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					                                                                     Small Business
     Fall 2010
                                                                     offered by the
                                                                     Illinois Small Business Development Center
                                                                     Your Business Partner to Success

Grayslake Campus
19351 West Washington Street
Grayslake, IL 60030

Southlake Campus
1120 South Milwaukee Avenue
Vernon Hills, IL 60061

                                                                     The College of Lake County’s Illinois Small Business
                                                                     Development Center (SBDC) establishes, builds, and grows
                                                                     small business enterprises within Lake County.
                                                                     Our services include:

 WPDI                 Workforce and Professional
                      Development Institute
                                                                     • FREE one-on-one business consulting and coaching with noted experts
                                                                     • Assistance in developing business plans and financial statements
 College of Lake County                                              • Aid in forming strategic marketing plans
 19351 West Washington Street                                        • Support in securing loans with local lenders and service providers
 Technology Building Suite T302
 Grayslake, IL 60030                                                 • Interactive workshops designed to build small business skills
                                                                     To register, follow the steps at

              These Illinois Small Business Development Center
                                                                             College of Lake County
              Programs are funded in part through a cooperative
              agreement with the U.S. Small Business
              Administration, the Illinois Department of Commerce
              and Economic Opportunity and the College of Lake               For information, call (847) 543-2033
              County as a service to small business. Reasonable
              accommodations for persons with disabilities will be           or visit
              made if requested at least two weeks in advance.
              Contact us at 847.543.2033 or TTY at 847.223.0134.
Small Business Workshops
Start-up & Business Planning                                                                     Business Growth and Development
FastTrac® NewVenture TM                                                                          FastTrac® Growth VentureTM
        Designed specifically for those in the early stages of business                                    Hindsight is 20/20 so take what you’ve learned in your
        development. Save time and money by testing the feasibility                                        business and look to the future. Create a framework to
        of your business concept before you launch. Starting and                                           improve the performance of your business. Focus on the
growing a business does not mean going it alone. Form relationships                              issues you need to investigate to go to the next level and make
with people who can provide you the opportunity to identify market                               critical decisions for strategic business growth and opportunity, build
need, knowledge of business fundamentals such as marketing,                                      and maintain a competitive advantage, and maximize cash flow for
management, financials and to build a business plan. Cost includes all                           future profitability. Cost includes all books and materials.
books and materials.
                                                                                                 SPONSORED BY
                                                                                                 Cost: $350.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
Cost: $350.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake                                                     4362 TBSM 3-001 6:30-9:30 pm        T    T326           9/14-11/23
4361 TBSM 2-001 6:30-9:30 pm        T    T326                          9/14–11/23

Smart Start to Your Small Business                                                               6 Steps for Building
Starting your own business is exciting and liberating, but it can also be
scary, confusing and risky. Attending this workshop is your first step on
                                                                                                 the Business you Dream of… NEW!
the road to success. The seminar provides valuable advice and                                    Learn the six steps for building a winning and sustainable business.
information concerning the basics of the business world and how they                             Also learn the most powerful formula for growing sales and profits in
affect your business. Learn how to determine the type of legal structure                         your business – any business!
that is best for your business, how to prepare and present your                                  Cost: $35.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
business plan, determine and apply business feasibility, what financial                          5161 TBSM 4-001 6:30-9:30 pm        W T326              10/20
assistance is available to you, how to analyze your profit and loss
statement and explore break-even analysis.
Cost: $35.00 | Southlake Campus - Vernon Hills                                                   Strategic Planning for Small Business NEW!
5156 TBSM 7-001 6:30-9:30 pm        W R004                             9/15                      Strategic Planning introduces processes that focus on the four
                                                                                                 strategic areas common to all small businesses: Operations,
Starting a Business in Illinois                                                                  Marketing, Finance, and People. The STAR process will develop a
Starting a business in Illinois isn’t as simple as pressing a button.                            one-page strategic plan and a one-page action plan that can propel
There are laws, regulations and reports a company must abide by                                  a business to higher levels of success. Join other small business
and produce. We will discuss important aspects of business                                       owners to learn new processes and techniques that focus "on" your
ownership and receive handouts that include information on                                       business. You will participate in three self-paced online modules as a
agencies to contact. Don’t be sorry, be safe. Learn what is required                             part of this program.
to start a business in Illinois.                                                                 Cost: $125.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
Cost: $25.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake                                                      5178 TBSM 9-600 6:30-9:30 pm        R    T323           10/21 & 11/04
5164 TBSM 10-001 6:30-9:00 pm                        R         T326    9/16                                         ONLINE                               10/21–11/04
5171 TBSM 10-002 6:30-9:00 pm                        R         T118    10/14
5172 TBSM 10-003 6:30-9:00 pm                        M         T326    11/15
Online - for more information visit                                    Growing Your Business
Self-paced learning module that you will have seven days to complete.                            by Delighting Your Customers NEW!
5179 TBSM 10-800 ARR                      ONLINE       8/23–12/17                                Grow your business by understanding what your customers
                                                                                                 “REALLY” want. Learn how to exceed their expectations and set
                                                                                                 yourself apart from the competition! The needs of retail customers
Commerce & Technology                                                                            will receive special attention, but will apply to all industries. Develop
                                                                                                 a positive workplace that focuses on customer service and quality
                                                                                                 employees. Practice the art of saying “no” while still retaining and
E-mail Marketing Day                                                                             delighting customers.
Learn everything you need to know about e-mail marketing in one day
                                                                                                 Cost: $30.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
so you can start using it to grow your organization the very next day.
Discover the components of an effective e-mail marketing campaign                                5162 TBSM 63-001 6:30-8:30 pm       R    T326           10/21
including marketing tips, strategies and techniques to get your e-mails
opened. You will walk through Constant Contact E-mail marketing
system to help you maximize your e-mail marketing results.                                       Project Management
Cost: $60.00 | Southlake Campus - Vernon Hills                                                   for Small Business Owners            NEW!
4868 TBSM 17-001 10:00 am-3:00 pm W V122 10/27                                                   Small business owners are responsible for every project within their
                                                                                                 organization. Focus on planning, tracking and managing tips and
                                                                                                 techniques for the business owner. Prior to the session you will be
 Understanding Codes                                                                             asked to read a short case study to discuss in class. Receive ideas and
                                                                                                 techniques that can be immediately applied to current projects.
 4580       PCTR        30-001 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.      F      GLC T338        12/11
                                                                                                 Cost: $40.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
 class # course prefix course # & section #   time       day    location room   start/end date   5166 TBSM 62-001 6:30-9:30 pm               R   T326    11/4
Accounting & Finance                                                           Search Engine Optimization for Small Business
                                                                               Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an Internet marketing process
                                                                               that increases traffic to your web site by improving your position in
Basic Recordkeeping for Small Business                                         the results of searches. Become more visible and make your presence
Accurate and complete records are a must for all business owners to            known in the digital marketplace.
succeed and meet government tax requirements. Learn how to prepare
a balance sheet, income statement, and projected cash flow statement.
Additionally, understand the use of financial ratios and comparative           Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
analysis to measure your business' progress and identify when to make          Learn how to make your presence know in a digital marketplace.
adjustments.                                                                   Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through proper
Cost: $75.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake                                    use of your web site structure, keywords, header tags, Meta tag titles
                                                                               and Meta descriptions, directory submission, organic versus paid
3914 TBSM 6-001       6:30-9:30 pm          W     T326    10/6 & 10/13
                                                                               search, impact of quality content, web analytics, and proper link
                                                                               building. This class will concentrate on basic terminology and online
QuickBooks Module 1 – A Practical Introduction                                 examples.
This class is designed for users who have less than six months’                Cost: $35.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
experience working with QuickBooks. Topics include setup of new files,
                                                                               5173 TBSM 28-001 6:30-9:30 pm            W    T326     12/1
processing banking, accounts receivable and accounts payable
transactions, reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts and              Intermediate Search Engine Optimization NEW!
running basic financial reports. Prerequisites: Able to use Microsoft
                                                                               So you have learned the basics, now take it a step further with more
Windows products.
                                                                               advanced techniques through use of articles, directories, backlinks,
Cost: $149.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake                                   forums, newsgroups, video, and more. This class will venture deeper
3915 TBSM 20-001 6:00-10:00 pm               T    T338 9/21 & 09/28            into online tools and creative working examples. Prerequisite: Intro
Southlake Campus - Vernon Hills                                                class or working knowledge.
3993 TBSM 20-002 8:00 am-5:00 pm            T     V102    11/2                 Cost: $35.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
                                                                               5174 TBSM 28-002 6:30-9:30 pm            W    T326     12/8
QuickBooks - Module 2 - Intermediate
In this QuickBooks Module you will learn to analyze financial data to better
understand your business; how to create and customize reports; how to
                                                                               Social Network Media 2.0 For Small Business
track and pay sale tax; and payroll functions including setting up payroll,
overview of payroll tracking and payment process for payroll taxes.            How to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to increase your brand
                                                                               visibility 140 characters at a time.
Cost: $99.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
3916 TBSM 21-001 6:00-10:00 pm               T     T338 10/5                   Introduction to Social Network Media 2.0
Southlake Campus - Vernon Hills                                                Learn how Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can increase your brand
3994 TBSM 21-002 8:00 am-12:00 pm           T     V102    11/16                visibility, building your small business by engaging your customers,
                                                                               being positive, popular, current, and active. This class will
                                                                               concentrate on basic terminology and online format structure.
Cash is King! Managing Your Cash Flow
                                                                               Cost: $35.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
Understanding your cash flow is critical to the success of your business.
This class will help you understand the concept of cash flow, and why          5175 TBSM 29-001 6:30-9:30 pm            R    T326     9/23
CASH, and not PROFIT, is king. Identify why and how tracking and
                                                                               Intermediate Social Network Media 2.0                NEW!
managing cash flow is critical to business survival, and why cash flow
forecasting is an important strategy and strategies to improve your cash       You are using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn - now what? We will
flow situation.                                                                discuss advanced strategies and target specific networks. This class
                                                                               will venture deeper into online tools and creative working examples
Cost: $35.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
                                                                               to draw people to your Web site.
4515 TBSM 42-001 6:30-9:00 pm       W T326                11/10
                                                                               Cost: $35.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
                                                                               5176 TBSM 29-002 6:30-9:30 pm            R    T326     9/30
Marketing & Sales
                                                                               The Power of Face 2 Face Networking NEW!
Effective Web Site Design
                                                                               First impressions have a great value. Powerfully build your client base
Building an effective Web site takes planning, design, execution and           with effective face to face networking. Learning objectives include
analysis. Learn simple, but essential design elements when building            developing an elevator speech you can use immediately, determining
or redesigning a site to help new customers find and enjoy your site.          the effectiveness of your business card, and tapping the hidden
Enhance visits to your site through four Social Media favorites: Blog,         goldmine of local networking groups.
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
                                                                               Cost: $30.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
Cost: $35.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
                                                                               5159 TBSM 52-001 6:30-8:30 pm            R    T326     11/11
5168 TBSM 26-001 6:30-9:00 pm               R     T326    10/7

                                                                               Marketing Your Small Business
Streetwise Marketing NEW!                                                      Your small business is up and running, your clients few and far
Learn the TOP 10 Commandments for creating raving fans for your                between. You will work on projects and gain tips to generate new
business and the fundamentals for creating big response marketing              leads, build your customer base, and take your profits to the next
campaigns, for small and medium size businesses. Create sales people in        level. You will study your competitors, refine your product message,
print to maximize your marketing ROI and be able to determine which            develop marketing materials, and generate unique and cost-effective
marketing strategies are working and those that are not.                       promotional ideas that are ideal for a business on a limited budget.
Cost: $35.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake                                    Cost: $35.00 | Southlake Campus - Vernon Hills
5160 TBSM 53-001 6:30-9:30 pm               W     T326    09/22                4869 TBSM 59-001 7:30-9:30 pm            W    V336     11/3
                                                                                                For information, call (847) 543-2033
Start Strong. Stay Strong. Grow Strong.                                                         or visit

International Trade                                                         Big Business Perks for Small
                                                                            for Small Business Owners NEW!
Beyond Export 101: Operations & Compliance                        NEW!      Grow your business by offering benefits that will attract and retain
Increased exports means business growth, and business growth means          quality employees. Learn how to provide affordable employee
bigger profits. Get a strong overview of an export operation, and learn     benefits and retirement planning opportunities. This workshop will
more about export documentation, export compliance, and risk                help you understand retirement plan selection, employee benefits,
management including carrier liabilities. We will discuss Export            insurance selection, and business succession strategies.
Administration Regulations (EAR), controlled commodities, diversion,        Cost: $35.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
shipper’s export declaration, and filing via an automated export system.
                                                                            5182 TBSM 66-001 6:30-8:00 pm            T     T326    12/07
Cost: $49.00 | Southlake Campus - Vernon Hills
5157 TBSM 30-001 1:00-3:00 pm              T    V232      11/16
                                                                            How to Hire the Best
                                                                            Hire the best people by learning what’s most critical to interviewing
Importing: Reasons, Risks and Rewards                  NEW!                 success. Your behavior as the interviewer, the ability to probe,
Learn the reasons, risks and reward of importing. Many firms have           answering the seven key questions, all lead to hires that will last for
turned to global suppliers for survival—including purchasing lower-         years. Learn to identify and assess the behaviors and skills that are
priced raw materials for manufacturing, component parts, or line            important for your open job. Discover interview myths, look at more
extensions that enable them to compete with importers or other              than 50 interview questions that get results and the legalities of the
domestic firms. Participants will receive a comprehensive workbook and      interview.
resource guide valued at $40.                                               Cost: $35.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
Cost: $89.00 | Southlake Campus - Vernon Hills                              5186 TBSM 68-001 6:30-9:30 pm            R     T327    12/2
5181 TBSM 31-001 6:30-9:30 pm              R    V336      10/28

                                                                            Retail Leasing 101       NEW!
Basics of the Export Business:                                              Location, location, location! – The three most important issues for
Practices and Procedures for Success               NEW!                     retail site selection. Learn the answers to the following questions: Do
Ninety-five percent of the world's consumers live outside the U.S           I really need to hire a Commercial Broker? Can I hire a broker for
exporting is an important part of future business planning. This course     nothing – what’s the catch? Also discuss sight lines, TI allowance, FF
provides a "fast-track" approach to understand sales and profits that       & E, Blue Sky, End Caps, Exclusivity, Synergy, Curb Appeal, chin up
come from international trade specifically exporting. With the U.S.         and why should I care?
Government's new National Export Initiative, commitment to expand           Cost: $35.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
export promotion will assist firms with credit and foreign market access.   5165 TBSM 80-001 6:30-9:00 pm            W     T326    11/3
Area companies that don't export, or export less than they should, can
get the resources they need to identify promising new markets or the
necessary contacts in foreign countries. Participants will receive a
comprehensive workbook and resource guide valued at $40                     Legal Aspects of Business Ownership
Cost: $89.00 | Southlake Campus - Vernon Hills
5180 TBSM 32-001 6:30-9:30 pm              R    T333      9/30              Legal Fundamentals for Small Businesses
                                                                            As a small business owner the first decisions that you make about
                                                                            your business have long-term implications. This workshop helps you
Employee & Human Relations                                                  focus when selecting a legal structure. It also provides information on
                                                                            liability differences and tax consequences associated with each. Learn
                                                                            which choice is best for your small business, as well as trademark
You Don't Say!       NEW!                                                   implications, immigration, and employment concerns.
We must be able to communicate effectively to be successful. This
                                                                            Cost: $35.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
interactive workshop led by a duo teaching team focuses on
communication including your learning and communicating style               3917 TBSM 81-001 6:30-9:30 pm            W     T326    9/29
and how to effectively interact with other learning and
communicating styles. Develop tools and techniques to overcome
communication differences.
                                                                            Building Blocks, Bridges & Solutions:
                                                                            Practical Legal Tips for Your Business            NEW!
Cost: $30.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
                                                                            This intensive business boot camp will focus on counseling business
5158 TBSM 51-001 6:30-8:30 pm              R    T326      10/28
                                                                            owners through some of the most pressing legal issues they face as
                                                                            they start their businesses and well into its growth phase. Business
Adding Impact to Your Small                                                 owners will learn to understand the dynamics of their organizational
                                                                            entity, how to lay the foundation for a solid and profitable business
Training Budget - Mentoring Strategies                 NEW!
                                                                            structure, how to capitalize on intangible assets in their business and
Develop employee skills without breaking the bank. Learn how to             how to effectively negotiate contracts (no matter what types) to
create an employee mentoring program. This workshop will discuss            achieve a favorable outcome each time. A must attend seminar for
mentor selection, how to structure the program, how to make it a            the new or growing business.
win/win situation, and how to develop and grow professionally.              Cost: $40.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
Mentors are catalysts for growth and can add huge impact regardless
of your training budget.                                                    5187 TBSM 82-001 6:30-9:30 pm            W     T326    10/27
Cost: $30.00 | Grayslake Campus - Grayslake
5163 TBSM 65-001 6:30-8:30 pm              W    T326      11/17

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