaluation stating the U.S.          ONE COPY OF:
equivalent of your degree.                      equivalent of your degree.                       All previous Forms I-797
                                                                                                 Diplomas* and English translations
If Currently in J-1/J-2 Status:                 APPLICATION FEE: $320                            Transcripts and English translations
 All IAP-66/DS-2019 Forms                      Payable to “DHS-USCIS”                           Medical License (if applicable)
 Home residency waiver Form I-612                                                               Any Licenses required for position
 Marriage certificate and translation          NOTE: Please contact the U.S.                    I-94 card (front and back)
                                                Embassy/Consulate where you will be              Passport ID & visa stamp page
If Currently in F-1/F-2 Status:                 applying for the visa and find out what          Curriculum Vitae
 All I-20 Forms (including spouse Forms if     documentation is required at the time of         Last 2 pay stubs from current employer
F-2)                                            application and how far in advance you must
 EAD Card (if applicable)                      make an appointment, if at all.                 *If your degree was awarded by an
 Marriage certificate and translation                                                          educational institution outside of the United
                                                OIFS will send your approval notice and one     States, you MUST submit a professional
Application Fee: $320                           (1) copy of your H-1B petition to the foreign   credential evaluation stating the U.S.
Payable to “DHS-USCIS”                          address you provided via federal express.       equivalent of your degree.

Anti-Fraud Fee: $500                            (Please note that Canadian citizens are         APPLICATION FEE: $320
Payable to “DHS-USCIS”                          exempt from visa requirements.)                 Payable to “DHS-USCIS”

Completed by dependents (if IN the U.S.):                                                       Completed by dependents (if IN the U.S.):
 Form I-539                                                                                     Form I-539
 Additional $300 payable to ―DHS-USCIS‖                                                         All previous Forms I-797
 Proof of dependent relationship to                                                             Additional $300 payable to ―DHS-
applicant (marriage and/or birth certificate)                                                   USCIS‖
 Copies of dependent(s) I-94 card(s) (front                                                     Proof of dependent relationship to
and back), visa and passport                                                                    applicant (marriage and/or birth certificate)
                                                                                                 Copies of dependent(s) I-94 card(s) (front
                                                                                                and back), visa and passport

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TO:                      H-1B APPLICANT
CC:                      SPONSORING DEPARTMENT

You are being provided with the original I-797 Receipt Notice for the I-129 petition for H-1B status, which
was submitted on your behalf, as the beneficiary, by The University of Arizona, the petitioner. In addition,
you are being provided a copy of the certified Labor Condition Application (LCA), as required by law.

The attached I-797 Receipt Notice serves as proof that the petition filed on your behalf has been received
by USCIS. In addition, the Receipt Notice may also serve other purposes, as described below.

Initial Request for H-1B Status
If the petition submitted is seeking initial H-1B status, the I-797 Receipt Notice only serves as proof that
your petition was received by USCIS. Therefore, you are not authorized to work, until and if the petition
submitted on your behalf is approved.

Extension of H-1B Status at The University of Arizona
If the petition submitted sought to extend your H-1B status at The University of Arizona, the Receipt Notice
is valid documentation to allow you to continue your employment, up to 240 days, at The University of
Arizona in the event that your current H-1B status expires prior to the receipt of the I-797 Approval Notice.

In order to continue employment at The University of Arizona, the sponsoring department must submit the
following to Systems Control:

    1. I-797 Receipt Notice;
    2. New I-9 form; and
    3. PAF for appointment renewal.

Change of Employer if Already in H-1B Status
If you are already in H-1B status and a petition was submitted to change your employer to The University of
Arizona, then the I-797 Receipt Notice, in combination with your previous I-797 Approval Notice (from prior
employer), serves as your proof of H-1B status and work authorization. Work authorization for The
University of Arizona begins on the date requested by the UA on the I-129 form. The I-797 Receipt Notice
will serve this purpose until and if your petition is approved by USCIS.

Please contact OIFS at 520-626-6289 if you have any questions or concerns.

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TO:                         H-1B APPLICANT
SUBJECT:                    H-1B APPROVAL NOTICE
We are pleased to inform you that the H-1B petition submitted on your behalf, the Beneficiary, by The University of
Arizona, the Petitioner, has been approved. The dates of authorization are specified on the Approval Notice.

Included with this letter is a brochure entitled ―Maintaining Your H-1 Status.‖ In addition to the information provided in
that brochure, we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with the following reminders:

1. The enclosed H-1B Approval is employer specific. You can only work for your sponsoring department at The
    University of Arizona. If any material changes are anticipated or occur to your job duties and/or responsibilities,
    you must contact OIFS immediately. Material changes require that a new LCA be filed and certified and an
    amended I-129 petition be filed with USCIS. Example of material changes include, but are not limited to:

      New job duties that were not identified on the original I-129 petition or supporting LCA;
      Transfer to a different department within The University of Arizona; and/or
      Change in location not listed on the I-129 petition or supporting LCA (i.e.: sabbatical leave).

2. A Beneficiary of an approved H-1B petition shall be admitted to the United States for the validity period of the
   petition. There is no grace period for H status. You may be admitted to the United States up to 10 days before
   the validity period begins and up to 10 days after the validity period ends. However, this is not automatic, and
   only exists if the immigration inspector has recorded it on your I-94. The Beneficiary may not work except during
   the validity period of the approval notice. 8 CFR §214.2(h)(13)(i)(A).

3. The validity of the H-1B petition ceases on the date of termination of employment, even if that date is before the
   date listed on the approval notice.

4. If an extension will be requested, at the expiration of the validity period, the sponsoring department must initiate
   the process no sooner than six (6) months and no later than forty-five (45) days before the expiration of the
   enclosed approval notice.

5. The enclosed approval notice grants status, not a visa. You will need to apply for a visa at a United States
   Consulate abroad, if:

            You were present in the United States when you received this approval and you wish to travel outside of
             the United States and wish to reenter the United States after traveling or
            You received your H-1B approval notice while you were outside of the United States and are entering
             the United States for the first time since receiving the approval notice.

There are certain limited exceptions to visa requirements. For example, Canadians and certain other limited groups
do not require a visa stamp. It is your responsibility to confirm visa requirements.

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Additionally, a separate nonimmigrant visa application, Form DS-156, must be filled out for each member of a family,
including infants, in H-4 status, even if more than one member of your family is included in your passport. Please
see www.travel.state.gov for more detailed information.

Below is a checklist of required forms and documents for applying for a visa at a United States consulate. Please
see www.travel.state.gov for the most current information and requirements for applying for a visa at a United States

Visa Application Checklist
       I-797 Approval Notice                 Original and one (1) copy
       Copy of I-129 Petition                Contact OIFS at least one (1) week prior to travel. If not
                                              inside the U.S., OIFS will mail copy with Approval Notice.
       DS-156                                Available at U.S. Consulate
       I-612 Approval Notice                 Original and one (1) copy
       Valid Passport                        Validity through approved period plus six (6) months.
       Photo(s) – passport size              Not applicable at all consulates. Contact consulate.
       Recent Paystubs                       Only if already in the United States
       Visa Application Fee                  Varies depending on country of citizenship. Contact Consulate.
       MRV Fee                               Machine Readable Visa fee for each applicant.

Visa Application Tips
1. Approval of H-1B status does not guarantee issuance of a visa. Although you have been granted H-1B status,
     you could be denied a visa and therefore entry into the United States.

2. The consular officer will usually issue a visa valid for the dates listed on the I-797 Approval Notice.

3. If your visa expires before the validity of your H-1B approval, you do not need to apply for a new visa unless you
   plan on traveling outside of the United States and reentering.

4. Most nationalities may apply for a visa in most countries, which are not their country of citizenship. However,
   some nationalities may have an easier time applying for a visa in their home country. For more information,
   please go to www.travel.state.gov.

5. Most consulates are now requiring a personal interview before issuing a visa. Visa appointments must be
   requested in advance. You may have as long as one (1) month or more before your scheduled appointment.
   Therefore, you must preplan for this requirement before making any definite travel plans. Information must be
   obtained directly from the consulate in the country where you will be applying.                  Please see
   http://usembassy.state.gov for the most up to date information.

6. Some foreign nationals may be subject to a Security Advisory Opinion (SAO), which may delay the issuance of
   your visa. Possible reasons for a SAO may include the field of study or work engaged in is listed on the
   Technology Alert List (TAL).

The above Checklist and Visa Application Tips are included to assist you in gathering the necessary information and
documents to apply for a visa. Due to changing requirements and variance among consulates, OIFS is not able to
compile and maintain up-to-date information on each consulate and individual nationality requirements. It is strongly
recommended that you contact the appropriate agency and/or consulate before applying for your visa.

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