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Procedure to follow:

   1. Read the criteria for the scholarships listed below and determine those for which
      you feel qualified. On the “Local Scholarship Cover Sheet” list these five
      scholarship organizations to which you would like your application sent for

   2. Complete five copies of the Torrance Unified School District Scholarship
      Application Form. Be sure to attach (use clear tape) a wallet-size photo to each
      copy of the application. You may fill out the application by hand using black ink
      pen or you may download the application and complete it on your computer,
      which really is the very best method.

   3. Obtain three letters of recommendation: one from a high school teacher and one
      from a community member (i.e. religious leader, coach, employer, club sponsor,
      scout leader). The third letter may be from another high school teacher or
      community member. No letter may be from a family member or relative. These
      letters should be addressed “To Whom It May Concern”. You need to attach the
      three letters to the back of each of your scholarship applications. You are
      responsible for getting your letter writers to complete their letters for you before
      your completion deadline of December 4, 2009.

   4. The following materials must be returned to Miss Shwarts in person to the
      Counseling Office no later than Friday, December 4th by 3:15 p.m.:

          1. One (1) Local Scholarship Cover Sheet listing the 5 scholarship
             organizations to which you want your application sent for consideration.
          2. Five (5) completed copies of the TUSD application (with photo attached and
             letters of recommendation attached).
          3. You do not need to obtain copies of your transcript; I will complete that task
             for you.
          4. Continue to read/listen to the South High Daily Bulletin for on-going
             scholarship opportunities.

                                         Page 1
                            LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS

Name of Scholarship         Qualifications                  Amount

1st Lt. Alan Michael Hook   Demonstrated interest in        $1000
Memorial Scholarship        leadership and public           (varies)
                            service. 2 or 4 year
                            Minimum 3.0 G.P.A.
                            U.S.A. citizen.

Agnew – Brusavich           Student must enroll in a        $250
Law Corporation             “TAP” (Transfer Alliance
Scholarship                 Program) at a CA
                            community college with the
                            intent to transfer to a 4 yr.
                            Separate application
                            required, read the Daily
                            Bulletin for details.

Arnold PTA Scholarship      Attended Arnold School.         $500
                            Current SHS PTSA
                            member, attach copy of
                            membership card.

A.T.S.A. Scholarship        Desire to enter the field of    $500 & $1,000

Beach Cities Masonic        Must be a US Citizen            $1,000
Lodge Scholarship           Minimum3.0 cumulative
                            unweighted gpa.
                            Will attend a 2 or 4 year
                            institution of higher
                            learning (college or trade
                            school) as a full-time
                            Additional application will
                            be necessary.

Calle Mayor PTA             Attended Calle Mayor            $500
Scholarship                 Current member of SHS
                            Provide copy of
                            membership card.

                                      Page                                  2
Del Amo Rotary Club         Desire to attend a trade        $500
Scholarship                 school or 2 year vocational

Hollywood Riviera           Must reside within area       $350 - $550
Sportsman Club              North of Palos Verdes
Scholarship                 Estates, West of
                            Hawthorne, South of Pacific
                            Coast Highway and Avenue
                            Minimum 3.25 G.P.A.
                            Applicant must be planning
                            to attend an accredited four-
                            year college or university.

John Ibarra Memorial        Participated in SHS             $500
Scholarship                 basketball program.
                            Co-curricular activities that
                            include helping others.

Jim Armstrong Scholarship   Must be involved in             $1,000
                            government, political
                            process or leadership.
                            3.0+ gpa
                            Community volunteer
                            2 or 4 year college plans.

Las Vecinas Woman’s Club    Minimum 3.25 G.P.A.             $1,000+
Scholarship                 U.S. Citizenship, extra
                            curricular activities,
                            documented community
                            service, financial need, 4-
                            year college.

                                      Page                              3
Lomita-Torrance Airport     Desire to attend a 4 year     $500
Rotary Club                 college. Minimum 3.0

Michella Matasso Memorial Female, 3.0+ gpa,               $1,000 first year
Scholarship               involvement in school
                          activities including Pep
                          Squad, athletics, leadership,
                          or band.
                          Will start college education
                          at a community college.

Peninsula Symphony Assn.    Desire to continue            $200
Scholarship                 education in
                            the field of music.
                            Separate application

Richardson PTA              Attended Richardson.          $500
Scholarship                 Current member of SHS
                            Provide copy of
                            membership card.

Riviera Garden Club         Min. 3.0 GPA.                 $500
Scholarship                 Needs to be interested in the
                            environment or horticulture
                            Live in the Hollywood
                            Riviera if possible.

Riviera Homeowners          Must live in the Hollywood    $500
Association                 Riviera.
                            Academics, will be
                            attending a four-year
                            college or university.
                            High gpa and high college
                            admissions test scores.
                            Financial Need.

Ronald Thomas Loomis        Community service, school     $1,000
Littlefair Memorial         service, and academic
Scholarship                 scholarship.

                                      Page                                    4
                          Will attend a 4-year

Rotary Club of Torrance   Student going to a 2 year       $700
Scholarship               college with the intention of
                          transferring to a four-year

Rotary Club of Torrance   Student plans to attend a     $500
Vocational Scholarship    vocational or trade/technical

Seaside PTA Scholarship   Attended Seaside.               $500
                          Current SHS PTSA
                          membership. Copy of
                          membership card.

Seaside Homeowners        Graduate of Seaside School. $250
Association               Minimum 3.0 G.P.A.
                          2 or 4 year college.
                          Must live in the Seaside
                          Ranchos area.

Shorewood Realtors        Will attend 4 year college      $400

South Bay Panhellenic     Female, 3.5 G.P.A.,          TBA
Scholarshp                participation in school and
                          community activities, attend
                          a 4 year university where
                          Panhellanic Congress
                          Sororities are established.
                          Separate application

South High PTSA           Current membership in SHS $750

                                    Page                         5
Scholarships                PTSA
                            Include copy of your
                            membership card.

South Torrance Lions Club   2 or 4 year college, 2.5       $500
Scholarship                 G.P.A. or higher.
                            Demonstrated community
                            service and/or service to

Surf Management Co.         Emphasis is placed upon        $1500
Scholarships                financial need. Statement
                            of family income is
                            required. Good grades.
                            Must reside in Torrance.
                            Altruistic extracurricular
                            US Citizen.

Torrance Council PTA        2 or 4 year college. Student   $600
Scholarships                must be a current PTSA
                            Provide copy of current
                            SHS PTSA membership
                            Must be a U.S. Citizen.

Torrance Craftsmen Guild    Talent in arts. Submit work    $500
Scholarship                 sample.
                            Separate application

Torrance Cymbidium          Average Student                $200
Association Scholarship     G.P.A. 2.9 or less.
                            Character and Citizenship.

Torrance Ed Found/          Financial need                 $2,500
Continental Development     Academic achievement
Co.                         Community service.

Torrance Ed                 2.5+ gpa                       $1,000
Foundation/Gas Co           Plan to enroll in a two year

                                      Page                          6
Scholarship         accredited junior college or
                    a 4 year college
                    Financial Need stressed.
                    One recipient selected
                    district wide

Torrance Ed         Minimum 3.0 G.P.A.               $1500-$2,000
Foundation/Mobil    2 or 4 year college or trade
Scholarship         school
                    Interest or commitment to
                    environmental issues.
                    Children of Mobil
                    Employees not eligible.
                    Must have a serious
                    demonstrated interest or
                    commitment to
                    environmental issues
                    documented through direct
                    & personal participation in
                    community activities
                    involving the environment
                    as well as planning to major
                    in a related field in college.

Torrance Ed         3.0+gpa                          $2,500
Foundation/Toyota   Actively involved in a
                    service organization or
                    project that has a positive
                    impact on school and/or
                    U.S. Citizen, US national or
                    U.S. permanent resident.
                    Pursue degree at a 4-year
                    college or university.

                              Page                                  7
                             Family cannot work at
                             Toyota Motor Sales or
                             Applicant will write a one
                             page description of his/her
                             community service.

Torrance Ed                  3.0+ gpa                        $2,000
Foundation Prologis          Plan to enroll in a 4 year
Scholarship                  accredited institution
                             Interview required
                             District wide competition.
                             Selection based upon
                             applicant’s ability and
                             potential to excel as a
                             business leader.

Torrance Ed Foundation       Will attend a 4-year college. $2,000
Riddle Memorial              Proven financial need.

Torrance Ed Found/           Interested in a career in law   $1,000
Toyota Financial Services’   – lawyer, work in a public
Legal Dept.                  interest organization that
                             has a focus on the law, or
                             someone interested in
                             working in government or
                             Additional Interest in Law
                             District wide competition.

Torrance Firefighters        Scholarship, economic           $750
Association Scholarship      need, activities, Torrance
                             resident, U.S. Citizen.
                             Minimum 2.5 gpa..
                             Student must have attended
                             South High School for all 4
                             Must attend a 4 year
                             accredited college; if
                             applicant attends a junior

                                       Page                           8
                            college first, the scholarship
                            will be held until the
                            students is full-time at a
                            four-year college.

Torrance Memorial Medical Separate application               $1,000
Center Scholarship        required. Student to pursue
                          careers in nursing, physical
                          therapy, pharmacy and
                          allied health professions.

Torrance Police Officers    Academics, school                $1500
Association Scholarship     citizenship, financial need,
                            U.S. Citizen, Torrance
                            Minimum 3.0 gpa required.

Torrance Teachers           Desire to continue               $500 - $1,000
Association Scholarship     education
                            Financial need.

Torrance Y Men’s Club       Student wishing to pursue        $300
Scholarship                 further education and a
                            career in working with

Torrance Woman’s Club       Students who have                $500+
Scholarship                 contributed by volunteering
                            at school and the

Torrance Youth Council      Students who have                $1,000
“Beat the Odds” scholarship overcome adversity are
program.                    eligible.
                            Separate application

Virco Manufacturing         Academic performance 3.0         $1000
Corporation Scholarship     gpa,
                            community service and/or
                            work experience.

                                      Page                                   9
Walteria Businessman’s     Average or better grades.       $500-$1,000
Club Scholarship           U.S. Citizenship, activities,

Walteria PTA Scholarship   Attended Walteria.              $500
                           Current member of SHS
                           Provide current copy of
                           membership card.

NOTE: Scholarship awards ($) are approximate. The amount may vary based
      on the number of students selected as recipients and the amount of
      money stipulated for scholarship awards by each organization.

Revised: 6/11/09

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