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Getting Started

Are You an Entrepreneur?

      Am I an Entrepreneur?
      Self Evaluation Test for Going into Business
      Entrepreneurial Self Evaluation Quiz
      Business Quizzes
      Entrepreneurial Fitness Tests


      Life Sciences Technology Transfer and Commercialization: A New Frontier in Entrepreneurship
      Entrepreneur’s Search Engine from the Kauffman Foundation
      Small Business Administration – Start Up Guide
      Small Business Administration Library – over 200 free publications

Business Wizard

      This electronic web-based tool helps entrepreneurs identify the necessary permits, licenses and
       registration requirements affecting their new business.

Business Assistance Programs

      Small Business Administration (SBA) The SBA has a wide variety of startup tools, checklists,
       and resources to help you begin your business. In Wisconsin, the SBA offices in Madison and
       Milwaukee offer training through numerous venues such as workshops, seminars, and courses.
       Many are free. Online courses, workshops, and guides are available at 608-441-5263 or 414-297-
       3941 or at the following web site:

      Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Housed on or near 13 of the University of
       Wisconsin campuses, the SBDCs are designed to deliver up-to-date counseling, training, and
       technical assistance in all aspects of small business management. SBDC Business AnswerLine at
      Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) Working and retired executives and business
       owners donate their time and expertise as volunteers to provide confidential counseling and
       mentoring free of charge.

      State Bar of Wisconsin – Business Assistance Program Small and emerging businesses
       throughout Wisconsin can receive up to two hours of counseling from a business lawyer at no
       cost. For more information on the Business Assistance Program, please call the State Bar at 608-
       250-6006, or visit

      Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC) Provides quality business
       education, technical assistance and access to capital for entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on
       serving women, people of color, and those of lower incomes. 414-263-5450 or 608-257-5450

      Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) The 16 technical colleges with 47 branches
       throughout the state provide a wide range of services to businesses and industries in Wisconsin.
       Some campuses offer programs specifically geared toward planning and operating a small

      Wisconsin Community Action Program Association (WISCAP) Provides business and job
       opportunities to low income entrepreneurs, providing technical assistance to individuals who
       have sound ideas for establishing a small business but lack the expertise and knowledge to

Business Plans

      Building a Strong Business plan Section by Section
      Business Resource Finder and Sample Plans
      Business Plan Software, Free Guides, Templates
      Interactive Business Planner
      Business Plan Assistance from
      Center for Business Planning – Software, Sample Plans and Strategy
      Short Course in Business Plan Writing – includes high tech
      Entrepreneur Magazine Business Plan Assistance
      Biotechnology Business Development
Funding Your Business Plan

      Commerce Early Planning Grant and Entrepreneur Training Grant Program

Choosing a Business Structure

      Primer on Selection of a Business Entity

      Available Types of Business Entities (WI Dept. of Financial Institution document)

      Creating a Limited Liability Corporation Online in WI

Marketing and Feasibility Studies

      Wisconsin Innovation Service Center – Helping existing and aspiring entrepreneurs make
       profitable new product and marketing development decisions.
      Market Analysis – Center for Business Planning
      Marketing Virtual Library – Internet Marketing Research
      Feasibility Study – A Valuable Business Tool
      Starting a Small Business – the Feasibility Analysis

State Overview

      SBA Wisconsin Overview 2003

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