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									The Newsletter of the Apple Macintosh Computer Club of Sun City Arizona
                           May 2009

    Volume 13
    Issue 5
                                   The Apple Core
14801 N 103rd Avenue Sun City AZ, 85351-1906           623 933 5300

                                         Summer Schedule                            What’s New
                                          June                                       Summer Hours will begin May 18,
                                                                                     Tuesdays and Thursdays, AM. Closed
                                          2 iTunes RT Gary Burks                     in August and first two weeks of Sep-
                                                                                     tember. Full schedule in October. The
                                          4 New Mac Review Lois Sudkamp              Apple Core will publish in print May
                                                                                     and October. The online edition will
        General Meeting                                                              be updated all summer.
                                          9 Open Office     Larry Casto
         May 9, at 9 am
        Sundial West Hall                 11 Print Shop     Gisele Bresser           To answer or make a call on Sun-
                                                                                     Mac's cordless phone, press the
                                          16 Word Processing Marjorie Simons         Green Phone button on the Left
                                                                                     Side. TO HANG UP, press the Red
          Online Banking                  18 Quicken        Luanne Hanks             Off button on the Right Side (simi-
                                                                                     lar to a cell phone). There are Up
                                          23 Money Holders Pat Plancich              and Down volume buttons above
          Jean M Wallace                                                             those buttons.
                                          25 Digital Cameras Roger Landon
         from Chase bank.                                                            iPhoto & iWeb -Get Feedback on
                                          30 Maintenance Colonel Dilmore             Your Photos
Whether you bank on line or don’t
bank online, bring all your ques-         July                                       One reason photo-sharing sites like
 tions, fears and worries about                                                      Flickr are so popular is that visitors
                                          2 Let’s Try Something Larry Casto          can comment on photos and inter-
   setup, security, and safety.
                                                                                     act with the photographer. With a
                                          7 Internet (Safari) RT Gary Burks          $99 MobileMe account, you can
Sept 22 iWeb RT Gary Burks                                                           do that with iWeb’08 photo
                                          9 Walk-in-Help Lois Sudkamp                galleries. Open iPhoto and select
24 iCal/Apple Core download                                                          the photos that you want to use in
                                          14 Photo Shop 4 Gisele Bresser
      Luanne Hanks                                                                   your photo page. Choose Share >
                                          16     Key Caps & Special Characters       Send To iWeb > Photo Page. iWeb
29 Digital Camera Colonel Dilmore                   Marjorie Simons                  creates a new Photo page with your
                                                                                     images and then presents a window
Oct.     01 iChat Larry Casto             21 Maintenance Colonel Dilmore             where you can select from a num-
                                                                                     ber of template styles. Once you
Please send articles for the Ap-          23 Labels         Pat Plancich             have your page setup the way you
ple Core to the Editor by e-mail                                                     want it, open the Photos
                                          28 Summer Time Roger Landon                Inspector (Command/Option/I)
(just paste them into the body of                                                    and in the “Photos” tab, select the
the email) by the 15th of the             30 Computer Terms Luanne Hanks             “Allow Comments” option. ~ Jim
prior month.                                                                         Heid -Macworld Magazine via Jane
                                          August      Club Closed thru Sept.
Wear your SunMac badge!

The Newsletter of the Apple Macintosh Computer Club of Sun City Arizona
                  May 2009
Am I Falling Behind?                 is running out and I need to re-      If you go away for the summer,
                                     new.” I know I don’t have any         and you begin to plan your re-
I have always prided myself on       warranties running out and it is a    turn, please let me know when
being in the “know” when it          sales call, so I am paying a          you will be available to monitor.
came to car models and comput-       monthly fee to get a monthly          If you stay here, and you begin
ers. As a kid I knew every car       sales call!                           to plan your fall activities,
model and my brother and I                                                 please let me know you are
would have fun naming the cars       Now I am falling behind be-           available again. I hope you all
as our father drove along the        cause I have a Tiger Apple            have a wonderful summer!!
streets. Don’t ask me the car        Computer and the Leopard is
models now. I don’t know.            already out and you can’t get         Barbara Craft
Well, I can pick out a PT            iLife or iWork 2009 unless you
Cruiser, but what is that new car    have a Leopard. I guess when I
that looks like a box? So I real-    am really convinced that I can-
                                                                           History Corner May 2009
ize that I am falling behind.        not live without Leopard
                                     (probably when my computer            In 2002 the club room really got
My computer knowledge started        dies on me) then I will catch up      up to date with a bar code reader
falling behind several years ago     to what I have been missing all       so we could sign in with ease.
when a friend won a Palm Pilot.      of this time.                         There were 263 members. A
Whatever would I need one of
                                                                           new white i Mac was purchased
those for?      Then President       Do you feel like you are falling
                                                                           for the club room.
Obama said he couldn’t do            behind? One consolation is that
without his Blackberry. Why? I       we have computer classes on           There were 265 members in
do without a Blackberry and          things like Leopard, SKYPE,           2003. The club enjoyed a patri-
never have wondered why! And         maybe iPods that can help us all      otic program given by George
how about blogging and now           “catch up.”                           and Martha Washington--our
twittering and tweet and Face-                                             very own Ray and Betty Mills.
book and Plaxo and even back         Wishing you Snow Birds a great
                                                                           A new projector was purchased
to HTML. Where have I been           summer!
                                                                           that would allow use of DVD’s
while all of this is being in-
                                     Judy Edmond, President
vented and pushed onto us as                                               A .mac account was purchased
absolutely necessary? Is it abso-                                          for the club.
lutely necessary? Can I live
without it or not? Am I falling      A big THANK YOU to all the            All about ink was the topic of
behind?                              monitors for all your help! You       one general meetings and the
                                     make my task easier with your         owner of Inkabana talked on
I remember when I bought my                                                different kinds of ink and refill-
                                     willingness to serve!
cell phone back in 2000. Most                                              ing of cartridges.
of my friends HAD TO HAVE a          The full monitor schedule is util-
cell phone. So I have one and        ized from October through mid-        All for now!
pay monthly for it and have to       May. During the summer, the
keep it for two years or pay                                               Dame Simons, Historian,
                                     instructor serves as the monitor.
$200.00 and what? Half the                                       
                                     The May calendar is now set. I
time I forget to turn it on and      will be calling on you again be-
when I do receive a call it is       ginning in the fall.
always the same “My warranty
The Newsletter of the Apple Macintosh Computer Club of Sun City Arizona
   May 2009

Check the Online Apple Core and iCal for updates and changes.

The Newsletter of the Apple Macintosh Computer Club of Sun City Arizona
                May 2009
for May & Summer Schedule            Keyboard                              Photoshop Elements:
                                     Shortcuts/Proficiently:                Provides ways to enhance and
Address Book: How to best            Learn to use Keyboard Short-          change photos for printing.
utilize the features of the ad-      cuts so you can use your Mac
dress book.                          as proficiently as possible and        Print Shop: Graphics-learn how
                                     increase your productivity. We        to create an ageless calendar
Apple Mail: eMail using Apple        will also cover saving your           for keeping important dates
mail.                                documents so you can find them         birthdays etc..
Computer Terminolgy: Expla-                                                Q/A: Means there is a facilitator
nations for words you never          Key Caps/Special                      to answer questions.
knew what they were for.             Characters:  Learn how to use
                                     all the keys on your keyboard.        Quicken:  For beginners to
Digital Camera: What you need                                              learn how to manage finances
to know about the camera fea-        Labels:  Learn how to make            with this program.
tures and how to use them.           labels.
                                                                           Reunion 9:  An excellent pro-
Download Tape to CD:  Learn          Lets Try Something: How to            gram to record the genealogical
the process of downloading           share an unattended Mac with          information of your ancestors.
Tape to CD.                          another computor on the same
                                     network. See article in Apple         Skype:  Learn how to talk to
Genealogy Sig:  For those            Core.                                 friends on the computer through
interested in studying their roots                                         this program.
and exchanging information.          Maintenance:  Bring your com-
                                     puters or computer problems to        Social: Means get together, talk
iCal/Apple Core download:            the maintenance session and           and exchange ideas over coffee
Use iCal with the AppleCore          Colonel will help you with your       and goodies.
downloads.                           problem.
                                                                           Summer Time: Open  discus-
iCal/ iWeb: Discussion on how        Microsoft Word Q/A:  Problem          sion on all questions or ideas.
to use iCal / iWeb.                  solving on using  Microsoft
                                     Word program.                         Walk In Help: A club member
i Chat: Bring your Lap Tops if                                             will be available to help with
you have them, this is a work        Money Holders: Learn how to           problems.
shop.Learn how to talk to            make a money holder.
friends on the computer.                                                   Word Processing: Learn how
                                     New Mac Review: On hands              to write letters etc..
iPhoto 09: A program to store        review of your Mac.
photos from scanning or cam-                                               Classes: Any classes you
era. How use in eMail, etc.          Numbers/Pages/Keynotes                would like to have scheduled
                                     Overview:   An overwiew on            please let me know. 
iTunes RT:  All about music!         how they all work.
How to install songs from a CD,                                            Genny Waldron
how to burn songs from iTunes.       Open Office:  Open Office is a
                                     complete Office Suite that is
iWeb RT: How to make a web-          fully compatible with Microsoft
site.                                Office.

Internet / Safari RT: How to use     Photo Shop 4: Learn how to
the internet. With questions         create cards, business cards
about the internet.                  etc.
The Newsletter of the Apple Macintosh Computer Club of Sun City Arizona
                        May 2009
How to Make a Contact Sheet              The spinning ball of death
of Your Images                           If the program you are using             What but Not How
In the Finder, navigate to the folder    “hangs up” and displays the “spin-       Anyone who has attended Sun-
containing the images you’d like to      ning ball of death,” before you          Macs' sessions knows that one can
use for your contact sheet. If you       throw the computer out the win-          expect a knowledgeable leader able
want every image in the folder in        dow, stamp on it or even turn it off     to not only present concepts but to
the contact sheet, just press            and on, just force quit the program      answer most any question about the
Command-A to select them all; if         and then reopen the same program         session topic. Genny Waldron, the
you only want selected images, use       and get on with your computing           SunMac who sets up all these great
some combination of Command-             life.                                    sessions, has agreed to let me try
and Shift-clicks and dragging to         Force quit a program by 1.)Control       something very different. It will be
select the files you’d like to use.      quick (or right click) the programs      a session where although I, Larry
Once you have the images selected,       dock icon.      When the shortcut        Casto, may be somewhat familiar
press Command-Option-Y, which is         menu appears, press Option so that       with the topic I KNOW WHAT I
the keyboard shortcut for File ->        the Quit command says Force Quit,        WANT, BUT I DON'T KNOW
Slideshow nn Items, where nn is          select Force Quit, 2. Press “Option,     HOW TO DO IT. Such meetings
the number of files you selected.        Command Escape”, 3.Choose                were not uncommon for many of us
                                         Force Quit under the Blue Apple.         when we used to get paid.
This will open a full-screen slide-
show of your selected images             Of course, you will choose to Force
                                         Quit the program that is not re-         My Mac at home is primarily used
against a black background. Once                                                  for recreation. Most of the things I
in slideshow mode, grab the mouse        sponding. You may have to force
                                         quit twice before it realizes that you   do arise out of curiosity rather than
and click the Index Sheet button (in                                              wishing anything that is utilitarian.
the floating command bar, to the         really mean to have it quit. The
                                         changes you made since last you          I want to explore the feature "shar-
right of the Right Arrow button).                                                 ing" on the Mac. As I read about it
Quick Look will exit slide show          save will have been lost. But you
                                         save frequently and back up, don’t       it seems so simple to take over an
mode and display an index sheet,                                                  unattended Mac that is on the same
showing thumbnails of all the se-        you?
                                                                                  network. It is implied that one can
lected images.                                                                    also do this over the Internet. It is
The final step is to press Shift-        Switch to Mac                            also implied that the computer be-
Command-3, the keyboard shortcut                                                  ing used to take over a "sharing"
that captures the full screen to a       (http://www.itsabouttimeproducts.c       Mac can be a PC. Our club room is
file. This will create a file named      om/Switch_to_Mac/) is the most           ideal to try this since Colonel main-
Picture 1. (and, if you have a sec-      innovative learning tool ever cre-       tains such a nice network with
ond monitor, a file named Picture        ated for Switchers. It’s all about       many computers, not all of which
1(2)) on your desktop. Because           teaching you the Mac by connect-         run the same OS version.
Quick Look’s slideshow mode              ing the dots to Windows equiva-
takes over the full screen, the re-      lents. When the instructor, Saied,       I know one can do this over the
sulting file will show only your         teaches you a lesson on the Mac,         Internet if there are two attended
image thumbnails against a solid         you can then instantly try it on the     Macs using iChat or using Skype if
black background—no menu bar,            virtual Mac that is built into the       there are two Macs, two PCs, or a
no dock, nothing except your im-         learning tool - an interactive expe-     Mac and a PC. I'm not sure about
ages. This entire process is harder      rience unique to “It’s About Time        whether either of these can be done
to describe than it is to do—it liter-   Products.” From using the basics in      if the computer to be shared is not
ally takes only a couple seconds         Finder, to keyboard shortcuts, to        attended. I further know that there
once you have your images se-            using many Mac applications -            are several commercial applications
lected.                                  you’ll “learn the Switch to Mac”         that can do this.
 Once you’ve created the contact         very quickly. We think people learn
                                         better by trying it out for them-        The session is scheduled for Thurs-
sheet, rename it, move it to a per-
                                         selves, not by reading a 300 page        day, July 2. Read up on "sharing"
manent location on your hard drive,
                                         manual. We also teach you amazing        and join in the brainstorming. I am
and then print and/or e-mail.
                                         Mac only features.                       volunteering to be the moderator,
Gary Burks                                                                        but remember that at least at this
                                         Rueben via Judy                          time I DON'T KNOW HOW
                                                                                  TO DO IT !!!!!

The Newsletter of the Apple Macintosh Computer Club of Sun City Arizona
                                     May 2009

          Macintosh Computer Club of Sun City


      Make checks payable to: SunMacs

          Turn in to Monitor or mail to:

               Pat Plancich, 10332 W. Salem Dr., Sun City, AZ 85351

I am a New Member ☐
     I am Renewing ☐


Name # 1                                             
 Rec #                            Exp. Date
Name # 2                                             
 Rec #                            Exp. Date_____________

Dues ($20 per person - $30 for 2 at the same address Amount Paid $                               CK #

ADDRESS                                                                       ZIP                                


Name # 1 E mail address                                                   

Name # 2 E mail address                                                         

Emergency Contact Name                                                                  Phone ____________________
Dues are non-refundable - Please initial here:_____ 
          Rev. 1/6/09


Apple Macintosh Computer Club of Sun City
Sundial Recreation Center
14801 N 103rd Ave.
Sun City AZ 85351906


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