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									Candidate #28350

    Over 7 years of professional IT experience with over 3 years in TIBCO and Over 4 years in
    Experience in Software Development involving design, development, deployment and
     testing of various Enterprise applications using TIBCO Suite of Products, Java, Web
     Services, XML and Network Management Systems.
    Complete knowledge of EAI concepts, TIBCO architecture, Implementation, Design
     patterns and best practices.
    Expertise in installation, configuration and development of TIBCO Active Enterprise suite
     of applications.
    Experience in designing and developing BPM (Business Process Management) solutions
     using Tibco iProcess suite.
    Experience in Modeling, Simulating and designing Business processes, procedures and
     case development using Business Studio and TIBCO iProcess.
    Sound knowledge of iProcess Server Objects for Java.

    Experience in monitoring Tibco applications using Hawk.
    Well conversant in widely used messaging standards including EMS/JMS and TIBCO
     Rendezvous (RV).
    Designed and developed EAI TIBCO Interfaces using TIBCO Business Works 5.6, TIBCO
     Business Events 2.2, TIBCO Designer 5.5 and TIBCO EMS 4.4.
    Working Experience in configuring and using the Tibco Adapters for File, ADB, MQ
     Series and SAP R/3.
    Experience in implementing SOA concepts by designing and developing Web Services,
     WSDL, SOAP and UDDI using TIBCO Businessworks and BEA Aqualogic.
    Experience in providing production support of TIBCO applications by troubleshooting, re-
     producing and fixing the bugs, testing and deploying the code fixes and enhancing the
     existing processes.
    Worked with Business Analysts towards identifying the Integration Interfaces and defining
     its scope and data format definitions.
    Over 4 years of experience in the development of Web Services, Network Management
     Systems, GSM Roaming Applications and Web Applications.
    Experience managing all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including:
     requirements analysis, design, development, testing and maintenance.
    Working experience in XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, Web services and Apache Axis Web
     Services toolkit.
    Ability to understand the business processes to devise technical solutions.
    Expert level skills in Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Development of software
     applications using Java/J2EE applications on Windows, UNIX, Linux and Solaris
    Good knowledge of XML related technologies like XML, XSL/XSLT, XPATH and SOAP with
     functional experience.
    Strong Working knowledge in Oracle 8i/9i/10g, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2000 and
    Sound knowledge in SNMP protocol and the TCP/IP protocol suite.

EAI Tools: TIBCO iProcess, TIBCO Business Studio 2.1, TIBCO Business Works 5.6, TIBCO
Designer 5.5, Rendezvous 7.5.2, EMS 4.4, ADB Adapter 5.2, Siebel Adapter 5.3, File Adapter 5.3,
MQ Series Adapter 5.1, Administrator 5.4, SAP R/3 Adapter, Hawk 4.7, TIBCO GI.
Operating Systems: Windows 2000/2003/XP, RedHat Linux, Sun Solaris 9, UNIX
Programming Skills: J2SE 1.5, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JSTL, J2EE, JMS, Spring, Hibernate, Struts,
Java script, Perl script, Web services, SQL, PL/SQL
BPM: TIBCO iProcess, BEA Aqualogic BPM, BPEL, XPDL
SOA: BEA Aqualogic Service Bus (ALSB), Apache Service Mix
IDE: Net Beans 4.0, IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse
RDBMS: Oracle 8i/9i/10g, MS SQL Server 2005, PostgreSQL
Protocols: TCP/IP, SNMP v1 and v2c, SOAP, HTTP, FTP. UDP
NMS Frameworks: OpenNMS, AdventNet WebNMS, Net Manager
Tools Used: Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest, WinCVS, Apache Axis SOAP Framework,
JUnit, Log4j
Servers: Tomcat, JBOSS, Weblogic 9.2, Websphere 6.1

Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science Engineering) from Nagarjuna University, India


Hutchison CP Telecommunications                                              Apr’07 - Till Date
Tech Mahindra, Richardson, TX
Senior TIBCO Consultant

Hutchison CP Telecommunications (HCPT) is a telecommunications company which is a joint
venture between Hong Kong-based Hutchison Telecom and the CP Group of Indonesia.
TechMahindra is the integration partner for the HCPT group. This company’s IT applications
consists of CRM systems, Billing systems, Provisioning systems, Voucher Management Systems,
eTopup systems, etc. There is a requirement from the HCPT to integrate all the business
components in their mobile network so that all the applications can communicate and exchange

The various Enterprise applications in the network includes Siebel as CRM, Geneva as Billing
system, Clarity as a Provisioning system, TeleSoft as an eTopup system, Elite Core as a Voucher
management system, etc. TIBCO Active Enterprise suite is used to integrate all these
heterogeneous applications in the HCPT network. Various interfaces are designed to interact with
each of the enterprise applications in an efficient manner.

     Requirement Analysis.
     Involved in designing the Low-level Design (LLD) document using UML and Rational Rose
      for defining the interfaces.
     Designed and developed TIBCO BW processes for Billing history, Transfer balance,
      Change corporate customer hierarchy modules.
     Designed and developed the Manual Error handling module for handling re-push
     Developed workflows & cases using iProcess Modeler and Business Studio.
     Developed web services for handling billing related queries.
     Wrote rule bases for checking existence of a process, monitoring log files for specific
      patterns or errors, etc using TIBCO HAWK.
     Developed Java classes to test the Tibco interfaces and to send data to the Tibco
     Invoking some existing Java libraries and using them as reusable components in BW
     Designed and developed a stateless session bean (EJB) for business logic on Clarity
      provisioning system.
     Subscribed messages from TIB/JMS, implemented business logic, data validation and
      mapping fields using XPath and published messages using TIB/JMS.
     Implementation of AE and RV messages in Multicast Request/Reply, Point-to-Point
      Request/Reply and Publish/Subscribe mechanisms.
     Configured and used the Siebel Adapter and ADB Adapter
     Handling or errors in BW processes with proper descriptions and different types of alerts.
     Designed XML schemas keeping future enhancements in view.
     Deployed and tested Business process services.
     Unit and Integration testing, bug fixing and acceptance testing.
     Implementing changes in the interfaces when a CR is raised.
     Production support with quick response, troubleshooting, re-producing and resolving the
      issues in minimal time frame.

Environment: TIBCO Business Studio 2.1, TIBCO iProcess, TIBCO Business Works 5.6, TIBCO
Designer 5.5, TIBCO EMS 4.4 TIBCO RV 7.4, TIBCO Siebel Adapter 5.3, TIBCO ADB Adapter 5.2,
TIBCO Administrator 5.4, TIBCO Hawk 4.7, TIBCO GI, SQL, PL/SQL, MS SQL Server2005, J2EE,
EJB, Weblogic 9.2, Workshop, UML, Rational Rose.

AllState Insurance, Chicago, IL                                               Feb’ 06 – Mar’ 07
Tibco Consultant

AllState Insurance Company has number of trading partners. Daily, lot of data is exchanged
between AllState and their trading partners in the form of files. For this purpose AllState has
integrated their business applications by using TIBCO. This project contains 135 file transfer
interfaces, 10 web service interfaces. Using one of the FTP interface, AllState transfers details of
motor vehicle insurance customers in file form to South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle
(SCDMV) on daily basis and also received files from SCDMV.

     Participated in the Design & Development phase for defining the business processes from
      the business requirements.
     Defined various test scenarios that would be used to test the AllState to SCDMV File
      Transfer interface.
     Designed and implemented an Inbound and Outbound File Transfer interfaces those
      were used to transfer files from/to AllState.
     Interacted with client to standardize and agree upon XML schemas that would be
      implemented over FTP.
     Configured and used the FTP Service.
     Developed a custom Adapter for SCDMV Interface using Java and Custom Adapter SDK.
     Involved in transferring the data in EDI format to XML schema.
     Developing workflows and performing a current state analysis and decomposition of various
      aspects of the business requirements specifications to produce various artifacts such as
      cases, procedures, workflow using TIBCO Staffware /iProcess Modeler.
     Modeled a procedure in such a way that a case is started in iProcess when a file is
      received on the interface.
     Developed SOAP-based Web Services using Tibco BusinessWorks for customer
      queries, Rental reimbursement, Medical payments, etc. These web services enable the
      client application to use them through simple SOAP calls.
     Troubleshooting applications, database connections, interfaces and network
      connections if a fault is reported. Re-producing, analyzing, fixing and testing the
      Faults raised. Deploying the corrected code in the production environment.
     Developed Interfaces using Java and Apache Axis toolkit for testing the exposed Web
     Implemented Error Handling using a Centralized Error Handler process that would take
      the necessary corrective action.

Environment: TIBCO Business Works 5.4, TIBCO iProcess, TIBCO Designer 5.4, TIBCO EMS 4.4,
TIBCO Rendezvous (RV) 7.3, TIBCO ADB Adapter 5.1, MQ Series Adapter, TIBCO Administrator,
Hawk, SQL, PL/SQL, IBM MQ Series, Java/J2EE, MS SQL Server2005, HP-UX 11i, Windows 2003

PepsiCo, Chicago, IL                                                              Mar’ 05 – Jan’
06 TIBCO Consultant

In a short span of years, Industry leaders Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade have joined Pepsi-Cola and
Frito-Lay to form PepsiCo. The PepsiCo One-Up Project is to collaborate with the whole business in
SAP from the legacy system. Project One-Up is implemented as an integrated, Enterprise-wide
Resource Planning (ERP) Technology to empower them with real-time data and tools across
PepsiCo. This PepsiCo One-Up project is divided into five pillars or phases as Release1, QTG1,
QTG2, PCNA1, and PCNA2. Currently QTG2 (Quaker, Tropicana and Gatorade) Assembly test
support is going on. The transformation involves creating the interfaces to transfer the data from
legacy systems to SAP or from SAP to legacy system.
Interfaces are developed for manufacturing (MFG), Order to cash (OTC), Finance (FIN), logistics,
ISCP, etc. In MFG, the interfaces developed are forecasting, production scheduling, etc. In OTC,
the interfaces developed are advanced shipment notification and in FIN, the interface developed is
Vendor master update and in logistics, advanced delivery Notification objects are developed.

     Involved in Creating the Processes and Mapping Functionalities between various activities
      in Tibco interfaces.
     Designing and Implementing BW Processes.
     Used Java utility packages from the BW Processes by calling them across the templates
      and Business processes.
     Developed EJB’s for implementing business logic.
     Created the smartmapper relationships and wizards.
     Designing and implementing TIBCO BusinessWorks solutions for enterprise to provide
      connectivity between the web and SAP R/3 Systems.
     Designing and Implementation of XML schema definitions using XML Spy Tool keeping
      reusability in view across the systems.
     Deployed and tested Business process services.
     Used Distributed Queues for load balancing.
     Implementation of AE and RV messages in Multicast Request/Reply, Point-to-Point
      Request/Reply and Publish/Subscribe mechanisms.

Environment: TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO Rendezvous (RV) 7.3, TIBCO adapters for
SAP, ADB, SDK, Hawk, Designer, JAVA/J2EE, EJB, Weblogic 8.1, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, TOAD.

Comverse Wireless PBX (WPBX)                                                   Jan’04 – Feb’ 05
Flextronics Software, Bangalore, India
Sr. Java/J2EE Developer
This application will be used to make the mobile communication happened like a PBX so call-
forwarding, group calling using one number, call conference in group of people, sending
SMS/MMS to group and call-hunt can be done through a mobile in a minute. The whole
application is divided in three different modules one is to interact with C/C++ API using JNI to
implement the parlay API for core level interaction with the parlay server, other is to handle the
admin feature using j2ee architecture and third is to implement the whole call-mechanism using
the voice XML.
      Responsible for analysis, design, QA & documentation for the SDLC of the product.
     Develop technical specifications including used cases using OO Methodology (UML,
      Rational Rose).
     Developed the      User-Interaction   (GUI)   using   Eclipse   Modeling   Framework      and
     Development of Call-Queue pooling for call-routing using Java-Threads.
     Implementation of XML Decoder and XML Encoder to parse the incoming request and
      sending the response back to the caller with desired result using JAXP and XERCES API.
     Development of Admin feature using Struts Framework.
     Performed client side validation using Struts validation framework & Javascript.
     Developed controller and view side code including: UI screens, corresponding Struts
      forms and actions.
     Implementation of Servlets, JSP and Action Classes used in Admin module.
     Development database logic using JDBC with backend as Oracle 9i.
     Deployment/Configuration of different Call-Plans and server-domains for the Parlay
      application on BEA Weblogic.
     Configuration of JMS (Queues and Topics) and JNDI settings for Message transaction on
      BEA Weblogic.
     Performance tuning of BEA Weblogic Server and monitoring memory and thread
      pooling using OptimizeIt.
     Used ANT for built/release and Log4j for logging and tracking.
     Developed JUnit test cases for Unit Testing.
Environment: Core Java 1.4, J2EE (JSP, Servlets, JDBC, EJB), XML/XSLT, JAXP, JAXB, Web-
Services, HTML, JavaScript, UML, Rational Rose, MVC/Struts, Apache/Tomcat, BEA WebLogic 7,
Eclipse Modeling Framework, JUnit, ANT, Log4j, C/C++, JNI, Oracle 9i, Linux and Rational ClearCase.

Prepaid Local Number – Provisioning System                             Jul’ 03 – Dec’ 03
Roamware, Mumbai, India
Java/J2EE Developer

PLN allows seamless roaming to its subscribers across their group operators at cheaper rates. It
allows the subscribers to have local numbers at roaming destinations and get local calling rates
instead of roaming charges. Provisioning Request Receiver Module would be responsible for
receiving provisioning requests from either end users (over SMS) or from the Point of Sale(XML
Request over https). The PRR will process the request, communicate with the TABS and the
remote Provisioning Systems over SOAP and then sends this request to the Provisioning Processor.
The SOAP Servers are developed using Apache Axis.

     Involved in the Requirements Analysis.
     Involved in the design phase of the provisioning system.
     Evaluated the Apache AXIS2 framework for forming, sending and receiving SOAP
     Successfully designed POC on AXIS2 framework for the business requirement.
     Configured of AXIS2 as web service publisher/consumer.
     Implemented packaged web services component using ANT build script.
     Developed Web services client using AXIS2 framework.
     Developed the server component for handling the provisioning requests using Servlets.
     Developed the SOAP server that handles the SOAP requests for the provisioning system.
     Implemented JMS for load balancing.
     Converted the existing standalone application into a web application.

Environment: Java, Servlets, JSP, XML, JMS, SOAP. Apache Axis, Windows, Oracle9i, Tomcat

DO-EMS for 1x EV-DO Networks                                                  May’02 –Jun’03
Airvana Networks, Chelmsford, USA and Bangalore, India
Product Engineer

DO-EMS is a web-based Element Management System that is used to manage the Airvana 1xEV-
DO devices including Radio Network Controllers (RNC) and Data Only Modules (DOM). This EMS
includes functions like Topology Manager, Auto- discovery, Fault and Alarm Managements,
Performance and Configuration Managements. This EMS is built on top of AdventNet WebNMS
framework which provides the basic network management functionality.
The EMS Server communicates with the NE's via the combination of SNMP, XML over HTTP and
FTP. SNMP protocol is primarily used for trap notifications, data collection and auto-discovery. FTP
is primarily used for transferring files in and out of the NE. XML is used for configuration.

     Involved in designing and developing the Data Collection module using Adventnet
      WebNMS framework.
     Contributed in support phases of 3 releases for the product – 3.01, 3.2 and 4.0.
     Unit and Integration testing, bug fixing and acceptance testing of the modules
     Implementing changes in the interfaces when a CR is raised.
     Production support with quick response and resolving the issues in minimal time frame.

Environment: Sun Solaris 9, AdventNet WebNMS, Java, Servlets, JSP, JMS, XML, Shell scripts,
Oracle9i, Tomcat

NMS for Digital Loop Carrier on SDH STM-1/4 Ring                       Feb’01 – Apr’02
MTNL, Mumbai and New Delhi, India
NMS Developer

Digital Loop Carrier on SDH STM-1 Ring is an Access Network used in telecom networks to extend
the subscriber services available at the Local Exchange (LE) to remote places where the
subscribers are located. It uses digital techniques to carry voice and data information of
subscribers. The NMS is designed to manage the DLC ring through a centralized management
console. The NMS is designed as per ITU-T Standard M3400.
FCAPS functionalities namely Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security
Managements are implemented. The proposed system is being developed in Java on Linux o/s
based on SNMP protocol using OpenNMS framework. The NMS communicates with the agents
residing on the Network elements using SNMP protocol. It provides on-line status and alarm
monitoring for multiple rings deployed in various regions. It has an extensive user friendly GUI.

     Worked on Fault Management module.
     Involved in the designing of web based user Interface using servlets and JSP.
     Designing and developing Network Maps using Batik SVG.

Environment: OpenNMS, Java, Servlets, JSP, Batik SVG, Castor

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