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									                                                                            West Yorkshire Police
                                                                   Freedom of Information - Procurem
Request                                          Response                  Status
1.Do you operate a driver speed awarenesor
driver improvement scheme? a. If so, who are
the providers of such schemes? b. What does
it cost the offender to attend? c. What is the
duration of the schemes? d. When did the
contracts start? e. When are the contracts
due for renewal or available to tender? f. If no
schemes are currently offered are you
considering offering one? i. If so when will
this be likely?2. Who would we contact in
                                                    C:\Documents and
relation to the speed awareness or driver          Settings\726036\Desktop\disclosure redactions\R - Microsoft Word - 127-933.pdf
improvement schemes?
                                                                           Completed Full
Under the terms of the Freedom of
Information Act, please provide me by email
with the information requested
as follows. This enquiry is being undertaken
on behalf of a division of Guardian News and
Media Limited and the purpose of this request
is to help draw a picture of telecoms
expenditure in the ambulance and emergency
services sector. Please provide the following
data on your communications
arrangements regarding any contracts for
Mobile Telephones, Voice (Landline)
Telephones, and Data Using Landline
Communications: Type of Contract (as
identified above) Name of Supplier Date
Contract Began Date Contract Ends
Value of Contract (£) Duration of Contract
Extension Periods (Years) If your represent
more than one organisation pleaseclearly           C:\Documents and
identify the organisation to which each            Settings\726036\Desktop\disclosure redactions\R - Microsoft Word - 127-791.pdf
contract applies.                                                          Completed Overcosts
This is a request under the Freedom of
Information Act. Could you please supply me
with the most recent copies of following
documents ICT Strategy/ICT Business Plan
                                                      C:\Documents and
Procurement Strategy Budget/Financial Plan
                                                      Settings\726036\Desktop\disclosure redactions\R - Microsoft Word - 4-18780.pdf

                                                                                Completed Full
Please send me the information related to the
tender "The Provision of IT Training Courses
& Related Services" information to include :
specification winning bid contract evaluation          C:\Documents and
                                                       Settings\726036\Desktop\disclosure redactions\R - Microsoft Word - 4_12811.pdf

                                                                                Completed Partial
I am enquirying if there is a contract for the
supply of Drinking Water Coolers to the WYP.
If so who I would need to contact as I
represent a company which is a YPO
contracted supplier.
If not who would I need to contact to discuss
supplying the force with Drinking Water          C:\Documents and
Coolers?                                         Settings\726036\Desktop\disclosure redactions\R - Microsoft Word -127-912.pdf
                                                                       Completed Full
est Yorkshire Police
m of Information - Procurement
          Exemptions Used   Additional Information                                      Date Finalised

          None                                                                                     26-Feb-10

          None                                                                                     24-Feb-10

          S21                                                                                      11-Feb-10

                            C:\Documents and           C:\Documents and
                            Settings\726036\Desktop\4_12811_IT-Training Courses & Related Services Specification.doc
          S 43 (2)                                                                                  9-Feb-10
S 21   4-Feb-10

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