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Solar Testimonial Template

In order to help us make the Silicon Valley Energy Map as useful as possible for Santa Clara County
residents, businesses, and community members, we are providing testimonials and case studies for solar
installations, certified green buildings, and significant energy efficiency projects in the Silicon Valley.
Please use this form to send us a description of your project. We will contact you with any questions.
Please allow up to two months for the information to be uploaded to the map.

Please submit completed template to, or fax the form to
(408) 292-6211, attn: Silicon Valley Energy Watch.

Installation Type – Check one:
   Solar electricity (PV)      Solar thermal (Hot Water)

Building Type – Check one:
   Residential (single family home)          Residential (multifamily)        Commercial
   Industrial     School
   Other (Please describe)

Project name
(For residential systems: Property owner’s name; optional. For commercial and other system
owners: business or organization name.)

Building details:
Square footage:
Number of stories:
Primary use if non residential (multi use, type of commercial or industrial, etc):

Installation details:
Capacity (kw):
Installer (optional):
Type of panels:

Picture(s): Please attach up to 2 pictures, NO MORE THAN 1 megabyte each.

Narrative (500 words max):

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