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					                          C&F Contractors Lim

    C&F Contractors Limited

                          C&F Contractors Lim

    C&F Contractors Limited

    Company Profile & Portfolio

                                                                                     THE CoMPAnY

                     C&F Contractors Limited


C&F Contractors are an established Company based in inch, Co.
Wexford carrying out construction work on a nationwide basis.

The company is under the direct control of two directors, Chris &
Patricia Flanagan, both bringing to the company different aspects of
managerial skills that have worked so well for them in the past.

This is supplemented by the employment of additional office and site

                     C F Contractors Limited
Together we have assembled a team with vast knowledge of dealing
successfully with many clients.

Heatons, Wicklow       Harley davidson, dublin        Porsche, dublin

                                                 C&F ConTRACToRS LTd - CoMPAnY PRoFiLE & PoRTFoLio
                                                                            MAnAgEMEnT STRuCTuRE

                        C&F Contractors Limited


The Management Structure for the company is as follows:

                              Managing director

                        C&F Contractors Limited

      Estimator                 Construction                   Buying

                                                          Site Management
   Health & Safety                   QS

  After Sales Service                                    Small Works defects

                                                  C&F ConTRACToRS LTd - CoMPAnY PRoFiLE & PoRTFoLio
                                                                              SiTE MAnAgEMEnT

                              C&F Contractors Limited


This will comprise a Site Manager and Finishing Foreman as required.

All Site Managers have the authority to initiate action in all respects of
the work.

The Site Management teams are responsible to the Managing director,
Mr. C. Flanagan, who visits the sites on a weekly basis or as required.

All procurement, planning and commercial matters relating to the
Contract are handled from our head office.
                              C&F Contractors Limited

Hughes & Hughes, dun Laoire

                                              C&F ConTRACToRS LTd - CoMPAnY PRoFiLE & PoRTFoLio
                                                                                                       HEALTH & SAFETY

                      C&F Contractors Limited


C&F Contractors have built up their Health & Safety policies and have
employed the services of a Safety Consultant to ensure that all Health
& Safety matters are monitored on a regular basis. good Health & Safe-
ty policies are of the up most importance to the successful running of
our business and all of our staff are fully trained with reference to all
aspects of Health & Safety. our Safety Consultant and our Managing
director, Mr. C. Flanagan, deal with all Company Health & Safety
                      C&F Contractors Limited
We have recently completed an audit on all safety matters for the
year 2008 where we achieved an average rating of 81% which further
demonstrates the high standards of Health & Safety practiced by
our company. Please find overleaf a copy of the letter and certificate
displaying this rating.

Heatons, Mallow          new Build, inch, gorey        domestic Refurb of listed building, Blackrock

                                                  C&F ConTRACToRS LTd - CoMPAnY PRoFiLE & PoRTFoLio
                                                                                                             ConTRACT PLAnning

                                                       C&F Contractors Limited

                                • ConTRACT PLAnning

                                on award of the Contract a detailed Master Programme is produced by
                                our Technical Co-ordinator in conjunction with the Managing director
                                and the Contracts Manager. The Programme will be based on Critical
                                Path Analysis in linked bar chart format.

                                To supplement this main programme during the construction phase,
                                the Technical Co-ordinator and the Site Manager will draw up
                                detailed five-weekly and weekly programmes. Extensive discussions will
                                take place to identify and preclude potential difficulties that may arise.
                                                       C F Contractors Limited
                                detailed consideration will be given to all aspects of Site Management and
                                co-ordination, including delivery and storage of materials, access,
                                procurement etc.

                                detailed Method Statements will be required from sub-contractors and
                                integrated into master Method Statements designed to interface the
                                myriad of activities comprised in the project.

Harley davidson Store, dublin

                                                                              C&F ConTRACToRS LTd - CoMPAnY PRoFiLE & PoRTFoLio

                           C&F Contractors Limited

1) Employment of In-House Trades or Sub-Contractors
C&F Contractors’ approach to the utilisation of Sub-Contractors will be de-
pendant upon the individual circumstances of each Contract. We believe that
it is essential, where appropriate, to employ specialist Sub-Contractors to en-
sure that their skills are supplemented by their expertise and knowledge.

Where works are carried out by sub-contract labour, a strong emphasis is
placed on vetting, co-ordinating and managing the works both before and dur-
ing the Contract.

C&F Contractors have, over the years, established good working relationships
with many top Sub-Contractors throughout ireland who are regularly em-
ployed. The standards demanded by C&F Contractors ensure that the timely
completion of the Contract can be achieved without jeopardising the quality
of workmanship.            C&F Contractors Limited
2) Procurement
C&F Contractors’ Technical Co-ordinator procures all labour, plant, ma-
terials and sub-contractors for the site.

a) Suppliers
Standard enquiry letters incorporating all the relevant documentation is sent out at
estimate stage to suppliers and quotations are passed on to the Site Team when the
Contract becomes firm.

The Technical Co-ordinator then selects suppliers after checking their compliance
with relevant specification, irish Standard or Code of Practice. A formal order is then
placed in accordance with the Main Contract Provisions, incorporating all necessary

b) Domestic Sub-Contractors
A similar enquiry process is followed. The Site Team will then narrow down the poten-
tial Sub-Contractors to two or three in number. Pre-order meetings, using a standard
agenda, are held with the potential Sub-Contractors to explain how we intend to carry
out the works and to agree all aspects of the sub-contract, together with the interface
of the Sub-Contractors works and the main works. items discussed in the pre-order
meeting include conditions of contract, design matters, methods of operation, attend-
ances required, safety, quality, programme, insurance, anticipated work force and
financial matters. it is fundamental to the success of the project that only when the
sub-contractor matches and agrees to C&F Contractors requirements in all aspects
that an order is placed incorporating the relevant standard form of a sub-contract.

                                                      C&F ConTRACToRS LTd - CoMPAnY PRoFiLE & PoRTFoLio
                                                                            FinAnCiAL ConTRoL

                        C&F Contractors Limited

• FinAnCiAL ConTRoL

The cost management of the project is regarded by C&F Contractors to
be equally important to the construction of the scheme. Through the em-
ployment of the appropriately skilled surveying staff, the works can be
progressively measured, valued and agreed. The above staff are under
the control of the Managing director, Mr. C. Flanagan. Any variations to
the Employers requirements, including cost implications, are identified
early on so that agreement on their fair valuation can be agreed in good
time. in this way, the project cost budget can be monitored accurately
and the final account prepared and agreed promptly following Practical
Completion.             C F Contractors Limited
C&F Contractors have always tried to avoid financial problems by bring-
ing any problems that may exist to the notice of the professional team.
We also do not try to claim for any minor item or delay the Contract be-
cause of any financial issues.

Heatons, Carrickmines

                                             C&F ConTRACToRS LTd - CoMPAnY PRoFiLE & PoRTFoLio
                                                                   ConTRACT PLAnning

              C&F Contractors Limited

• ConTRACT PLAnning
C&F Contractors have completed over 80 contracts all
carried out to tight programmes, completed on time and
within projected financial allowances.

Here is a list of some notable contracts:

• Refurb of Heatons Head office, Tallaght

• Heatons & Sportsworld, Boucher Road
              C&F Contractors Limited
• Heatons, Blancardstown

• Heatons & SportsWorld, Carrickmines

• Hughes & Hughes, dun Laoghaire

• Hughes & Hughes, dublin Airport (dAA)

• Harley davidson, Red Cow, dublin

• Porsche, dublin

• Belgard Motors Servicing dept, Belgard Road

• Housing developments, gorey

• Extensive Refurb to listed building, Blackrock

                                     C&F ConTRACToRS LTd - CoMPAnY PRoFiLE & PoRTFoLio
                                                                              ConTRACT PLAnning

                       C&F Contractors Limited

• ConTRACT PLAnning

C&F Contractors have been carrying out construction works on various
contracts for the last eight years. We have successfully completed over
80 projects. C&F Contractors always work closely with the client and
management to ensure that a satisfactory completion is achieved.

We have built up a very good working relationship with all existing cli-
ents to ensure that contracts are completed to a high standard and are
completed on time and to a high quality.

                       C F Contractors Limited
C&F Contractors also supply an excellent after sales service. All items
brought to our attention, including Mechanical and Electrical defects,
are dealt with as a matter of urgency and we ensure that no disrup-
tion is caused. We have trained our own staff and sub-contractors to
recognise what quality and type of finish is required and have always
worked very closely with the mechanical and Electrical Contractors and
their consultants to ensure the full co-ordination of all the works and all
programme dates including commissioning are achieved within project
required dates to ensure the smooth completion of the contract.

As a company C&F Contractors have always prided ourselves on giving
a first class service as we believe the previous contract being com-
pleted successfully leads to further work.

                                               C&F ConTRACToRS LTd - CoMPAnY PRoFiLE & PoRTFoLio
                                                                                          AnnuAL TuRnoVER

                                          C&F Contractors Limited

                               • AnnuAL TuRnoVER

                               2001             980,000.00 irish Punts
                               2002           2,500,000.00 Euro
                               2003           3,000,000.00 Euro
                               2004           3,500,000.00 Euro
                               2005           6,000,000.00 Euro
                               2006           6,500,000.00 Euro
                               2007           6,500,000.00 Euro
                                          C&F Contractors Limited

BELoW: Heatons, Carrickmines

                                                          C&F ConTRACToRS LTd - CoMPAnY PRoFiLE & PoRTFoLio
                                             TAx CLEARAnCE

C&F Contractors Limited

                                              TAx CLEARANCE
C&F Contractors Limited

          C&F ConTRACToRS LTd - CoMPAnY PRoFiLE & PoRTFoLio

C&F Contractors Limited

C&F Contractors Limited

          C&F ConTRACToRS LTd - CoMPAnY PRoFiLE & PoRTFoLio

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