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					                                Mr. Ransaw
                  Com 101 Speech Assignment # 2
                        Informative Speech
Required Length: 3-5 Minutes
Minimum Sources Allowed: 3 Sources one non-Internet.
Notes Allowed: No more than eight 3 ½ x 5” note cards or two 81/2 x 11”
pieces of paper (in presentation outline format).
Required one visual aide or model, cover sheet, and outline-to be handed
in at the beginning of speech.
Speech Description:
          A Speech of 3 to 5 Minutes Informing the Audience
    About Some Object, Process, Concept or Event as applied to
        The purpose of this speech is to inform or introduce the audience a
product, technology, or company. You should discuss the characteristics of
your subject matter in a way that familiarizes the class with its unique
impact on the world or market. You will need to have three non Internet-
published sources. Use of a visual aid or model is also required. It may be
in the form of a chart or graph, picture or display. The visual aide must be
easily set up and taken down, as well as understandable in its relati on to
the topic or main idea. The visual aid must make a seamless transition
between it and the speech.
        Students will turn in a complete preparation outline at the beginning
of their speech, but the speech itself should be delivered extemporaneously
from a brief speaking outline. Requiring a speech with visual aids will give
you an opportunity to speak in a manner that is common in business and
professional situations. Concentrate specifically on a particular aspect of
information giving, such as introduction, demonstration, explanation or
use of a new product. The subject can be almost anything that is useful or
interesting as long as it applies to business.
        Focus on such basic matters as establishing eye contact, avoiding
distracting mannerisms, formulating a sharp specific purpose statement,
fulfilling the functions of an introduction and conclusion, limiting main
points and arranging them properly, and employing transitions and
signposts effectively.
        You will be graded on the content and organization of your speech as
well as your delivery of the material. As you decide on a visual aide or
model, look at chapter 13, as you rehearse your speech, review chapter 12,
and look over your notes from class. A typed outline will count for 15
points of your total speech grade. Proper outline format can be found on
pages 253-255 of your text. Please see the attached critique format to help
organize your speech.
All models must be in good taste. No illegal substances, firearms
                    or live animals allowed.
                 Outline and cover sheet due at the beginning of Speech.

                           COM 101 Evaluation Criteria

Crite ria for a D
The speech must meet the time limit requirements for the assignment. One minute over,
or under will take away from your grade.
The speaker must turn in a typewritten outline of the speech at the beginning of speech in
proper outline format.
The outline should include a bibliography for source citations in MLA/APA/Chicago
Book pf Style format.
The speech must be delivered extemporaneously.

Crite ria for a C
The speech must meet all the requirements for a D grade.
The speech must be intellectually sound in developing a topic of worth.
The speech must be of the type assigned.
The speech must have a clearly organized thesis or main idea.
There must be a reasonable effort to establish the speaker’s credibility on the topic and to
identify with the audience.
Appropriate transitions in the speech must be clearly recognizable and easy to follow.
The speech must incorporate supporting material visual aid or model.
Supporting material must be credited orally to its source during the speech.
Both content and delivery of the speech must be well adapted to the audience.
Delivery must be reasonably correct, communicative, and free of gross errors in
grammar, punctuation and articulation that detract from the message.
Delivery must be free of mannerisms, unnecessary movements, poor posture, etc that
detract from the message.
Reasonable eye contact with the audience must be maintained.

Crite ria for a B
The speech must meet all the requirements for a C grade.
The speech must provide new and relevant insight into the topic.
Both content and delivery of the speech must be particularly well adapted to the
Delivery must incorporate appropriate nonverbal elements – movement, gesture, facial
expressions, and the like.
Delivery must be above average in terms of fluency, vocal variety, poise, and

Crite ria for an A
The speech must meet the criteria for a B.
The speech must make a genuinely individual contribution to the thinking of the
audience, with regard to topic and soundness.
The speech must establish a high degree of rapport through exceptional adaptation of
both content and delivery to the audience.
Delivery must be advanced in terms of fluency, clarity, poise, and preparation.

                            Speech Evaluation Form


Drew the audience in                 12345
Introduced topic clearly             12345
Previewed body of speech             12345
Transition to body                   12345

Thesis                               12345
Good use of transitions              12345
Well organized                       12345
Use of citations                     12345
Related topic to audience            12345

Summary of main points               12345
Reemphasized thesis                  12345

Deli very
Extemporaneous                       12345
Eye Contact                          12345
Verbal (volume, rate, clarity)       12345
Nonverbal (gestures, dress)          12345

Meet Assignment                      12345
Purpose and topic                    12345
Held audience interest               12345
Time limit- 5 point deducted for every minute over or under       ___

Visual aide used appropriately       12345
Bibliography correct format          12345

                         Total Grade_________

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