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									Cheat code for GTA VICE CITY

Aspirine (retains health)

Bigbang(blasts the vehicles nearby)

Panzer(tanks comes in)

Gettherefast (car comes in)

Getthereveryfastindeed(car comes in)

Getthereamazinglyfast ( car comes in)

Rockandrollcar (love fist car comes in)

Arubbishcar (garbage car comes in)

Ilooklikelance( changes personal attire)

Ilooklikehilary (gets fat)

Rockandrollman (changes looks, gets trendy)

Programmer( his hands and legs get slim)

Weloveourdick (gets a nerd kind of look)

Foxylittlething (changes into a girl)

Stilllikeddressingup( gets the local look of GTA VICE CITY people)

Thugstool (for weapons)

Nuttertools ( for weapons)

Professionaltools( for weapons again)

Leavemealone (police leaves you alone)

Youwontletmelivealive (police arrives)

Comeflywithme(cars fly for awhile)

Seaways (we can drive car on water)

Preciousprotection (armor protection comes in)

Ahairdresserscar (car becomes pink in color)
Iwantitpaintedblack (car becomes black in color)

Certaindeath (cigarette smoking)

Nobodylikesme( everyone starts beating up the guy)

Fannymagnet (crowds come after you)

Mysonisalawyer (changes look of the person)

Loadsoflittlething(tyres of sports car becomes big)

Icanttakeitanymore(commit suicide)

Alovelyday(clear day)

Apleasantday(good day)

Cantseeanything(foggy day)

Raincatsanddogs(rainy day)

Idonthavethemoneysony(changes the look of person)

Cheat code for playing Pin Ball

Hidden test (used for controlling the ball)

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