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					              Passion Fruit Designs New Easy Order Form 2009, pg. 1 of 4

                                                         Client’s Name
           Welcome to Your                                  Client
         Passion Fruit Designs                             Phone #s

           Easy Order Form!                               Client Email

  Thank you for ordering your competition suit with       (Street, City,
     Passion Fruit Designs. We are committed to            Postal/Zip
 providing you with the best that the Figure/Fitness         Code)
Industry has to offer and our prime objective is to do
  so with the best customer service available on the       Show Date
                    market today.
  Please read all pages of this order form to ensure     Location, and
   your understanding of our policies, and to help        Federation
  answer any questions you may have about how to            Name
        measure for your custom made suits.              Measurements      Height:                Bra Sz: at
                                                         See guide below                                             Implants
                                                                           Weight:                showtime
Should you have any questions, we are here to help.        For 1pc suits
  Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at          please also
         berns@passionfruitdesigns.com                    include photo                           Waist:             Hips:
                                                         confirmation of   Width:
           or by phone at 519-940-0092.
                                                           Front Torso
                                                         Msmt as shown                            Front Torso with
    We look forward to making your experience of                           Butt:
                                                             in Guide                             photo confirm:
     ordering your competition suits as easy and
                                                                                                          1pc Torso:
               enjoyable as possible!                                      Bikini Top:
                                                                                                          1pc Top:
                                                           Office Use      Bikini Bottom:


Bikini Base Pricing Levels in $US
                                                                           Crystal                        Crystal
                                                                           Pattern:                       Colours:
Perfect Level $ 345
Glamour Level $499                                                         Base Pricing of 2pc                               $
Premiere Level $799                                        Details &       Add Coloured Crystals $70/colour                  $
Brilliance Level $1100                                      Pricing
Ultra Brilliance Level $1850                                               Add Special Effect Crystals $120/colour           $
                                                                           Add Bra Pads $25 Double                           $
Couture Level $2640                                                        Add Crystals on Straps $60                        $
Couture Pro Level $3500
                                                                           Add Crystal Centerpiece $60                       $
                                                                           Total Price of Your 2pc Suit                      $

1 Pc Base Pricing Levels in $US
Perfect Level $ 420                                                        Pattern:
Glamour Level $650
Premiere Level $925                                        Details &       Base Pricing of 1pc                               $
Brilliance Level $1200                                      Pricing
                                                                           Add Coloured Crystals $70/colour                  $
Ultra Brilliance Level $2240
                                                                           Add Special Effect Crystals $120/colour           $

Couture Level $3300                                                        Add Bra Pads $15 Single                           $
Couture Pro Level $4400                                                    Add Crystals on Straps $60                        $
                                                                           Total Price of Your 1pc Suit                      $
                Passion Fruit Designs New Easy Order Form 2009, pg. 2 of 4

  Step 6: Billing - Please note that all suit orders are payable in full at time of ordering. All sales final and non-transferable.
  By submitting your credit card and payment information, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of sale as outlined on
  page 4 below. You also acknowledge and understand that all sales are final and that all sales are non-refundable once
  processed. Should your suit not fit you once you receive it, we will be happy to look at your pictures to determine if needs
  to be remade due to improper sizing, in which case our policy is to remake it at no extra cost to you. In most cases
  however, suit fit issues can be rectified by following our fitting guide instructions as found on our website at How To Wear
  Once your order is finalized, we will contact you by phone for your Credit Card information. Orders are converted to Canadian Funds as per www.xe.com
  Your Suit. Card transactions can be are processed in Canadian Funds. Your Credit Card information is kept confidenti al.
  so that Credit
  Please contact your Credit Card Company to inform them of the upcoming transaction and the final purchase amount.
  As per regular CC policy, in order to ensure your security, many credit card companies will only authorize large
  purchases via telephone sales if they have been notified in advance.
  Please note that extra shipping fees may apply such as State Sales Tax, and some customs charges for orders shipped to clients o utside of Canada.

  Total Price of 2 Piece Suit                                                                $                       Please feel free to contact us at any time
                                                                                                                     should you have questions regarding your
  Total Price of 1 Piece Suit                                                                $                       suit design at any time throughout the
                                                                                                                     design process, or any aspect of your
  Sub Total Before Shipping                                                                  $
                                                                                                                     order before finalizing.
  NEW Shipping Options Please Highlight Your Preference                                      $                       A member of our Passion Fruit Designs
  To US Addresses – Rates may vary depending on Address                                                              team, Berns or Mitch will be happy to
                                                                                                                     assist you, should you have any
  FedEx Overnight Delivery to USA = $80                                                                              questions.
  FedEx 2 Day Delivery To USA = $60
  FedEx Overnight Shipping to USA for lightweight packages under .5 lbs =                                            Our direct phone # is 1-519-940-0092

  To Canadian Addresses - Rates may vary depending on Address
  FedEx Overnight Delivery to Canada = $50
  FedEx 2 Day Delivery To Canada = $45
  FedEx Overnight Shipping to Canada for lightweight packages under .5 lbs
  = $25
  Ontario Orders add 8% PST                                                                  $
  FedExDue in US Funds
  Total 5 Day Ground Shipping To Canada = $20                                                $
  Total Converted to Canadian Funds as per www.xe.com                                        $

  Step 7: Payment Information
  Name on Card:
                         (Please contact your Credit Card Company to pre-authorize this transaction)
  Credit Card # (Visa/Mastercard):

  Expiry Date:
  (Office Use) Paid on:                                                       Authorization #
  Step 8: Confirmation of Order
  By typing my name here, I indicate that I have read and agree to the attached policies below. This document contains 4 pages in total.

  Thank you for ordering your Passion Fruit Designs suit(s). Upon successful completion of your payment, you will receive a confirmation email indicating
  the estimated date of delivery, usually within 6 to 8 weeks. Our design team will keep you posted on the progress of your su it, and we will contact you
  with a phone call to let you know when your suit is ready to be shipped out. At that time, you will also receive an email with fitting instructio ns, pictures
  of your competition suit, and a FedEx Tracking Number for you to track your package delivery.

                                     Passion Fruit Designs Order Form 2009
Current Pictures - Please attach your current pictures as a separate email attachment, when emailing this form
back to us to berns@passionfruitdesigns.com . Include front, back and side views.
Passion Fruit Designs New Easy Order Form 2009, pg. 3 of 4
             Passion Fruit Designs New Easy Order Form 2009, pg. 4 of 4
 Thank you for selecting Passion Fruit Designs to create your one-of-a-kind custom competition suit. Please read the
 following carefully to fully understand our ordering policies. Your suits are custom designed and created especially for
 you. If your suit does not fit, we will remake it for you once you send pictures indicating areas of concern, at no extra cost
 to you. Original suits being replaced must be returned to Passion Fruit Designs. Original Suits not returned will be billed
 as per original order. All sales are final and non-transferable.

 Payment in Full Required
 Once your form has been completed and submitted, a member of our design team will contact you to process your
 payment via Visa/Mastercard/Paypal or Bank to Bank Transfer. You are officially a Passion Fruit Girl once your order
 is paid for, and you will at that time have full, unlimited access to Berns and our design team.
 Finalization of Fabric Choices, Suit Design Details
 This final and updated Order Form will be emailed back to you for confirmation, which will then serve as our design
 and work order for your suits.
 Duplication of Designs From Other Manufacturers
 Please note that Berns does not duplicate or attempt to recreate another designer’s style of suit in terms of cut or
 crystal design. Please refer to samples of our work as seen on our site at www.passionfruitdesigns.com for suit
 styles and ideas you wish to be incorporated into your design.
 Your Up-To-Date Pictures Are Requested
 Please include recent pictures of yourself in a bikini, front, back and side, to ensure accurate design of your suit
 Requests for Design Changes
 Please note that any requests for changes to your design before or during your suit’s construction, must be
 resubmitted using this form, and may result in an additional fee if your suit is in the process of being completed.

 Natural Wear and Tear of Your Suit
 When selecting your fabric type for your suit, you need to be aware that fabrics with a textured or overlay finish such
 as our Hydrofoil (also called Mystique), do tend to show wear and tear faster than matte or flat fabrics such as our
 luxury velvets. Normal wear and tear may start to show signs of dulling of fabric, particularly in high friction areas
 such as the lower glute area, and between the legs. This may occur after even one show. This is unavoidable and
 Passion Fruit Designs is not responsible for damage resulting from normal wear and tear of your suit.

 Additionally, use of tanning products, stage oil and makeup and bikini bite may also affect the longevity of your suit,
 regardless of fabric selected, and Passion Fruit Designs is not responsible for staining or damage resulting from use of
 these products. These issues are not unique to Passion Fruit Designs suits, but are common industry standards.
 Having said this, your suit will wash well in cold water using mild detergent such as Zero, Woolite etc., when washed
 by hand and laid flat to dry. We are not responsible for wear and tear of your competition suit, once used, or for
 damage caused by washing.

 Genuine Swarvoski Crystals are used exclusively on all suits. We use the highest quality glue, especially made for
 crystal application, which will preserve the foil backing on each crystal. At times, there may be a few crystals may fall
 off due to natural wear and tear of your suit. This is normal and it should not affect the overall look or function of
 your suit. We would be happy to repair any lost crystals free of charge (not including shipping).
 Completion of Your Suit
 Once you have completed your suit order form, and submitted your payment, Berns will notify you of your expected
 date of delivery of your suit. Every effort will be made to ensure that this deadline is met. You will receive a FedEx
 shipment notification via email letting you know that your shipment is on it’s way.
 Alterations Requested After Receipt of Your Suit
 Once your suit arrives, please try it on immediately to ensure proper fit. All suits are created based on the
 measurements you have provided as well as your pictures submitted. 99% of all fitting concerns are able to be
 resolved through fitting tips and tricks which are attached in the form of a booklet to your neck straps. If after trying
 your fitting tips, you still have concerns feel free to email us right away with pictures showing front back and side
 views. This will help us greatly when in case we need to remake your suit because of improper sizing or fit, in spite
 of fitting adjustments. We will need to be notified as such within 48 hours of delivery. After 48 hours of delivery of
 your suit, Berns will be happy to remake your suit, but at cost to you, including reshipping. Therefore, please
 notify of any need for changes within 48 hours.

By typing my name here, __________________________________________ have read, understand
and agree to the above Ordering and Company Policies of Passion Fruit Designs.
Dated ______________________

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