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					custom t-shirt                                                                                 the paraphernalia of choice                                        TM

1. Click on the picture and type or describe what you want in each area.                                  lowercase: abcde f ghi j k l mnopqrstuv wxyz
   Use UPPERCASE for Greek letters; lowercase for regular letters.
                                                                                                          UPPERCASE: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRST UVW XYZ
2. Complete the billing form.
3. For group orders, also complete page 2.
4. Submit by email or fax.

                                                                           product info
  sizing chart                                                             shirt color _______________     [see colors at]
   S (34-36)                   XL (46-48)         4XL (58-60)
                                                                           shirt size _________________ short sleeves                    long sleeves (+ $10)
   M (38-40)                  2XL (50-52)         5XL (62-64)
   L (42-44)                  3XL (54-56)         6XL (66-68)              letter color ___________________________________________________
                                                                           letter outline color _____________________________________________
                                                                           (for double lettering only)
   use this list to determine the cost of your
   custom embroidered t-shirt                                              customer info
   See website for full explanation of options.                            name ___________________________________________________________
   choose a setup for your t-shirt                      price              phone __________________________________________________________
     FRONT: text, BACK: nothing                          $39
     FRONT: text, BACK: text                             $59
                                                                           email ___________________________________________________________
     FRONT: text, BACK: artwork                          $99               credit card info
     FRONT: text, BACK: artwork+text                     $119              credit card number ________________________________________________
     FRONT: artwork, BACK: nothing                       $69
     FRONT: artwork, BACK: text                          $89
                                                                           expiration date _________ / ___________ verification code[?] _____________
     FRONT: artwork, BACK: artwork                       $129              name on card (if different from above) ________________________________
     FRONT: artwork, BACK: artwork+text                  $149              billing address for this credit card
     FRONT: artwork+text, BACK: nothing                  $89
     FRONT: artwork+text, BACK: text                     $109              street__________________________________________ apt #_____________
     FRONT: artwork+text, BACK: artwork                  $149              city ______________________ state ________________ zip _______________
     FRONT: artwork+text, BACK: artwork+text             $169              ship to address (if different from billing address)
   additional options                                                      name ___________________________________________________________
     upgrade to long sleeve shirt                        $10
     text on right sleeve                                $10               street__________________________________________ apt #_____________
     text on left sleeve                                 $10               city ______________________ state ________________ zip _______________
     icon on right sleeve                                $40
     icon on left sleeve                                 $40
   turnaround time + shipping
      normal production (15 business days)                                                                                     estimated total: $_______________
      1 week rush ($100 per shirt + s/h)
                                                                           I, the undersigned, authorize these charges and fully agree to the Terms and Conditions stated at

   PLEASE FAX THE COMPLETED FORM TO 866-902-0518 OR                        cardholder’s signature______________________________________________
                                                                                                 Sign your name or type your initials here.
   EMAIL IT TO ORDERS@STUFF4GREEKS.COM. IF YOU NEED                                                                                                  If this is a group order, complete
   ASSISTANCE, PLEASE CALL 1-866-22-GREEK.                                  SAVE            PRINT             SUBMIT BY EMAIL                        pages 2 and 3 before you submit.
                group order form
contact person ______________________________________          phone _________________________________________________
email address _______________________________________          date ___________________________________________________
organization _________________________________________         chapter name ___________________________________________

SIZE    FIRST NAME                  LAST NAME                  LINE #   LINE NAME                     other

                                                stuff4GREEKS order form page 2
This worksheet is here to help you calculate your total. When you submit the order,
we will double-check to verify that everything is correct. We will notify you if the
price that we came up with is different from the price you calculated.

                 price per item                                              add up everything from page 1
                                                                   (package price + all additional features + rush price)

  X              number of items
                                                                          enter the number of items in your order
                                                                        (assuming all your items are the same price)

 =               subtotal                                                        $0.00
 +               shipping and handling                                          enter correct s/h value here

                                                                          if your subtotal is...     then s/h is...
                                                                          $0.01 - $299.99            $14
                                                                          $300 - $499.99             $22
                                                                          $500 - $799.99             $33
                                                                          $800 - $999.99             $44
                                                                          $1000 - and up             $55

=           grand total                                               $0.00
+           Georgia tax 0.08
            • if your billing or shipping address is in Georgia, add ______________ to your total.

-           group discount -0.10
            • if you are ordering 5 or more items, subtract _______________ from your total.

                        SAVE                    PRINT                        SUBMIT BY EMAIL

                                        SECURE FAX: 866-902-0518         ORDERS@STUFF4GREEKS.COM

    reset form                     stuff4GREEKS order form page 3

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