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					Information Brochure 2008-09


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1. Introduction…………………………………………………………2

2.MHM Programme…………………………………………………...3

3.Learning Resources………………………………………………….5


5.Examination, Attendance & Discipline……………………………..10

6. Placements………………………………………………………….10

7.Hostel facilities……………………………………………….……..11

8. Location…………………………………………………………….11

9. Contact……………………………………………………………...12

        Dept. of Hospital Management, DSM           1
Information Brochure 2008-09


        Department     of  Hospital   Management,     Deccan    School
        Management was established by Dar-Us-Salam Education Trust
        under the leadership of Alhaj Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi. DET is
        one of the prominent Charitable Trust which focuses on
        education & health care .DET established first private Medical
        college i.e Deccan college of Medical Sciences, in Andhra
        Other organizations established by the trust include Deccan
        College of Engineering      & Technology, Owaisi Hospital &
        Research Centre, Princess Esra Hospital. Deccan college of
        Pharmacy, Owaisi School Of Nursing & Deccan college of

1.1     Deccan School of Management.

        Deccan School Of Management was started in the year 1991, the
        year in which India ushered in economic reforms. DSM started
        with an MBA programme. In 1998 it started MHM, Programme at
        its OHRC campus.        Since 2007 Department Of Hospital
        Management is an independent      entity affiliated to Osmania
        University & approved by AICTE.

  1.2 Vision, Mission and objectives

        The vision of the department is to develop into a premier
        academic institution of repute focusing on teaching research &

        The mission is to bring out hospital managers who are sensitive
        to the societal needs.


        1. To train students as future Hospital Administrators and
           Managers with appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude.

        2. To conducted research in the area of health care & Hospital

        3. To undertake consultancy in issues related to Hospital and
           health care.

        Dept. of Hospital Management, DSM                        2
Information Brochure 2008-09


        Department offers two and a half years ( 5 semester) Master
        Degree program in Hospital management (MHM). This
        programme is affiliated to Osmania University and approved by

2.1     Eligibility.

        Graduation in any discipline with minimum 50% marks are
        eligible to apply for the course. Doctors and Para medical
        graduates are encouraged to apply.

2.2     Admission process

        Notification for the admission will be issued in the first week of
        May. The last date of submission of application form is 3 rd June
        Of the 60 seats available 20% i.e. 12 seats are allotted for
        management quota. Admission to 48 seats will be based on the
        performance of entrance test, group discussion and interview by
        faculty of management Osmania University. For admission to
        management quota, candidates need not qualify the entrance
        test. They can directly contact the principal for details. The
        college follows admission rules of Osmania University & DET.
        Application forms can be obtained by submitting a DD for
        Rs.200/- favoring ―Dept of Hospital Management(DSM) ―,
        payable at Hyderabad from Admission Cell, Darussalam
        education trust, Darussalam, Nampally ,Hyderabad-
        500001 in person or by post. Alternatively application form can
        be downloaded from the website www.dshm.co.in and sent along
        with the above prescribed DD to above-mentioned address.

2.3. Fees: The tuition fees for the students who are admitted
     through Entrance Test, Group discussion & Personal Interview is
     Rupees One Lakh for the entire course. The fee may be paid in 2
     installments. Besides they have to pay examination fees & other
     fees as prescribed by Osmania University from time to time. In
     addition hey have to pay for hospital tours outside Hyderabad ,
     participation in soft skills development programmes & attending

        Dept. of Hospital Management, DSM                          3
Information Brochure 2008-09

        The fee structure of the college is one of the most economic
        packages offered by any of the Management institutions across
        the country.

2.4. Unique features of MHM     program at Department of
     Hospital Management ,Deccan School of Management

              This is one of the few hospital management courses, which
        is approved by AICTE as well affiliated to an University. AICTE is
        the statutory body, which regulates technical education,
        including management programs in our country. But hardly
        handful of hospital management institutions in the country has
        AICTE approval. Though some institutions have AICTE approval,
        they don’t have University affiliation. In India only universities
        can award degree. So programs conducted by DHM, DSM has
        approval of AICTE(www.aicte.ernet.in) and affiliation of Osmania
        University,( www.osmania.ac.in) which gives tremendous value
        to the course not only in India but also abroad.

2.5    Scope of Hospital Management Programme.

        Health care is one of the fastest growing Industry in our country.
        In India only one hospital bed is available for population of 1400,
        whereas WHO stipulates 1 bed for 350 people. New hospital
        projects are coming across the country and several existing ones
        are expanding their services.

        Several corporate houses like Fortis, Wockhardt, Reliance are
        venturing into hospital industry. Complexities in the running of
        the Hospital management have made it one of the challenging
        and sought after course. Today hospital industry is considered as
        a sunrise industry.

        A graduate of hospital management has enormous job
        opportunities in India and abroad. They can enter into hospital in
        various managerial positions.
        Today a large number of consultancies have opened that recruit
        hospital management graduates for their consultancy work.
        Another opportunity for hospital management graduates is in
        health insurance organizations and third party administrators.

        Many of the IT firms also recruit students for their hospital
        information system projects.

        Dept. of Hospital Management, DSM                           4
Information Brochure 2008-09

          Today several state governments are appointing postgraduates
          in hospital management from the level of district hospitals.

          Increasing competition, more demanding patients, legal hurdles,
          medical tourism, and consumerism in health care has made
          profession of hospital management highly demanding.


3.1. Faculty

          Faculty member forms the pillar of any academic institute.

          Faculty is headed by Dr Manisha Saxena M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D.
          Members of faculty are from diverse academic background ,
          which would facilitate the inter disciplinary learning of Hospital
          management. The faculty members are as follows:

     1. Dr (Prof) Manisha Saxena MA, M.Phil, PhD Principal
     2. Mrs Ghousia, MBA, Associate professor & Head of Department
     3. Mr Feroz Ikbal, MHA,M.Phil, Associate professor
     4. Mr Syed Murtuza Hussain Bakshi, MBA Assistant professor
     5. Mrs syeda Amtul Yafe , B Pharma, MHM Assistant Professor &
        Placement Officer
     6. Mrs. A Girija MHM, M Phil,

          Besides permanent faculty, number of visiting faculty members
          from academicia & industry also take lectures. Few of the
          visiting faculties are as follows:

          Dr    Shakti     Gupta     -     Head     Dept.    of    Hospital
          Administration,AIIMS,New Delhi
          Dr B Krishna Reddy- chairman board of studies for Management
          Osmania University, Hyderabad
          Mr. Manivannen –MD . Parama Consultancy,Chennai
          Dr.Eshwar    Madas,     Deputy    Director,  Medical    Services,
          GoulburnValley Health, Australia
          Dr.V.Rajasekhar, State Project Manager, A.P.Counsellors Project,
          Dr.P.H.Rao, Professor , Academic Staff College of India,
          Mr.Gangadharan, Managing Director, Heritage Hospitals,
          Dr.Lingaiah, Medical Director, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad

          Dept. of Hospital Management, DSM                            5
Information Brochure 2008-09

3.2 Library

        College has an in-house library, which has 2689 books pertaining
        to Management of Hospitals & related areas. It subscribes to
        several national & international journals like, Harvard Business
        Review, Advances in Developing Human Resources, Vikalpa,
        Journal of academy of hospital administration etc. Besides it has
        good collection of old dissertations of students & back Volumes
        of journals and magazines.

3.3.    Internet Facility
        Students have access to Broad Band Internet facility in the
        library during the college hours.

3.4. Computer centre:

        The department has a computer center with 25 systems.
        Students will be given adequate training in MS-office, SPSS and
        other hospital related software.


        Master’s in hospital management program is a blend of theory
        and practical.

        The pedagogy consists of classroom lectures, case studies group
        discussions & presentations. The important feature of MHM
        program is the focus it gives on practical in the form of Hospital
        visits, know your hospital (KYH), Dissertation, & Internship.

4.1    Syllabus

        The entire course is divided into 5 semesters in which the last
        semester is devoted to internship. Following are the theory
        papers spread across the 5 semesters:

        Dept. of Hospital Management, DSM                           6
Information Brochure 2008-09

        SEMESTER – I (8 Subjects)

Code    Subject                             Scheme of examination
                                            Internal       External
                                            Marks          Marks
     Management and Organisation
101.                                  20                   80         100
     Management of Medical &
102.                                  20                   80         100
     Health Services
103. Accounting for Hospitals         20                   80         100
     Statistics      of      Hospital
104.                                  20                   80         100
105. Health Economics                 20                   80         100
106. Principles of Marketing          20                   80         100
110 Computer basics - lab             --                   50         50
111. Hospital Visits                  50                   --         50
TOTAL                                 170                  530        700


Code    Subject                             Scheme of examination
                                            Internal       External
                                            Marks          Marks
201 Organizational Behavior                 20             80         100
202 Hospital Planning                       20             80         100
203 Hospital Cost Accounting                20             80         100
    Hospital            Operations
204                                20                      80         100
    Management - I
205 Operations Research            20                      80         100
206 Research methods in hospitals 20                       80         100
207 Systems Analysis and Design    20                      80         100
210 Know your hospital             100                     --         100
TOTAL                              240                     560        800


        Dept. of Hospital Management, DSM                             7
Information Brochure 2008-09

Code    Subject                             Scheme of examination
                                            Internal       External
                                            Marks          Marks
    Human Resource Management
301                                  20                    80         100
    in hospitals
302 Patient care services            20                    80         100
303 Hospital Financial Management 20                       80         100
    Hospital              Operations
304                                  20                    80         100
    Management - II
305 Marketing of Hospital Services 20                      80         100
306 Hospital Information System      20                    80         100
TOTAL                                120                   480        600


Code    Subject                             Scheme of examination
                                            Internal       External
                                            Marks          Marks
    Communications for Hospital
401                             20                         80         100
402 Total Quality Management    20                         80         100
403 Strategic Management        20                         80         100
404 Hospital Management and Law 20                         80         100
410 Dissertation                                           100        100
TOTAL                           80                         420        500

Code    Subject                             Scheme of examination
                                            Internal       External
                                            Marks          Marks
501     Internship                                         100        100

        The theory papers covers the interdisciplinary areas of hospital
        management, which gives strong conceptual foundation to the

4.2     Hospital Visits

        On every Saturday during the first two semesters students are
        taken to hospitals, which are located in and around Hyderabad,

        Dept. of Hospital Management, DSM                             8
Information Brochure 2008-09

        guided by 2 faculty members. This will give students a basic
        exposure about the planning & operations of hospitals.

        Once in an academic year they are taken to a major city(s) in
        India for hospital visits. The objective of the visit to outside
        Hyderabad hospitals is to imbibe team spirit and collective
        learning among students besides familiarity to the health care
        industry. The following is the list of cities students visited in the
        previous years:

        2005---Mumbai, Pune
        2004---Delhi, Chandigarh
        2003---Mumbai, Pune

4.3     Know your Hospitals (KYH)

        During the 3rd semester students are placed for 2 hours every
        day in various departments of Owaisi Hospital and Research
        Centre (OHRC), which is the parent Organization of DHM, DSM.
        KYH helps students to understand the finer nuances of patient
        care and hospital planning OHRC was rated as 3rd best Hospital
        in the category of large teaching Hospitals in a survey conducted
        by      Sunday       Indian      issue     dated      20-04-2008

4.4. Dissertation:

        The major role of any hospital manager will be problem
        identification, problem solving and decision-making. Every M.H.M
        student will have to undertake a dissertation in their area of
        interest in a Hospital / Health Care Organization. The students
        will be trained in Research Methodology and application of
        Statistical Packages to undergo dissertation work.

4.5. Internship:

        The entire fifth semester is devoted to internship. The students
        will be placed in a Hospital/ Health Care Consultancy /HealthCare

        Dept. of Hospital Management, DSM                             9
Information Brochure 2008-09

        Organization for a period of six months. During the Internship
        students have to put into practice, what they have imbibed in
        the 4 semesters.


        External examination will be conducted by Osmania University
        for 80% marks. Internal marks will be awarded for 20 marks
        based on the 3 Internal Examinations and submission of
        Assignment. Practical papers will be evaluated on the bases of
        reports submitted and the presentations made.

5.1     Attendance

        The college follows rules prescribed by Osmania University for
        attendance. Minimum of 75% of attendance is required to attend
        the university examinations. Exemptions may be taken on the
        bases of OU rules on payment of prescribed Condonation Fee

5.2     Discipline

        Self-discipline is one of the essential qualities of any hospital
        manager. Students are expected to behave in a dignified manner
        during the college hours & while going for hospital visits. KYH,
        and in internship any deviant behavior will be strictly dealt with.
        Action taken by principal will be final in this regard.

        Students who are taking leave for two or more days have to take
        prior permission form the academic advisor and/or Head of the
        department. Action taken by principal will be final in this regard.


        Success of any management programme is assessed through the
        placement obtained by its students. The Department of Hospital
        Management, Deccan School of Management has a placement
        cell. Following is the list of few select students who are placed in
        India and Abroad.

      NAME                             DESIGNATION   HOSPITAL
 Mr Subodh kumar               Chief Hospital        Sri Krishna

        Dept. of Hospital Management, DSM                            10
Information Brochure 2008-09

                               Administrator           Hrudayalaya, Nagpur

 Mr.W.Sheirangba               Consultant              Astron Health Care,
                                                       New Delhi

 Dr. Sajeed Shaik              Consultant              CSC,Mumbai

 Mr.Arkesh                     Analyst (health care)   Hewlett
 Srivastva                                             Packardt,Mumbai

 Dr. Ashish K                  Dy.Medical Supdt        Geetanjali Medical
 Jaiswal                                               College & Hospital,
                                                       Manva Kheda, Udaipur
 Mr Abdul Salam                HR Executive            Armed Forces Hospital,
 Ather                                                 Saudi Arabia
 Ms.sneha                      Executive (Marketing)   Manipal Hospital,
 Elizabeth                                             Bangalore

 Mr Ravindra                   Administrator           Patel Hospital,
 Reddy                                                 Jalandhar
 Mrs. Bidisha Roy              Unit Manager            Centre for Assisted
 Gupta                                                 Reproduction (CARE),

     The list is suggestive of only few important placements.


        The college has hostel facilities at the Fakhre- Millath hospital for
        boys and girls at the OHRC campus. The details can be obtained
        from the principal’s office. Several private hostels are located
        in and around the hospital.


        The college is located in Santosh Nagar, Kanchanbagh in OHRC
        campus in Hyderabad city.

        Hyderabad is easily accessible by Road, Rail, and by Air form all
        parts of the country.

        The college is 14 Km form Secunderabad Railway Station , 9
        Kms form Nampally railway station & 20Km from Shamshabad

        Dept. of Hospital Management, DSM                             11
Information Brochure 2008-09

        Airport. From Secunderabad & Koti Bus stand, the college can be
        reached by bus number 102, 102K & 90K.


        Dept of Hospital management Deccan School of management
        Owaisi Hospital & Research Center,
        DMRL X Roads,


        09392443116 (principal)

        Dept. of Hospital Management, DSM                        12
        09392443116 (principal)

        Dept. of Hospital Management, DSM                        12

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