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									Scott Bleier - Bleier Consulting Services for SAP, llc
Aerospace and Defense SAP Application Consultant (specialty LE-WM / IM / LE-Shipping / MM-Purchasing)

www.bcs4sap.com (scott@bcs4sap.com)

    Extensive background in several areas of Aerospace and Defense business processes and SAP
       functional solutions. Twelve years experience working primarily with warehouse and inventory
       management, procurement, production control, sales and distribution and shipping (the last ten in an
       SAP R/3 environment)
    Good understanding of Aerospace and Defense industry requirements such as make-to-order and
       make-to-stock MRP planning, forecasting and independent requirements, project costing, SAP GPD
       environments, cross-plant manufacturing, BOM’s, routings, parameter effectivity, variant configuration,
       drop ship procurement, repair and subcontracting scenarios, standard cost system, spares, outside
       production, KANBAN, JIT, UID, ITAR and EAR, DD250 and DD1149 government forms, rotable pools
       (core/repair/overhaul, etc)
    Excellent knowledge and experience in implementing SAP solutions for warehouse and inventory
       management, shipping and purchasing (direct only) in high volume environments
    Considerable experience interfacing SAP to external systems for engineering, procurement, warehouse
       management and EDI (substantial knowledge of IDOCS)
    Experience with several full life cycle implementations using ASAP and Deloitte methodologies
    Strong aptitude for learning business requirements and finding standard SAP solutions to facilitate a
       successful, efficient, and cost effective implementation from blueprint to go-live
    Adept in problem solving and finding creative solutions to difficult situations
    Capable of clearly communicating SAP technical solutions to all levels of users

SAP Application/Configuration Experience - Summary
   Expert in SAP WM/IM with direct implementation experience in R/3 4.5b, R/3 4.6c2, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0
   Expert in SAP MM-purchasing with direct implementation experience in ECC 5.0
   Skilled in SAP LE-Shipping with direct implementation experience in R/3 4.5b/4.6c2, ECC 5.0/6.0
   Proficient in several other modules of SAP and the integration to MM/IM/WM including Production
     Planning (PP), Sales and Distribution (SD), Quality Management (QM), MRO, KANBAN, Material
     Master, Transportation planning (with freight costing) and GPD with direct configuration experience in
     these modules
   Involved in seven SAP projects and six full life cycle implementations
   Vast experience with all stages of the implementation life cycle (blueprint to go-live) and common tools
     to aid in implementation (SAP Solution Manager, Deloitte Industry Prints, RWD InfoPak, Mercury Test
     Tools and more)
   Implemented WM/IM/MM in high volume environments and designed solutions to handle order
     fulfillment (delivery execution), complex putaway/picking/packing requirements (warehouse/distribution)
     and procure to pay activities (contracts/purchasing/receipt/payment)
   Detailed knowledge of material master, vendor master, customer master, info records and other master
     data and experience converting these objects
   Significant technical knowledge and experience in SAP (ABAP & DEBUG, LSMW, CATT/SECATT,
     IDOCS, RFC)
   Strong technical background with capability to debug complex issues and write basic ABAP
     programming (or implement user exits/BADIs)
SAP Application/Configuration Experience - Details
   Expert in SAP MM-purchasing with direct implementation experience in ECC 5.0 for aerospace firm
     (direct only)
         o Configured scheduling agreements (both LP and LPA), purchase orders, subcontract and return
             orders, consignment, contracts, stock transport purchase orders/scheduling agreements, PO
             release strategies and vendor master design (including payment terms)
         o Configured version management, custom account assignment categories and MPN profiles to
             use the AMPL (approved manufacturers parts list) functionality
         o Configured all output determination for all purchasing documents and release creation profiles
             for LPA scheduling agreements (JIT and FRC releases)
         o Setup EDI/IDOC communication for the following EDI transactions:
                   850 (PO), 860 (Change Order), 846 (Inventory Advice), 830 (Forecast), 862 (Ship
                     Trigger), 856 (ASN)
                   Created custom IDOCS and extended standard IDOCS
                          Used ORDERS05, DELVRY03, DELFOR02, SYSTAT01
         o Setup return process (rework/repair) using PM service orders for serialized parts (configured
             order type, operation control key, PR type and PO type)
         o Also configured foreign trade module of SAP for both imports and exports
                   Designed custom commercial invoice form to print from outbound deliveries
                   Used SAP license management for ITAR and EAR
                   Familiar with ECCN, ITAR categories, schedule B and HTS codes
   Expert in SAP Warehouse and Inventory management modules of SAP R/3 (4.5b, 4.6c, 4.7, ECC 6.0)
     with direct experience implementing 4.5b and 4.6c in the Aerospace and Defense industry
     (implemented ECC 6.0 for private firm – non A&D)
         o Personally configured warehouse and inventory management for use with deliveries, production
             orders, repetitive manufacturing, purchase orders, and KANBAN
         o Configured warehouse management for all internal processes (cycle counting, picking, putaway,
             replenishment, performance tracking with TO splits, two-step picking, wave picks, one/two step
         o Configuration of all standard picking and putaway strategies with storage unit management and
             full handling unit management
         o Configuration of decentralized warehouse management SAP system including ALE interface
             (with custom message types, IDOC conversion and filtering)
         o Configuration of SAP MDE for WM mobile solution (using web-enabled SAP console)
                   Setup RF queues and customized transactions for use with RF mobile devices
                     (Windows Mobile devices running IE)
         o Configured batch determination and sloc determination for use in IM/PP/WM/LE-Shipping
         o Configured missing parts check, output determination, custom movement types, physical
   Skilled in SAP LE-Shipping with direct implementation experience in SAP R/3 4.5b/4.6c, ECC 5.0/6.0
         o Configured custom delivery types, item categories, output types with requirement routines,
             pricing, ATP, serialization, custom incompletion procedures and status groups
         o Configured batch split and subsequent delivery splitting
         o Setup deliveries for connection to Express Delivery Company (XSI interface)
         o Configured standard sloc determination in addition to customized user exit
         o Setup wave picks, delivery groups and lean WM

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       o    Configured pack stations and complex packing instructions for automate packing of deliveries
            (multi-level HU packing)
        o Worked with full handling unit management (HUM) and used deliveries with transportation
        o Worked with Sales BOM’s in deliveries and low-level / high-level picking (hierarchical item
        o Utilized deliveries for sales, STO’s and all vendor activities (returns / sub-contracting)
   Proficient in several other modules of SAP and the integration to MM/IM/WM including Production
    Planning (PP), Sales and Distribution (SD), Quality Management (QM), MRO, KANBAN, Material
    Master, Transportation planning (with freight costing) and GPD
        o Configuration experience in the following:
                 MRP planning settings (MRP groups, MRP type, lot-sizing procedures, planning time
                     fences, special procurement types)
                 Created custom material types to handle non-valuated parts/special materials
                 Custom MRP types, MRP groups, special procurement keys, and lot sizing procedures
                     to facilitate planning for specific purchasing scenarios such as vendor managed
                     inventory, cross-plant subcontracting, just-in-time and min/max planning
                 MRP areas for extended storage location MRP, direct procurement against BOMs and
                     external processing procurement against routings (outside production)
                 Availability checking rules to support ATP for stock transport purchase orders and
                     missing parts check
                 Custom requirements class/type for all outbound deliveries to be MRP relevant
                 MD04 navigation profiles and MRP exception message grouping and priorities
                 Production order design (order types and dependent parameters)
                 Extensive serialization
                 All types of KANBAN functions (purchasing, production, and warehouse)
                 Repetitive manufacturing pull process
                 XSI (Express Shipping Interface) setup for UPS and FedEx
                 Outbound freight costing (for UPS and FedEx)
                 General notification processing in SAP (custom types, tasks, activities, etc)
                 Some basic quality management and PM service order functionality
   Skilled in writing LSMW’s with embedded ABAP programming (write my own coding)
        o Experience converting materials, customers, vendors, scheduling agreements, contracts,
            source list, info records and others
   Capable of writing CATT’s to test/execute mass transactions (both SCAT and SECATT)
        o Experience writing many CATTs for various purposes
   Capable of writing SAP queries and creating transactions to execute those queries
   Experience using SAP Solution Manager to implement projects
   Good understanding of ABAP language (forms, function modules, tables, etc.) and user exits
        o Capable of basic ABAP programming (have written code for user exits and some programs)
        o Vast experience debugging SAP ABAP language to resolve “short dumps” and other technical
   Experience dealing with BADI’s, BAPI’s and interfaces to external systems using IDOC’s

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Experience/Project Work

Industry / Firm: Aerospace / Cessna Aircraft ($11B)
Project Description/Scope: Full life cycle SAP ECC 5.0 implementation in several modules of SAP including
IM, FI, MM, PP, QM, Project Systems using Deloitte methodology

Role: Materials management - Purchasing consultant         Duration: 35 months (still in progress)
    Design and configuration of many direct procurement activities (indirect remained in Ariba) in addition
       to electronic communication with suppliers (via ESIS)
           o Blueprinted nine procurement sub-processes
    Ensure SCM integration with operations and finance and aid in developing MRP planning strategies for
    Responsible for the design of 44 FRICE objects (wrote all functional specs) including 9 conversions

    Designed and implemented following sub-process profiles (performed all configuration)
        o Foreign trade import/export
        o Vendor master setup and maintenance (as well as quality approval)
        o All electronic vendor communication (EDI 850, 860, 856, 846, 830, 862)
        o Sub-contract procurement
        o Vendor consignment
        o All return to vendor activities – repairs, reworks, return for credit, etc.
        o All receiving / shipping activities
        o Vendor evaluation
        o Custom SAP reporting
    Aided with interface to Business Objects for reporting in data warehouse
    Successfully implemented all 44 FRICE by go-live with relatively few issues
    Converted all my objects with no failed records

Industry / Firm: Marketing, Warehouse & Distribution Center / Madden Communications
Project Description/Scope: Full life cycle SAP ECC 6.0 implementation in several modules of SAP including
WM, MDE, TRM, IM, FI, MM, PP, QM, BI, SUS, SRM (web portal for vendors) using Solution Manager to
facilitate the implementation

Role: Warehouse Management consultant                      Duration: 12 months
    Configuration and design of Warehouse Management, transportation and LE-Shipping delivery
       modules for three distinct warehouses with several interfaces to external systems and RF technology

    Blueprinted and configured 3 distinct warehouses using nearly all WM functionality with SAP Solution
          o All documentation and processes were stored in Solution Manger
    Configured decentralized warehouse management (including ALE portions)
    Developed and configured transportation freight costing solution to support LTL/TL and small package
      shipments (UPS/FedEx) along with manifesting requirements
    Configured XSI (Express Shipping Interface) for parcel carriers (UPS & FedEx)
    Implemented RF with Web based SAP Console at all facilities
    Wrote all functional specifications for interfaces to external systems and enhancements
    Configured deliveries to support outbound packing, cross-system subsequent splitting and sales order
      BOM’s (high level and low level picks)
    Developed custom packing solution to minimize the number of cartons shipped using as much standard
      functionality as possible
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Industry / Firm: Aerospace & Defense / Lockheed Martin Fleet Ballistic Missiles & Commercial Space
                (NOTE: 2 separate LMCO clients)
Project Description/Scope: Full life cycle SAP 4.6c implementation in several modules of SAP including IM,
MM, PP, QM, MRO, GPD, and PS

Role: Inventory Management consultant                      Duration: 17 months
    Configuration and design of Inventory Management and LE-Shipping delivery modules in GPD
       environment for use with procurement, production, project systems, and quality management
    Fully understand and document client processes and requirements (flow charts and scripts)
    Coordinate with training team to develop materials and online scenarios for end user training
    Aid in developing logic and testing transactions for a custom built interface to an external warehouse
       management system to support stocking, issues, and receipts

    Developed SAP solution to create, print, and track government shipments on DD1149 forms using SAP
      delivery functionality
    Eliminated several interfaces to external systems by developing and implementing SAP solutions
    Expanded knowledge base to include MRO
    Developed SAP solution to subcontracting procurement with GPD not currently supported in 4.6c

Industry / Firm: Aerospace & Defense / Lockheed Martin Corporate
Project Description/Scope: Development of standard SAP configuration and process design template (R/3

Role: Specialized consultant for WM/IM and general R/3 knowledge                 Duration: 4 months
    Offer guidance and suggestions to develop a basic SAP solution to facilitate future implementations
      across several different business units within one company (design of global template)
    R/3 4.7 design of processes in project systems (PS), GPD (Grouping, Pegging, Distribution), production
      planning (PP), materials management (MM), sales and distribution (SD), quality management (QM),
      and warehouse management (WM)
    Promote industry best practices and ensure a consistent, efficient approach for all business units
    High level blueprinting of end-to-end process (sales order to delivery) to develop catalog of processes
      common to all client facilities
          o Developed processes using batch management and serialization requirements along with GPD
    Provided input on SAP capabilities and solutions to 53 major processes and over 750 activity scripts
      (detailed steps within each process)
    Created and tested scenarios the client needed for demonstrations
    Documented standard processes in purchasing, warehouse management, GPD, and quality
      management for client

       Completed project on time and under budget (including all deliverables)
       Created master data matrix (deliverable) defining all the fields and rules that apply for every field in
         the material master, routing master, vendor master, customer master, bill of material, and work
       Streamlined many processes and helped find common best practices for entire business unit
       Developed sandbox of basic configuration and master data in nearly all areas of SAP including PS,
         PP, MM (IM and Purchasing), SD, QM, and WM in order to demonstrate process scenarios

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Industry / Firm : Aerospace / Raytheon Aircraft
Project Description/Scope: Full life cycle implementation of SAP 4.5b (nearly all modules)
Role: Sap Core Team (Warehouse Management)                                         Duration: 2 years
    R/3 design and implementation of 4.5b in all business areas in multiple facilities (three different cities)
    Involved in detailed blueprinting and swimlanes (business process re-engineering)
    Input to design and configuration of warehouse management for over 20 major stockrooms across
       multiple plants (over 200,000 items in stock and daily activity of more than 20,000 transfers)
    Adhere to business requirements of batch management, project stock, serialization, and split valuation
    Helped create specifications for integration of SAP WM into external carousel stockroom system
    Worked with interface to external warehouse management system (PKMS) at our spares distribution
       plant (analyzed IDOC errors)
    Extensively involved in testing and troubleshooting of shipping, inventory management, and
       procurement configuration
    Wrote nearly all the warehouse management and shipping procedure guides
    Instructed over 300 employees in basic SAP training, warehouse management, and shipping
    Developed and controlled security roles for warehouse management
    Developed, tested, and wrote detail specifications for many SAP enhancements and reports
    Key point of contact for SAP troubleshooting of WM, IM and purchasing

    Helped to complete implementation on time to original schedule
    Implemented custom barcoding solutions in SAP using both 1D and 2D barcodes with both tethered
      and RF technologies to increase efficiency of receipts, stocking, and issues

Industry / Firm : Aerospace / Raytheon Aircraft
Role: Warehouse, Inventory, Procurement, MTS variance subject matter expert            Duration: 5 Years
   Procurement Experience
    Worked with subcontract (material provided to vendor), repair, and return purchase orders (blanket,
       inter-company, long term agreements), drop ship, shop overload, external routing scenarios, ERS,
       automatic sourcing, KANBAN replenishment PO generation (vendor managed stock)
    Helped develop several custom reports for procurement metrics and critical data (shortage reports)
   Warehouse Experience
        Worked in high volume stockroom dealing with physical inventory (cycle counting), picking,
           stocking, and receiving
        Resolved inventory issues and performed analytical work throughout the warehouse
   Production Experience
        Resolved MTS variance issues (performed complex analysis of production orders to determine
           variance causes and corrective actions)
               o Dealt with standard, rework, outside production, and co-product production orders
        Worked with finance to evaluate standard cost of materials based on BOM’s, routings, labor
           standards, and costing lot size
   General Experience
    Provided go-live support in manufacturing, stockrooms, procurement, receiving, shipping, and quality
    Worked heavily with shipping and spares and became involved in production control, quality
       management, material master, and finance (application side)
    Managed shipping department of 20 employees and accounting team

    Designed and wrote the technical specifications for several SAP enhancements and reports to collect
      better data, improve processes (both efficiency and throughput), and improve user interfaces

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      Created several Access databases and programs to simplify ad-hoc reporting requirements, status
       updates, and chart creation (including some with a barcode interface)
      Redesigned processes in procurement and the warehouse to improve accuracy and efficiency
      Resolved MTS variances reducing the negative impact to finance

Education, Certification and Additional skills
   Bachelors in Business Administration (MIS Major) with Magna Cum Laude from Wichita State
   Six Sigma certification and basic APICS classes
   SAP RFID and UID solutions training workshop
   SAP Resource related billing fundamentals
   SAP GPD (Grouping, Pegging, and Distribution) fundamentals
   Basic training for SAP CHaRM
   Overview of TRM (Task, Resource, Management)
   Expert in Microsoft Access and Excel and very knowledgeable in PowerPoint and Word
   Programming experience in Visual Basic, C, C++, ASP and .NET (VB .NET, ASP.NET) in Visual Studio
     (2005 and 2008)

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