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   Housing and Credit Counseling Inc works with law enforcement, neighborhood
    groups and landlords on a form to speed up the process for removing tenants
                       involved in drugs and other crimes.

       One of the core service areas of HCCI is its Tenant and Landlord Program. This program assists
both tenants and landlords to understand both parties’ rights and responsibilities under the Kansas
Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. Recently, HCCI developed a revised form to aid tenants,
landlords and neighbors in more quickly and efficiently removing tenants involved in illegal drug or
criminal activity. According to Executive Director Karen Hiller, “the new form addresses a huge
problem – it provides a more timely way to deal with people and property where crime and drugs are
involved.” The Notice of Tenant Noncompliance was created earlier this year with input from law
enforcement and landlords to assist in improving safety in our communities.

        For many years, HCCI provided landlords with a 14/30 Day Notice form to assist them in
providing the required notice to tenants that they were in violation of their rent agreement. The notice,
based on the requirements specified in the Kansas Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, stated the
tenant would have 14 days to make the necessary corrections or would have to vacate the property
within 30 days. Tenant and Landlord counselors in recent years had heard increased concern that the
existing notice and process was ineffective in removing tenants in violation of their agreements –
particularly tenants involved in illegal drugs and other crimes.

        Staff at HCCI began to meet with landlords, community groups and law enforcement to refine
the notice to provide landlords with a better tool to deal with the growing problem. The product of these
discussions was the Notice of Tenant Noncompliance. Local law enforcement and landlords began to
use the new form and interpretation of the law earlier this year. This form provides a more accurate
interpretation of the law and several significant improvements for landlords dealing with tenants in
violation of their rent agreements. Most importantly, for the first time, the form recognizes that there is
no way for some violations to be corrected. For example, in instances of drugs and other crimes,
landlords now can document the situation and notify the tenant that they must be out in thirty days.
Additionally, the new form clearly identifies what landlords expect tenants to remedy within the 14-day
period in instances where the problem can be corrected. The previous form only identified the problem
and did not provide direction on what specifically needed to be done to correct the situation. According
to Hiller, “the work of HCCI and its partners in the community has led to an important advance. It is a
better tool to use to reduce drugs and crime in our neighborhoods.”

 Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc. is a non-profit United Way Agency with over
    thirty years experience assisting the community by providing counseling and
     education on budgeting, credit, debt repayment, tenant-landlord issues, and
  homeownership opportunities with offices in Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan and

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