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					BOOK TITLE                                                            AUTHOR                COPIES

A Creative Approach to Music Fundamentals                             Duckworth               1
A Dictionary of Epidemiology                                          Last                    1
A Different Mirror: A Hist of Multicultural America                   Takaki                  2
A Framework for Marketing Management (4th Edition)                    Kotler                  2
A Glossary of Literary Terms                                          Abrams                  1
A March of Liberty (Vol.II)                                           Urofsky / Finkelman     1
A people of history sports in the U.S.                                Zirin                   1
A Pocket Style Manual                                                 Hacker                  3
A Short History of Movies                                             Mast                    1
A Taste Of Power: A Black Woman's Story                               Brown                   1
Accounting Information Systems (Person Custom for ACCT 307)           Romney                  2
Adolescence (11th ed - older edition)                                 Santrock                2
Adolescence (12th Edition)                                            Santrock                2
Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood (3rd Ed)                           Arnett                  5
Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion (4th ed - older edition)   Guinn                   3
Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion (5th ed)                   Guinn                   2
African American Art                                                  Patton                  1
African Americans in Post Industrial Labor Markets                    Stewart                 1
African Philosophy                                                    Obenga                  5
Aging in Contemporary Society                                         Yee-Melichar            1
Alambrista and The U.S. - Mexico Border                               Cull / Carrasco         1
All Our Relations                                                     Laduke                  1
Always Running                                                        Rodriguez               1
America in Black and White                                            Thernstrom              2
American Destiny (3rd ed, VOL 1)                                      Carnes                  1
American Indian Languages                                             Silver / Miller         1
American Indians American Justice                                     Deloria                 1
American Indians and the Urban Experience                             Lobo / Peters           2
American Political Thought                                            Dolbeare                1
American Television News                                              Barkin                  1
An Inconvenient Truth                                                 Gore                    1
An Introduction to Language (8th Ed)                                  Fromkin / Rodman        1
An Introduction to Poetry                                             Knorr                   1
An Introduction to Women's Studies, (2nd ed)                          Grewal                  1
Antigone                                                              Sophocles               1
Arab in America                                                       El Rassi                1
Arguing About Law (2nd ed)                                            Altman                  1
Argumentation and Critical Decision Making (6th ed)                   Rieke                   1
Asian American Women Frontiers Reader                                 Trinh Vo                1
Asian Americans: An Interpretive History                              Chan                    3
Asian Media Studies                                                   Erni / Chua             1
Asian Pacific Islander American Women                                 Nomera                  1
Astrobiology                                                          Lunine                  1
Bank Management (5th ed)                                              Koch                    1
Bargaining Across Borders                                             Foster                  2
Barrio Boy                                                            Galarza                 1
Basic Statistics for Business and Economics (6th ed)                  Lind                    1
Becoming Asian American                                               Kibria                  1
Becoming Aware (10th Edition)                                         Walker                  1
Becoming Mexican American                                             Sanchez                 1
Bee Season                                                            Goldberg                1
Behavior Disorders of Childhood (6th ed)                              Wicks- Nelson           2
Between two Impires Race, History, and Transnationalism               Azuma                   1
Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage                                    Polikoff                4
Biofeedback Mastery                                                   Peper                   2
Biological Anthropology (4th ed)                                      Park                4
Biology of Humans: Concepts, Applications & Issuses                   Goodenough          5
Black Children (2nd ed)                                               McAdoo              1
Black Familes (4th ed)                                                Harriette Pipes     1
Black Hole                                                            Burns               1
Black Women in Antiquity                                              Sertima             1
Blindness                                                             Saramago            1
Border Lands: La Frontera (2nd ed - Older Edition)                    Anzaldua            2
Border Lands: La Frontera (3rd Edition)                               Anzaldua            1
Brokeback Mountain                                                    Proulx              3
Brown: The Last Discovery Of America                                  Rodriguez           1
Business and Society: Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy (12th Ed)   Lawrence / Weber   10
Business Commnunication (15th edition)                                Lehman              1
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills (3rd ed)             Locker / Kitty      2
Business Data Networks and Telecommunications (6th ed)                Panko               1
Business Ethics                                                       Gibson              1
Business Government & Society, (11th ed)                              Steiner             2
Business Leadership (2nd Edition)                                     Gallos              1
Business Statistics (5th ed) (BINDER)                                 Black               3
Business Statistics (5th Ed) (Text-Book)                              Black               1
Business Statistics a Decision Making Approach (Custom Ed)            Orotbner            1
California An Interpretative History                                  Rawls / Walton      3
California Dreams and Realities (3rd ed)                              Maasik / Solomon    1
Career Information, Career Counseling and Career Development          Brown               1
Cases in Communication Law                                            Zelezny             1
Catch 22                                                              Heller              1
Catfish and Mandala                                                   Pham                4
Challenge of Democracy: California Politics and Government Edition    Janda / Gertson     9
Che Guevara: Economics and Politics in the Transition to Socialism    Tablada             4
Che The Diaries of Ernesto Che Guevarra                               Guevarra            2
Chicana Art: the politics of spiritual and aesthetic altarities       Perez               1
Chicana Sexuality and Gender                                          Blake               1
Child Development (4th ed)                                            Fieldman            2
Child Development w/study guide, (11th ed)                            Santrock            1
Child Welfare and Family Services (7th ed)                            Downs               2
Child, Family, School, Community (7th Edition)                        Berns               9
Children's Thinking (4th ed)                                          Sieglar             2
Chinese Link: Elementary Chinese Level 1 / Part 1                     Zhong               1
Chineseness Across Borders                                            Louie               2
Citizen 13660                                                         Okubo               1
Citizens, Cops, and Power                                             Herbert             1
Clinical Psychology                                                   Pomerantz           1
Color The Secret Influence (2nd ed)                                   Fehrman             1
Comfort Woman                                                         Keller              1
Communicating Terror                                                  Timan               4
Comparative Criminal Justice Systems                                  Reichal             1
Compelled to Excel                                                    Loui                1
Conceptual Physics w/ Workbook PKG (10th ed)                          Hewitt              3
Conformity and Conflict                                               Spradley            1
Conspiracy Culture                                                    Knight              2
Consumer Behavior in Fasion                                           Solomon             4
Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having & Being (8th Edition)               Solomon             2
Contemp. Controversies & the American Racial Divide                   Smith / Seltzer     2
Contemporary Asian American Communities                               Vo/Bonus            1
Contemporary Business Communication (6th Ed)                          Ober                3
Contemporary Linguistics (5th Ed)                                     O'Grady             2
Continuemos 7th Ed                                           Jarvis / Lebredo      2
Conversaciones Creadoras (Mastering Spanish Conv.) 3rd Ed.   Brown                 3
Conversational Tagalog                                       Ramos                 1
Coping with Stress, (4th ed)                                 Blonna                1
Cops, Teachers, Counselors                                   Moody                 1
Core Concepts of Management w/ MGMT 405 Notebook             Schermerhorn         23
Cost Accounting, A Managerial Emphisis (SFSU Custom Ed)      Horngren / Foster     1
Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis (13th ed)             Horngren / Foster     1
Courts, Judges & Politics                                    Murphy                1
Crafting & Executing Strategy, (16th ed)                     Tomson Jr.            1
Crash                                                        Ballard               1
Creating a Place for Ourselves                               Beemyn                1
Creating Black Americans                                     Painter               2
Creativity & Innovation                                      Carr-Ruffino          6
Crititical Thinking (4th ed)                                 Bassham               1
Crititical Thinking (8th ed)                                 Moore / Parker        1
Crossing the Border                                          Durand/Massey         1
Cultural Anthropology                                        Kottak                3
Cultural Theory & Popular Culture, (4th ed)                  Storey                1
Culture & Psychology (3rd ed.)                               Matsumoto             2
Culture and Identity                                         Schwarzbaum           1
Delinquency & Juvenile Justice In American Society           Sheldon / Randell     1
Desert Blood                                                 Alba                  2
Devil in a Blue Dress                                        Mosely                1
Discovering Statistics Using SPSS (3rd Ed)                   Field                 1
Disposable Domestics                                         Chang                 1
Distant Neighbors                                            Riding                1
Diversity Amid Globalization (3rd ed)                        Rowentree / Price     1
Document Sets For California                                 Engstrand             1
Doing Data Analysis W/ SPSS                                  Nash                  1
Doing Family Therapy                                         Taibbi                1
Doing Research                                               Gaultney              1
Don Quixote                                                  Cervantes             1
Dressing in Feathers                                         Bird                  1
Early Works                                                  Valdez                1
Ecological Counseling                                        Conyne                1
Ecology                                                      Cain                  1
Ecotourism, A Guide…(Vol 2)                                  Lindberg              1
Educating for Humanity                                       Seymour               2
Eight Theories of Religion                                   Pals                  1
Electromagnetics for High Speed Communication                Nikhejad              1
Elementary Algebra (2nd ed - w/o wiley code)                 Bittenger            45
Elizabeth Cady Stanton                                       Banner                2
Employee Training & Development, (4th ed)                    Noe                   1
Engineering Your Future (6th ed)                             Oakes                 1
Enterprise Systems for Management                            motiwalla             1
Environment Psychology, (5th ed.)                            Bell                  2
Essentials of Corporate Finance (5th ed - older edtion)      Ross                  2
Essentials of Corporate Finance (6th edition)                Ross                  3
Essentials of Exercise Phisiology (3rd Edition)              Williams / Wilkins    1
Essentials of Geology (8th ed - older edition)               Lutgens / Tarbuck     1
Essentials of Geology, (9th edition)                         Lutgens / Tarbuck     1
Essentials of Intentional Interviewing                       Ivey                  1
Essentials of Music Theory                                   Srmani, Manus         1
Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences                               2
Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine (6th Ed)                   Steinbock, london     1
Ethical Theory: An Anthology                                      Shafer-Landan           1
Ever Since Darwin                                                 Gould                   3
Evolution's Rainbow                                               Roughgarden             4
Exiles in America                                                 Bram                    1
Exploration in College Algebra (4th ed - w/o wiley code)          Kime                   75
Exploring Philosophy                                              Lahn                    1
Exploring Prehistory                                              Crabtree                1
Facing Mt. Kenya                                                  Kenyatta                1
Faded Dreams                                                      Carnoy                  1
Fair and Foul (4th ed)                                            Eitzen                  1
Family, Kin, Community                                            Wong                    5
Feed                                                              Anderson                1
Females Desire                                                    Blackwood               1
Film Art                                                          Bordwell                1
Financial Accounting (6th Ed)                                     Weygandt                4
Financial Accounting, (9th ed.)                                   Albrecht                1
Financial Institutions Management                                 Saunders                1
Fires in the Mirror                                               Smith                   1
First Aid, CPR, and AED                                           Alton / Thygerson       1
Fixing Men: sex, birth control & AIDS in Mexico                   Gutmann                 1
Fog City Fundamentals, (4th ed.)                                  Atman Deick             1
Food, Wine, and Culture in California (SFSU Custom Ed. HTM 421)   Laloganes/McWilliams    3
Foundation of Behavioral Statistics                               Thompson                1
Foundations of Sports, (w/s.g.) (4th ed.)                         Gould                   1
Freakonomics                                                      Levitt / Dubner         1
From Poor Law to Welfare State                                    Trattner                1
Fundamental of Corporate Finance (5th edition)                    Brealy Myers Marcus     1
Fundamentals of Contemporary Business Communication               Ober                    1
Fundamentals of Financial Management Concise (5th Edition)        Brigham / Houston       7
Generation Me                                                     Twenge                  2
Gerontological Nursing                                            Mauk                    1
Global Divas                                                      Manalansan              2
Global Issues, Local Argument                                     Johnson                 1
Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism, (3rd edition)      Robbins                 2
Global Women                                                      Ehrenreich              2
Governing: Issues and Appl.                                       Ehrenhalt               1
Great Black Leaders: Ancient & Modern                             Sertima                 1
Great Dialogues of Plato                                          W.H.D. Rouse            1
Groups (7th Edition)                                              Corey                   1
Groups in Practice                                                Susan X Day             1
Guns, Germs, and Steel, The Fates of Human Societies              Diamond                 1
Handbook of Transnational Crime & Justice                         Reichel                 1
Healing The Masses: Cuban Health Politics Home& Abroad            Feinsilver              4
Healthy Sexuality                                                 Blonna / Levitan        1
Heart of Darkness                                                 Conrad                  1
Helping in Child Protective Service (2nd edition)                 Brittain / Hunt         1
Hombres y Machos: Masculinity and Latino Culture                  Mirande                 4
Horizons: Explorting the Universe (10th edition)                  Seeds                   3
How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accent                            Alvarez                 3
How to get control of your life time                              Lakein                  1
How to Watch TV News (revised ed.)                                Postman                 1
Human Anatomy (5th Ed)                                            Marrieb                 3
Human Bio/ Lab Activities (4th Ed.)                               Dowdy                  14
Human Biology                                                     Belk / Borden           2
Human Biology (10th ed)                                           Mader                   2
Human Biology (2009 Lecture Supplement for BIO 100)               Auleb                   1
Human Biology (3rd ed.)                                                    Johnson               1
Human Body: A Visual Guide                                                 McMillan              3
Human Communication in Society (2nd SFSU Custome Ed - COMM150)             Alberts / Nakayama    4
Human Geography: Places and Regions in Global Context                      Knox                  1
Human Motivation (6th ed)                                                  Franken               1
Human Physiology (8th ed)                                                  Vander                1
Human Resources Management & Supervision                                   Custom                1
Human Sexuality Integrative Science GE Segment 2                           Blonna               12
Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America                         Strong                1
I Have A Dream                                                             Washington            3
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings                                            Angelou               3
I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman in Guatemala                          Burgos-Deray          1
IBUS 330 Workbook only                                                     Wild / Han            4
Image As Idea: The Arts of Global Cultures (w/ Hybrid Culture book)        Davis                 8
Images of Color, Images of Crime (3rd edition)                             Mann                  2
Implementing Organizational Change Theory Into Practice (2nd ed)           Spector               1
In fashion                                                                 Stone                 1
In other Words                                                             Fernandez             2
In the Absent everyday                                                     Dhonpa                1
In the Matter of Color                                                     Higginbotham          1
Indigenous American Women                                                  Mihe Suah             1
Indigenous Peoples, Ethnic Groups, and the State                           Maybury-Lewis         1
Inside out/ Outside In                                                     Holder                1
Intelligence: from secrets to policy (3ed)                                 Lowenthal             1
Interactions: A Thematic reader (5th Ed)                                   Moseley               1
Intermediate Accounting (13th Edition)                                     Kieso                 1
International Business (6 edition)                                         Hill                  2
International Business The Challenge of Globalization (4th ed)             Wild / Han            1
International Economics (11ed)                                             Carbaugh              1
International Financial Management (3rd edition)                           Eun                   2
International Marketing (6th ed)                                           Albaum/Duerr          1
International Organizational Behavior, (2nd edition)                       Francesco / Gold      6
International Relations Theory                                             Dunne / Lusch         1
Internet, Mail, and Mixed Mode Surveys (3rd Ed)                            Dillman               1
Interpersonal Communication (5th ed - older edition)                       Wood                  2
Interpersonal Conflict, 7th                                                Wilnot                1
Intimate Matters                                                           D'Emilio              1
Intro to Economertrics                                                     Daughtry              1
Introducing Communications Theory                                          Turner                1
Introducing Philosophy                                                     Solomon               1
Introduction to Anthropology                                               Ferraro               2
Introduction to Black Studies                                              Karenga               4
Introduction to Botany                                                     Nabors                1
Introduction to Chemical Principles Student Solution Manual only           Gardner / Stoker      1
Introduction to Counseling                                                 Sheppard              1
Introduction to Epidemiology (4th Ed)                                      Merrill               2
Introduction to Hospitality Management (2nd Ed)                            Walker                6
Introduction to Management Science w/spreadsheets                          Stevenson             1
Introduction to Organic Chemistry binder (3rd Ed) W/ solutions manual      Brown                 2
Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (6th ed -newest) W/ workbooks   Moore / McCabe        8
Introduction to World Philosophies                                         Deutsch               2
Introductory Phonology                                                     Hayes                 1
Jarhead                                                                    Swoofford             1
Joining Forces                                                             Marks                 5
Joining Together, (9th ed.)                                                Johnson / johnson     2
Judicious Choices                                                          Silverstein           1
Jurispudence Classical and Contemporary                                     Hayman                1
Juvenile Justice in America                                                 Bartollas             1
Keys for Writers (4th Ed)                                                   Raimes                3
La Nueva California: Latinos in the Golden State                            Hayes-Bautista        5
Laboratory Manual In Physical Geology (7th edition)                         Busch                 1
Language Awareness (9th ed)                                                 Escholz / Clark       1
Latin Amer. Conflict & Creation                                             Burns                 1
Latino Gay Men and HIV                                                      Diaz                  1
Latino Political Power                                                      Geron                 1
Latino/a Rights and Justice in the U.S.                                     Morin                 4
Launching New Ventures                                                      Allen                 1
Leadership in Leissure Services                                             Jordan                1
Leadership the Challenge, (3rd ed.)                                         Kouzes                1
Leadership, Research Findings, Practice, and Skills                         Dubrin                2
Leadership: A communication perspective (4th Ed)                            Hackman               3
Learning from Mistakes in Clinical Practice                                 Dillon                1
Learning Languages Through Technology                                       Hanson-Smith          1
Learning to Read the World                                                  Rosenkoetter/Philo    1
Leaves of Grass                                                             Whitman               1
Leaving Deep Water                                                          Claire Chow           1
Leisure and Leisure Services                                                Godbey               2
Leisure Enhancement (3rd ed)                                                Leitner               2
Lies My Teacher Told Me                                                     Loewen                1
Life of the Past (4th ed)                                                   Ausich / Lane         3
Life Span Study Guide 11th edition                                          Santrock              2
Life-Span Human Development (6th edition)                                   Sigelman              1
Literacy With an Attitude: Educating Working-Class Children                 Finn                  1
Literature: The Human Experience (9th ed)                                   Abcarian              1
Living Chicana Theory                                                       Ttrujullo             1
Long Memory: The Black Experience                                           Berry                 1
Longman Complete Course for the TOEFL Test                                  Phillips              1
Longman World History (vol. 1)                                              Jewsbury              4
Loving in the War Years                                                     Moraga                3
Lysistrata                                                                  Aristophanes          2
Macroeconomics (18th ed)                                                    McConnel/Brue         1
Macroeconomics (SFSU Custom Ed - 3rd - newest version)                      Gordon               14
Macroeconomics Principles and Policy, (10th Ed.)                            Baumol-Blinder        4
Mahatma Ghandhi                                                             Dalton                1
Make Health Happen (2nd Edition)                                            Peper                 2
Making and Remaking Asian America through Immigration Policy                Hing                  1
Making Europe (vol I)                                                       Kitner                2
Making San Francisco American: Cultural frontiers in urban west,1846-1906   Berglund              1
Making Up Your Mind                                                         Mutti                 7
Management (8th edition)                                                    Daft                  1
Management Info Systems (10th ed.-old edition) W/ access 2007 binder        Laudon                6
Managerial Accounting (NEW 2nd Edition)                                     Bamber                2
Managerial Accounting (Older Edition)                                       Bamber                8
Managerial Economics (New book w/o code)                                    Hirschey             15
Managing Diversity (8th ed)                                                 Carr-Ruffino          2
Managing Hospitality Human Resources 4th Ed.                                Woods                 2
Managing knock your socks Off Service                                       Bell                  2
Managing Organizational Change 2nd Ed.                                      Palmer                1
Mandragola                                                                  Machiavelli           2
Margins and Mainstreams Asians in American History & Culture                Okihiro               1
Marine Biology, (7th ed - older edition)                                    Castro                1
Marketing Research Essentials (6th ed - older edition)                      McDaniel              2
Marketing Research (7th ed)                                             McDaniel /Gates        2
Marriage and Families (6th Edition)                                     Olson                  1
Massacre in Mexico                                                      Poniatowska            1
Math For Business Analysis, Math 110 (2nd special edition w/o code)     Waner                 17
Maus I                                                                  Spiegelman, Art        1
Maus II                                                                 Spiegalman, Art        2
Media Control                                                           Noam Chomsky           2
Medieval Political Philosophy                                           Lerner                 1
Methods in Behavioral Research (9th ed)                                 Cozby                  1
Mexico - The Struggle for Democracy                                     Levy                   2
Mexico's Politics and Society in Trans                                  Tulchin                5
Microbiology Principles and Explorations (6th ed)                       Black                  1
Microbiology, An Intro, (Brief Ed)                                      Tortora                3
Microeconomics                                                          Hubbard                4
Microeconomics (16th ed)                                                McConnell              1
Microeconomics (2nd ed)                                                 Besanko                1
Microeconomics Principles and Policy, (10th ed.)                        Baumol-Blinder         1
Microeconomics Theory (10th ed)                                         Nicholson              1
MIS Essentials                                                          Kroenke                1
MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (6ed)                       Gibaldi                1
Modern Latin America (6th ed)                                           Skidmore               2
Multinational Business Finance (11th Ed)                                Eiteman                4
Multiple Modernitites Cinemas & Popular Media in Transcult. East Asia   Lau                    2
Museum Skepticism                                                       Carrier                1
Music: An Appreciation                                                  Kamien                 1
Muslims in the West                                                     Haddad                 1
Names on a Map                                                          Saenz                  1
Nation of Nations Vol. 2, (5th ed.)                                     Davidson               1
Neuromancer                                                             Gibson / William       1
Nickel and Dime                                                         Gary Soto              1
No Equal Justice                                                        Cole                   1
Oceanography (5th ed)                                                   Garrison               1
Oceanography (6th ed)                                                   Garrison               4
Old Tales of San Francisco, (2nd ed)                                    Chandler               1
On Becoming a Counselor                                                 Kennedy                1
On the Genealogy of Morals                                              nietzsche              1
On the Hermeneutics of the Light Verse of the Quran                     Peerwani               2
On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction                Zinsser / William      1
One Day of Life                                                         Argueta                1
Operations Management Custom (NOT PKG / w/o CODE)                       Roeder (instructor)    7
Operations Management: An Integrated Approach (3rd edition)             Reid                   1
Organic Chemistry Lab / Microscale Organic Lab Binder                   Berkman / Mayo         3
Organic Chemistry Structure and Function (5th ed)                       Vollhardt              2
Organizational Communication (5th edition - Older Edition)              Eisenberg              5
Organizational Design                                                   Burton                 1
Our Sexuality (10th edition - book only)                                Crooks                 6
Pastimes (3rd ed)                                                       Russell                7
Pathologies of Power                                                    Farmer                 4
Perils of a Restless Planet                                             Zebrowski              2
Persuasion in the Media Age, 2nd                                        Borchers               1
Physical Education Methods for Elementary teachers (2nd ed)             Thomas / Lee           1
Physics (3rd Edition Vol II - Older version)                            Walker                 7
Physics 4th Edition Vol 1 Student Study Guide                           Walker                 2
Plato Meno                                                              Arube                  1
Play in the Lives of Children                                           Rogers / Sawyers       1
Poems, Protest and a Dream                                              De la Cruz             1
Power & Choice, (10th ed.)                                           Shivley               1
Practicing Multiculturalism                                          Smith                 1
Principles of Anatomy & Physiology                                   Tortura               1
Principles of Animal Physiology                                      Moyes,                1
Principles of Human Anatomy (10th ed)                                Tortora               2
Principles of Human Physiology (2nd ed) W/ stude guide               Germann               1
Principles of Lang Learning & Teaching 5th ed.                       Brown                 1
Principles of Macro Economics (3rd ed)                               Frank                 1
Principles of Microeconomics (5th Ed)                                Mankiw                4
Principles of Research in Communication                              Stewart               1
Prisoners Without Trial                                              Daniels               1
Professional Selling (4th edition)                                   Ingram                1
Project Management Achieving Competitive Advantage                   Pinto                 1
Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, (3rd ed.)                         Fortinah              1
Psychological Science (3rd Ed) Intl student Ed                       Gazzaniga             2
Psychology & the Legal System                                        Greene                1
Psychology and Policing                                              Ainsworth             1
Public Admin:An Action Orientation (5th ed.)                         Denhardt              1
Purple Hibiscus                                                      Adichie               1
Pushcart Prize XXXIII Best of the Small Presses 2009                 Henderson             1
Qualitative Methods in Social Research                               Esterberger           1
Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences (6th edition)   Berg                  1
Quantative Reasoning                                                 Sevilla               1
Quantum Integral Medicine                                            Wayne                 1
Queer Latino Testimonios                                             Cruz-Malave           1
Race and Reparations                                                 Munford               1
Race, Class & Gender in the United States (6th ed - older edition)   Rothenberg            1
Race, Class, and Gender in The United States (7th Ed)                Rothenberg            2
Race, Class, and Gender, Anthology (6th ed)                          Anderson              3
Race, Rights and the Asian American Experience                       Ancheta              17
Racial Fault Lines                                                   Almaguer              1
Racial Paranoia                                                      Jackson               1
Racism on Trial: The Chicano fight for Justice                       Haney Lopez           1
Reading and Writing for Civic Literacy                               Lazere                1
Reading Between the Signs                                            Mindness              1
Reading Critically, Writing Well (7th ed)                            Axelrod               1
Reading Our Histories, Understanding Culture, (2nd ed)               MrCormick             1
Readings Across American Cultures (2nd ed)                           Gillotte & gregory    1
Readings in Contemp. Sexuality (2nd ed.) w/ study guide              John P. Elia          1
Rediscovery the Golden State (2nd Ed)                                Selby                 1
Reinventing Medicine                                                 Dossey                1
Reinventing the Enemy's Language                                     Jay Harjo             1
Remedios                                                             Morales               1
Rereading America                                                    Colombo, Cullen       1
Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences                         Forzan                1
Research Methods in Social Work (5th Ed)                             David Royse           1
Retailing (5th ed)                                                   Lusch                 3
Rethinking the Color Line                                            Gallagher             1
Rhetorical Criticism (3rd ed)                                        Foss                  3
Rolling the R's                                                      Linmark               1
Roots of Justice                                                     Salomon               2
Sales Management, (6th ed.)                                          Ingram                1
San Francisco's Lost Landmarks                                       Smith                 1
Screaming Monkeys                                                    Galang                1
Second Language Acquisition                                          Ellis                 1
Seeking Refuge (Central Ame. Migration….)                            Garcia                1
Seeking the Sakku                                          Wade Nobles          1
Sells Like Teen Spirit                                     Moore                1
Semiotics & Communications                                 Leeds-Hurwitz        2
Sentence Combining Workbook                                Altman               1
Severe & Hazardous Weather w/ Active Learning Excercises   Rauber / Walsh       1
Sex & Relationships (2nd Ed w/ student guide)              Elia                 2
Sex Matters: The Sexuality and Society Reader (2nd ed.)    Stombler / Baunach   1
Sexuality and Marriage                                     Lavrin               4
Shamanism                                                  Piers vitebsk        1
Shark Dialogues                                            Davenport            1
Shot in America                                            Noriega              1
Sight Sound Motion (6th ed)                                Zettl                1
Silent Covenants                                           Andrew Hacker        2
Social & Personality Development (5th edition)             Shaffer              2
Social Inequality: Patterns & Process (3rd edition)        Marger               1
Social Psychology (6th ed)                                 Brehm                2
Social Statistics for a Diverse Society (4th ed.)          Frankfort-Nachmias   2
Solo Guitar Playing (3rd edition)                          Noad                 1
Songs of Gold Mountain                                     Hom                  3
Songs of the Hummingbird                                   Limon                1
Southland                                                  Revoyr               1
Sovereignty Matters                                        Barker               1
Speak To Me Words: Essays on Contemporary Indian Poetry    Rader / Gould        1
Stir It Up: Lessons in Community Organizing & Advocacy     Klein                1
Stories that Make the World                                Frey                 1
Strategic Management: Concepts & Cases (8th ed)            Hitt / Ireland       8
Strategic Marketing                                        Akhter               1
Sula                                                       Morrison             3
Summer in the Spring                                       Vizenov              1
Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali (revised Ed)                 Niane                1
Survey of Accounting                                       Women                1
Survey of Chemistry Lab Manual                             Martin               1
Survey Research in the United States                       Converse             1
Survival Guide for General Chemistry                       Atwood               4
Sweatshop Warriors                                         Louie                2
Systems Analysis & Design in a Changing World (4th ed)     Satzinger            2
Taking Sides: Crime and Criminology (8th Ed)               Hickey               5
Taking Sides: Environmental Issues (8th ed)                Gold-Farb            1
Taking Sides: Human Sexuality (10th ed)                    Taverner             6
Taking Sides: Mass Media (9th ed)                          Alexander            4
Taking Sides: Psychological (15th ed)                      Slife                4
Tales of San Francisco City Reader                         Dickson              5
Taxation of Bussiness (Entities 2008 ed)                   Smith                1
Teaching by Principles (2nd ed.)                           Brown                1
Teatro Chicana                                             Garcia               1
Television Industries                                      Gomery               4
The 86 Percent Solution                                    Banaga               1
The Absolute, Ultimate Guide (4th ed.)                     O'sgood              1
The Accidental American: Immigration and Citizenship       Rinku Sen            1
The Adolescent (12th Edition)                              Rice                 1
The American Intellectual Tradition (4th edition Vol. 1)   Hollinger            1
The American People (6th edition Vol 1)                    Nash                 1
The American Promise: A history of the U.S. (3ed, vol 2)   Roark                1
The Anatomy of hope                                        Groopman             1
The Arabian Nights                                         Aaddawy              2
The Art of Ancient Egypt                                   Robins               1
The Art of Leadership Vol. 1                                    T'Shaka             3
The Art of Mesoamerica                                          Miller              3
The Artificial Kingdom                                          Olalquiaga          2
The Autobiography of Malcolm X                                  Malcolm X           1
The Best American Short Stories of the Century (Expanded Ed.)   Updike              1
The Big Sleep                                                   Chandler            1
The Bride Price                                                 Emecheta            4
The Challenge of Democracy (9th ed)                             Janda / Berry       2
The City Reader (3rd ed)                                        LeGates / Stout     2
The Colonizer and the Colonized (Expanded Ed)                   Memmi               1
The Color of water                                              McBride             1
The Communist Manifesto and Other Revolutionary Writings        Marx                1
The Conquest of New Spain                                       Diaz                1
The Constitution And the Nation Vol 1                           Waldrep / Curry     1
The Constitution And the Nation Vol.4                           Waldrep / Curry     1
The Cosmic Perspective (4th Ed. )                               Bennett             1
The Craft of Research (2nd ed)                                  Booth / Colomb      2
The Creative Spirit (4th ed)                                    Arnold              1
The Decisive Writer                                             Raign               1
The Developing Person (7th Ed)                                  Berger              3
The Dobe ju'hoansi                                              lee                 1
The Doctrine of Facism                                          Mussolini           1
The Earth and Its Peoples, (4th ed.)                            Bulliet             2
The Elements of Reasoning (5ht ed)                              Munson              1
The Face of our Past                                            Thompson            1
The Field Guide to Geology                                      Lambert             4
The Filmaker's Handbook                                         Ascher              1
The Fire This Time                                              Labation            1
The Formation of Chinese Civilization                           Chang               1
The Game & Play Leaders Handbook, (Revised Ed)                  Michaeles           2
The Girl In The Glass                                           Ford                1
The God of Small Things                                         Roy                 1
The Grammar Book                                                Heinle              1
The Hedgemony of Common Sense (vol 13th)                        Manders             1
The History and Theory of Rhetoric (3rd edition)                Herrick             4
The History of Sexuality (Vol.1)                                Foucault            1
The Idea of Race in Latin Amer.                                 Graham              2
The Latin Tinge: The Impact of L.A. Music on the US (2nd Ed)    Roberts             3
The Longman Anthology of World Literature                       Damrosch            1
The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum                                Boll                1
The Modern Middle East                                          Kamrava             1
The New York Trilogy                                            Auster              1
The No-Nonsense guide to Globalization                          Ellwood             1
The Piano Advantage                                             Lindeman            2
The Political Economy of Terrorism                              Enders / Sandler    1
The Politics of Women's Bodies (2nd Ed)                         Weitz               1
The Power of Critical Thinking (2nd ed)                         Vaughn              1
The Power of Unreasonable People                                Elkington           1
The Process of Parenting (6th ed)                               Brooks              1
The Queer Encyclopeduia of the Visual Arts                      Summers             1
The Republic                                                    Plato               3
The Return of the Native                                        Cornell             3
The Rich Get Richer & The Poor Get Prisoned (8th ed)            Reiman              9
The Salvadorean Americans                                       Cordova            11
The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo                            Orner               3
The Shawl                                                       Ozick               3
The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality (4th edition)     Ore                1
The Souls of Black Folk                                                Dubois             2
The Speaker's Handbook (8th ed.)                                       Sprague / Stuart   1
The State of Asian America Activism and Resistance in the 1990s        Aguilar San Juan   1
The Struggle for Democracy (8th edition)                               Greenberg          1
The Things they Carried                                                O'Brien            1
The Underdogs                                                          Azuela             1
The Unseen Minority: A social history of blindness in the U.S.         Koestler           3
The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Short Stories                Wolff              1
The Warehouse Prison                                                   Irwin              2
The Web That Has No Weaver                                             Kaptchuk           1
The Will to Believe                                                    Dover              1
The World is a text (2nd edition)                                      Silverman          1
The Zohar                                                              Matt               2
Themes For Today                                                       Smith              1
Things Fall Apart                                                      Achebe             1
Thirty-Eight Latin Stories (5th edition)                               Groton             1
This is PR: The Realities of Public Relations (8th edition)            Newsome / Turk     1
Through Women's Eyes: An american History (Older edition)              Dubois             3
Tinisima                                                               Poniatowska        2
Tonal Harmony (5ed) and Workbook                                       Kostka             1
Traditions & Encounters, Vol. 1 (3rd ed. - older edition)              Ziegler            7
Transforming Juvenile Justice                                          Schlossman         2
Two Nations                                                            Hacker             1
UBU ROI                                                                Jarry              1
Understanding Central America (4th edition - Older edition)            Booth              2
Understanding Central America (5th Edition)                            Booth              1
Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect (7th Edition)                    Crosson / Tower    1
Understanding Interpersonal Communication                              West               1
Understanding Morphology                                               haspelmath         1
Understanding Research Methods & Statistics, (2nd ed)                  Heiman             4
Understanding Research Methods & Statistics, (Revised 2nd ed)          Heiman             8
University Calculus: Element with Early Transcendentals (w/ manuals)   Hass               3
Uppers, Downers, All Arounders (6th edition)                           Inaba              1
Visualizing Geology                                                    Murck              1
Voices of Freedom Volume 1                                             Foner              1
Vorsprung (Updated Edition)                                            Lovik              2
Waiting For Godot                                                      Beckett            2
Want to Start a Revolution? Radical Women / Black Freedom Struggle     Theoharis          1
We Are All Suspects Now… After 9/11                                    Nguyen             4
Western Civilization (6th Ed.) Vol. II                                 Spielvogel         1
Wetback Nation                                                         Laufer             4
What is Psychology? Essentials                                         Pastorino          1
Wheelock's Latin (6th ed)                                              Wheelock           1
Why Unions Matter                                                      Yates              2
Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers (3rd Edition)                              Sapolsky           1
Woman Hollering Creek                                                  Cisneros           1
Woman Transforming Politics                                            Cohen              8
Women's America: Refocusin the Past (6th Ed)                           Kerber             1
Women's Words - The femenist Practice of Oral Hist                     Gluck              1
Words of Fire                                                          Sheftall           1
Working in Groups (4th ed)                                             Engelberg          2
Workshop Statistics                                                    Rossman            1
World Politics Trend and Transformation, (11th ed)                     Kegley             1
Writing & Reading Across the curriculum, (9th ed)                      Rosen              1
Writing With Style (2nd edition)                                       Trimble            2
Yell-Oh Girls                                                Vickie Nam      5
Yoga: The Spirit of Union (3rd ed)                           Caughlan        3
Youth, Identity, Power: The Chicano Movement                 Carlos Munoz    1
Youth, Identity, Power: The Chicano Movement (Revised Ed.)   Carlos Munoz    1

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