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					 Stemina Biomarker Discovery

Wisconsin Science & Technology
      July 17 & 18, 2008

      Elizabeth L.R. Donley, CEO
           608-204-0104 (w)
           608-577-9209 (c)
 Elizabeth L.R. Donley, CEO
• WARF General Counsel and Director of
  Business Development
• WiCell Research Institute Managing Director
• Registered patent attorney
• Extensive contract and corporate legal
• J.D. – University of Wisconsin Law School
• M.B.A.-Finance – University of Wisconsin
• M.S.-Bacteriology – University of Wisconsin
Gabriela Cezar of biotech startup Stemina
is unraveling the chemistry of autism.
            Scientific Platform
• Stemina combines two ground breaking
  technologies, human embryonic stem cells and
• Stemina’s platform identifies small molecule
  biomarkers for drug screening and drug
  development in an all human system
• These small molecules can be metabolomic
  biomarkers for diagnostics
• Study reveals potential diagnostic biomarkers of
What is possible
  Genomics         What makes it happen

                                          What is happening

             First Product
• Screen using human embryonic stem cells
  to predict whether a drug will cause birth
  defects in a developing human embryo
• Rodent models are only about 50%
  predictive of birth defects in a human
• hES cells reveal biomarkers to prevent,
  diagnose or manage birth defects
Developmental Toxicity Screen

• November 2006: Incorporated in
• May 2007: Business plan developed and
  1st round fund raising begun
• November 2007: Open state-of-the-art
  facilities at UW Research Park
• December 2007: First round complete
• Target Q4 2008: Developmental toxicity
  screen complete
                Business Update
• Raised $2.5 million in seed funding
  –   $1 million in grants and loans from State of Wisconsin
  –   Qualified for QNBV tax credits under Act 255
  –   $1.5 million in angel financing
  –   Valuation $4 million pre-money, $5.5 million post
       • Side fund open through DaneVest to max of $250k

• Hired excellent scientific team
  – PhD level analytical chemist from Abbott Labs
  – Cell biologist with experience growing hESC
  – PhD level Bio-informaticist from University of Arkansas
    Medical Center
             Stemina Advantage
• Proprietary metabolomics technology:
    – Exclusive license to Dr. Cezar’s patent
      applications on hES cells and metabolomics held
      by WARF
    – Non-exclusive license to Dr. James Thomson’s
      hES cell patent portfolio held by WARF
•   First in metabolomic biomarkers of hES cells
•   Large market size
•   Strong scientific team
•   State-of-the-art facilities and instrumentation
               Next Steps
• Q4 2008 - Complete Developmental Toxicity
• Q1 2009 - Raise money to expand staff
• Q1 2009 - Begin marketing Dev Tox Assay to
  pharmaceutical and biotech customers
• 2009 & 2010 - Continue work on Autism
  diagnostic biomarkers and cardiac toxicity
  metabolomics drug screen
• Exit through acquisition

Elizabeth L.R. Donley, CEO
     608-204-0104 (w)
     608-577-9209 (c)

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