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									                                                                                                             V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 2
P HE LP S COUNT Y                                                                                            A PR I L - J U NE 2010

In Touch with Extension
                                                                                                             I N S I D E T HI S IS S UE :
What is                                            Submitted by Chantae Alfred

                                                                                                             What is AnnualCredit is           free credit report at               separately, you can monitor                                         1
the ONLY authorized source         your credit more frequently
for the free annual credit report   Click on the link to www.           throughout the year.
that's yours by law. The Fair, the                                              Communicating with
Credit Reporting Act                only place to get the free report   Why should I request my              Children
guarantees you access to your       that's yours by law.                credit report?
credit report for free from each                                        Because the information in your
                                                                                                             Small Business                 2
of the three nationwide credit      Many companies claim to offer       credit report is used to evaluate
reporting companies —               free credit reports – and some      your applications for credit,
Experian, Equifax, and              do. But others give you a report    insurance, employment, and           Ashes Can Benefit
                                                                        renting a home, you should be                                       2
TransUnion — every 12               only if you buy other products                                           Garden
months. The Federal Trade           or services. Still others say       sure the information is accurate
Commission has received             they’re giving you a ―free‖         and up-to-date. In addition,
complaints from consumers           report and then bill you for        monitoring your credit is one of     Eating On A Budget             2
who thought they were ordering      services you have to cancel. If     the best ways to spot identity
their free annual credit report,    you go to www.AnnualCredit          theft. Check your credit report
and yet couldn't get it without and follow the           at least once a year to correct
paying fees or buying other         prompts for your free credit        errors and detect unauthorized
services. TV ads, email offers,     report, you can be sure the         activity.
or online search results may        reports you get really are free.
tout "free" credit reports, but                                         What should I look for when I
there is only one authorized        How do I request my free            review my credit report?
source for a truly free credit      credit report?                      If you see accounts you don’t
report.                             You can request your free           recognize or information that is
                                    report online, by phone or by       inaccurate, contact the credit
I’ve seen a box at the top of       mail. Visit                         reporting agency and the
some websites saying:     , call        information provider. For more
"You have the right to a free       1-877-322-8228, or fill out the     information, read the FTC’s
credit report from AnnualCredit     Annual Credit Report Request        tips on how to dispute credit or 877-322-8228,         form and mail it to Annual          errors.
                                                                                                              S T A F F S E R VI N G TH E
the ONLY authorized source          Credit Report Request Service,
under federal law."                 P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA        If you suspect identity theft,           PHELPS COUNTY
                                    30348-5281. No matter how           you may need to place a fraud         E X T E NS I O N O F FI C E :
What’s this about?                  you request your report, you        alert on your credit report, close
A new law requires commercial       have the option to request all      compromised accounts, file a           Mick Gilliam—Business
websites that say they offer free   three reports at once or to order   complaint with the FTC, or file         Development Specialist
credit reports to include a box     one report at a time. By            a police report. Start by visiting      & County Program
letting you know you can get a      requesting the reports              the FTC’s identity theft
                                                                        website. Courtesy of FTC.GOV
                                                                                                               Andy Read—Horticulture
Communicating with Children                                              Submitted by Karen Branstetter
Communication is very               • Get their attention before           what to do rather than              Chantae Alfred—Family
important in all areas of our          speaking.                           what not to do.                      Financial Education
lives. One of the most              • Communicate on the same           • Use kind, nurturing words             Specialist
important experiences                  level as the child. Sit             and actions.
parents can provide is to talk         beside them and make eye         • Use genuine praise to                Karen Branstetter—4-H
with and listen to their               contact.                            comment on positive                  Youth Specialist
children. Positive                  • Make requests simple,                behavior. Avoid use of
communication leads to                 short, and clear.                   false praise, rewards or            Karen Clancy—Nutrition
nurturing relationships,            • Give clear and consistent            bribes, such as food, or             Program Associate
cooperation, and feelings of           instructions.                       special activities to
worth. Here are tips to have        • Make important requests              control behavior.                   Jessica Gargus—
effective communication                                                                                         Nutrition Program
                                       firmly. Use a firm tone of
with children:                                                          See Human Environmental                 Associate
                                       voice without sounding
• Show interest in what they                                            Sciences Extension Guide
                                       angry or pleading.
   say and do.                                                          6123, ―Communicating                   Laura Faherty—
                                    • Use more ―Do’s‖ than
• Take time to listen to them.                                          Effectively with Children‖              Administrative Assistant
                                       ―Don’ts.‖ Tell the child
                                                                        for additional information.
Small Businesses                           Submitted by Mick Gilliam
                                                                                        Ashes Can Benefit Garden
                                                                                                                                                        Submitted by Andy Read
                                                                                                                                                        Source: David Trinklein

It is probably no surprise to most     particularly susceptible to the
                                                                                        Gardeners can use ashes from               wood ashes. In the case of light
people that the majority of new        realities of the business cycle. In
                                                                                        fireplaces or wood stoves to enrich        applications, a soil test every two
jobs in this country come from         the current economic downturn,
                                                                                        their soils, said a University of          to three years should suffice.
small businesses. That fact has        small businesses with fewer than
                                                                                        Missouri Extension horticulturist.         Wood ashes will not work as a
been pretty well publicized by         20 employees began losing jobs
                                                                                        ―Understanding the effect of ashes         soil conditioner. The carbon
small business advocates such as       as early as the second quarter of
                                                                                        on the soil is helpful in deciding         compounds that act as soil
the Small Business                     2007! From 2008 to the second
                                                                                        how much can be added,‖ said               conditioners in sawdust, compost
Administration (SBA) and the           quarter of 2009, these firms
                                                                                        David Trinklein.                           and other wood products are
United States Chamber of               smaller firms accounted for 24%
Commerce. What may not be as           of the net job losses. Mid-sized                                                            almost totally consumed during
well known is the degree to which      firms (20-499 employees)                         Calcium in wood ashes raises soil          burning.
new job growth relies on small         accounted for 36%, and the                       pH. The amount of calcium varies
business expansion and start ups.      balance of net job losses came                   with the species of wood.                  Soil testing is available through
                                       from large firms that began the                  Hardwoods such as oak and                  local MU Extension centers or
According to a report entitled An      period of downturn with more                     hickory have more calcium than             from the MU Soil and Plant
Analysis of Small Businesses and       than 500 employees.                              softwoods such as pine or spruce,          Testing Laboratory. For more
Jobs, published by the SBA,            Again, it’s no surprise that small               he said.                                   information, contact the lab at
during the 15 year period from         business start ups and small                                                                573-882-0623 or
1993 to mid-2008, small                business expansions tend to be                   On average, wood ashes have only ,
businesses created almost two-         high-risk/high-reward                            about half the acid-neutralizing           or visit the lab’s web site at
thirds (65%) of the net new jobs       propositions. It’s why I and the                 ability of lime. This means that if
in the private sector. The report      other counselors in the Missouri                 soil tests indicate the need for five      soil.
notes that many of the new jobs        Small Business and Technology                    pounds of lime per 100 square
(31%) were in business startups,       Development Centers focus on                     feet, it will take 10 pounds of
but an even larger share (the          the importance of sound business                 wood ashes to accomplish the
remaining 69%) were in                 plans and viable financial                       same pH change.
expanding firms of all sizes; but      projections. If you’d like to visit              Test your soil before applying
particularly in mid-sized firms        with me about elements of a                      wood ashes. Most flowers and
with from 20 to 499 employees.         sound business plan, feel free to                vegetables grow best in soils
                                       call me at 573-458-6260, or                      having a pH between 6.2 and 6.8.
On the other hand, small               email me at                                      Test soil every year if you are
businesses were shown to be                             adding substantial amounts of

Eating On A Budget                               Submitted by Jessica Gargus & Karen Clancy

 Times are hard and money is tight,               dairy and meat.                                 pasta to stretch meals and add
 but one thing we cannot go without is           Look for bargains – buy seasonal                nutrition.
 food. There are some small changes
 that can be made in your shopping
                                                  foods that cost less and stock up              Cook once and eat twice by
                                                  on nonperishable foods when                     freezing some for quick meals at a                  We’re on the web:
 habits however that mean saving                  they are on sale.                                                                                   http://extension.
 money at the grocery store. Here are                                                             later time.
 a few money-saving tips to make the             At home                                        Keep portion sizes small.
 burden of feeding your family                   Plan meals in advance to take                  Eat slowly.
 healthy foods a little easier.                   advantage of advertised specials.
                                                                                                 Keep healthy foods in sight.
                                                                 Update your grocery
 Before you go to
                                                            list regularly to avoid              Other money-saving tips                             University of Missouri
 the store
                                                            forgetting items at the              Grow your own food.                                     Phelps County
     Make a                                                store.
      shopping list.                                                                             Shop at the local farmers market.
                                                                Store foods properly
                                                                                                                                                    Phelps County Courthouse
     Organize the                                          – food that gets thrown
                                                                                                  Beware of convenient stores and                        200 North Main
      list to match                                                                               vending machines – you pay extra                       Rolla, MO 65401
                                                            out is money lost.
      the layout of                                                                               for convenience.
      the store.                                               Preparing and eating
                                                                                                 Buy non-food items at discount                      Phone: 573-458-6260
                                                            foods at home                                                                              Fax: 573-458-6264
     Use coupons                                                                                 stores.
      only for items you would                   What you don’t use, you lose –                                                                             E-mail:
                                                  use all the edible parts of                 Just by following these simple steps,       
      normally buy.
                                                  vegetables like broccoli or celery,         you can end up with a little extra money
     At the store                                including stalks and florets.               in your pocket and a good feeling in
     Shop alone and on a full                   Plan leftovers – use leftover               your heart knowing that you are doing
      stomach.                                    vegetables in omelets, salads,              what you can to keep your family happy
                                                                                              and healthy through these rough times.
     Stick to your shopping list to cut          pizza or soups.
      down on impulse buying.                    Leave out meat and have a                   For more information, call MU
     Shop the outer aisles – outer               vegetarian meal.                            Extension’s SHOW ME NUTRITION
      aisles have fruit, vegetables,             Use vegetables and whole-grain              LINE at 1-888-515-0016.                           “equal opportunity/ADA institution”

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