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									                                        An Overview

           Executive Coaching
          Masterful Coaching—The World Leader in
                     Executive Coaching

Better Leaders, Better World tm
What will you get from Executive Coaching?

                  The power to make the impossible happen

      • Normally leaders have access to a
        kind of power that has to do with
        improving upon the possible.
      • Masterful coaching has to do with
        giving you access to a new level of
      • …the power to make the impossible

           Are you willing to put aside the success that you have become for the
                          power to make the impossible happen?
What can I get from a coach that I can’t achieve on my own?

    Velocity in reaching your highest goals and aspirations

     • Want to become CEO or VP of your company?
     • Desire to deliver on your strategic intentions?
     • Seeking to bring about real change on a sustainable basis?
     • You may be able to get there on your own…
     • But, what if you could cut the time it takes to cross the finish line in half?

                            • What is your burning ambition that represents winning to you?
                            • What would you like to accomplish—if only it were possible?
                            • What is most likely to happen if things don’t change?

Coaching takes you beyond the predictable to the impossible

     We will inspire you to create an Extraordinary Future
                             for yourself and your company

       • A Masterful Coach will challenge you to declare an ―Impossible
         Future‖ that stretches your definition of yourself and your business.

       • Your coach will then stand in that future and ask you to take
         actions in the present to make it a reality in a way that you don’t get

       • At the same time, your coach empowers you to produce the results
         you need to produce today.

             What would you like accomplish, if only it were possible?
Coaching addresses your biggest conundrums

                  We empower you meet your trickiest career,
                        leadership, and business challenges

   • You’re highly talented and motivated
     to reach your career, leadership, and
     business challenges.
   • Yet the closer you get to the top, the
     more competition there is for
     positions of power and resources.
   • Our executive coaching will help you
     to master the corporate chessboard.
   • You will learn to see the whole board,
     plan smart moves, see possibilities
     and constraints, as well as deal with
     the contingencies and mysteries of the

         Master the corporate chessboard so you will never be in a pawn in the game.
The coaching relationship

                        A coach challenges & supports you in
               attaining a championship level of performance

     • We speak to your greatness, your commitment to make a difference in
       your world.
     • We provide you with 360 leadership feedback that challenges and
       supports you on an ongoing basis.
     • We empower you to reach your goals by creating a Route Map and a
       Relationship Map.
     • We check in with you monthly (weekly) on what happened, what’s
       missing, and what’s next.

       To work with a Masterful Coaching is like having the wind at your back.

The proof is in the pudding

                What measurable results you can expect from
                                        Masterful Coaching

    • 85% of our clients get one or more
      promotions during the first 12 to 18
      months of working with us.
    • 80% of our clients dramatically
      transform their leadership ability as
      validated by 360 feedback.
    • 75% of our clients produce a
      significant increase in bottom-line
    • 65% of our clients report a dramatic
      increase in creativity, collaboration,
      and teamwork.

Who are the best candidates for executive coaching?

          Leaders with a proven track record of success who
              seek to make the ―good‖ to ―great‖ transition

       • Top tier talent in sports, the performing arts, and business are three
         times more likely to have coaches than the second tier.

       • They recognize that, while they may have a proven track record of
         success, coaching can give them an edge or advantage.

       • They have a basic attitude of learning, curiosity, and humility.

 The leaders who seek coaching are paradoxically those who appear not to need it.

What’s the time frame of Executive Coaching?

       We coach executives in a one-year program that’s a
           vision based, results oriented, real time process

   • Most people think of coaching in the same sense as three sessions at the
     golf driving range, tennis court, or ski slope.

   • This is simply not enough to take people’s leadership or their business to
     the next level, and often results in information anxiety.

   • It takes at least a year of coaching to move people’s leadership from good
     to great, to reach significant goals, or to cause real change.

 Think about the impact of your annual golf or ski lesson and you will realize there
                  are no silver bullets, quick fixes, or band aids.
        The one year program will dramatically leverage
                            your executive effectiveness

• We ask you to create a Source Document that has your vision, goals, guiding
  principles, key change initiatives.

• We are your thinking partner in setting goals, making plans and in mastering the
  ambiguities of the corporate chessboard where nothing is as it appears to be.

• We help you to step back when you are bogging down and see the big picture and
  gain perspective.

• We empower you to take inventive and effective action. We believe that
  everything is transformable and there is always a path forward.

The Big Picture of the Coaching Program

                Five Phases of the One Year Coaching Process

       Creating a business breakthrough and a leadership breakthrough based on
       360 feedback and developing a Source Document that shows the vision,
       strategies, goals, plans, key projects and engage your organization. (3
       Getting the Source Document over the line, launching key initiatives from
       top, and mobilizing organization to initiate change from below (3 months)
       Going for results through implementing strategies, gaining small wins, and
       then not letting up (3 months)
       Getting 85% + of the results you want (3 - 12 months)
       Creating a process based organization based on breakthroughs

         The key to success of coaching is to create a powerful partnership   11
The Structure of the Coaching Program

    The coach and coachee must operate in the same world

   • We get together with you for face-to-face coaching sessions each
     month (1/2 to 1 day)
   • We use face to face and e-mail to co-produce a Source Document on
     your vision and get it over the line.
   • We may meet once with your team to look at: 1) Strategic goals? 2)
     What’s so now? 3) What’s missing?
   • We have coaching phone calls at least every two weeks to ask: What’s
     happened? What’s missing? What’s next?

            This is made possible by frequent, informal communication.

Activities of the One Year Program

          Setting up an extraordinary coaching relationship

          A coach supports you like no one else supports you

      • We begin our coaching relationship with each person by orienting
        them to coaching.
      • We look at what coaching is and is not explaining the masterful
        coaching paradigm.
      • That paradigm is that extraordinary leaders develop in the process
        of producing extraordinary results.
      • Finally, we look at the opportunity in coaching for them.

  The amount of time we spend in rigorous formulation pays off in people actually
                          achieving the desired results.

Activities of the One Year Program

   Creating a Source Document or blueprint for the future

     • We work with senior leaders to
       declare an Extraordinary Future for
       their organization.
     • The Source Document is a
       manifesto in the form of a written
       artifact that gives everyone in the
       organization a shared place to stand.
     • It tells you what the future will be
       and how to realize it.
     • It offers the goals, priorities,
       teachable points of view, key
       initiatives that are essential to
       bringing about real change.

     Does your organization know what your declaration of intention is for the
                   extraordinary future you want to call forth?
Activities of the One Year Program

              Declaring your leadership challenge – using 360
                        feedback based on in depth interviews

   • We take your business challenge and ask who you need to be as a leader
     to achieve it.
   • We also ask: Will reaching your business challenge require you to make
     a major transformation or an incremental improvement?
   • To assist you in answering these questions, we do 360 feedback based on
     in depth interviews (not computer tick sheets).
   • These interviews allow us to gather insights that become the basis of
     coaching conversations that are transformational in nature.
   • We create with you a Leadership Development Plan to leverage your
     strengths and work on your development needs.

Activities of the One Year Program

               Declaring your business challenge—using the
                                       ―What’s So‖ process

     • We start with your Source Document and look at the business
       breakthroughs you need to achieve.
     • For example, a breakthrough in brand management, supply chain
       excellence, profitable growth.
     • With this as a stake in the ground, we do the ―What’s So‖ process.
     • This involves looking at where you are now with respect to your goals
       and what’s missing to get where you want to be.
     • This becomes the basis of sharpening your priorities and creating a
       high-leverage action plan.

Activities of the One Year Program

            Coaching people in real time to produce results

  • In the monthly meetings, we review the following questions in the
    emerging situation with respect to the leadership and business challenge:
     – What’s been accomplished?
     – What’s working? What’s not working?
     – What’s missing that, if provided, can make a difference?

  • This allows us to provide real time wisdom, guidance and feedback.

Activities of the One Year Program

             In each session, we deal with specific situations

      We will follow a template for dealing with each topic:
         1. Draw people out on a specific situations,
         2. Offer a ―teachable point of view‖ that gives people a new
              insight, and
         3. Provide a template for action.

  Distinctions enable people to see things in a new way and act in a new way with
                        respect to their goals and priorities.

       Examples of situations, teachable points of view

1.   Source a powerful relationship with your boss
2.   Create a Source Document for your organization that goes beyond a
     vision statement
3.   Shift your business model vs. tinker at the margins
4.   What to do when both win/lose and win/lose negotiations fail
5.   Transform key meetings into turning points
6.   How to deal with your biggest enemy—time
7.   Avoid the ten biggest career derailers

What you will get from the Masterful Coaching process

  1.   The possibility of creating an extraordinary coaching relationship that
       totally empowers you.
  2.   A Source Document– a blueprint for your organization’s future. This
       powerful tool enables you to initiate change from the top and
       mobilize people to initiate change from below.
  3.   Powerful formulation of your personal business challenge and your
       personal leadership challenge—the what’s and the how’s
  4.   An insightful executive assessment with 360 feedback based on
       interview not computer tick sheets—builds on strengths, eliminates or
       manages gaps
  5.   You and your group get aligned with your business’s current reality
       through the ―What’s So‖ process which becomes a spring board for
       creating the future.

                                       What you will get cont.

6.  A coaching and thinking partner on pivotal issues and dilemmas that
    results in power and velocity in reaching your goal.
7. A political strategy and relationship map that creates support and
    enables you to deal effectively with opposition.
8. Dramatically improved personal effectiveness through much better time
    management—trivial, important, make a difference.
9. A new CV or resume so you always know you have choices.
10. Either the high probability of a promotion or backing in making the
    contacts for your next assignment.

In Conclusion

                       Masterful Coaching: Breakthrough Results,
                                       Breakthroughs for People

   • Most companies tend to focus on impacting human business performance
     through changes in form—structure, people, etc.
   • We believe there is a huge amount of leverage to be gained by impacting
     human performance.
   • Our coaching programs present a powerful opportunity to develop leaders
     and their business—at the same time.
   • Each of our coaching programs is custom designed for the individual
     executive and organization.

 Masterful Coaching
     1732 Beacon St.
   Brookline, MA 02445


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