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Challenge College BTEC First Diploma Certificate in Business by iov61840


Business Trip Brief Template document sample

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									                                                                       Challenge College
                                           BTEC First Diploma/Certificate in Business
                                                                    Assignment Brief

                                         Unit:                  Four
Assignment Title:                Business Communication
                                         Start Date:            Wk 5 January 2008
Guided Learning Hours:           60      Completion Date:       14 March 2008
                                         Feedback Date:         21st March 2008

Assessor:     Mr M. Drury                Internal Verifier:     Mr L. McNeill

Vocational Context
Following your studies in business you are working in a small new media company in the
Human Resources department. The company designs websites for businesses across East
Yorkshire and has a reputation for its excellent customer service and effective communication
with clients.

Task one                                                                   Assessment
The Purpose of Business Communication                                      evidence
A large new contract means the company are looking to hire
                                                                                   Prepare a
some new staff, your role is to prepare some guidance material
                                                                                   brochure to be
for the new employees.                                                             handed to new
1.1 Explain the purpose of communication                                   P1
1.2 Explain what is meant by formal and informal communication                     Identify four
                                                                                   separate instances
                                                                                   of communication
1.3 Describe, using FOUR specific examples, business                               and, in each case,
communication in different contexts. In your four examples,                P1      state the purpose
include an explanation of the medium of communication that is                      of that
being used and the purpose of that medium in the context.
Include a description of the environment and situation where the                   Extend the
communication takes place                                                          brochure to
                                                                                   include how oral
                                                                           M1      communication
1.4 Explain how oral communications can be used in business                        can be used, when
situations. Explain the ways we can communicate orally and the                     it is best used and
main skills necessary for effective oral communication                             why.

You will be assessed for this task using the following Grading Criteria.
To achieve a Pass you must:
Assessment criteria:
    P1 - describe, using examples, the purpose of business communications in four different
       business contexts
To achieve a Merit you must:
    M1 - explain how oral communications can be used in business situations

Hints and tips for task one:
      Make use of case study material provided and try to use examples from your own experience
      Ensure there is a clear difference between the four examples of communication used

Unit four                                                                  BTEC First Business
                                                                           Challenge College
Task two                                                                        Assessment
Speaking and Listening                                                          evidence
Your manager is away on a business trip and has left a message
for you to listen to and act upon. (Appendix 1)
                                                                                       Evidence will
                                                                                       include your notes
2.1 It is essential you carry out the activity successfully and ask           P2       taken, the activity
for clarification on any points not understood                                         carried out
      - Listen to the instructions                                                     successfully and a
                                                                                       write up of your
      - Make notes                                                                     instructions and
      - Respond appropriately                                                          how you feel your
      - Write down the instructions you received, describe what                        responded to them,
      they are about and how you feel you responded to them                            plus comments on
                                                                                       clarification needed
      - Comment on anything you had to seek clarification on

2.2 You and your colleagues are to plan the office party for a                         Take part in a 30
maximum of 25 people.                                                         P3       minutes meeting,
                                                                                       you will be assessed
     - Decide/plan what you individually want to happen at the                         on your individual
     party.                                                                            contribution to the
     - Attend a 30 minute meeting where all ideas are put forward                      meeting and your
     and discussed.                                                                    written record of
                                                                                       the outcomes of the
     - Make notes and contribute to the discussion, even if it is                      discussion
     just minimally.
This is a team exercise: work as a team in making a decision.

2.3 Drawing on your experience of undertaking Activities 1 and                         Written report
2 of task 2, and using the information provided from case                     D1       evaluating the
studies, write an evaluation that analyses the effectiveness of                        effectiveness of oral
the oral communications used.                                                          and written

In particular, consider whether written communications could
have been used to undertake these tasks more effectively, say
You will be assessed for this task using the following Grading Criteria.
To achieve a Pass you must:
Assessment criteria:
    P2 - respond to oral instructions conveying a series of routine business tasks
    P3 - make an individual contribution to a group discussion relating to business tasks and record
       the outcomes of the discussion
To achieve a Distinction you must:
    D 1 - analyse the effectiveness of oral and written communications in a given business context

Hints and tips for task two:
      Always ask for clarification if you are not sure, keep a record of points you ask to be clarified
      Show a good understanding of how communication has been, or not been, effective. What was
       meant to be achieved? Did the communication achieve its purpose? If you feel communication
       failed, say why.
      Ensure you use examples to illustrate points made

Unit four                                                                       BTEC First Business
                                                                      Challenge College
Task three                                                                  Assessment
Business documents                                                          evidence
3.1 Rewrite a letter in the appropriate format and context. Ensure        P4        Re-write a badly
                                                                                    written letter
the layout is suitable (see appendix 2 for the letter)
                                                                                    using the correct
3.2 Create a sample memo format for use at your company. Draft            P4
a memo, using this format, to be sent to all staff informing them                   Create a memo
that they must use this business memorandum format in all                           template
future internal written communications.

3.3 Based on the meeting you had about the party, write a formal                    Write a report
report to all staff members including the Directors about the             P4        using the given
                                                                                    headings on the
outcomes of the meeting stating the content under the relevant
                                                                                    memo template
headings. Use the memo template you have created so it is in the
correct format. The follow titles can be used to guide you:
    Report title
    Terms of reference
    Procedure
    Findings
    Conclusion
    Recommendations

3.4 You have been asked to write out a short guide for staff,
giving the reasons for selecting appropriate documents and
layouts for business purposes. You must cover all the main media          M2        Create a brochure
                                                                                    using Publisher
of written communication.                                                           using any format
                                                                                    you feel suits
You will be assessed for this task using the following Grading Criteria.
To achieve a Pass you must:
Assessment criteria:
    Pass 4 - produce three documents of different types to support straightforward business tasks
To achieve a Merit you must:
    Merit 2 - give reasons for selecting appropriate documents and layouts for business purposes

Hints and tips for task three
    Use a professional format for your business documents, you may wish to access the templates
       found on Word
    For M2 consider: Why is a report a good format to provide information on a topic? Why use a
       memorandum to inform all staff about something? What is rapidly replacing the use of memos
       and why? Why is a well set-out letter important in replying to an unhappy customer?

Unit four                                                                  BTEC First Business
                                                                         Challenge College
Task four                                                                      Assessment
Interpersonal Skills                                                           evidence
Part of your role in the Human Resources department requires                           Write up the role
                                                                                       plays and explain
you to prepare some training materials for new staff. You are also
                                                                                       how the situation
to perform a demonstration of good interpersonal skills.                               needs to be
4.1 With a partner devise and carry out short role plays
demonstrating the correct handling of situations (see appendix 3             P5        Carry out the role
for situations)

It is important to consider and reference how you will do the                          Create a scene
following in the form of a scene plan:                                                 plan where you
                                                                                       evidence how you
      Convey a professional image                                                     will deal with the
      Deal with confidential matters                                                  situation.
      Give non-verbal signals (eye contact, smiling, nodding etc)
      Approach the situation: would you interview in private,
        speak to a group etc?

4.2 To support understanding of the issue of interpersonal skills,
explain why, in the situations you used, these skills were                   M3       Write a report about
                                                                                      how your actions in
required. What might have happened if these skills were absent?
                                                                                      the demonstration
What might have resulted in terms of communication?                                   would have helped
                                                                                      the situation
4.3 Using two of the situations or contexts you have looked at,
write an evaluation of the non-verbal and interpersonal skills that                   Write a report that
                                                                                      evaluates the skills
were required.                                                               D2       used

You will be assessed for this task using the following Grading Criteria.
To achieve a Pass you must:
    P5 - demonstrate interpersonal and non-verbal communication skills when demonstrating
       business communications
    M3 - explain the interpersonal and non-verbal communication skills used to support effective
To achieve a Distinction you must:
    D1 - evaluate the importance of effective interpersonal and non-verbal communication skills in
       a given business context

Hints and tips for task 4
      In the role play and write up, pay particular attention to interpersonal skills in communication,
       specifically the non-verbal signals
      In the written explanation, try to include any non-verbal signals given and the use of
       reassurance and sympathy.
      For M3 cover issues such as respect, and care and concern for an individual’s welfare. In one-to-
       one situations dealing with a difficult or awkward issue, you should explain why a gentle, calm,
       supportive but occasionally firm approach is needed.
      Give your views as to whether they were important or not in that context. You need to say
       whether particular skills are likely to assist or have a negative effect in the situation.
      For the distinction task, assess whether the approach demonstrated had the desired effect. For
       example, were you able to change an approach to avoid making the situation worse? You should
       also consider what might have happened if someone had handled a situation badly?

Unit four                                                                     BTEC First Business
                                                                               Challenge College

Appendix 1

Mr Drury will play you a recording from an answer machine message

Appendix 2

Digital-Developments Ltd
New Walk

RE: The wrong designs, Mrs Syed
Sorry to hear about you receive the wrong designs the other week. We have been very busy just lately and
someone probably made a mistake. It is very rare for us get things wrong and our manager would like to find out
what happened. We always make sure our staff are trained to check the designs and the specification match
properly. We will be in touch soon.

Thank you

Carry Burns
Web Administration Assistant

Appendix 3

The scenarios:
    The company has done a routine Criminal Records Bureau check on new
     members of staff. It is discovered that one was involved in a fight when she was
     18 and charged with assault, resulting in actual bodily harm. The woman
     concerned is now 28 and has been a very good member of staff in the short
     period she has been with Digital-Developments
    A web developer has been accused of stealing computer parts from the store
    A colleague is stressed and has been under-performing recently. There have
     been reports that he returns to work after lunch much the worse for drink
    The company has decided to introduce a new bonus scheme and reduce its rates
     of overtime pay
    A member of staff has been late regularly and it is rumoured that they have
     recently split up from a long term girlfriend
    An administrative assistant has been gossiping in the office and has upset a
     couple of co-workers with this. He claims he was joking but it didn't make those
     upset feel better

 Biz/ed –
 Business Studies Online –
 Tutor2U –
 The Times 100 –
 Text book - BTEC First Business (2nd Edition)

Unit four                                                                            BTEC First Business
                                                                       Challenge College

Unit content – your work must cover all the points below:

1 Understand the purpose of communications in business
Purpose: eg to inform, to confirm, to promote, to make a
request, to instruct
Business contexts: formal and informal communication eg
telephone contacts, meetings, technical enquiries;
communicating with supervisor, colleagues, customers;
complaints; presentations; confidentiality

2 Be able to use oral communication in business contexts
Listening skills: listen and understand instructions given verbally;
interpret instructions and task requirements correctly; make
notes; confirm understanding; seek clarification where
One-to-one communication: methods of conveying messages or
series of instructions; language and expressions that will be
understood by the recipient; messages to suit different situations
Working in a group situation: make relevant contributions to a
discussion about business tasks; meeting; team briefing;
respond appropriately to others; move a discussion forward

3 Be able to complete and use written business documents
Documents: eg letters, memos, reports, agenda, minutes,
purchase orders, invoices
Appropriate layouts: fitness for purpose; appropriate to the task
and the audience; use of different formats and styles eg use of
appropriate fonts, headings, images, pagination, document
headers and footers
Writing documents for business: use of relevant technical
language; drafting and redrafting to ensure accuracy; legibility
and consistency; conventions; checking for accuracy, consistency
and fitness for purpose; meeting deadlines
Recording and reporting: type of record; keeping accurate and
complete records of conversations, meetings and/or agreed
actions; accurate and concise reporting in sufficient and
appropriate detail, working within given deadlines and
timeframes; reporting issues as they arise to the appropriate

4 Be able to use interpersonal and non-verbal business
communication skills
Conveying a professional image: appropriate dress or uniform to
meet industry conventions or regulations; excellent personal
hygiene; sound organisational skills; good time management;
professional and business like manner when dealing with staff
and customers
Dealing with confidential matters: using appropriate methods of
communication to convey confidential messages; sensitivity in
dealing with confidential issues; understanding of material that
might be confidential

Unit four                                                                BTEC First Business

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