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					      Ma-Chis Kawv, LLC

          Ma-Chis LCITE, Inc
       Vanguard Contractors, LLC

                               Presented to:

United States Army Corps of Engineers
                       Mobile District
                   December 5, 2007
    Mentor-Protégé Agreement

 October 12, 2007 – Approved Mentor-Protégé
  between Ma-Chis LCITE (a SBA-certified 8(a)
  Tribal Company) and Vanguard Contractors
 Enabled formation of Ma-Chis Kawv, LLC
 Exempt from $3 million threshold
 Eligible for Sole Source Contracts
 SBA POC: Mr. William A. Howell III
          SBA District Counsel
          Birmingham, AL 35211
          (205) 290 – 7101, ext. 231
                 Agreement Provides
 Management & Technical Assistance
   Strategic Business Planning/Development/Marketing
   Financial Management (Estimating, Cost Projections, Job Cost
      Accounting, Operating Budgets)
   Training Assistance (Bid Procedures, Marketing, Software
      [Estimating, Scheduling, Payroll, Reporting], Proposal Preparation)

 Business Development
     Business Planning Advice
     Sharing Information on Potential Clients
     Assistance from Mentor Marketing Personnel
     Help Prepare, Submit, and Negotiate Proposals
     Training on How to Market Mentor/Protégé Program
        Ma-Chis Kawv, LLC
        Senior Management
   Ma-Chis Lower Creek Indian Tribe Enterprises Inc
David Johnson, NAI                        Ma-Chis LCITE
President                                 10893 West State Hwy 52
                                          PO Box 306
Robert Richardson, NAI                    Samson, AL 36477
Manager of Contracting          
                                          Phone: (334) 449-2744
Roger Hooper                              Fax: (334) 565-3651
Program Manager                           CAGE: 39VL8
                                          DUNS: 360613710
                   Vanguard Contractors
Joel A. Guess
Senior Vice President                     Vanguard Contractors
                                          218 North 6th Street
David C. Martino                          Paducah, KY 42001
Chief Organizational Officer    
                                          Phone: (270) 442-8620
Mark Sanders
                                          Fax: (270) 442-0749
Vice President – Strategic Projects       CAGE: 0MP25
Michael Keel                              DUNS: 102136074
Vice President – Government Programs
               What We Bring to the Table
Varied Capabilities
  Significant Design/Build Work
  Emergency Response to Natural
  Infrastructure Repair/Upgrade (water,
    steam, electrical, comm, etc)
  Primary and Secondary Electrical
  Hangar Renovation
  Central Energy Plant Renovation
  Range Construction
  ACM/LBP Remediation
  SCIF-level COMM
  HVAC Upgrades
  Life Safety Upgrades
Single Task Order Values: $12,000 -
 $58 million
         What We Bring to the Table
 Services include:
    Scheduling
    Estimating
    Construction
    Construction Management
    Electrical, Telecom &
     Security Systems
    Preventive & Emergency
    Facilities Maintenance
    Technical Consulting
    Protective Forces
    Security Guards
    Refuse Services
        Our Areas of
    Support & Performance

.   .

                               .   .
                       .                        .
              .            .       .
                                       . ....

        .   Vanguard
        .   Ma-Chis LCITE
                 Our Customers
Ma-Chis LCITE Inc. and Vanguard Contractors have
   current contracts with the following Federal
             Government Agencies:
   U.S. Secret Service
   Department of Homeland Security
   General Services Administration
   U.S. Army
   U.S. Navy
   U.S. Air Force
   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
   U.S. Coast Guard
   U.S. Department of Interior (Forestry Division)
   NASA (Johnson Space Center, Kennedy Space Center, Stennis
    Space Center, & Michoud Assembly Facility)

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