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4506 T Ez Blank Short Form - DOC by nwl37741


4506 T Ez Blank Short Form document sample

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                                                           Charitable Activities Section                                            Registration #:

     Registration for Trusts
                                                           Oregon Department of Justice
                                                      1515 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 410
                                                      Portland, OR 97201-5451
                                                                                                    VOICE (971) 673-1880
                                                                                                    TTY   (503) 378-5938
                                                      E-Mail: FAX (971) 673-1882
                                                      Web site: http://w w w

1.     Name
       Write the trust’s legal name.


2.     Contact Information

                     Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________



                     City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________________________________________________

                     Phone:            (          )        -                          E- Mail:    ______________________________________________

                     Fax:              (          )        -                          Web site:   _____________________________________________

3.     Employer Identification Number
       Write the trust’s employer identification number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service. If the EIN has not been applied for, w rite “N/A.”

                            -                           ______

4.     Primary County of Operations
       Write the name of the primary Oregon county in w hich the trust conducts charitable activities. If the trust conducts charitable activities
       in more than one county in Oregon, list the name of the county in w hich the most charitable activities are conducted. If char itable activities
       are conducted evenly across the state, w rite the county in w hich the headquarters of the trust is located. If the trust does not conduct
       charitable activities, w rite “N/A.”

5.     Accounting Period
       Write the last month of the trust’s accounting period: ____________________________________

6.     Date Trust was/will be funded:                              ____________________________________

7.     Type of Entity

                                Operating trust

                                Charitable lead trust

                                Charitable remainder annuity trust described in §664(d)(1)

                                Charitable remainder unitrust described in §664(d)(2)

                                Pooled income fund described in §642(c)(5)

                                Other (explain)
   8.       Tax-Exempt Status, if applicable
            Check one of the boxes below w hich describes the trust’s tax -exempt status application w ith the Internal Revenue Service. After review of
            an application for exempt status, the Internal Revenue Service w ill mail the applicant a “determination letter.” The letter states the trust’s
            tax-exempt status.

                                   The trust holds IRS tax-exempt status. A copy of the IRS determination letter is attached to this registration form.

                                   The trust applied for tax-exempt status on         /   /    but a determination letter has not been received from the IRS. A copy
                                   of the IRS determination letter w ill be sent to the Charitable Activities Section upon receipt.

                                   The trust is not required to apply for tax-exempt status.

                                                               Form Continued on Reverse Side

   9.         Individual to Contact with Questions
              Provide contact information for the person to be contacted regarding this registration.

                                 Name                            Position                Phone                               Mailing Address

   10.        Key Officials
              List of Trustees – List each person w ho held one of these positions at any time during the year. Attach additional sheets if necessary.

                                 Name                            Position                Phone                               Mailing Address

   11.        Required Documents
              Attach the follow ing documents to this registration form. If a document is unavailable, attach an explanation.
                                    Will or trust document w hich created the trust
                                    IRS determination letter, if applicable

              In addition to the required documentation, the trust may submit printed brochures, reports or new sletters. The material w ill be included in the
              public record for the trust and made available to public inspection.

   Please               Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have examined this form, including any attachments, and to the best of my know ledge and
                        belief, it is true, correct, and complete.
                           _______________________________________________                     ________________________________________________
                           Signature of Officer or Representative Name                         Date

                           _______________________________________________                     ________________________________________________
                           Printed Name                                                        Title
revised 2/27/07

Charitable Activities Section, Oregon Department of Justice

Registration Form Instructions
                                                            purpose. Such trusts include charitable          is also the sole
                                                            remainder trusts and lead trusts.
Purpose                                                                                                      charitable beneficiary
                                                                                                             of the trust estate
Oregon law charges the Attorney General with                        revised 6/24/2004
the duty and responsibility to represent the
public’s interest in connection with assets held                                                             When to Register
for charitable purposes. The Attorney General
                                                       Organizations Exempt                                  Organizations required to register must do so
carries out this responsibility by requiring           from Registration                                     before conducting activities, holding assets, or
organizations holding such assets and/or               Certain charitable organizations are not required
soliciting in Oregon to register and file periodic     to register with the Charitable Activities Section.   soliciting contributions for a charitable purpose.
financial reports.                                                                                           Corporations organized under the laws of Oregon
                                                       The following list includes the types of              should      register    immediately      following
Once submitted, this Form and all attachments          organizations   exempt      from   registration       incorporation.
become a part of the public record. Any                requirements and the documentation required to
interested person may examine or obtain a copy         support the exemption. Organizations which fail       Registration is a one-time event. However, all
of a Registration Form or an annual report for a       to provide this documentation will not be             charitable organizations are required to file annual
charitable organization by contacting the              exempted from registration.                           financial reports with the Charitable Activities
Charitable Activities Section.                                                                               Section. Financial report forms will be mailed to
                                                             Exempt                     Required             the organization shortly following the end of the
Who Must Register                                        Organizations               Documentation           organization’s fiscal year.
                                                       Cemetery corporations     Proof of registry with
Generally, corporations or trusts which hold
assets, solicit donations or conduct activities on                               the M ortuary &             What Form to File
                                                                                 Cemetery Board or
behalf of a charitable purpose in the state of                                                               File Form RF-T is the organization is a trust.
                                                                                 listing with the Oregon
Oregon will be required to register with the
                                                                                 Pioneer Cemetery
Charitable Activities Section of the Department                                                              File Form RF-C if the organization is an Oregon
of Justice. A charitable purpose means any                                                                   or foreign corporation. Foreign corporations are
purpose to promote the well-being of the public        Child-caring agencies     Certificate from the
                                                                                                             those corporations incorporated outside the state
at large, or for the benefit of an indefinite number   regulated by the          Dept. of Human
                                                                                                             of Oregon.
of persons including, but not limited to,              Department of Human       Services, Children,
educational, literary or scientific purposes or for    Services                  Adults & Families
                                                                                                             For those organizations registering in multiple
the prevention of cruelty to children or animals                                 Division
                                                                                                             states, the Charitable Activities Section accepts
or for the benefit of religious, rehabilitation        Foreign corporations      Letter certifying the
                                                                                                             the Unified Registration Statement for Charitable
services, public recreation, civic improvement or      or foundations merely     scope of activities         Organizations in lieu of Form RF-C. A copy of
services which lessen the burden of government.        making grants or
                                                                                                             this    multi-state form is available at
                                                       donations within the                        
A corporation or trust granted tax-exempt status       state of Oregon
by the Internal Revenue Service under                  Government agencies       Letter verifying
§501(c)(3), (4), or (19) of the Internal Revenue       or subdivisions           government affiliation      Corporation Division
Code is presumed to be organized for a charitable                                from the governing          In addition to registering and filing periodic forms
purpose. M ore specifically, the following                                       body of the                 with the Charitable Activities Section, the
organizations must register:                                                     governmental entity         Secretary of State also requires all Oregon
                                                       Post-secondary            Letter certifying the       corporations, whether for-profit or nonprofit, to
    All corporations organized under the laws         educational               limited scope of            register and annually file with the Corporation
     of the state of Oregon for charitable             institutions which hold   activities                  Division.
     purposes must register. This includes, but is     no property in Oregon
     not limited to, any corporation registered        and solicitations of                                  Fees
     with the Oregon Secretary of State as a           individuals residing in
                                                                                                             Submit no fee with this Registration Form.
     nonprofit, public benefit corporation.            this state are confined
                                                                                                             Please note that fees may be due with future
                                                       to the institution’s
                                                                                                             annual financial reports.
    All corporations organized under the laws         alumni
     of any state jurisdiction other than Oregon       Religious organizations   Articles of
     and doing business, holding assets or             holding property          Incorporation or trust      Blank Lines
     soliciting in the state of Oregon.                solely for religious      documents and a letter      Do not leave any line blank. Write “not
                                                       purposes                  of explanation              applicable” or “none” where appropriate.
    All trustees which hold property or an            Trustees of a             Trust documents
     interest in property in trust for a charitable    charitable remainder
                                                       trust where the trustee
                                                                             Portland, OR 97201-5451
Where to File
                                             Charitable Activities Section
Submit the completed Registration Form and   Oregon Department of Justice
supporting documents to:                     1515 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 410

             Contact the Following Agencies for Assistance
   Charitable Activities                                             Internal Revenue Service
                                                    Rev. 8/25/06
                                                                   phone:     (877)829-5500
Oregon Department of Justice                                       TTY:       (800)829-4059
1515 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 410                                      web site:
Portland, Oregon 97201-5451
phone: (971)673-1880                                               Issues
TTY:      (503)378-5938
                                                                           Obtaining federal tax-exempt status
fax:      (971)673-1882
                                                                           Completing federal tax forms
web site:
Issues                                                                     SS-4, Application for Employer
      Questions about annual reports for                                   Identification Number
       charitable organizations-Forms CT-12,                               990, Return of Organization Exempt From
       CT-12F, and CT-12S                                                   Income Tax
      Registration of charitable corporations or                          990-EZ, Short Form - Return of
       trusts                                                               Organization Exempt From Income Tax
      M erging nonprofit organizations                                    Schedule A, for Form 990 and 990-EZ
      Dissolving nonprofit organizations                                  990-PF, Return of Private Foundation
      Reporting illegal activity by nonprofit                             990-T, Exempt Organization Business
       organizations                                                        Income Tax Return
      Serving as a board member of a nonprofit                            1023, Application for Recognition of
       organization                                                         Exemption Under §501(c)(3)
      Information about charitable organizations                          1024, Application for Recognition of
       and copies of annual reports                                         Exemption Under §501(a)
                                                                           1041, U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates
                                                                            and Trusts
                                                                           1041-A, U.S. Information Return - Trust
      RF-C, Registration Form for Charitable                               Accumulation of Charitable Amounts
       Corporations                                                        1128, Application to Adopt, Change, or
      RF-T, Registration Form for Trusts                                   Retain a Tax Year
      CT-12, Annual Report Form for                                       2758, Application for Extension of Time
       Domestic Operating Charities                                         To File Certain Excise, Income,
      CT-12F, Annual Report Form for Foreign                               Information, and Other Returns
       Charities                                                           4506-A, Request for Public Inspection or
      CT-12S, Annual Report Form for                                       Copy of Exempt Organization Tax Form
       Domestic Trusts with Non-Charitable                                 4720, Return of Certain Excise Taxes on
       Beneficiaries                                                        Charities and Other Persons
      Closing Form                                                        5227, Split-Interest Trust Return
                                                                           5768, Election/Revocation of Election by
Publications                                                                an Eligible Section 501(c)(3) Organization
      Oregon Wise Giving Guide                                             To M ake Expenditures to Influence
      Oregon Business Giving Guide                                         Legislation
      A Guide to Non-Profit Board Service in                              8822, Change of Address
       Oregon                                                              8868, Application for Extension of Time
                                                                            to File an Exempt Organization Return
Oregon Revised Statutes
      Chapter #65, Nonprofit Corporations                         Publications
      Chapter #128, Trusts; Charitable                                    Pub. 526, Charitable Contributions
       Activities                                                          Pub. 538, Accounting Periods and
      Chapter #464, Games                                                  M ethods
      Chapter #646, Trade Regulations &                                   Pub. 557, Tax-Exempt Status for Your
       Practice                                                             Organization
                                                                           Pub. 578 Tax Information for Private
Oregon Administrative Rules                                                 Foundations and Foundation M anagers
                                                                           Pub. 583 Starting a Business and Keeping
      Chapter #137-010-005 et seq.

   Pub. 598 Tax on Unrelated Business         Corporation Division
    Income of Exempt Organizations
                                         Public Service Building
                                         255 Capitol Street NE, Suite 151
                                         Salem, OR 97310-1327
                                         phone: (503)986-2200
                                         TTY:      (503)986-2328
                                         fax:      (503)378-4381
                                         web site:

                                               Forming a new corporation
                                               Obtaining state and federal tax
                                                identification numbers
                                               M erging nonprofit corporations
                                               Dissolving nonprofit corporations
                                               Amending articles of incorporation
                                               Obtaining copies of filed articles of
                                                incorporation and amendments

                                               Articles of Incorporation
                                               Assumed Business Name Registration
                                               Articles of Amendment
                                               Articles of Correction
                                               Restated Articles of Incorporation
                                               Articles of M erger
                                               Articles of Dissolution
                                               Articles of Revocation or Dissolution

                                               Oregon Business Guide

                                               Oregon Department
                                                  of Revenue
                                         Revenue Building
                                         955 Center St. NE
                                         Salem, OR 97301
                                         phone: (503)378-4988 and (800)356-4222
                                         TTY:       (503)945-8617 and (800)886-7204
                                         web site:
                                            State taxation and filing requirements

                                           20, Oregon Corporation Excise Tax Return
                                           41, Oregon Fiduciary Income Tax Return
                                           IT-1, Oregon Inheritance Tax Return

                                                  State of Oregon
                                         web site:

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