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									                                             INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT                                                  For Telefilm Canada use
                                                                                                                        Date received:
                                               FESTIVALS & MARKETS                                                _____________________
                                                                                                                          ( A / M / J )

                  Please complete the participation form and return it by e-mail to Lise Corriveau no later than August 8, 2008

Mail the signed original, together with your deposit cheque, to:
Telefilm Canada
Festivals and Markets - MIPCOM 2008
360, Saint-Jacques Street, suite 600
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 1P5
Tel : (514) 283-0838 ext 2024, 1 (800) 567-0890
Fax : (514) 283-8212

COMPANY IDENTIFICATION                                                                    PARTICIPATION SCHEDULE IN CAN $
Company name ("Applicant"):                                                  Please check the appropriate box
Company Address:                                                             Private office with alcove (18m²)                                  $23,150                  $0

Email:                                                                       Small private office with small alcove (9m²)                       $11,180                  $0
Tel:                                   ( )
Fax:                                   ( )                                   Private office (9m²)          closed office     open space         $11,180                  $0
Contact person for the market:
                                                                             Private business lounge                                             $4,550                  $0
Contact person' s email:                                                     cost per company, covers 2 participants
                  Please check the appropriate boxes                         Private table in general meeting area                               $2,150                  $0
                                                                             cost per company, covers 2 participants
Production                            Animation
Distribution                          Children's                             General meeting area                                                $1,205                  $0
Acquisition                           Drama / Mow's                          cost per company, covers 1 participant
Production services                   Documentary / Educational
Other                                 Lifestyle
                                      Performing arts / Variery              SUB-TOTAL                                                                                   $0
                                      Reality                                Amount of the deposit cheque to be made out to Telefilm Canada                          $0.00
                                      New Media
                                      Theatrical Features                    * All the options above include access to WIFI
NAMES OF PARTICIPANTS                               TITLES                                                  ADDITIONAL OPTIONS
2.                                                                           Access fee per additional participant applies to :                    $578                  $0
3.                                                                           Please indicate the number of additional participants
4.                                                                           Private business lounge, more than 2 participants
5                                                                            General seating area, more than 1 participant

Are you planning on using the consolidated shipment service?
         yes            no                                                   TOTAL - Additional options                                                              $0.00
                                                                             * Please note that the additional options will be invoiced after the market

Eligibility criteria: By signing this application form the Applicant declares that the Applicant is eligible in accordance with the following criteria:
• The applicant is Canadian owned and controlled, as defined in the Investment Canada Act;
• The applicant operates as a private company in Canada;
• The applicant's core business is related to film, television or new media;
• The applicant is not in default with respect to any obligation toward Telefilm Canada.
Applicant obligations: By signing this application form, the Applicant acknowledges that:
• It is mandatory for all participants to Telefilm Canada’s international initiatives to respond to any survey or sales activities report requested by Telefilm Canada (the
“Report”). Such Report is strictly confidential and constitutes an essential performance indicator for Telefilm Canada. The information contributes to the evaluation
and development of the international services and operations provided to the industry by Telefilm Canada through its international activities. Failure to comply with
this requirement will limit participants’ access to future activities organized by Telefilm Canada.
Selection Process:
Space assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, according to seniority, option selected and availability. Companies wishing to take advantage of
the services offered under the Canada Pavilion should confirm their participation by signing and returning the Participation Form to our Montréal office by no later
than August 8, 2008.
Telefilm Canada is subject to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act
The undersigned authorized representative of the Applicant hereby:
• Authorizes Telefilm Canada to discuss and disclose any information concerning any aspect of this application, the Applicant’s participation, the Applicant and any
related party to the Applicant, with every entity connected (in Telefilm’s opinion) with this application and the Applicant's proposed or actual participation at the
MIPCOM 2008 (the "Event"), including but not limited to, actual or proposed financial partners, auditors, legal counsels, the Department of Canadian Heritage and
other governmental entities (collectively the “Entities”). The Applicant further authorizes said Entities to discuss and disclose to Telefilm Canada any information
concerning the above;
• Authorizes Telefilm Canada to disclose on its website information pertaining to this application such as the name, location and participation of the Applicant;
• Declares that the Applicant has not entered into any oral or written agreement or side deal that conflicts with any of the provisions of this application form and
applicable Telefilm Canada’s business policies;
• Discloses (as applicable) the involvement of former public servants who are subject to the Value and Ethics Code for the Public Service.
• Provides assurance that, where lobbyists are used, they are registered in accordance with the Lobbyist Registration Act and that no actual or potential conflict of
interest exists nor any contingency fee arrangement.
Terms and Conditions
A 25% non-refundable deposit of the chosen option is required upon signature of this participation form to guarantee reservation. Please mail the cheque together
with the signed original participation form. The signatory to the Participation Form shall be indebted for the entire amount of the reserved participation option in case
of cancellation after August 15, 2008. Should Telefilm Canada be unable to confirm a reservation, owing to lack of space, the deposit will be returned to the
I, the undersigned, hereby solemnly declare and warrant that the information submitted for this application is accurate, true and
complete, and make this solemn declaration knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath.
Signature of the Applicant:                                                  Title

Name:                                                                        Date:

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