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									                        ASMC Washington Chapter, P.O. BOX 16237, Arlington, VA 22215-1237

                                                     ASMC - Washington Chapter

                                                             A Five Star Chapter

                                                                                                             April 2009


                                   Sponsored by: Corporate & Retired Membership

                                                                     Today’s Speaker: VADM Lewis
           President’s Message                                       Crenshaw USN (Ret.), Exec. Dir. Defense
  President, ASMC Washington Chapter                                 and Intel Sector, Grant Thornton Global
                                                                     Public Sector
Once again the Regional-PDI was a huge success.
Thanks to all of you who helped plan and who stepped in
during the day to volunteer to ensure a rewarding
professional development experience for everyone. I
have received quite a bit of positive feedback from
members. Now it’s time to get ready for the National
PDI in San Antonio.

The board voted earlier this year to subsidize the cost of
luncheons as an attempt to increase attendance. This
effort has not affected attendance and the board has
voted to discontinue subsidizing lunch prices effective
with the June luncheon.
                                                                      Vice Admiral Crenshaw is the Executive Director of the
I am pleased to welcome Vice Admiral Lewis W.                        Defense and Intelligence sector of Grant Thornton
Crenshaw USN (Ret.), Executive Director of the Defense               Global Public Sector. He has over 30 years of proven
and Intelligence sector of Grant Thornton Global Public              success in a broad range of leadership positions in
Sector, as our luncheon speaker today. He will share                 organizations ranging in size from 300 to 12,000 people,
insights on the challenging Budget times facing the DoD.             culminating in assignment as the senior resource and
                                                                     requirements manager for the world’s largest maritime
Last but not least, elections are today for the 2009-2010            organization, the U.S. Navy. He has extensive
slate of ASMC officers. You should have your ballots, so             experience in reorganization and realignment of large
please vote to bring new faces and ideas into the                    organizations with emphasis on financial issues and
Washington Chapter so we can continue to grow and                    cross-functional alignment. During his service in the
expand our professional development.                                 Navy he commanded a Medium Attack Squadron (VA-
                                                                     85), a Carrier Air Wing (CVW-1) and an Aircraft Carrier
Col Tom Fuhrer                                                       Battle Group (John F. Kennedy Strike Group/ Carrier
President                                                            Group SIX). VADM Crenshaw is a graduate of the U.S.
ASMC, Washington Chapter                                             Naval Test Pilot School (USNTPS) where he has also
                                                                     served as an instructor. He has been test project
                                                                     engineer at the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River,
             Future Luncheon Meetings                                MD. As a Flag Officer, he specialized in financial
                                                                     operations and budgeting, serving 3 tours of duty in the
                                                                     Navy’s N-8 Programming and Budgeting Directorate,
20 May          DFAS                                                 culminating his career as the Deputy Chief of Naval
15 June         Coast Guard                                          Operations for Resources, Requirements and
13 July         Navy                                                 Assessments (N8). Additionally he served as the
                                                                     Commander of U.S. Navy Activities, Europe where he
                                                                     was responsible for all Naval Bases located in Europe.
               FEATURE ARTICLE                           What Senior Financial Managers Said

       Charting a Course for the Future                  Defense financial managers identified several
                                                         challenges: increased workload, the expected
 By VADM Lewis W. Crenshaw, USN (Ret.)                   retirement wave, implementing transformation and
  Executive Director, Grant Thornton LLP                 technology projects and adjusting to the National
                                                         Security Personnel System. They also identified
                                                         challenges specific to career stages—from entry-
       ―Organization doesn't really accomplish           level to senior executives. Everyone agrees that
       anything. Plans don't accomplish anything,        effective professional development is critical to
       either. Theories of management don't much         improving human capital management, but the
       matter. Endeavors succeed or fail because of      financial management community needs a better
       the people involved. Only by attracting the       strategy to integrate management training and
       best people will you accomplish great             technical training—especially for civilians.
       deeds.‖                                           Someone needs to be in charge.
       -Gen. Colin Powell                                Larger Workload, Smaller Workforce
Who is leading the DoD financial community into          The defense finance workforce is shrinking because
the future? Perhaps a more important question is,        of business transformation efforts, increased use of
―Who is charting your course for success in the          information technology and Base Realignment and
DoD financial community?‖ These two questions            Closure (BRAC) decisions. Yet, the workload has
come across loud and clear in the 2007 survey of         grown. Between 2003 and 2007, the number of
the defense financial community, Prepare Yourself        employees at the Defense Finance and Accounting
for the Future of Financial Management, conducted        Service (DFAS) went from 15,200 to 13,000, while
by Grant Thornton LLP’s Global Public Sector             the demands of the Global War on Terror
practice. Before explaining possible answers to the      significantly increased responsibilities. Working
two questions above, let’s look at the survey results.   overtime to develop supplemental budget requests,
                                                         garner resources to support the warfighter and
Human capital issues—recruiting, hiring, training        provide transparency to Congress has taken a toll on
and retaining the right people with the right skills—    the workforce, respondents said. ―[It] has come at a
are the top concern of defense financial managers        price: a decrease in quality of life for my staff,‖ said
by a two-to-one margin, as shown in the chart            one executive. As a result, many employees retired
below. ―The financial management community is            early or changed jobs.
built on three major components: systems,
processes and people. You can have the best              Retirement Wave
processes and top systems in place, but you will
ultimately fail without properly trained personnel,‖     Like much of the American workforce, the defense
said a Deputy Assistant Secretary who was                financial community faces an impending retirement
interviewed.                                             wave. The Office of Personnel Management
                                                         projects that nearly one-third of the federal
The annual survey, sponsored by ASMC and Grant           workforce will leave in the next five years, the
Thornton, focused on two groups—mid-level                majority through retirement. As this scenario
managers polled online and senior executives             unfolds, it becomes important to prepare leaders to
interviewed in person. (The Spring 2007 Journal          step into vacated positions—a process known as
featured highlights of the online survey.)               knowledge transfer or succession planning.

                                                         One executive said, ―We must identify key
                                                         positions and groom potential successors with the
right skills and experience to take over without       Most executives said they are withholding judgment
missing a beat.‖ Despite this clear need, survey       on results until NSPS is fully implemented.
respondents cited few formal programs for retaining    However, they were generally upbeat, and many
institutional knowledge; instead, said one             considered it to be a positive change agent. A
participant, ―Hypothetical lessons and story-telling   common theme was that NSPS links agency goals
dominate most planning and knowledge transfer.‖        to human capital objectives and effectively
                                                       measures individual and organizational
As retirements increase, the pressure is on to         performance. Some respondents, however, do not
advance people quickly; but many executives worry      think senior leaders use those measures for making
new leaders are unprepared for the scope of their      decisions, and others complain of excessive
duties. Breadth of experience is as important as       paperwork. The executives were consistent in their
depth. One respondent said, ―Many in senior            estimate that it will take five to ten years for full
positions like comptrollers are not exposed to         implementation of NSPS.
budget execution.‖ Another suggested ―reducing
change of station moves and instead use temporary      Obstacles at Every Level
assignments to develop breadth of experience.‖
                                                       While the challenges discussed above are putting
Technology and Transformation                          pressure on employees at all levels of experience in
                                                       the financial community, the survey also revealed
The defense community is in the midst of several       specific problems at each career stage. We asked
large-scale IT and business transformation             executives to share their concerns for each rung on
initiatives that will deeply affect the financial      the ladder.
management community. These projects include the
Defense Integrated Military Human Resources            Entry Level - Several executives complained that
System (DIMHRS); the Army’s General Fund               not enough young people apply for defense
Enterprise Business System (GFEBS); the Navy’s         financial positions. ―Salaries and promotion
Enterprise Resource Planning Program (ERP); the        potential used to be competitive advantages, but this
Air Force’s Defense Enterprise Accounting and          is no longer the case. We used to have the
Management System (DEAMS); and the Defense             advantage of being a leader in technology, but that
Agencies Initiative (DAI).                             is no longer the case,‖ said one interviewee.

Most executives believe these initiatives are on       Many said hiring rules are too inflexible. They want
track to transform DoD over the coming decade, but     direct hire authority, including the ability to make
they are concerned about the pace. They warn that      job offers on the spot as do their private-sector
any system is only as good as the people who           counterparts. Several senior leaders praised
implement it and that training and change              internships as a way to introduce college students
management must go hand-in-hand with new               and recent graduates to the defense financial
technology.                                            management community. Suggestions for
                                                       improving the quality of entry-level personnel
National Security Personnel System                     include:

Human capital concerns in the defense community              Tuition assistance
are not new, and Congress recognized this, granting          Formal mentoring and coaching
DoD authority to develop an alternative personnel            Scholarships to finance majors in return for
system in the 2004 National Defense Authorization             government service, as DoD offers for
Act. The National Security Personnel System                   engineers
(NSPS) is a market-sensitive, performance-based              Signing, recruitment or retention bonuses
framework now being phased in throughout DoD.

Middle Management - Mid-level managers are the           experience but who also have the operational
most neglected group in the defense financial            experience to manage an enterprise of thousands of
community, according to the survey. Several              people,‖ said one participant.
executives said employees lack the skills for
advancement—a result of focusing on entry-level          Respondents said mid- and senior-level challenges
requirements instead of career growth over time.         are similar—lack of management experience and an
                                                         unwillingness to learn new skills. In addition,
Recruiting is almost exclusively from within the         interviewees cited turbulence in the higher ranks
defense community, with very few programs for            (with many ready to retire), creating gaps in
hiring outside government. According to some             leadership and a loss of institutional knowledge.
participants, mid-level employees are not willing to     Suggestions for improving senior management
relocate, which hampers career advancement and           include:
makes it difficult to place people where they add the
most value—a particular problem for agencies                   Establish formal succession planning
affected by BRAC.                                               programs (mentioned more than any other
Organizations in the National Capital Region face a            Put more emphasis on leadership skills when
different type of mobility problem: keeping mid-                recruiting for senior positions.
level employees when they are in high demand at                ―Give senior managers broadening
other agencies or in the private sector.                        assignments that take them out of their
                                                                comfort zone to help develop a more
Executives said many middle managers are                        capable executive,‖ according to one
promoted based on technical proficiency, not                    respondent.
leadership skills, and, consequently, lack the ability         Train senior managers in process
to effectively manage teams, programs and                       improvement skills such as Lean/SixSigma.
operations. Several said complacent middle
managers can act as barriers between entry- and          We Are Not Alone
senior-level personnel rather than conduits. Since
mid-level managers oversee daily operations and          The results of this study closely parallel other
are future leaders, many in DoD financial leadership     similar surveys done by Grant Thornton. Again and
roles believe it is critical to focus on leadership      again, human capital comes up as the number one
development of mid-level managers. They offer the        concern. So given the wide variety of concerns and
following suggestions:                                   challenges facing those who are charged with the
                                                         care and feeding of the DoD financial management
      Recruit professionals from other career           cadre, where should their efforts be focused? I
       fields and outside the defense community          believe the issue boils down to one central theme—
      Require training focused on management            the importance of professional development not
       and leadership skills                             only in technical skills, but in leadership skills as
      Employ succession planning aimed at               well.
       identifying and preparing tomorrow’s top
       leaders                                           The Importance of Professional Development
      Offer job rotations to give headquarters
       managers field experience, and vice versa.        It is impossible to exclusively solve human capital
                                                         challenges with new hires or contractors—quantity.
Senior Executive Level - One of the greatest             The solution must involve quality as well: We need
challenges facing the DoD financial community is         effective professional development programs for the
replacing executives as they retire. ―We need to         existing work force at all levels, a path for career
grow and hire managers with high-level policy

progress, including training, rotations and                5. Mentoring: Formal and informal mentoring
succession planning.                                          and coaching is ingrained in the Uniformed
It is clear from both executive and online interviews
that, despite an abundance of training opportunities,   Charting a Course
the civilian financial community in DoD lacks a
clear roadmap to guide professional development.                ―A goal without a
We found a few notable exceptions, including the        planis just a wish.‖
DFAS Leaders in Motion program, but by and                      - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
large, civilian financial professionals are on their
own when it comes to mapping their careers.             For the civilian side of DoD financial management,
                                                        we come back to the original question: Who is
The Uniformed Model                                     leading the community into the future? It’s a good
                                                        question. DoD has taken a joint approach to
The Uniformed Services have well-developed              technology and acquisition, why not professional
career paths for most occupational specialties.         development? Developing people is just as
Enlisted and commissioned personnel climb well-         critical—if not more so—than standing up systems.
defined career ladders, receiving relevant education,   Putting someone in charge would demonstrate the
training and job experience (including leadership       importance of human capital issues for the financial
skills) along the way. Candidates for next-level-up     community and begin the process of standardizing
positions are groomed well in advance of                skills and certifications.
                                                               ―It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but
No one expects the civilian workforce to have                  in ourselves.‖
career paths as developed as their uniformed
counterparts, but there may be elements of the                         -William Shakespeare
uniformed career development model that
leadership of the civilian financial community          In the meantime, the second question is more
should consider. Let’s examine a few                    urgent: Who is charting your course for career
characteristics of the uniformed model:                 success? The answer is you! Take advantage of
                                                        training opportunities and certificate programs.
   1. Community Leadership: A clearly visible,          Consider moving to a new location—out to a field
      well-known leader has responsibility for the      office or back to headquarters. Look at
      general health and welfare of the                 opportunities in other facets of financial
      community.                                        management to broaden your expertise. Develop
                                                        your leadership and management skills. Seek out a
   2. Training Continuum: Well-defined                  mentor, or take someone under your wing.
      progression to the next level requires
      demonstration of certain certifications, skills   DoD financial managers spoke loud and clear about
      and levels of education.                          the things that need to happen as we face the
                                                        challenges ahead. In time I believe the leadership of
   3. Mobility: Experience in the field,                the financial community will come up with
      headquarters and joint assignments are part       solutions to the challenges they face in human
      of the learning process.                          capital. For now, I recommend you grab a copy of
                                                        the May 2007 survey of DoD financial managers,
   4. Defined Skills: Personnel know what skills        read it and take its title to heart: ―PREPARE
      they are expected to master in order to           YOURSELF.‖ (Reprinted with permission from
      succeed.                                          Armed Forces Comptroller, Fall 2007)
             Special Acknowledgement                              ASMC Chapter Executive Leadership

On behalf of the entire ASMC Washington Chapter, we
extend heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Al      If you are interested in the following vacant committee
Tucker as the new Executive Director of ASMC. In            chair position, please contact President Col Thomas J.
addition to his distinguished service across government     Fuhrer:          -Photographer - Publicity
and industry, Al has been very instrumental on our
Regional PDI Committee over the last 5+ years as
Program Chair. We look forward to continuing our                        Member Accomplishments
professional association and friendship with him at                    New CDFMs and CDFM news
ASMC National Headquarters.
                                                             Angela Bradshaw              Linda Meadows
                 2009 Regional PDI                           Anne Horstman                Lisa Cross*
                                                             Betty Nieset                 Lynda Prestarri
This year’s Washington Chapter Regional PDI March 9          Brian Myers, CDFM-A          Margaret Prior
was a great success, with a record-breaking 526              Caryl Durham-Randolff*       Mark Hamilton
attendees, raising a total of $75,000 for the Chapter.       Christine Millard            Michael Johnston
We heard from the new DoD Comptroller, the                   Cindy Smith                  Nancy Watson*
Honorable Robert Hale, CDFM, in his inaugural speech         Dave Jarvis                  Nicole Lee
to the DoD Financial Management Community. Mr.               Denise Doran*                Randy Markham*
Hale spoke about ongoing testimonies to Congress on          Donna Sullivan*              Raquel Escribano
budget issues and the preparation for intensive program      Gary Echard                  Rebecca Baker
reviews under Secretary Gates’ leadership. He also           Gus Gustafson                Ron Speer
shared with us some of the resourcing challenges given       James dePrado*               Samuel Wickline
the global economy and ongoing commitments to the            James Leenders               Stephen Freeman, CDFM-A
Iraq War drawdown and Afghan build-up.                       Janice Brissette             Tammy Williams, CDFM-A*
                                                             Jenise Tuitt                 Timothy Murphy
We also heard from a panel of DoD Deputy Chief               Joaella Lane                 Tish Steele*
Management Officers (CMOs) about their challenges in         Johnny Perez*                Vanessa Bolin*
this new role, created to address Joint, horizontal          Kate Kaufer*                 Whitney Brooks
management challenges and standardize business               Keith Muschalek
operations across the DoD Enterprise. They talked
about their goal to ensure that transformation produces
measurable savings and operational effectiveness by                   New CDFMs - are you aware that you are
establishing Offices of Business Tranformation within      entitled to a free lunch during our ASMC Washington
                                                           Chapter meeting the month you earn your CDFM
each of the military Services. We were fortunate to have
                                                           certification? If you’ve passed the Acquisition Specialty
former DUSD-FM Tom Modly moderating, who was               module and you are an ASMC member, the Washington
instrumental in establishing the Business Transformation   Chapter will reimburse you for your new certificate.
Agency (BTA) and developing its mission. Also              Contact your service representative to be reimbursed and
participating were Beth McGrath, OSD Assistant Deputy      make sure to save your receipt for this expense to provide
CMO and Chief Performance Improvement Officer,             to your service rep ($40).
Anne Neuberger, DCMO Navy, David Tillotson, DCMO                      Members interested in earning the CDFM with
Air Force, and Donald Tison, DCMO Army (Acting).           Acquisition Specialty and preparing before taking the
                                                           Module 4 - Acquisition course offered by ASMC, may
We finished a great day of education and networking        purchase the addendum to the CDFM textbook. To
                                                           purchase a copy of the addendum, which sales for $15,
with a Corporate raffle and the ever-popular Speed
                                                           send your request to ASMC (ATTN: textbook Sales, 415
Mentoring event. We look forward to seeing everyone        North Alfred St. Suite 3, Alexandria, VA 22314) with your
again next year.                                           payment and full mailing address. If using a credit card
                                                           you may send your request via email, with the subject line
                                                           "ACQUISITION MODULE TEXTBOOK," to
                                                  or via fax at 703-549-3181.
                                                           Be sure to include your credit card number, expiration
                                                           date and your complete postal mailing address. For more
information on the Acquisition Specialty to the CDFM visit                Save the Date -- 15 July 2009
the CDFM Web Page at
                                                              The ASMC &AGA Annual Golf Tournament will be held
                                                              July 15 at the Fort Belvoir Golf Club. Shotgun start is at
 Each individual attending the ASMC Washington
                                                              8:00 am with lunch and awards presentation following.
 Chapter Luncheon is award .5 CPEs. A training
 certificate is located at the Chapter web site that can be
 completed after attending the luncheon and filed as          Keep abreast of the latest updates on this and other
 supporting documentation.                                    chapter events by signing up to receive Washington
                                                              Chapter announcements via email. Use the following
                                                              web address.
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 03 June 09           Executive Board Meeting 09:30-
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 15 June 09           June Luncheon – US Coast Guard          four corporate advertisements to be included in our
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 CONGRATULATIONS                                              a terrific opportunity for corporations to "extend their
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  - The winner of the February Luncheon Raffle                and do so very economically.
 was: Ms. Cynthia Chavez, ASIM-Army Reserve                         A full-page color ad is only $100 a month!!! If you
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              Next Luncheon 20 May 2009                       for further information:
                                                              or 703-593-6667 cell.
 Topic: Managing DFAS Operations Like a Business

 Guest Speaker: Richard D. Davis, Deputy Director,
 Compliance, Standards and Compliance, DFAS

 Place: Holiday Inn, 2460 Eisenhower Ave,
 Alexandria, VA 22314

 Sponsor: DFAS
 Social Time: 1130 hrs
 Lunch: 1200 hrs
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                                Washington Chapter Officers for 2008- 2009
            Name                 Title                             E-Mail                Phone
Col Thomas J. Fuhrer   President                (703) 614-7037
Love Rutledge          Secretary                  (703) 614-9262
Bill Mizerak           Treasurer              (703) 614-2539
Roxie Anthony          OSD Vice President         (703) 882-0825
Lucy Williams          OSD Ass't Secretary           (703) 571-9183
Robert Benefiel        DFAS Vice President      (703) 607-3799
Jacquelyn Kelley       DFAS Ass't Secretary       (703) 604-2143
Lillian D. Jones       Army Vice President     (703) 692-9257
Nicol Martin           Army Ass't Secretary        (703) 693-2684
Rainy Lowery           Navy Vice President           (703) 602-3156
Veronica Trent         Navy Ass't Secretary         (202) 685-0454
Annie Crum             USMC Vice President             (703) 692-5745
Myra Ragan             USMC Ass't Secretary             (703) 692-5266
Andrea Atkins          Air Force Vice President          (301) 757-5849
Tina Miller            Air Force Ass't Secretary     (703) 588-6371
LCDR Matt ten Berge    USCG Vice President   (202) 475-3477
Susan D. Connors       USCG Ass't Secretary        (202) 372-3628
Joe Fasching           DIA Vice President         (703) 695-7646
Steve Bucher           DIA Ass't Secretary          (202) 231-8820
Debra Delmar           Corporate Vice President   (571) 203-7137
Kristin Hilbert        Corporate Ass't Secretary     (703) 326-1078
Debra Del Mar          Corporate Vice President   (571) 203-7137
Amy Anda               Corporate Ass't Secretary               (703) 325-6123

Catapult Consultants is a trusted service provider to the Federal government and one of INC. 500’s Fastest
Growing Companies in the US! (#189). Catapult delivers solutions in financial management, program
management, and information technology. Catapult is actively engaged in financial management support
to include CFO Act and OMB circulars, internal controls and compliance, audit readiness support, and the
full range of budget, execution, and reconciliation support. Visit our Booth at PDI San Antonio!

Services:                                                        CATAPULT CLIENT OVERVIEW
Accounting, Budgeting, and Financial Management        Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) J-7
    OMB A-11 / POM / PPBES
    OMB A-123 Internal Controls                       DoD, Office of Inspector General ( DoD IG)
    DoD Financial Improvement Initiative              OSD, Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)
    FIAR Plan
    Financial Statements                              OSD, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
    SAS 70/80
                                                       USMC, Accounting and Financial Systems (RFA)
    Exhibit 300
                                                       USMC, Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC),
Acquisition, Business, and Program Management           Deputy Commander of Resource Management (DCRM)
    Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)
    Business Case Analysis (BCA)                      USMC, Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC),
    Life Cycle Cost Estimate (LCCE)
                                                        Information Systems & Infrastructure (ISI PG-10)
    Project Management
    Sustainment Support                               USMC, Marine Forces Pacific (MARFORPAC G-8)
                                                       USMC, MCSC Information Systems and Infrastructure
Technical and Compliance Expertise
    Current Laws, Requirements, Directives             (ISI)
    CFO Act
                                                       DoN, Financial Management Office (FMO)
    FASAB                                             DoN, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy Acquisition
    USSGL
                                                        (DASN (ACQ))
    GPRA / GMRA
                                                       Navy, Commander Navy Reserve Forces Command
Program Audit / Assessment
    Effectiveness and Efficiency Metrics
    Program Reporting                                 DHS, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Office
    Financial Management Audit
    Performance Review
                                                        of Financial Management (OFM)
    Funds Recovery / ROI                              DHS, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Office
                                                        of Financial Management (OFM)
Information Assurance and Audit                        HHS, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS), Office of
    Compliance - CCA, FISMA, A-130)
    CPIC, C&A
                                                        Financial Management (OFM)
    Audits – SCA, SAS 70/80, ST&E, FISCAM, DITSCAP


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