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                     The Small Business Development Center in partnership with the U.S. Small Business
                     Administration was established to assist new and existing entrepreneurs with their busi-
                     ness needs. The Laredo SBDC is sponsored by the Laredo Development Foundation an
                     independent economic development corporation for the Webb County and the City of
   Araceli E. Lozano
    SBDC Director     The program is designed for each SBDC to act as leaders in economic development plan- ning and delivery of highly effective counseling and training services in all aspects of small
                     business management. They are positioned as the focal point for small business devel-
opment activities in their respective community.

This office is responsible for serving the small business and rural communities of Webb, Zapata and Jim Hogg
Counties. Our professional trained staff work closely with small business owners to achieve long-term growth
and profitability, which in turn, give back in terms of economic development. Services include, but are not lim-
ited to:

              • Accounting and Bookkeeping                          •   Marketing and Advertising
              • Business Planning                                   •   Minority Enterprise Development
              • Capital Acquisition                                 •   OSHA/Workplace Safety
              • Franchising                                         •   SBA Loan Programs
              • Financial Analysis                                  •   Strategic Planning
              • Human Resources                                     •   Regulatory Assistance
              • International Trade                                 •   Tax Issues
              • Innovated Research                                  •   Workforce Development

Assistance is available to anyone interested in enhancing their business skills. Contact our center for a FREE
confidential appointment with one of our Business Development Specialists.

 Lar edo Small Business Development Center Team

                Laura Cantu                             Gladys Rangel                              Monika Rodriguez
     Business Development Specialist           Business Development Specialist             Business Development Specialist
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                                    Isabel Salazar                              Adriana Covarrubias
                                Training Coordinator                         Administrative Assistant
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                                        South Texas Workforce

                                         Development Board

                               The Texas Workforce Center provides an

                               array of services that connects qualified job
                               seekers to employer-specified opportunities.
Roxanne Vedia, Business
  Service Coordinator
 Labor Market Information
 Screening and Referral of Qualified Job Seekers                                     MESSAGE FROM THE LAREDO
 On-Site Recruitment and Interviewing                                                SBDC CENTER DIRECTOR
 Interviewing Facilities                                                             ................................................Page 2
 Job Retention Strategies                                                            PARTNERSHIPS
 Pre-Employment Testing                                                              ................................................Page 3
 Employment Planning                                                                 BUSINESS RESOURCE CENTER
 On-the-Job Training                                                                 ................................................Page 4
 Outplacement Services for Downsizing Companies                                      TRAINING WORKSHOPS
 Tax Credits for Hiring Welfare Recipients                                           ................................................Page 5

                                                                                     SUCCESS (JIM HOGG/ZAPATA COUNTIES)
                                                                                     ...............................................Page 6
Texas Rural Legal Aid                                                                SUCCESS (COLONIA INITIATIVE)
 Legal Assistance to                                                                 ...............................................Page 7
  Micro-Enterprises                                                                  CLIENT SUCCESS PROFILES
       Project                                                                       ........................................Page 8 to 15

                                                                                     DISTINGUISHED BUSINESS AWARDS
                                          Diana Song, Project Manager/               ..............................................Page 16
                                         Coordinator Attorney/Abogada
LAMP provides free legal services for low income residents of the
Texas-Mexico border to start or sustain their small business.                                    VISIT O U R
LAMP offers a full range of legal services for business owners includ-                            WEBSITE
  Information on establishing an entity for existing or new businesses.
  Drafting and/or reviewing formation documents, and contracts such                       w w
   as leases, loan documents, and vendor and supply agreements.
  Assistance in negotiating contracts.
  Legal advice regarding business permits and licenses, and other appli
   cable laws and regulations.
  Referral to entrepreneurial training and technical assistance.
An SBDC partnership program with the U.S. Small Business Administration. The LDF/SBDC is partially funded under Cooperative
Agreement No. 4-603001-Z-0049-18-LDF by the U.S. Administration through such funding does not constitute an expressed or implied endorse-
ment of any of the co-sponsors’ or participants’ opinions, findings, conclusion, recommendation, products or services. All SBDC programs are
non-discriminatory and open to the public. Reasonable arrangements for person with disabilities will be made, if requested at least two weeks
in advance. Contact: Araceli E. Lozano at the SBDC, 616 Leal St. Laredo, Texas 78041 (956) 722-0563 - E-mail Website: sponsored by the Laredo Development Foundation
                                                                         ANGELS PARADISE DAY CARE CENTER
                                                                               ALMA ROCIO DE ANDA
                                                                              4403 OLD SANTA MARIA
                                                                               LAREDO, TEXAS 78041
                                                                                        A Success Story
                                                                                        by Laura Cantu

                                                                                Within a few months, Angels Paradise
                                                                           Day Care Center enrolled 22 children. Because
                                                                           of high enrollment, Mrs. De Anda hired employ-
                                                                            ees. Again, Mrs. De Anda turned to the Small
                                                                             Business Development Center for assistance
                                                                                            with payroll.

     lma Rocio De Anda requested new business and financing information to start a day care service. Alma Rocio
A    De Anda soon became sole proprietor of Angels Paradise Day Care Center. The center provides services for
children ages 0 to 5 years and older. The Center is open from Monday thru Saturday from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.
In the future, the Center will offer two shifts per day. The shifts will run from 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and 3:00 P.M.
to 11:00 P.M. This will accommodate parents working day and evening shifts.

Alma Rocio De Anda attended one of our finance seminars. There, she and her husband made contact with SBDC
and Accion Texas. At that time, Accion loan information was provided and it was recommended she come by the
SBDC Center to receive assistance in completing a business plan and cash flow projections.

Soon after, Ms. De Anda met with, Laura Cantu, Business Development Specialist. A loan package, which includ-
ed a business plan and cash flow projections, was completed and submitted to Accion Texas. Accion soon approved
the loan.

Within a few months, Angels Paradise Day Care Center enrolled 22 children. Because of high enrollment, Mrs. De
Anda hired employees. Again, Mrs. De Anda turned to the Small Business Development Center for assistance with

Laura Cantu scheduled several meetings with Mrs. De Anda and Ms. Cantu instructed Mrs. De Anda on the follow-

Employment Requirements
              Form SS-4 - Application for Employer Identification number, Form I-9 Employment Eligibility
              Verification, W-4 Form Employees Withholding Allowance, W-5 Earned Income Credit Advance
              Payment Certificate
      Pay Requirements
              Workweek Definition, Hours Worked, Overtime Pay
      Payroll Calculation
      Depositing Taxes
              Payroll Tax Deposit Rules, Calculation of Deposits, How to Deposit Payroll Taxes
      Quarterly Report Preparation
              941 Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return, TWC Form C-3 Texas Workforce Commission
              (SUTA) Employer’s Quarterly Report
      Year End Report Preparation
               Form 940 Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return, Form W-3 Transmittal
              of Wage and Tax Statements and Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement.

Mrs. De Anda values the management & technical assistance provided by the Small Business Development Center.
The assistance enabled her to start her business, acquire a loan, hire employees and process payroll. Mrs. De Anda
has processed payroll several times and is looking forward to preparing the payroll year-end reports in January 2003.
                  SBD C Business Resource C
      do                                    e                                                     nte
L are
   SBA Programs & Services
                                  SBA BROCHURES
                                                           The Women's Pre-qualification Loan Program
   Small Business                                          SBA-Profile: Who We Are & What We Do
   SCORE                                                   Pricing Products & Services
   How to Bank your Export Deals                           Doing Business with the Federal Government
   Understanding Cash-Flow                                 Small Business Investment Companies
   International Trade Loan Program                        The U.S. Small Business Advisor
   Raise Money/Small Business
   Opportunities in Exporting                          *Spanish Publications
   Facts About Starting a Small Business
   DELTA                                                   Prestamos para Mujeres
   SBA on the info Superhighway                            Programas y Servicios
   SBDC Program                                            El Negocio Pequeño

                       ENTREPRENEUR MANUALS
   Ad Agency                           Event Planning Service              Outplacement Service
   Advertising Specialties             Executive Recruiting                Packing and Shipping Services
   Antique Sales/Restoration           Family Hair Salon                   Parking Lot Striping/Maint.
   Audio Bookstore                     Financial Aid Service               Party & Gift Store
   Automobile Detailing                Flower Shop                         Personal Shopping Service
   Automotive Services                 Food Court Restaurant               Personalized Children's Book
   Bakery                              Food & Party Catering               Pet Shop
   Bar/Tavern                          Food Delivery                       Pet Sitting
   Beauty Supply                       Franchising and Expanding           Pet Hotel & Grooming Ser.
   Bed & Breakfast                     Freelance Comm. Writing             Pizzeria
   Billiard Hall                       Freight Brokerage                   Private Investigator
   Body Care Boutique                  Gift Basket Service                 Professional Organizer
   Bridal Consultant                   Guide to Buying a Franchise         Property Tax Consultant
   Burglar Alarm Sales Bus.            Herb Farming                        Recycling Consultant/Broker
   Business Plan Consultant            Home Remodeling Services            Restaurant Start-up
   Car Wash                            Home Health Care Agency             Sandwich/Shop Deli
   Carpet Cleaning Service             Home Inspection                     Secretarial Service
   Cartoon-Animation Store             Home Computer                       Self Storage
   Ceramic Pottery                     Image Consulting                    Self Improvement Seminars
   Child Care Service                  Import/Export Business              Seminar Promoting
   Children's Apparel Store            Information Broker                  Specialty Travel & Tours
   Coffeehouse                         Interior Design                     Sport Memorabilia Store
   Coin-operated Vending               Janitorial Service                  Sporting Goods
   Collection Agency                   Language Translation                Sweats Only
   Computer Consulting                 Laser Printer Repair                T-shirt Screen Printing
   Consignment Clothing                Laundromat-Coin Laundry             Telephone Answering Ser.
   Consulting Business                 Lawn Care Service                   Temporary Help Agency
   Copy Shop                           Limousine Service                   The Internet Entrepreneur
   Coupon Mailers                      Maid Service                        Transportation Services
   Craft Business                      Mail Order Services                 Travel Agency
   Credit Consulting                   Medical Transcription               Typesetting Business
   Damage Restoration                  Medical Claims Processing           Unpacking Service
   Dating Service                      Microbreweries                      Utility & Telephone Bill
   Desktop Publishing                  Mobile Bookkeeping                  Video Production Service
   Dry Cleaning\                       Mobile Auto Inspection              Vitamin & Health Food Store
   Electronic Bulletin Board           Multi-level Marketing               Wholesale Distribution
   Employment Agency                   Multimedia Services                 Window Washing Service
   Environmental Services              Nanny Replacement Service
                                                                           Women's Apparel Shop
           Computer, TV, VCR/DVD available for all your
 SBDC- 4           business research needs!
    . Jessica Cortez came by the                  assistance on how to
MprepareControl and quarterlyhadoffice requestingLopez,bookkeeping for

ABC Radio
                    Hobbies. I
                               reports. She handles the
                                  spoken to Mr.          owner of ABC
Hobbies, before meeting with Ms. Cortez and was informed that he was
going to send Ms. Cortez to obtain training for payroll preparation.
Gladys Rangel, BDS assisted Ms. Cortez by making sure she had the
required forms an employee must complete and be placed in their file. These
forms include W4's and I-9' for all employees. These documents are essen-
tial to payroll preparation specially the W-4 form. The W-4 form will allow
Ms. Cortez to know the exact amount of Federal Withholding to deduct from
each employee's payroll check, of course with the assistance of Publication
15-Circular E. Ms. Rangel handed the client copies of a W-4 and an I-9
forms. Then proceeded with payroll preparation. Ms. Cortez was provided
with payroll samples to assist her in understanding the process of payroll
preparation. She completed the payroll problems without hesitation and all
were correct. In continuation, the client was shown how to complete the 941
tax liability payments and when the payments were due. Finally proceeded by
explaining the process of the quarterly reports. Ms. Rangel explained to the
client the proper and correct way of completing the 941 form. The client was
made aware as to where such totals were being calculated and obtain from in           ABC RADIO CONTROL HOBBIES
order to complete the 941 form. Ms. Rangel had the client complete a 941 form
to better understand the concept. It was recommended that when she was ready
                                                                                           MAURICIO E. LOPEZ
to prepare the quarterly reports to please come on by or fax them just to make            1600 WATER ST. , D-6
sure they were prepared correctly. Ms. Rangel provided the client a Circular E
publication 15 to utilize with payroll.                                                  LAREDO, TEXAS 78040
                                                                                                    A Success Story
Continuing with this training, she came back in December and she brought with                      by Gladys Rangel
her the 941 forms as well as the TWC C3's for the first three quarters. She want-
ed Ms. Rangel to review them and make sure they had been prepared correctly.
Ms. Rangel reviewed each 941 along with the tax liability payments and each
quarter forms were prepared correctly. Ms. Rangel recommended the client to
make sure she kept copies of the last quarter reports and any other form she pre-          Also in Ms. Cortez words "The assis-
pares.                                                                                tance received helped our business to have a
                                                                                      better understanding on taxes. It has saved us
                                                                                      money because we can now prepare our own
Ms. Cortez has done a wonderful job managing the storefront and an exception-                           reports."
al job in maintaining her bookkeeping records. . Also in Ms. Cortez words "The
assistance received helped our business to have a better understanding on taxes.
It has saved us money because we can now prepare our own reports."

                                                                   aura Gonzalez attended one of the seminars we conducted in
                                                               L   Hebbronville at the First National Bank. Ms. Gonzalez came to
                                                               us with an idea of opening an after school facility in Hebbronville that
                                                               would provide the youth of this small town with cheerleading train-
                                                               ing, after school tutoring and care. She was seeking assistance in
                                                               obtaining a loan with the First National Bank of Hebbronville and had
                                                               been working on a business plan. She asked the Small Business
                                                               Development Center for assistance in developing a detail business
                                                               plan that would fulfill the financial institution lending requirements.

                                                               Gladys Rangel, Business Development Specialist assisted Ms.
                                                               Gonzalez and began to develop a business plan and cash flow projec-
                                                               tions. Ms. Gonzalez was handed guides that would assist her as well
                                                               in the creativity of her plan and projections. After several telephone
                                                               conversations and visits, the business plan and cash flow projections
                                                               were completed and ready for Ms. Gonzalez presentation to the loan
                                                               officer of the First National Bank.

                                                               Ms. Gonzalez called to inform Ms. Rangel that she had been
             LIL'LONGHORN GYM                                  approved for the loan. Ms. Rangel and Ms. Gonzalez met a few days
                                                               after the telephone conversation to go over the letter of approval she
              LAURA GONZALEZ                                   had received.
                 501 E. Tilley                                                        Ms. Gonzalez came to us with an idea
                                                                                       of opening an after school facility in
          Hebbronville, Texas 78361                                               Hebbronville that would provide the youth of
                    A Success Story                                                this small town with cheerleading training,
                   by Gladys Rangel                                                       after school tutoring and care.

   T R A I N I N G                                        W O R K S H O P S
     BUSINESS START-UP ORIENTATIONS                                         QUICKBOOKS TRAINING
If you are thinking of starting a business and don't know      This hands-on training provides the necessary skills to
where to start? This FREE of charge session will guide you     enable you to manage your business records with
through:                                                       Quickbooks. From writing checks and doing payroll to com-
        · Licensing & permits                                  plying with IRS. The objective, is to introduce you to the
        · Types of legal organizations                         basic features in Quickbooks and give you an opportunity
        · Business planning                                    for hands-on practice.
        · Tax responsibilities
Held Wednesdays from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.                                       INTERNATIONAL TRADE
                                                               The South-West SBDC International Trade Center (ITC) will
                                                               be providing consulting services and training programs nec-
                BUSINESS PLANNING                              essary to achieve success in the global marketplace. With
If you are ready to start your business. The business plan     their technical expertise we can assist you in understanding
is an important tool in determining your project costs and     the mechanics of global trade with the market research
feasibility study. If you are going to need financial assis-   capabilities for your specific industry and products.
tance the business plan is a required part of the loan pro-
posal.                                                                    FINANCING OPPORTUNITIES
                                                               One key to a successful business start-up or expansion is
               BOOKKEEPING BASICS                              your ability to obtain appropriate financing. Raising capital
The keeping of accurate records is imperative if you are       is the most basic of all business activities. SBA offers a
going to succeed in business. The most important function      variety of financing programs to better suit your needs.
of recordkeeping is to provide the business owner with
information that can help see the trends that are taking        CUSTOMER SERVICE/TELEPHONE SKILLS
place in the operation. You will learn which areas are pro-    The purpose of this course is to help you learn the specific
ductive and cost effective and which will require the imple-   skills you need to build and improve customer service.
mentation of changes. It will be a mayor benefit to you to     Improve your communication skills with customers face to
make every attempt to understand how your records are          face or on the telephone and in other encounters. Discover
organized and to learn how to read and use them to make        helpful techniques to use with angry customers; learn to
decisions in your business. Topics to be discussed:            keep your cool under stress; and find new ways to ensure
        · Recordkeeping basics                                 and increase customer satisfaction.
        · Financial statements
        · Business Taxes                                                        HAZMAT TRAINING
                                                               The regulatory requirements covered in this training pro-
QUARTERLY & YEAR END REPORT PREPARATION                        gram are based on DOT's mission of ensuring safe trans-
This hands-on training is designed to help the small busi-     portation of hazardous materials from their point of origin to
ness owner process payroll, prepare quarterly & year end       their destination. The training package is designed to certi-
reports.                                                       fy that the employee has had training of DOT hazardous
                                                               material regulations which govern the shipping, classifica-
                      TAX ISSUES                               tion and identification of hazardous materials you may
This hands-on seminar provides the small business owner        encounter in your job. The training is required by law, and
with up-to-date information on how to comply with IRS.         failure to comply could result in severe penalties. Upon
Each participant will receive a FREE IRS Resource Guide        completion a three (3) year HAZMAT Certification Card will
CD.                                                            be issued.

Topics to be presented:                                                        HUMAN RESOURCES
                                                               This workshop is designed to assist business owners and
        ·   Business Income Tax                                managers in handling various personnel issues. Learn
        ·   Recordkeeping                                      about resources that can assist your business in keeping
        ·   Employment Tax                                     up-to-date, on employment issues, such as employee
                                                               records, hiring and firing, creation and implementation of
                                                               personnel policies and procedures and more.

    FOR A SCHEDULE OF OUR UPCOMING                                         TRAINING WORKSHOPS
   CALL (956) 722-0563 OR E-MAIL:                                          S B D C @ L A R E D O - L D F. C O M
         Garcia, III, son of Ana M. Garcia and Manager of Last
ManuelNetworking Luncheon held by the Gas Station, attended a
    Chance Drive-In Convenience Store &
Business                                 Laredo Small Business
Development Center in Zapata, Texas. It was there that Mr. Garcia
heard about the Laredo Small Business Development Center and the
services it provides. Soon Mr. Garcia scheduled sessions to discuss
the possibility of applying for a loan. Ms. Cantu assessed the situa-
tion and decided Accion Texas was the best avenue.
During the first session the amount of the loan and the use of loan
proceeds was discussed & several phone calls were made by Ms.
Cantu to Daniel at Accion Texas to make sure the use of loan pro-
ceeds was acceptable. A Project Action Agreement, to be signed by
Ana M. Garcia, was provided along with an Accion Pre-application.
Soon after, the action agreement was signed and the pre-application
was submitted to Accion Texas for review. The pre-application was
approved and an application & business plan were provided for com-
pletion. Ms. Cantu instructed Mr. Garcia on the business plan and
cash flow projections and all the forms required by Accion Texas.                     LAST CHANCE DRIVE-IN
Pictures of the items & real estate pledged for collateral were taken
by Ms. Cantu at the client's site.
                                                                                          ANA M. GARCIA
                                                                                           1607 HWY. 16
For about a month, the loan process went smoothly without a prob-
lem. A problem arose with the deeds of trust & car titles. Research                    ZAPATA, TEXAS 78076
was done by Accion Texas and soon all the problems were resolved.
However, when the Seller of the lot & building heard Ms. Garcia was                          A Success Story
applying for a loan, for the down payment on the property; he decid-                         by Laura Cantu
ed he wanted to owner finance the entire loan. At this time, the loan
was put on hold for several months.                                                  Ms. Cantu instructed Mr. Garcia on
                                                                                 the business plan and cash flow projections
In January 2003, Ms. Garcia decided to go ahead with the loan and                and all the forms required by Accion Texas.
the loan closing was scheduled for January 6, 2003. Ana M. Garcia               Pictures of the items & real estate pledged for
and her Son, Manuel, have secured a future in the Convenience Store               collateral were taken by Ms. Cantu at the
Business. They feel their hard work and efforts have paid off and                                  client's site.
expect to grow & prosper.

                                                                 those clients that do not want to cross to Nuevo Laredo to
             PROTECCIONES METALICAS                              view his work.
              4013 TOTEM POLE LANE                               Gladys Rangel, Business Development Specialist informed
                                                                 Mr. Rodriguez about the Accion Loan program and what the
               LAREDO, TEXAS 78043                               requisites were. He was interested so he went ahead and
                       A Success Story                           decided to apply for a loan. Ms. Rangel assisted the client
                      by Gladys Rangel                           with the completion of the pre application and once com-
                                                                 pleted it was faxed for review to Accion Texas. Ms. Rangel
                                                                 informed Mr. Rodriguez that an Accion Representative
               Gladys Rangel, Business Development
            Specialist informed Mr. Rodriguez about the
                                                                 would be contacting him in regards to his pre application. If
           Accion Loan program and what the requisites           Accion decides to proceed with the loan, they will send a
           were. He was interested so he went ahead and          list of requirements he will need to gather. Once everything
                    decided to apply for a loan.                 requested is reviewed and a decision is made on his loan, an
                                                                 Accion representative in this case Tina Rodriguez will be
                                                                 contacting either Mr. Rodriguez or Ms. Rangel on the loan
        r. Humberto Rodriguez came by the Small Business         status.
  M     Development Center requesting financial assistance
  for his welding business. He has been welding for many         Mr. Rodriguez received good news from Accion; he's loan
  years now and decided to open a showroom at home where         was approved. An appointment was set for loan closure.
  he can have his clients see the work he does and sale the      Mr. Rodriguez, Tina and Ms. Rangel met and closed the
  ironwork as well. He has a business in Nuevo Laredo in the     loan. This loan will allow Mr. Rodriguez to purchase any
  same field and since he has clientele from Laredo and other    necessary equipment and be able to provide his clientele an
  surrounding cities, he decided to have the showroom for        office and showroom in Laredo.

       Zapata & Jim Hogg
       Counties Success
     he communities of Zapata &         were able to consult and provide
T    Jim Hogg Counties have been
diligently assisted by the Laredo
                                        training workshops to the commu-
                                        nity at the Zapata Chamber of
Small Business Development              Commerce and the Zapata Public
Center. Entrepreneurs have been         Library. In Hebbronville, Texas we
able to enhance their business                                                                i og on
                                                                                             L lLn Hrs
skills through our diversified train-                                                             s i tance
                                                                                            Loan A s s
ing programs and consultation ser-
                                                                                 Due to high demand for our ser-
                                                                                 vices, we now have established a
                                                                                 partnership with the South Texas
                                                                                 Workforce Development Board and
                                                                                 established satellite offices at the
                                                                                 Texas Workforce Center in both
                                                                                 Zapata, Texas and Hebbronville,

                                             MED-One Ambulance - Payroll
                                        continue to conduct our training
                                        workshops and consultation ser-
         El Camino Real Bakery          vices at First National Bank. In
           Business Str - p             addition, we have informed local
vices, thus, creating jobs for these    community leaders of our outstand-
rural communities and improving         ing success at both the Zapata
the economy. The efforts put forth      Commissioners Court and the
by the Laredo SBDC Team has             Hebbronville      Commissioners
shown an impact on the economic                                                                        s i tance
                                                                                 Bakery @ Home - Loan A s s
development of small businesses.
                                                                                 Texas. This will give existing and
                                                                                 pre-venture small business owners
If it were not for the partnerships
                                                                                 the opportunity to gather valuable
we have developed, our efforts
                                                                                 information and meet with one of
would not have been as success-
                                                                                 our professional trained staff on
ful. These partnerships have had a
                                                                                 small business issues.
tremendous impact on our accom-
plishments. In Zapata, Texas we
                                                Last Chance Drive Thru
                                                          s i tance
                                                   Loan A s s
                                        Court. It is this kind of support that
                                        makes us succeed in both commu-
                                        nities. Entrepreneurs continue to
                                        seek the assistance of the Laredo
                                        Small Business Development
                                        Center.                                           Mendiola Meat Market
                                                                                               atU      o n si
                                                                                    Business Str - p & L a A s tance
                 a ae arl
    Mama Bebe s D y C r - P y o l
Colonia Initiative
     he    Laredo       Development    he goal was to
T    Foundation’s Small Business
Development Center was estab-
                                       zero in on efforts to
                                   expand existing busi-
lished to assist new and existing  nesses and foster new
entrepreneurs with their business  businesses – which in
                                   the end creates more
needs, as well as, act as leaders in                                 Araceli E. Lozano, SBDC Director and
                                                                         The Honorable, Oralia Reyes,
economic development planning      jobs and a positive                    ao o h iy f l eio
                                                                         MyrfrteCt o E Cnz
                                   multiplier impact to the
and delivery of highly effective coun-
                                                                                he support we receive from the
seling and training services in alllocal community. The communities
                                           of L arga Vista , R io           T   local community and its lead-
                                           B r a v o , E l C e n i z o ers have been very significant to
                                           a n d L a s P e ñ i t a s the program. The Honorable,
                                           amongst others have been Oralia Reyes, Mayor of El Cenizo
                                           visited by the Laredo has promoted our programs in her
                                           SBDC. The purpose was to community.                In addition, Mr.
                                           introduce small business Francisco Gonzalez, Director of
                                           owners to the programs and Larga Vista Community Center, Mr.
                                           services offered by the cen-
                                                                          Ricardo Molina, Director of Rio
                                           ter. Entrepreneurs have
                                                                          Bravo Community Center and local
                                           taken advantage of our ser-
       Larga Vita Community Center
                 s                                                        “promotoras” (Spanish for on-site
                                           vices and have utilized our
                                                                          Colonia individuals who promote
aspects of small business manage- resources, thus, enhancing their
                                                                          community programs) have too
ment. The Laredo SBDC has business skills through a wide-
worked to deliver real-time value- range of training workshops. In assisted by promoting our pro-
added assistance, programs, and addition, many have taken the grams and services. We continue
loans for emerging small business- opportunity to meet on a one-to- to receive referrals from our part-
es and rural communities.          one basis with a Business ners. Thus, it is this kind of support
                                   Development Specialist through a that allows us to continue to make
The main objective of the          confidential consultation.                          progress in assisting the
“Colonia Initiative” is to pro-                                                        small business owners
mote economic development                                                              in these communities.
in Webb County rural com-                                                              These efforts have had
munities. This project con-                                                            a tremendous impact
sists of utilizing the proper                                                          over the past year, but
business tools to guide new                                                            more so, have posi-
and existing small business
                                                                                       tioned a sustainable
owners so they can better
                                                                                       frame work to expand
manage their business.
                                                                                       local business and cre-
Furthermore, literature and
presentations have been                                                                ate value- added jobs.
translated into Spanish.
                                             Rio Bravo Community Center
                                                                        2002, Blanca Hilda Gonzalez, Owner and her
                                                      On August 19, assistance. They established E.G. Security Patroltwo daugh-
                                                          ters Maria A. Reyes, Security Guard and Maria Bostick, Payroll Clerk
                                                      requested Payroll                                               Service in
                                                      November 2001 with four employees. They purchased Quick Books, but they
                                                      needed additional instructions on how to proces payroll and the quarterly and
                                                      year end reports.
                                                      Maria Bostick & Maria Reyes were instructed on employment requirements,
                                                      Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, Form W-4 Employees
                                                      Withholding Allowance Certificate, Pay Requirements, Work Week
                                                      Definition, Time Sheets, Hours Worked, Overtime Pay, Payroll Calculation,
                                                      Payroll Tax Calculation, Payroll Tax Deposits, 941 Quarterly Reports, TWC
                                                      Quarterly Reports, W-2, W-3 and 940 Annual Reports. In addition, Ms. Cantu
                                                      recommended Ms. Bostick and Ms. Reyes attend seminars which included
                                                      Quarterly & Year End Report Preparation and Managing Your Business With
                                                      Quick Books.
                                                      At first Laura Cantu, Business Development Specialist, instructed Maria each
                                                      time she prepared payroll. Eventually, Ms. Bostick was confident enough to
                                                      use Quick Books to process payroll and make payroll deposits on her own;
                                                      submitting payroll for Ms. Cantu to review. Ms. Cantu reviewed the pay-
   E.G. SECURITY PATROL & SERVICE                     rolls and made corrections or adjustments. Before long, Maria was able to
          405 MESCALERO DR.                           process payroll on her own.

           LAREDO, TX 78045                           At the end of each quarter, Ms. Cantu instructed Maria on how to prepare 941
                                                      and TWC quarterly reports on Quick Books. After a while, Ms. Bostick was
                                                      preparing the quarterly reports on her own. She would then submit the
                 A Success Story                      reports to Ms. Cantu for review.
                 by Laura Cantu
                                                      Before long the end of the year arrived, and it was time to prepare annual
                                                      reports which included W- 2, W-3 and 940 reports. Again, Ms. Cantu worked
          For the past two years, Maria Bostick       closely with Ms. Bostick to make sure all the previous quarterly payroll
      has prepared payroll, quarterly and year end
                                                      reports tied. After reviewing the previous quarters, the end of the year reports
                                                      were printed on Quick Books.
     reports with Ms. Cantu’s assistance. The coun-
    seling & training Ms. Bostick has received from   For the past two years, Maria Bostick has prepared payroll, quarterly and year
       the SBDC has proved to be very beneficial.     end reports with Ms. Cantu’s assistance. The counseling & training Ms.
                                                      Bostick has received from the SBDC has proved to be very beneficial. Ms.
                                                      Bostick continues to seek guidance in all areas of business from the SBDC.

AfterPre-Schoolone of SBDC’sED &QuarterlyHebbronville, Sole Proprietor of Mama
   Ms. Ed. ECU BIL./ESL SP.
                               seminars in
                 Daycare requested
                                   Human Science and
                                                       Texas, Anna Laura Vela,
                                           & Year End Report Preparation assis-
tance. Laura Cantu traveled to Hebbronville, Texas to assist Mrs. Vela with Quarterly
& Year End Report Preparation.
Ms. Cantu reviewed 4th quarter payroll and payroll tax deposits to instruct in the prepa-
ration of 941 Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return and Texas Workforce
Commission Employers Quarterly Report for quarter ending December 31, 2002.
Several calculation errors were found in the calculation of payroll. The errors were cor-
rected and the quarterly reports were prepared accordingly. In addition, instruction on
the preparation of the 940 Employers Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return was
provided. It was recommended that previous quarterly reports be amended due to errors
in payroll calculation.
As an added courtesy, Ms. Cantu took the entire payroll for 2002 and key punched in
Excel, a Microsoft worksheet program. Individual payroll records, 4th quarter payroll
summary and yearly payroll summary were created. The information was provided to
Mrs. Vela to take to her accountant for the preparation of W-2s & W-3.                             Mama Bebe’s Pre-school
To further assist Mrs. Vela, Ms. Cantu created individual payroll records with formulas                   Daycare
to help prevent errors in the calculation of payroll. The first two weeks of January pay-              Anna Laura Vela
roll were key punched to test the formulas. The results were excellent. Also, weekly,
monthly, quarterly & yearly summaries were created and are ready for information to                      301 E. North
be key punched.                                                                                    Hebbronville, Texas 78361
                                                                                                              Success Story
A meeting was set up with Mrs. Vela to instruct her in the use of Excel. It was recom-                        by Laura Cantu
mended she bring payroll for the remaining two weeks of January thru February 28,
2002. Ms. Vela key punched a few weeks of payroll and is pleased to have this new tool                   Ms. Cantu created individual
to help her with payroll.
                                                                                                  payroll records with formulas to help pre-
Mrs. Vela is pleased with the services provided and will continue to use the SBDC ser-             vent errors in the calculation of payroll.
vices as needed.
                                                                Garza came by the office requesting assistance
                                                  Ms. Gloria the businessbe assisting Mr. Alberto Castaneda ,with payroll prepara-
                                                       tion. Ms. Garza will
                                                  Trucking with
                                                                                                               owner of Castaneda
                                                                            records and bookkeeping. She had been taking care of
                                                  the records a few years back and had stop doing so and since she was going to com-
                                                  mence again she wanted to make sure she received a refresher course. Ms. Garza
                                                  was interested in attending some of the seminars it was suggested to attend the pay-
                                                  roll and quarterly and year end report workshops.
                                                  Gladys Rangel, BDS met with Ms. Garza and looked over the information that had
                                                  been recorded before and after she was maintaining the records. Changes need to
                                                  be made and she needed to freshen up her skills in the bookkeeping area. Ms.
                                                  Rangel went over the deductions that should be made on a regular payroll checks
                                                  such as social security and medicare. Also, went over the federal withholding
                                                  deduction for employee salaries higher than shown on the circular E tables. After
                                                  showing Ms. Garza the payroll preparation, continued with the forms required to be
                                                  prepared during a quarter of a business. Ms. Rangel informed Ms. Garza that the
                                                  completion of the TWC form and the 941 were very important and they needed to
                                                  be prepared according to payroll records. The W-2 forms, the 940 form and W-3
                                                  were also discussed. On the next session Ms. Garza brought the quarterly reports
                                                  prepared for the first three quarters. They were reviewed and found discrepancies
        CASTANEDA TRUCKING                        in the forms. During the next couple of sessions the corrections on the previous
         ALBERTO CASTANEDA                        quarterly reports were done along with preparing and documenting accordingly the
                                                  last quarter payroll and quarterly reports. Ms. Rangel and Ms. Garza worked at
           2902 E. LOCUST                         amending the first quarter and looking for the tax liability payments, if they were
        LAREDO, TEXAS 78043                       prepared and calculated correctly. They looked at every single document available
                                                  to make these corrections. Ms. Rangel asked the client to make sure she wrote a
               A Success Story                    letter to the I.R.S. explaining the situation as to why we had to amend the prior quar-
              by Gladys Rangel                    ters. The amendments were done and sent to the IRS, thus, waiting on the I.R.S.
                                                  Ms. Garza attended several of our seminars such as How to Properly Manage Your
                                                  Business Records, Basic Bookkeeping Part I, II, and III, and Quarterly and Year End
                                                  Preparation, Quick books Workshop among others. The seminars consisted on
        Gladys Rangel, BDS met with Ms.           training the business owner, in this case Ms. Garza, how to properly maintain busi-
   Garza and looked over the information that     ness records such as cash receipts and disbursements, accounts payable and receiv-
 had been recorded before and after she had the   ables, payroll, payroll taxes, balance sheet, bank account and depreciation and sup-
 fact she was maintaining the records. Changes    porting schedules. Once Ms. Garza received this training she was able to better
  need to be made and she needed to freshen up    understand and grasp the procedures and process of payroll as well as record keep-
        her skills in the bookkeeping area.       ing and management skills for Mr. Castaneda's business.
                                                  Mr. Castaneda and Ms. Garza have been able to maintain their business records in
                                                  perfect order due to the training and guidance they received from the Laredo SBDC.
               Ramirez called
Mrs. Marta Rodriguez. Tinathe Small Business DevelopmentAccion  Center
     requesting Accion information. Mrs. Ramirez was referred to our
center by Tina                Rodriguez is the loan officer for
Texas. Mrs. Ramirez had applied with Accion for a loan to start her
business. Gladys Rangel Business Development Specialist for the
Laredo-SBDC spoke to Tina about Mrs. Ramirez's loan and was
informed of the new loan program called Tester Loans. Ms. Rangel
informed Mrs. Ramirez about the new loan program and she decided to
apply. The new loan program is up to $1,000.00 and with this loan the
process is faster than a regular Accion loan. Ms. Rangel requested to
see Mrs. Ramirez's loan information and Tina was kind enough to relay
that information to her.
During the first visit Mrs. Ramirez inquired about her loan. It was
explained to Mrs. Ramirez that Accion would take a look at the photos
of collateral and evaluate them before making a decision on the amount                      BAKERY @ HOME
of money she will be able to borrow. Ms. Rangel inspected the vehicle,
and took photos of all the collateral Mrs. Ramirez would use for her                        MARTA RAMIREZ
loan. A few days later after Accion received the photos and inspection
of the vehicle, another collateral inspection was requested. Ms. Rangel
                                                                                          3913 N. U.S. HWY 83
traveled to Mrs. Ramirez home took the photos and did the evaluation                   SAN YGNACIO, TEXAS 78067
on collateral. The client was informed that the closure of the loan need-
ed to be made at the SBDC office in Laredo, because we needed to be
                                                                                               A S u c c e s s St o r y
on a conference call with Tina Rodriguez from Accion Texas. The day
came and Mrs. Ramirez received the good news that her loan had been                           by Gladys Rangel
Mrs. Ramirez came by the office and the closure on the loan was done.                      The tester loan program is up to
Mrs. Ramirez will be able to obtain the supplies she needs to fill her                $1,000.00 and with this loan the process is
orders.                                                                                   faster than a regular Accion loan.
                                                                                      ocorro V. Bella operates a small
                                                                                  S   beauty supply store and she has
                                                                                  attended several seminars at the
                                                                                  SBDC. Because she recently hired
                                                                                  one employee, she requested pay-
                                                                                  roll instruction from the Small
                                                                                  Business Development Center in
                                                                                  Laredo, Texas.

                                                                                 Laura Cantu, Small Business
                                                                                 Development Specialist scheduled
                                                                                 several one to one counseling ses-
                                                                                 sions with Mrs. Bella to explain the
                                                                                 payroll process in detail. The first
                                                                                 step was to make sure Ms. Bella had
                                                                                 an Employer Identification Number.
                                                                                 Ms. Cantu helped Ms. Bella com-
                                                                                 plete the SS-4 form - Application
                                                                                 for     Employer      Identification
                                                                                 Number. The form was faxed by
                                                                                 Mrs. Bella to IRS several times to
                                                          no avail. The IRS fax was always busy. Finally, Ms. Cantu
                                                          made several phone calls to IRS until the EIN was obtained
                                                          over the phone.
         BELLA'S BEAUTY SUPPLY                            The next step was to go over all the payroll processing steps.
            SOCORRO BELLA                                 Ms. Cantu instructed Mrs. Bella on the following:
              405 E. AVON                                 Employment Requirements - Form I-9 Employment
                                                          Eligibility Verification, W-4 Form Employees Withholding
          LAREDO, TEXAS 78041                             Allowance, W-5 Earned Income Credit Advance Payment
                  A Success Story                         Certificate, Pay Requirements - Workweek Definition,
                  by Laura Cantu                          Hours Worked, Overtime Pay, Payroll Calculation,
                                                          Depositing Taxes - Payroll Tax Deposit Rules, Calculation
                                                          of Deposits, How to Deposit Payroll Taxes, Quarterly
                                                          Report Preparation - 941 Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax
                                                          Return, TWC Form C-3 Texas Workforce Commission
    The first step was to make sure Ms. Bella had an      (SUTA) Employer's Quarterly Report, Year End Report
Employer Identification Number. Ms. Cantu helped Ms.      Preparation - Form 940 Employer's Annual Federal
                                                          Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return, Form W-3 Transmittal
Bella complete the SS-4 form - Application for Employer
                                                          of Wage and Tax Statements and Form W-2 Wage and Tax
Identification Number.                                    Statement.

                                                          In addition Ms. Cantu provided several forms to help Ms.
                                                          Bella get organized with payroll. The forms were as fol-
                                                          lows: times sheets, employee payroll journal, weekly pay-
                                                          roll summary. Soon after, Ms. Bella processed payroll and
                                                          made payroll deposits and prepared 941 quarterly reports.

                                                          Ms Bella has successfully processed several pay periods and
                                                          quarterly reports. Soon Ms. Bella will prepare year-end
                                                          reports which include 940 FUTA, W-2s and W-3.

                                                          Ms. Bella is excited about learning payroll and continues to
                                                          attend SBDC seminars and is ready & willing to learn more.


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