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									        SAMPLE BUSINESS PLAN

• 249 business plan examples from Business
  Plans Handbook of Thomson-Gale

• Available from Anne Arundel Library Website
  – Electronic Databases
  – Reference
  – Gale Virtual Reference Library
  – Business Plans Handbook
         Library Web Link to Biz Plans
Thomson Gale Business Plans available on-line at Anne
  Arundel Library:
   – Go to …
   – Click on “Electronic Databases”
   – Under Database Categories: Click on “Reference”
   – Then scroll down and click on “Gale Virtual Reference
   – Enter your Library ID Number from your library card
   – Then click on “View publications” by Business and then
     click on “Business Plans Handbook Vol. 1”
   – Then under Quick Search put the word “plan” by FIND
     and choose within this publication and all volumes
   – Click on SEARCH … and a listing of all 269 example
     plans will appear in alphabetical order by type of

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