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									    4th Annual Symposium     About VLSI Society India & VSI, Goa Chapter                    About keynote speaker:
VLSI AND EMBEDDED            VSI organizes workshops and seminars throughout year, in
                             all parts of the country to bring together the industry,
SYSTEM SYMPOSIUM             academia and students on a common platform to discuss and
 VSI, GOA CHAPTER            learn the latest emerging trends in the VLSI and the related
                             fields. VSI enthusiastically welcomes the involvement of
         &                   volunteers in such activities. The VSI Goa Chapter was
                             inaugurated at 10th IEEE VDAT 2006, VLSI Design and Test
  GOA UNIVERSITY             Symposium in August 2006, Goa with a noble goal of
           ON                making Goa a strong force in VLSI and to promote
   5th FEBRUARY 2010         application and research related to all aspects of VLSI in
                             Goa. Industries and Academic institutes of Goa are working                    Dr. C. P. Ravikumar
                             together under VSI to provide awareness and knowledge to                  TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INDIA
                             the young and enthusiastic students of Goa.
                                                                                                         Biographical Information
                             About membership eligibility :                                    C.P. Ravikumar is presently the Technical Director
                             Any person or institution subscribing to the purposes of          of University Relations at Texas Instruments,
                             the society is eligible for becoming a member of the              India. He also leads the TI India Technical
                             VLSI Society of India. The membership is open all-                University which provides learning opportunities
                             year round and application can be sent at any time of             to employees of TI India. He is also an adjunct
                             the year.                                                         faculty at IIT Madras. Before joining TI India in
                                                                                               2001, Ravikumar was a Professor of Electrical
                             Goa University, Electronics program:                              Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology,
                                                                                               Delhi (1991-2001). He also held a visiting position
                             Established in the year 1992 has produced electronics             at the University of Southern California (1995-
                             researchers and engineers working at national &                   1996) and the position of Vice President Training)
                             international level in various institutes of repute.              at Controlnet India Pvt Ltd (2000-2001). He
                             Program is having MOU with ALTERA Inc. USA in
                             area of System on Chip (SoC) Laboratory support. The
                                                                                               obtained his Ph.D. (Computer Engineering) from
      Neural microcircuits   thrust area of the program is in the area of embedded             the University of Southern California (1991), M.E.
                             system designs. Program is having major funding from              in Computer Science with highest scores from
      Sponsored by           the University Grant commission under Innovative                  Indian Institute of Science (1987) and B.E. in
                             program in the area of Embedded System.                           Electronics with a Gold Medal from Bangalore
                                                                                               University (1983). He has published over 200
                             Past Programs:                                                    papers in leading International conferences and
                                                                                               journals. He founded the VLSI Design and Test
                                 1.   ARM Architectures programming with Embedded              Symposium (VDAT) and has been the General
                                      Linux (23rd – 24th October 2007)                         Chair of this event from its inception in 1998. He
                                 2.   A lecture titled “Embedded System & Linux” by            is the author/editor/coauthor of over 12 books in
                                      Prof. Kevin, a former faculty from University of         areas of VLSI. He has won the best paper award at
                                      Wisconsin, U.S.A.                                        IEEE International Conference on VLSI Design
                                 3.   „VLSI workshop, PCCE College; 21st March 2008.           (2002) and VLSI Test Symposium (2005). He is a
                                                                                               Senior Member of IEEE.
                 Registration Form                   Schedule of Program:                                        Registration fees:
                   Symposium on
                                                 Time                       Title                                Students: Rs. 100/-.
     VLSI AND EMBEDDED                           09.30 – 10.00 am           Registration                         Others : Rs. 200/- .
                                                 10.00-- 10.20 am           Inauguration                         By 23rd January 2010 by Cash. All
     SYSTEM SYMPOSIUM                            10.20 – 10.30 am           Tea                                  participants will be provided free working
                (5th February 2010)              10.30 – 12.00 am           Tutorial Session-I - Dr.             lunch.
                                                                            C. P. Ravikumar, Texas               Eligibility:
1.     Name ___________________________                                     Instruments, India                   Participation in the symposium is open to
                                                 12.00– 01.30 pm            Student Session –I                   everyone. You may submit technical papers for
2.     Designation ______________________                                                                        presentation at the symposium. To encourage
                                                 01.30 – 02.00 pm           Lunch
                                                 02.00 –03.30 pm            Student Session-II                   students, we also plan to run Student Paper
3.     Qualification _____________________                                                                       Sessions; clearly indicate on your paper if it is
                                                 3.30– 3.45 pm              Tea
                                                 03.45–04.15 pm             Tutorial Session-II -                intended for a student session. Note that to submit
4.     Experience Years _________________                                                                        a paper to the student session; you must be an
                                                                            Gangatharan Gopal,
                                                                                                                 undergraduate/graduate student from India in any
5.     Institute _________________________                                  ALTERA, India
                                                                                                                 stream       related   to     Electronics/Electrical
                                                 04.15 – 04.45 pm           Valedictory Function
                                                ORGANISING COMMITTEE: -
                                                                                                                 Engineering or Computer Science at the time of
      Address _________________________         Office Bearer                                                    submission of the paper.
                                                President - Mr. Deepak P Chodankar,Smartlink Network Sys. Ltd.
                                                Treasurer - Mr Satish Kenkre, Persistent Sys. Ltd.               Submission Guidelines:
                                                Secretary - Ms Komala Soares, Govt. Polytechnic, Panaji Goa
                                                                                                                 1. Entries must be original. Please do not submit
     __________________________________         Chapter Committee:                                               survey papers. 2. Paper must be sent by email to
                                                Mr. Prashant Deshpande , Smartlink Network Sys. Ltd.             “rsgad@unigoa.ac.in” on or before Jan 9, 2010. 3.
6.     Phone __________________________         Mr. Antonio Mascarenhas, MICD, NIO , Goa                         All papers will be reviewed by a panel of experts
                                                Mr. Anil Raikar, Acoustic Components, Goa
                                                Dr. Anupama, BITS, Goa
                                                                                                                 and decisions will be conveyed by Jan 23, 2010. 4.
7.     Payment details _________________        Mr. Shailesh Khanolkar , PCCE, Verna                             It is expected that you have obtained the required
                                                Dr. Iven Jose, BITS, Goa                                         permissions for submitting the paper to the
     [Only local cheques /Cash (DD for          Mr. Daryl Gonsalves, St. Xaviers College, Goa                    symposium. Please ensure that you have included
                                                Dr. G. M. Naik, GU, Goa
                                                Dr. R. S. Gad, GU, Goa
                                                                                                                 all the coauthors at the time of submission. 5. If
     outstation candidate) will be accepted]    Mr. Amalin Prince, BITS-Goa                                      your paper gets accepted, you are expected to
                                                Dr. Shrutin Ulman, Agnel Polytechnic, Goa                        register and present the paper at the symposium. 6.
8.     Whether accommodation required.----      Mr. Luis Fernandes, Govt. Polytechnic, Panaji Goa                Kindly submit the manuscript of your paper as per
     Accommodation is available on request at   CO-ORDINATORS
                                                                                                                 IEEE format by 9th January 2010.
     the Goa University guest house.            Dr. G. M. Naik
                                                Prof. & Head, Electronics Program                                   1St prize : Rs. 10,000/-*
Candidate’s Signature                           Email : gmnaik@unigoa.ac.in
                                                &                                                                   2nd prize: Rs. 5,000/-*
                                                Dr. R. S. GAD                                                       3rd prize: Rs. 3,000/-*
                                                Assistant professor
                                                Electronic program,                                                 3 consolation prizes of Rs. 1,000* each.
        Seal & Signature of                     Email : rsgad@unigoa.ac.in
       Sponsoring Authority                                                                                          *: Worth items/Electronics goods.

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