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CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami
CSI: Miami Original run Chronology Related shows External links Official website CSI: Miami intertitle Also known as CSI: Miami - Dade Miami CSI South Florida CSI CSI: Florida Police Procedural Drama Anthony E. Zuiker Carol Mendelsohn Ann Donahue David Caruso Emily Procter Adam Rodriguez Jonathan Togo Rex Linn Eva LaRue Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who USA Canada 7 167 (List of episodes) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: NY May 9, 2002 (on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) September 23, 2002 – present

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Opening theme Country of origin No. of seasons No. of episodes Production Producer(s) Running time Broadcast Original channel Picture format

Jerry Bruckheimer 40–45 minutes

CSI: Miami (Crime Scene Investigation: Miami) is a spin-off of the CBS network series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The series is an American crime drama television series that trails the investigations of a team of Miami-Dade forensic scientists as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths and other crimes. The pilot episode was first broadcast on May 9, 2002 as an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and six seasons have been aired. CSI: Miami currently airs on Mondays, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. The series is produced in partnership with the Canadian media company Alliance Atlantis and CBS Television Studios. CSI: Miami is the only show in the CSI franchise to have crossed over with both CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: NY, but is the only one out of the three which has yet to crossover with a series outside of the franchise. CSI: Miami has crossed over with CSI: NY on more than one occasion. The show is now in syndication and reruns are currently broadcast in the United States on A&E in high definition. On May 19, 2009, CBS renewed the show for an eighth season, which will start airing during the fall of 2009.[1]

CSI: Miami is filmed primarily in the United States. Location shots are filmed in the South Florida/Miami-Dade area, while indoor scenes are shot at Raleigh Manhattan Studios in Manhattan Beach, California, CA. Some scenes, mainly outdoor, are filmed mostly in Long Beach, California, as well as portions of Manhattan Beach. Beach areas of Downtown

CBS 480i (SDTV), 1080i (HDTV)


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Long Beach are often used for other outdoor scenes: Marina Green Park, Rainbow Lagoon Park. The newly constructed high-rise condos there give the presence of being in Miami. The sculptured walkway paying tribute to the old Pike Roller Coaster can be seen in the background in the episode "Under The Influence" (original air date 10/04/04; there, Alexx and Horatio investigate a body found on Shoreline Drive, a street made famous by the Long Beach Grand Prix). Other locations of Long Beach are used such as the Naples district, where its canals and upscale homes with large boat docks and palm trees give a feel of Miami. The building that’s used in exterior shots of the MDPD crime lab is actually the Federal Aviation Administration Federal Credit Union headquarters in Hawthorne (on Aviation Boulevard between Marine Avenue and Rosecrans Avenue). In the early episodes, and gradually through to the present day, there would be a sighting of a mobile news van from CBS’ Miami affiliate WFOR-TV Channel 4 and (now-a-days) microphones and news vans from cross-state rival WINK-TV, based in Fort Myers; a similar idea was used throughout the entire 12-year run of another CBS crime drama, Hawaii Five-O, when a news van from CBS’ long-time Honolulu station KGMB Channel 9 was used in a few episodes as well. However, this idea wasn’t used on the other "CSI:" shows (Las Vegas is covered by KLASTV Channel 8, which got sold after the purchase of The Weather Channel (United States) by NBC, and New York is covered by flagship New York station WCBS Channel 2).

CSI: Miami
Oasis, M.I.A., Seal, Damien Rice, Lemon Jelly, Eminem, Chamillionaire, Mogwai, Drowning Pool, Black Eyed Peas, The Chemical Brothers, Finger Eleven, Kylie Minogue, Papa Roach, Interpol, Chronic Future, Death Cab for Cutie, Foo Fighters, Amy Winehouse, Kasabian, Lil Wayne, FC Kahuna, Linkin Park, Paolo Nutini, Evanescence, Paddy Casey, Aqualung, Lupe Fiasco, The Hives, Trentemoller, Madonna, Disturbed, Massive Attack, Imogen Heap, SebastiAn Souvenir’s Young America, and many more.

Creators: Anthony E. Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn, and Ann Donahue Executive Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, Anthony E. Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn, Ann Donahue, Jonathan Littman, Danny Cannon, Nancy Miller, Sam Strangis,Joel Zumaya, Billy Madison, Oak Brothers

Like the original CSI, CSI: Miami is a police procedural about a team of forensic scientists. It is set in present-day Miami-Dade County (which mainly includes unincorporated Miami-Dade, as well as Miami, Kendall, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Opa-Locka, Key Biscayne, etc.). The team investigates mysterious and unusual deaths to determine who killed whom and why, and also solves other serious crimes (such as rape or kidnapping). In seasons one and two the show had two cases per episode just like its sister shows but from season three onward the show frequently focuses on a single case in each episode, or an investigation branched off from the main case (for example, episode 305, ’Legal,’ in which a homicide in a nightclub is solved by Wolfe and Calleigh, while Horatio and Delko crack a prostitution ring being run by the nightclub’s owner), as opposed to the two-cases-per-episode storytelling of its sister shows, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and CSI: NY. Many of its characters have appeared on all three CSI related shows because of the twopart episodes.

Like CSI and CSI: NY, CSI: Miami uses a song by The Who ("Won’t Get Fooled Again") as its theme song. The lyrics were written by Pete Townshend, with vocals by Roger Daltrey, from The Who’s 1971 album, Who’s Next. All throughout the series music plays an important role, with popular music often playing during the course of an episode. Musicians and groups whose music has been used on the show include Akon,Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Paul Oakenfold, Audioslave, Laze & Royal, Juno Reactor, Nine Inch Nails, Boards of Canada, edIT, Ill Niño, Sigur Rós, Prince,



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Character Portrayed by Horatio "H" Caine David Caruso Role Senior MDPD Lieutenant // CSI Level 03 (Forensic Specialist) // Crime Lab Supervisor // Arson and Bomb Specialist CSI Level 03 (Ballistics Specialist) // Assistant Crime Lab Supervisor CSI Level 03 (Fingerprint, Tire and Drug Identification Expert) CSI Level 01 (Trace Analyst) Period

CSI: Miami

Regular (Season 01 Present) Regular (Season 01 Present) Regular (Season 01 Present) Regular (Season 03 Episode 06 - Present; Recurring (Season 3 Episode 03 - 05) Regular (Season 05 Present); Recurring (Season 01 04)

Calleigh Emily Duquesne Procter Eric Delko Adam Rodriguez Ryan Wolfe Jonathan Togo

Frank Tripp

Rex Linn

MDPD Homicide Detective Sergeant

Natalia Boa Vista Dr. Tara Price

Eva LaRue

CSI Level 01 (CSI Trainee) // DNA Analyst Regular (Season 05 Present); Recurring (Season 04)

Megalyn Former Miami-Dade Day-Shift Medical Ex- Former Regular Echikunwoke aminer (Season 07 Episode 05 Arrested (Episode 724, "Dissolved") - Season 07 Episode 24); Recurring (Season 07 Episode 02 - 04) Sofia Milos Former MDPD Homicide Detective // Priv- Former Regular ate Investigator (Season 03); Recurring (Season 01–02, 05– ) Former Miami-Dade Medical Examiner Resigned (Episode 619, "Rock and a Hard Place") Former Regular (Season 01–06 Episode 19); Guest Appearance (Season 07 Episode 14) Former Regular (Season 1–3 Episode 01); Guest Appearance (Season 06 Episode 04) Former Regular (Season 01 Episode 11)

Yelina Salas

Dr. Alexx Woods

Khandi Alexander

Tim "Speed" Speedle

Rory Cochrane

Former CSI Level 03 (Trace Evidence and Impressions Expert) Killed in a shoot out (Episode 301, "Lost Son")

Megan Donner

Kim Delaney Former Senior MDPD Lieutenant // Former Crime Lab Supervisor (prior to series) // Former CSI Level 03 Resigned (Episode 111, "Camp Fear")

Main Characters
• (David Caruso): the head of the MiamiDade crime lab, a former NYPD homicide detective, a forensic analyst, and former bomb squad officer. In "Losing Face" (season 1, episode 2), Caine revealed that

everything he knew had been taught to him by his good friend and mentor, Al Humphreys (played by Lou Beatty, Jr.), who is killed by an explosion while trying to defuse a bomb in the episode. Several of his coworkers and subordinates affectionately refer to him as "H". Horatio


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is known to be very protective of his team, often going out of his way to assist them when needed. Horatio was briefly married to Eric Delko’s sister, Marisol (Alana de la Garza); the marriage ended when she was murdered by a Mala Noche sniper. As of the sixth season, Horatio has discovered that he has a sixteen-year-old son named Kyle ( Evan Ellingson) (from an affair he had had while working undercover, under the name of John Walden), who when they first met was going to be tried as an adult for kidnapping. His mother paid off the star witness, and the episode ends with Kyle choosing his mother, saying, "I have to give her a chance." He is an outstanding marksman, and does not hesitate to use deadly force when the situation calls for it. He also very often goes to extraordinary lengths to save evidence or a potential victim, once driving his H2 into a building that was in the process of being imploded, and is often seen giving his personal number to victims or their families to call if they need help. His demeanor is serious, direct, and to the point. He rarely makes eye contact unless making a point or finishing his thought, preferring to sport sunglasses or look downward. Horatio was present at the death of fellow CSI Tim Speedle, and that of his own brother, Ray, also a police officer. Horatio appears to have a good sense for how to communicate with children who have just experienced traumatic ordeals, obtaining information from them quickly and gently. This is likely due to the fact that as a child, Horatio himself was a victim of domestic violence (his father killed his mother). Horatio uses the "stay-calm" approach while comforting victims, killers, etc. Horatio is usually seen wearing a black suit (despite the oppressive Miami heat) and a pair of sunglasses. In episode 621, "Going Ballistic" the final moments of the episode are of him being shot. It is later revealed in the second part of that episode, Episode 701, "Resurrection" that he faked his death in order to stop a sale of illegal bullets and to kill his enemy Ron Saris. At the end of that episode Horatio blows up the boat that Saris was on and thought to have killed him. Then in Episode 721, "Chip/Tuck" Ron Saris returns wanting vengeance.

CSI: Miami
• (Emily Procter): a ballistics specialist. Her expertise in ballistics and firearms led to her being nicknamed "Bullet Girl". Calleigh’s slight build, blonde good looks and southern belle accent often lead others to underestimate her, but is a brilliant and dedicated scientist. Calleigh often enjoys beating and competing against males, having a certain satisfaction in proving them wrong. She does not suffer fools gladly, and is not one to play with even though some men attempt to intimidate her, which is always followed by a quick comment or snappy comeback. Her father is an alcoholic attorney who has tried to rehabilitate himself several times. She has a brief relationship with John Hagen in season 2; in the season 3 finale, Hagen shoots himself while she is getting a different gun, after having pulled a gun on her earlier in the episode. It has been hinted that romantic interests have sprung up between her and fellow CSI and best friend Eric Delko. She follows the letter of the rules at all times (except once when her father was involved in a case). In episode 615, "Ambush", a website seems to be stalking her and it is later discovered that the person behind it is Dan Cooper whom she was involved in catching for stealing deceased CSI Tim Speedle’s credit card. In episode 616, "All In", she is kidnapped and forced to help cover up a crime scene, but is later saved by her fellow CSIs. In episode 7.14 "Smoke get in your CSI’s" Calleigh was rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation when she and Ryan escaped from a burning house with a dead body. Eric stayed with her the entire time she was in the hospital. In episode 7.19 "Target Specific", Calleigh was attacked by a Russian mob and her gun was stolen. Calleigh later recovered her gun when the suspect was arrested, but he was killed shortly afterward by an unknown gunman. • (Adam Rodriguez): a fingerprint and drug identification expert of Cuban and Russian descent. In episode 410, "Shattered", Delko’s job is endangered when he is arrested for drug possession, but it is discovered that the marijuana was for his sister (Marisol) to ease the pain of her leukemia treatments. Marisol was murdered by a Mala Noche sniper after


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she married Delko’s boss, Horatio Caine. Eric is also the team’s underwater recovery expert. In season 5 while trying to rescue a woman kidnapped by escapee Clavo Cruz, Delko was shot in the head by one of Cruz’s henchmen and critically wounded in Epsisode 515 "Man down". He survived and is now back on the team, but suffered some memory loss as a result of the injury. Unlike Horatio Caine’s approach, in a calm matter, Eric often comes off strong, yelling or in a rather abrasive tone. Delko was especially hurt when Wolfe was selected over him to assist in the plan to help Caine go underground to apprehend Saris in Episode 701, "Resurrection", who in the Season 6 finale was distributing fused alloy bullets on the streets of Miami. Caine himself told Delko later in the episode that his selection of Wolfe was done to prevent endangering Delko’s career if the plan to apprehend Saris was unsuccessful. In episode 710, "The Deluca Motel", it is discovered that he has been staying in a motel because someone is following him. They find out that his real father is from Cuba and is trying to kill him. In episode 725, "Seeing Red", trying to help his father, Eric is seen escaping a gun silo, only to be shot at by Calleigh. It is unknown whether she hit Eric, as he is now missing. • (Jonathan Togo): was working as a police officer at the time he was hired for the CSI Lab virtually on the spot by Horatio, who noted Ryan’s immaculate care of his gun with approval, likely due to Wolfe having OCD (his predecessor, Speedle, died in the line of duty as a direct result of his poor gun maintenance). He first appeared in the episode "Under the Influence", but did not become a regular cast member until "Hell Night." Ryan was impaled in the eye with a nail gun in the episode "Nailed". At the end of the episode 522 "Burned", Ryan was fired for being directly linked to a murder suspect and not disclosing it to Horatio and to Internal Affairs. Seeking jobs as both a crime-scene expert, an expert witness for the defense, a firearms range technician and applying to work as an ME Investigator while applying for reinstatement, he was later reinstated. In the season 6 finale, Wolfe receives a text

CSI: Miami
message saying "It is done" right after Horatio is shot and presumed dead. It turns out that he was asked by Horatio to assist in setting up Horatio’s own execution, so he could go undercover. At the end of Episode 719, "Target Specific" and throughout Episode 720, "Wolfe in Sheep’s Clothing" Ryan was kidnapped and was forced by the Russian Mob to cover up a crime. Eventually Horatio helped him find a way out the situation; Eric and Calleigh appeared to have lost much of their trust in Ryan, before Ryan figured out that the Russian Mob was trying to break up the team. • (Rex Linn): a Texas-born homicide detective who regularly accompanies the team to the crime scenes. He has a gruff appreciation for the capabilities of the CSIs and their excellent results. He has a good working relationship with all the CSIs, particularly Calleigh. He is divorced, with three kids (episode 118, "Dispo Day"). After passing the Sergeant’s Exam in the beginning of season 6, Tripp was required to spend some time in uniform on a patrol rotation, but soon returned to the homicide unit and plainclothes duty (episode 611, "Guerrillas in the Mist"). Throughout the early part of the series Detective Tripp and Horatio didn’t get along very well, but recently they are often seen together at crime scenes. After Ryan Wolfe gets fired and later reinstated, Tripp and Ryan appear to be at odds. In Episode 607, "Cheating Death" he gets Ryan to fingerprint a prison phone and tells him that he’s his ’favorite little dust monkey’ in an attempt to insult him. • (Eva LaRue): a DNA analyst who upon first arriving, was only allowed to work on cold or unsolved cases due to the restrictions of her federal grant. She and Delko dated briefly, which ended abruptly after a pregnancy scare. She escaped an abusive marriage before joining the department, when her association with a society for battered women was key to helping the team solve the murder of a woman (who had been killed by the victim’s exhusband) assuming an alias for protection. In season 5, much to her distress, she discovered her abusive ex-husband Nick Townsend (Rob Estes) was out of prison when he served her with a restraining order. He was working for a private


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company that cleans up crime scenes, forcing her to make terms with him to get the restraining order dropped. The two shared a tense professional relationship until Nick’s murder, a crime for which Boa Vista was briefly considered the prime suspect. In season 6 (episode 618, "Tunnel Vision"), Natalia was finally certified to carry a firearm.

CSI: Miami
shantytowns of the area. Yelina and Ray Jr. wind up back in Miami, and Yelina goes into business as a private investigator (episode 522, "Burned"). In the Season 6 opener (episode 601, "Dangerous Son") Yelina investigates a suspect for Horatio, and she locates a birth certificate that reveals that the parolee is in fact Horatio’s biological son. Yelina also returns for the 7th season premiere, going under cover to help Horatio capture Ron Saris (episode 701, "Resurrection"). • (Khandi Alexander) was a Miami-Dade medical examiner. Alexx began her medical career in New York as a physician and became a medical examiner with the CSI team after moving to Miami for personal reasons. She is a very emotional person, and is more of a ’mother’ figure for the CSI team, showing great concern for them whenever one of them is injured. She also often talks to the dead bodies in a comforting and caring tone as she examines them. She is married with a young son and daughter with former husband Andrew Kalish, who was murdered in an episode early on in the series. Alexx is not the Chief Medical Examiner, as noted in the episodes when she was offered a transfer to the night shift by the Chief Medical Examiner, but rejected the position. In the episode 619 "Rock and a Hard Place," her son is named the prime suspect in a murder; this causes Alexx to rethink her job in the M.E.’s Office (and her place on the team as well as her friendship with the other CSI’s), and she quits saying to Horatio "I need to spend more of my time taking care of the living." Horatio responds by saying that should she wish to return, her post would be open for her. Alexx Returned in the Episode "Smoke Gets In Your CSI’s" as a part time ER Doctor at Dade General. • (Kim Delaney) was Horatio’s predecessor who went on indefinite leave from her job following the death of her husband. She briefly returned to work alongside Horatio, who had since been promoted to head investigator of the CSI unit, but later resigned, finding the pressure of the job to now be more than she could handle. Actress Kim Delaney’s character was reportedly written out due to the lack of chemistry between her and Caruso.[2]

Former Main Characters
• (Megalyn Echikunwoke): Miami-Dade dayshift medical examiner who replaced the departed Doctor Alexx Woods, played by Khandi Alexander, who left the show in season six. Echikunwoke was introduced in the seventh season’s second episode, "Won’t Get Fueled Again." She became part of the main opening cast credits in Episode 705, "Bombshell". In episode 707, "Cheating Death", Eric and Ryan play a joke on her which almost results in the entire case being compromised. In the end of Episode 717, "Divorce Party" Dr. Price is shown to steal a bottle of Oxycodone (an opioid analgesic medication) from a victim in the morgue and place the blame on Julia Winston. Also in that episode Horatio Caine has his son Kyle working as an intern for her after he gets into trouble. In Episode 724, "Dissolved" Ryan finally confronts her about it when he discovers the stolen pills in her locker. When Julia takes autopsy hostage because of what she did, Dr. Price is arrested. Her image is removed from the main opening cast credits after Episode 724, "Dissolved". • (Sofia Milos) was a Colombian homicide detective frequently attached to CSI investigations, and the widow of Horatio’s brother Ray Caine. She later starts a relationship with IAB Sergeant Rick Stetler, Horatio’s personal nemesis. After her husband Raymond was revealed to still be alive, she left with him and their son for Brazil, where they planned to keep a low profile for Ray’s safety. She reappears in the Season 5 premiere starting with "Rio." Caine and Delko are in Rio de Janeiro to hunt down Antonio Riaz, who murdered Horatio’s wife and Delko’s sister Marisol at the end of Season 4. Riaz is killed in a fight with Horatio, but not before killing Raymond Caine and enlisting Ray Jr into drug running in the


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• (Rory Cochrane) was a trace evidence and impressions expert; originally from Syracuse, New York, with a degree in biology from Columbia University. Speed was killed in the line of duty in the third season premiere, Lost Son; he had not maintained his firearm diligently and was shot by a suspect when it misfired during a police shoot-out. The character was written out at the request of Cochrane, who wanted to pursue a career in film and reportedly disliked the long, arduous shooting schedules for CSI: Miami.[3] The actor later reprised his role as a hallucination of Eric Delko’s (episode 604, "Bang, Bang, Your Debt").

CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami has been named the World’s Most Popular TV Show following rating studies of 20 countries worldwide. The survey, which was conducted by Informa Telecoms and Media, showed that CSI: Miami was featured in more top ten viewing charts than any other show. Also, in the same survey, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was shown to have high popularity coming in at sixth place.[4]

Like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami has spawned a series of comic books, novels, and video games based on the show. In addition, the show CSI: NY was based on a second season episode of CSI: Miami.

Recurring characters
CSI: Miami has utilized an extensive cast of recurring characters on the show. Recurring characters can be found as technicians in the crime lab, as homicide detectives, as family members of main characters, and as villains, among others.

U.S. television ratings
Seasonal rankings (based on average total viewers per episode) of CSI: Miami on CBS. Note: Each U.S. network television season starts in late September and ends in late May, which coincides with the completion of May sweeps. °Times listed are in EST

Further information: List of CSI: Miami episodes

CSI: Miami was spun off from an episode of the original CSI entitled "Cross Jurisdictions." In this episode, Catherine Willows and Warrick Brown of the original CSI travel to Miami while investigating the murder of Las Vegas’ ex-chief of detectives. In addition, CSI: Miami has crossed over with CSI: NY. Characters from CSI: NY were originally featured in the second season of CSI: Miami in the episode, "MIA/NYC NonStop" that aired May 17, 2004. Miami crossed over a second time in the fourth season episode, "Felony Flight," that aired November 7, 2005 in which Mac Taylor flies from New York and comes to Miami to assist Horatio in tracking down a common nemesis named Henry Darius. The story was continued on CSI: NY in the second season episode called, "Manhattan Manhunt," that aired November 9, 2005, when Henry Darius escapes to New York and Horatio goes along with Mac to continue the investigation.

Awards and nominations
ASCAP Award: • Top TV Series - 2006 • Top TV Series - 2005 ASC Award: • Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Movies of the Week/ Mini-Series’/Pilot for Network or Basic Broadcast TV, for episode "Cross Jurisdiction" (pilot episode) - 2003 Emmy: • Outstanding Stunt Coordination - 2007 • Outstanding Cinematography for a Singlecamera Series - 2003 BMI Film & TV Awards: • BMI TV Music Award - 2008 • BMI TV Music Award - 2005 • BMI TV Music Award - 2004 • BMI TV Music Award - 2003 California on Location Awards: • Assistant Location Manager of the Year Television (Teamsters Local 399) - 2007 Image Awards:


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Season Timeslot° Season Premiere September 23, 2002 September 22, 2003 September 20, 2004 September 19, 2005 September 18, 2006 September 24, 2007 September 22, 2008 September 24, 2009 Season Finale May 19, 2003 May 24, 2004 May 23, 2005 May 22, 2006 May 14, 2007 May 19, 2008 May 18, 2009 May 2010 TV Season

CSI: Miami
Ranking Viewers (in millions) 16.57[5] 18.06 19.00 18.13 17.1[6] 14.01 14.17[7]

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th

Monday 10:00pm/9c Monday 10:00pm/9c Monday 10:00pm/9c Monday 10:00pm/9c Monday 10:00pm/9c Monday 10:00pm/9c Monday 10:00pm/9c Monday 10:00pm/9c

2002–2003 #12 2003–2004 #8 2004–2005 #5 2005–2006 #6 2006–2007 #10 2007–2008 #8 2008–2009 #14 2009–2010

• Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Khandi Alexander) - 2005 Motion Picture Sound Editors: • Best Sound Editing in Music for Television - Short Form, for episode "Rio" - 2007 • Best Sound Editing in Television Long Form - Sound Effects & Foley, for episode "Crimewave" - 2005 People’s Choice Awards: • Favorite Television New Dramatic Series 2003

Emmy: • Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series 2007 • Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series 2003 ACS Awards: • Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Episodic TV Series for episode "Inside Out" - 2008 • Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Episodic TV Series for episode "Darkroom" - 2007 ALMA Awards: • Outstanding Actor in a Drama Television Series (Adam Rodriguez) - 2008 Image Awards: • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Khandi Alexander) - 2007

• Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Khandi Alexander) - 2006 • Outstanding Drama Series - 2006 Imagen Foundation Awards: • Best Supporting Actress - Television (Eva LaRue) - 2007 • Best Supporting Actress - Television (Eva LaRue) - 2006 • Best Supporting Actor - Television (Adam Rodriguez) - 2005 Motion Picture Sound Editors: • Best Sound Editing in Sound Effects and Foley for Television - Short Form, for episode "Come As You Are" - 2007 • Best Sound Editing in Television Short Form - Dialogue and Automated Dialogue Replacement, for episode "Three-Way" 2006 • Best Sound Editing in Television Short Form - Sound Effects & Foley, for episode "Urban Hellraisers" - 2006 • Best Sound Editing in Television Short Form - Sound Effects & Foley, for episode "Lost Son" - 2005 • Best Sound Editing in Television Episodic Sound Effects & Foley, for episode "Grand Prix" - 2004 Young Artist Awards: • Best Performance in a TV Series - Guest Starring Young Actor (Cole Petersen) for episode "Stand Your Ground" - 2008


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DVD name Release dates Region 1 Full season CSI: Miami season 1 CSI: Miami season 2 CSI: Miami season 3 CSI: Miami season 4 CSI: Miami season 5 CSI: Miami season 6 Country United States United Kingdom June 29, 2004 December 31, 2004 November 22, 2005 October 31, 2006 October 30, 2007 September 9, 2008[8] Store iTunes Store Five Download Region 2 Full season Part 1 Part 2 February 21, September 6, 2005 2004

CSI: Miami

Region 4 Full season February 21, November 10, 2005 2006*

February 20, September 12, February 20, February 7, 2006 2005 2006 2007* October 23, 2006 October 15, 2007 October 27, 2008 TBA August 22, 2006 July 2, 2007 June 30, 2008 May 11, 2009 October 23, 2006 October 15, 2007 September, 2008 October 16, 2007 July 9, 2008 March 4, 2009

July 27, 2009 July 29, 2009

Available Season 5, 6 and 7 (after episode airs on TV) 4 and 5 releases of the first two seasons were released much earlier than these re-releases. The subsequent seasons were first released in the slimline cases.

• Best Performance in a Television Series Guest Starring Young Actor (Alex Black) 2005 • Best Performance in a TV Series - Guest Starring Young Actress (Sara Paxton) 2004 • Best Performance in a TV Drama Series Guest Starring Young Actor (Seth Adkins) - 2003 • Best Performance in a TV Drama Series Guest Starring Young Actor (Raja Fenske) - 2003

Other Releases
The CSI franchise has also been released as a series of mobile games. In Fall 2007, CBS teamed up with game developer Gameloft to bring CSI to mobile phones. The first of the series to be published was CSI: Miami. The game features actual cast members such as Horatio Caine, Alexx Woods and Calleigh Duquesne who are trying to solve a murder in South Beach with the player’s assistance.[9] The game is also available for download on various iPod devices[10] In spring 2008, Gameloft and CBS released "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - The Mobile Game" which is based on the original series in Las Vegas, NV. This game introduces the unique ability to receive calls during the game to provide tips and clues about crime scenes and evidence. As for the storyline, the game developers collaborated with Anthony E. Zuiker (the series creator) to ensure that the plot and dialogue were aligned with the show’s style.[11]

DVD releases
The CSI: Miami Region 2 DVD releases have followed a particular pattern whereby each season is progressively released in two parts (each of 11 or 12 episodes, with special features split up) before ultimately being sold as a single boxed set. * The Region 4 releases of the first two seasons were initially divided up into two parts of 11 or 12 episodes before being released in full season DVD "fat packs", with large cases compared to the slimline cases DVD distributors opt for now. The release dates detailed here are for the re-released seasons in slimline cases. The two-part releases as well as the "fat pack" full season

Online sales


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CSI: Miami Retrieved on 2008-12-24. [9] Buchanan, Levi. "IGN: CSI: Miami",IGN Entertainment. Retrieved October 13, 2008. story/10383968 [10] Cook, Brad. "CSI: Miami - In Judgment of All Wrong". Apple Inc.. csimiami/. Retrieved on 2008-12-07. [11] "CBS and Gameloft Use Real Phone Calls to Unravel Clues and Solve Crimes in ’CSI: Crime Scene Investigation(TM) The Mobile Game’", Thomson Reuters. Retrieved October 13, 2008. pressRelease/ idUS175502+19-Mar-2008+PRN20080319 [12] "The Futon Critic: Spike TV Highlights April 2007". news.aspx?id=20070308spiketv01. Retrieved on 2008-12-24.

U.S. broadcast history
• First Run: September 23, 2002–present – Mondays 10:00pm/9:00pm central • Repeats: CBS repeats "CSI: Miami" sometimes on weekends during the Crimetime Saturday Slot. • Repeats: "CSI: Miami" has reruns on A&E Network in 2005. Both A&E and Spike TV share the rerun rights to the crossover episodes (with CSI: NY), Felony Flight and Manhattan Manhunt.[12]

See also
• CSI franchise • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation • CSI: NY


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