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									                                                          Writing Center
                                                 Grammar, Style and Skill Workshops
                                                            Spring 2009
For second language writers:                      For all writers:
Prepositions                                      Introductions and conclusions                        Writing better sentences I
 A survey of different types of prepositions       How to give your papers interesting                  How to turn fragments into complete sentences and
 and how they work in English – prepositions       introductions and effective conclusions, plus a      how to avoid run-on sentences by correctly
 that occur in pairs, phrasal prepositions,        review of the pitfalls to avoid.                     punctuating sentences with commas and semi-
 prepositional phrases, optional prepositions.                                                          colons.
                                                  Research – Documenting sources
Subject-verb agreement                             How to cite information or ideas that you have      Writing better sentences II
 A survey of the rules for subjects and verb       drawn from outside sources, using MLA citation       How to structure sentences in a variety of ways to
 forms in sentences, including helping verbs,      formats. When to document, using quotes,             give writing more power and to help express
 agreement between verbs and nouns that are        paraphrase, and summary. How to create a works       complex ideas more clearly to your reader.
 not the subject of the sentence, multiple         cited page.
 subjects and multiple verbs, and tricky                                                               Writing better sentences III
 subjects.                                        Research – Integrating sources                        Advanced lesson in sentence structure using
                                                   How to choose sources for a research project.        parallelism, appositives, absolutes, and noun
Using articles (a, an, the)                        When to quote and when not to quote. How to          substitutes.
 A survey of the grammatical rules for why,        avoid plagiarism. Strategies for smoothly
 how and when to use articles in English,          incorporating cited material in a research paper.    _______________________________
 plus many practice exercises.                                                                          About the workshops
                                                  Style – Writing with clarity                          Workshops are one hour and limited to five
 Verbs I – Present tense                           A workshop in editing and revision strategies        students. If there is not currently a workshop on a
 A review of verbs, helping verbs and tenses.      aimed at making papers easy to read for readers.     topic you prefer, you are welcome to request focus
 Focus on the rules for when to use the            Focus on “flow,” action verbs, choosing the right    on that topic in an individual conference.

 simple present, progressive present, and          words, and eliminating unneeded words.
 perfect progressive present.
                                                                                                               To sign up for a workshop
                                                  Subject-verb agreement
Verbs II – Past tense                              A survey of the rules for subjects and verb forms    Call the Writing Center to reserve a space in a
 A follow-up to Verbs I focusing on the rules      in sentences, including helping verbs, agreement     workshop, or come to the Writing Center and sign
 for when to use the simple past, progressive      between verbs and nouns that are not the subject     up at the front desk. If you can’t attend a
 past, perfect present, and perfect past.          of the sentence, multiple subjects and multiple      workshop you have signed up for, please call so we
                                                   verbs, and tricky subjects.                          can give your space to someone else.
Writing better sentences I
How to turn fragments into complete               Writing strong paragraphs                             Writing Center
sentences and how to avoid run-on sentences       Workshop on coherent paragraph development.           Taper Hall, THH 321
by correctly punctuating sentences with           How to achieve unity, using topic sentences and       Hours: M-Th 9am – 6pm; F 9am-3pm
commas and semi-colons.                           staying on topic. How to use analysis and
                                                  evidence to support a paragraph’s main point.
                                                               Grammar, Style and Skill Workshops
                                                                    Schedule - Spring 2009
      Monday                               Tuesday                              Wednesday                          Thursday                           Friday
Jan   26 Using articles (a,an,the)         27 Style – Writing with clarity      28 Introductions and               29 Using articles (a,an,the)       30 Style – Writing with clarity
         10:00                                9:30                                 conclusions12:00                   11:00                              2:00
          Introductions and                    Using articles (a,an,the) 3:30       Style – Writing with clarity       Introductions and
          conclusions 4:00                                                          3:00                               conclusions 12:30
Feb   2   Prepositions 10:00               3   Writing better sentences-I       4   Subject-verb agreement         5   Prepositions 11:00             6   Writing better sentences-I
          Subject-verb agreement               9:30                                 12:00                                                                 2:00
          4:00                                 Prepositions 3:30                   Writing better sentences-I         Subject-verb agreement
                                                                                   3:00                               12:30
      9   Verbs I - present tense          10 Writing better sentences-II       11 Writing strong paragraphs       12 Verbs I - present tense         13 Writing better sentences-II
          10:00                               9:30                                 12:00                              11:00                              2:00
         Writing strong paragraphs             Verbs I - present tense 3:30        Writing better sentences-II        Writing strong paragraphs
         4:00                                                                      3:00                               12:30
      16 Presidents Day Holiday –          17 Writing better sentences-III      18 Research - documenting          19 Verbs II - past tense 11:00     20 Writing better sentences-III
         Writing Center closed today          9:30                                 sources 12:00                       Research - documenting            2:00
                                               Verbs II - past tense 3:30          Writing better sentences-III        sources 12:30
      23 Research - integrating            24 Introductions and                 25 Using articles (a,an,the)       26 Research - integrating          27 Introductions and
         sources 10:00                        conclusions 9:30                     12:00                              sources 11:00                      conclusions 2:00
          Using articles (a,an,the) 4:00       Research - integrating               Introductions and                  Using articles (a,an,the)
                                               sources 3:30                         conclusions 3:00                   12:30
Mar   2   Style – Writing with clarity     3   Subject-verb agreement           4   Prepositions 12:00             5   Style – Writing with clarity   6   Subject-verb agreement
          10:00                                9:30                                 Subject-verb agreement             11:00                              2:00
          Prepositions 4:00                   Style – Writing with clarity          3:00                               Prepositions 12:30
      9   Writing better sentences-I       10 Writing strong paragraphs         11 Verbs I - present tense         12 Writing better sentences-I      13 Writing strong paragraphs
          10:00                               9:30                                 12:00                              11:00                              2:00
          Verbs I - present tense 4:00        Writing better sentences-I           Writing strong paragraphs          Verbs I - present tense
                                              3:30                                 3:00                               12:30
      23 Writing better sentences-II       24 Research - documenting            25 Verbs II - past tense 12:00     26 Writing better sentences-II     27 Research - documenting
         10:00                                sources 9:30                          Research - documenting            11:00                              sources 2:00
          Verbs II - past tense 4:00          Writing better sentences-II           sources 3:00                       Verbs II - past tense 12:30
      30 Writing better sentences-III      31 Using articles (a,an,the) 9:30    1   Research - integrating         2   Writing better sentences-III   3   Style – Writing with
         10:00                                 Writing better sentences-III         sources 12:00                      11:00                              clarity2:00
          Research - integrating               3:30                                 Introductions and                  Research - integrating
          sources 4:00                                                              conclusions 3:00                   sources 12:30
Apr   6   Prepositions 10:00               7   Writing better sentences-I       8   Writing strong paragraphs      9   Verbs II - past tense 11:00    10 Writing better sentences-III
          Subject-verb agreement               9:30                                 12:00                              Research - documenting            2:00
          4:00                                 Verbs I - present tense 3:30        Writing better sentences-II         sources 12:30
      13 Research - integrating            14 Style – Writing with clarity      15 Writing better sentences-II     16 Research - documenting          17 Writing strong paragraphs
         sources 10:00                        9:30                                 12:00                              sources 11:00                      2:00
          Introductions and                    Writing better sentences-I           Writing better sentences-III       Research - integrating
          conclusions 4:00                     3:30                                 3:00                               sources 12:30

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