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                                 FOR THE ARAB REGION

                                  Algiers - Algeria, 19 - 22 June 2006

                                       LIST OF DOCUMENTS
                                              (Documents 1 to 48)

No.       Source                                Title                                Speaker

1         ITU-BR          Global BWA in ITU                                  Mr. Colin LANGTRY
                                                                           ITU-R Counsellor for Study
                                                                                   Group 8

2      Qualcomm Inc.      ITU-D Report on Broadband Activities             Mrs. Samantha CRAIG
          (USA)                                                            Rapporteur ITU-D Q. 20/2

3        ITU-BDT          ITU Development Activities on Wireless          Mr. Riccardo PASSERINI
                          Communication                                   Coordinator a. i. TND Unit

4      Qatar Telecom      Broadband Wireless Access – Enabling            Mr. Data Sharan MISHRA
                          Broadband Qatar                                Network Architecture Specialist
       Q-TEL (Qatar)

5     Algérie Télécom     Réseau d’accès haut débit d’Algérie Télécom         Mr. Mokrane AKLI
         (Algeria)                                                         Directeur, Stratégie et Veille

6     Tunisie Télécom     WLL CDMA ; Expérience de Tunisie Télécom             Mrs. Afef ALIMI
         (Tunisia)                                                                 Ingénieur

7     Algérie Télécom     Réseau backbone national fibre optique large      Mr. Mustapha LOUNIS
         (Algeria)        bande d’Algérie Télécom

8          Nortel         WiMAX Trial in rural Canada – Case Study:            Mr. John VISSER
                          Netago Wireless                                     Sr. Mgr., Int. Network
                                                                           Standards/ Chairman ITU-T

9     ARPT (Algeria)      Le Développement de la Technologie WiMax:          Mlle Leila CHERID
                          Situation et Perspectives en Algérie           Chef de département sur la veille

10    Agence Nationale    Wi-MAX : Cas de la Tunisie                        Mr. Sami DEROUICHE
       des Fréquences                                                          Ingénieur Principal

11    Intel Corporation   WiMAX Regulatory and Spectrum issues              Mr. Turhan MULUK
                                                                             Wireless Standards &
                                                                          Regulations Manager, META
No.       Source        Title                                                       Speaker

12     Telecom Italia   BWA in Italy - The WI-FI and WIMAX                    Mr. Fabrizio SAVI
           (Italy)      Experience                                       Rapporteur ITU-D, Question10/1

13      ST Samsung      Mobile WiMAX Technique and Solution                Mr. Fareed AL-ATTAIE

14    Nortel Networks   BWA Standards and Spectrum                           Mr. José M. COSTA
                                                                                 presented by
                                                                              Mr. John VISSER

15    Qualcomm Europe   Information on IEEE 802.20 on Mobile Broadband    Mr. Luigi GASPAROLLO
         Inc. (Italy)   Wireless Access                                   V. P., Business Development
                                                                                 MENA Region

16         Nortel       WiMAX Forum RWG: Regulatory issues and                 Mr. John VISSER
                        progress in support of WiMAX deployment               Sr. Mgr., Int. Network
                                                                           Standards/ Chairman ITU-T

17         ETSI         ETSI Technical Committee BRAN and some            Mr. Berd FRIEDRICHS
                        applications                                              (Ericsson)
                                                                         Ms. Mariana GOLDHAMER
                                                                                presented by
                                                                             Mr. John VISSER
18     UMTS Forum       3G/UMTS and its evolution: worldwide             Mr. Jean-Pierre BIENAIME
                        deployments and services, perspectives for the     Chairman, UMTS Forum
                        Arab Region                                              presented by
                                                                             Mr. Rémi THOMAS
                                                                          Directeur du Projet réseau
                                                                           UMTS d’Orange France
19       Qualcomm       CDMA 2000 at 450 MHZ, Present and Future for        Mr. George MANSHO
        Incorporated    the Middle East and Africa                                  CDG
                        Abs.    Bio
20         Nortel       WiMAX Forum – Enabling Personal Internet            Mr. Bilel JAMOUSSI

21    Qualcomm Europe   3G CDMA Broadband Wireless                        Mr. Luigi GASPAROLLO
         Inc. (Italy)                                                     V. P., Business Development
                                                                                 MENA Region

22    Algérie Télécom   Accès large bande satellite d’Algérie Télécom        Mr. Nabil CHOUAM
         (Algeria)      Satellite ATS

23        Lucent        Developments in EVDO Wireless Broadband               Mr. Hamdi BREIK
        Technologies    Access Networks

24    Orange (France)   IMT-2000/UMTS delivering full BWA                    Mr. Rémi THOMAS
                                                                           Directeur du Projet Réseau
                                                                            UMTS d’Orange France
25     Alcatel (France)    Mobile Next Generation Networks and WiMAX                Mr. Roland THIES
                           Wireless Networks in rural areas                           Vice President

No.         Source         Title                                                           Speaker

 26   Kenyatta University Basics of broadband wireless technology                   Mr. Jared BARAZA
          (Kenya)                                                                         Lecturer

27    Batelco (Bahrain)    Broadband Network Rationalisation and it's effect      Mr. Mahmood Faraj
                           on prices                                                    HASHIMI
                                                                               Manager, DataComms Services

28          Sudan          VSAT Applications delivering Broadband Services       Ms. Salma Nasir ElSEED
                           in the Sudan

29     Algérie Télécom     Réseau multiservices large bande de technologie         Mr. Amrane RAOULI
          (Algeria)        IP/MPLS d’Algérie Télécom

30     Orange (France)     From GSM to UMTS and HSDPA: The BWA                     Mr. Rémi THOMAS
                           solution                                               Directeur du Projet réseau
                                                                                  UMTS d’Orange France

31        Analysys         The business case for WiMAX vs DSL in rural             Mr. Robin BAILEY
        Consulting Ltd.    areas                                               Head of Decision Systems Group

32      ITC (Bulgaria)     Planning of Broadband Wireless Access for Rural          Mr. Ignat STANEV
                           and Remote Areas                                         Dr., Assoc. Professor

33    Kenyatta University Tools for Radio planning and Implementation in a          Mr. Jared BARAZA
          (Kenya)         Wireless Network                                                Lecturer

34        Ministry of      Planning of Broadband Wireless Access for Rural        Mr. Loso JUDIJANTO
        Information &      & Remote Areas using Public-Private Partnership      Special Adviser to the Minister
        Comm. Techn.       Scheme: Case in Indonesia

35      ITC (Bulgaria)     Case Study - Planning of different Broadband             Mr. Ignat STANEV
                           Solutions in the last mile for urban and suburban        Dr., Assoc. Professor

36     Alcatel (France)    Mobile Next Generation Networks (or An                   Mr. Roland THIES
                           evolutionary path to NGN)                                    Deputy VP

37         Ericsson        Convergence                                               Mr. Wally HARIZ

38      Telecom Italia     A new regulation for converging services                 Mr. Fabrizio SAVI
            (Italy)                                                            Rapporteur ITU-D, Question10/1
39   Consultant (Spain)   Convergence Strategy for a Universal Operator       Mr. Oscar GONZALEZ-
                          and role of Business Planning                               SOTO

40   Community of PTT     Guidelines on smooth transition from the existing    Mrs. Natasa GOSPIC
        (Serbia &         mobile networks to IMT-2000 for Developing          ITU-D Rapporteur Q. 18/2
       Montenegro)        Countries
No.        Source                                 Title                                    Speaker

 41     Qualcomm Inc.      Spectrum Considerations and Licensing Aspects          Mrs. Samantha Craig
           (USA)           for the Migration of Second Generation Systems to     Rapporteur ITU-D Q. 20/2

42        Ministry of      Conducting auction for allocating frequency for        Mr. Loso JUDIJANTO
        Information &      IMT-2000: The case study of Indonesia                Special Adviser to the Minister
        Comm. Techn.

43        ITU-BDT          Licensing Aspects                                    Mr. Riccardo PASSERINI
                                                                                Coordinator a. i. TND Unit

44    Community of PTT     New ITU-D Q 18/2 “Implementation aspect of             Mrs. Natasa GOSPIC
         (Serbia &         IMT 2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000 for              ITU-D Rapporteur Q. 18/2
        Montenegro)        developing countries”

45          Nortel         Introduction of 3G technologies in 2G bands, the    Mr. Jesús de Viguri GARAY
                           example of UMTS-900

46    Consultant (Spain)   Business Planning and Migration to 3G                 Mr. Oscar GONZALEZ-

47     Algérie Télécom     Réseau Mobile 3G d’Algérie Télécom Mobile                Mr. Fayçal TOUATI
          (Algeria)        MOBILIS

48        Analysys         Adding data revenues in transition from GSM To          Mr. Robin BAILEY
        Consulting Ltd.    UMTS                                                Head of Decision Systems Group

 Additional Documents :

      Superior School of   Mobile Next Generation Network, Evolution               Mr. Sami TABBANE
       Communications      towards 4G

            GSMA           Refarming spectrum from 2G to 3G                         Mr. Roberto Ercole

      Polytechnic School   MVNO an efficient alternative to develop              Mr. René ANDREESCU
         of Bucharest      telecommunications services market

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